The Try Guys Wear Crop Tops For A Day

The Try Guys
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Zach and Keith dare to bare it all (above the waist) and wear crop tops for a day.
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Feb 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Megan King
Megan King Day ago
Yeah, I dig it. Male crop tops should make a comeback.
E Hoen
E Hoen Day ago
Eugene and Safyia should do a fashion history collab on like drag or something.
Sophie Augustine
Sophie Augustine 2 days ago
You look like a teenage beetlejuice -Maggie 2019
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 2 days ago
Girls don’t have pockets, boys don’t have high waisted
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 2 days ago
Eugene is the (in my opinion) only one in the group that can pull off a crop top
Hannah •
Hannah • 2 days ago
keith and zach remind me of ritchie and eddie in IT chapter 2
Sara B
Sara B 4 days ago
Is the male version of Fashionista just Fashionist-o? Or am I just an idiot? Like how the man version of a dominatrix is a Domme?
Yoselin Chagolla
Yoselin Chagolla 5 days ago
I absolutely loved this video and how they were open to it and I DO NOT BELIEVE THEY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THOSE LOOKS SOMEONE PROTECT THESE BOYOS❤️💖💛
Alena Pincová
Alena Pincová 5 days ago
I just made a crop top out of my hoodie
Ariana Negron
Ariana Negron 6 days ago
Why did they cut it soo high I’m gonna cry 😂
Ana Rita Fonseca Teixeira
smell that? me neither cuz they dont exude toxic masculinity
James Yang
James Yang 6 days ago
I just wanted to say that Keith has helped me become so much more comfortable with my body and I really appreciate it
Angel of Abbie
Angel of Abbie 7 days ago
Yass queen
Tokoyami 8 days ago
Joseph joestar : ameteurs
Katie Justins
Katie Justins 9 days ago
Zac is so adorable
Whodaasiangirl 10 days ago
Crop top notch is so great
Archangel Zephyrus
Archangel Zephyrus 11 days ago
So Zack has a mean ass shape & Keith can belly dance. Bitch whats next lol?? I need a video of the Try Guys Try Belly Dancing.
minsuga -
minsuga - 11 days ago
Cindi McCullough
Cindi McCullough 12 days ago
You all looked sexy! Eugene can pull off any outfit and look super hot!
deviant valeska
deviant valeska 13 days ago
I own one (1) crop top & I've never worn it without a tank top under it, but this video honestly gave me so much confidence??? It genuinely made me feel better about myself & right now, even though I don't have the body I want yet, I feel like I could pull off anything :,))) I truly love the whole vibe of the try guys & their videos,,,, it's such a nice energy going on all the time & I'm 100% here for it!! Hell yeah!!!
Alisha Legrand
Alisha Legrand 14 days ago
Oh Em Gee oh my God guys it looks so wrong and crop tops and one goes crop top is a little too high it’s not really a crop top it’s more of a I’m only covering my nipples and here’s the rest of my stomach kind of top
James Parker
James Parker 14 days ago
Why are zac's hips wider than mine, an adab tramsan...
Ker Anna
Ker Anna 14 days ago
My crop tops aren’t that short, looks great though
Ethan Spencer
Ethan Spencer 14 days ago
Life was better before I saw this video
Lexxa Dora
Lexxa Dora 14 days ago
Keith's little tummy is so cute 😂💕
Ambervity 15 days ago
Lol I don’t like my body really but I don’t own any regular shirts so I just wear crop tops all the time, and I feel like they look better. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Karla Catalan
Karla Catalan 15 days ago
are we gonna ignore the pride flag in the background at around 8:50 ?
Karla Catalan
Karla Catalan 15 days ago
the part where you guys recorded the exercise part looks soo familiar
Miroh 15 days ago
I actually think they’re pretty cute
Mackenzie Newberry
Mackenzie Newberry 16 days ago
Why did they actually look kinda good tho? 😂
Katie Justins
Katie Justins 9 days ago
Because they be stylish
sxnrise.sxnset _
sxnrise.sxnset _ 16 days ago
If I saw any guy in a crop top I would silently support them 😊🥰
Kavarni Christian
Kavarni Christian 16 days ago
You need new hoodie merch because is all sold out Give us something beautiful pleasssssse
erin3380 16 days ago
I love the try guys but this is video is certainly a 2:27 am video. It was entertaining but I’m not quite sure what I watched lol.
Cherry .W
Cherry .W 16 days ago
I love at 10:25 Zach is pouting and keith is just yelling “GOTTA LOOK SEXY GOTTA LOOK SEXY”
Katie Justins
Katie Justins 9 days ago
Shows their moods pretty well
atnat 10 days ago
MoonGirl 3060
MoonGirl 3060 17 days ago
Crops were first for men then for female
InfiniteForests 17 days ago
This is so wholesome in the strangest, but in the best way.
Annie 17 days ago
i don’t understand how Zach can look like a 10 year old and a 60 year old at the same time lolol
Enobong Ekong
Enobong Ekong 17 days ago
Moral of the story. Eugene looks hot in that wig
Mercedes Reardon
Mercedes Reardon 18 days ago
eugene looks hot in crop tops
Hannah Hefel
Hannah Hefel 18 days ago
Healthy masculinity, thank you lads👍
Rosina Feitzlmayr
Rosina Feitzlmayr 18 days ago
Johnny Depp was a hottie in that crop top!
Amanda Daviner
Amanda Daviner 18 days ago
This is wild! You guys are hilarious AF during a night of drinking 😄
they call me LT
they call me LT 19 days ago
Noooooo the tryceracrops are sold out!!!
Sara from West Virginia
Eugene: Every girl owns a crop top Me a girl who owns none: and I oop-
XxVanillaOatsxX 19 days ago
2:07 Keith in the back tho...
Erin 20 days ago
Why should we set our fashion standards for a crop top as an article of clothing only women and gay men are allowed to wear?? By 2025 I would love to see people of all ethnic backgrounds, sexualities, genders, and shapes wearing whatever the heck they want!!! You do you, and if someone else tells you other wise: “IM RIGHT, YOU’RE WRONG SHUT UP!”
ฮายยย 20 days ago
If you saw Thailand King crop top you will hate crop top forever...
K Smith
K Smith 20 days ago
i NEEEEEEED more fashion videos of eugene like w him talking about trend or something
Claudia Unger
Claudia Unger 21 day ago
They hot
Kuudere Chan
Kuudere Chan 21 day ago
10:56 insert thirty comment here 🤣🤣
Danielle Hill
Danielle Hill 22 days ago
2:06 Keith in the back trynna slide into those DMs
rosette 23 days ago
me and keith are fashion icons **not actually fashion icons*
Lekha B
Lekha B 26 days ago
i just want to go there and offer them some high waisted pants XDXD
Andreas S99
Andreas S99 27 days ago
The "Zacharyyy" @ 7:14 is sooo awesome :p
Kiki Newton
Kiki Newton 27 days ago
Isnt as easy as it looks huh? Ya look good standing up but when you sit down and slouch... it all goes to hell
Cute cats and may
Cute cats and may 29 days ago
Basicly if you were it with confidence you’ll rock it.
Ruby101 Month ago
Kachikawawa C
Kachikawawa C Month ago
Ya'll should try wearing a bra IT HARF BRO
Annabel Duddridge Marsh
Eugene suites literally anything he can get his hands on like omgsh
wolfgirl22100 Month ago
Im a girl and im extremely self conscious about my body. I'm very umm covered in my clothing and don't take fashion risks because i don't see myself as beautiful. The fact these guys can just do this and rock it so awesomely amazes me. Keep looking fabulous Try Guys!
Katelyn McCarthy
"Zachary hehe no!"
Katelyn McCarthy
Keith's is way to short😂
S B Month ago
Once they put the high waisted pants on, they really pulled off the crop tops
Laila Lou
Laila Lou Month ago
Alternative title : The try guys dress like tiktok girls for 24h
•trashzy kun•
My bestie send me this to remember her cousin .-.
Maggie Moore
Maggie Moore Month ago
My crop tops are my shirts I've overgrown..
Yahia Mahmoud
Yahia Mahmoud Month ago
Accept that crop tops are made for girls. This is why Eugene looks good warring it Becaus Asians have a more neotney feminine look. 😉😊😀
Skylynxify Reborn
Skylynxify Reborn 23 days ago
Crop tops are for anyone who wants to wear them.
ch Month ago
Yeah don't mix up Secret Power and Hidden Power, one's good for type diversity and the other will just open some rando secret base.
colab craze #1
colab craze #1 Month ago
Why do they look so good! I wish!
Anni K
Anni K Month ago
I saw yuri from snsd ...I'm happy
Leigh Anne Thomas
down with full shirts for dudes
turidoth Month ago
would totally hit on zach... website's sold out of crop tops :O
AmyX Month ago
High waist yes, crop top no. Hide that belly jelly.
Skylynxify Reborn
Skylynxify Reborn 23 days ago
Nah, that's not jelly, that's cuddle power.
it'z kaite
it'z kaite Month ago
This video should be called The try guys try Eugene's wardrobe XD 🤣
Alex TV
Alex TV Month ago
I love how they had Eugene as the expert!
This Emo Non-Binary
Keith "how does our backs look" Zack actually looks like a girl from the back all he needs is a wig and he can be a pretty trap
Martha Holliday
Martha Holliday Month ago
Where is Ned?????!!!!!!!
Madison Bailey
Madison Bailey Month ago
I think crop tops were originally for men to let them expose their abs
Mohamed Faisal Derahim
I just can’t believe how good Eugene looks in everything he wears...Really love all the try guys but Eugene is my all time favorite / crush🙊🙊🙊
Amber Murphy
Amber Murphy Month ago
"No no no, I can see full d*ck" AHAHA LOL Love them
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