The Try Guys Wear Crop Tops For A Day

The Try Guys
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Zach and Keith dare to bare it all (above the waist) and wear crop tops for a day.
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Elliot Dickerhoof
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9 фев 2019




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Lisa Whelan
Lisa Whelan 3 часа назад
This entire channel is like the straight Queer Eye (bar Eugene, reppin'). It's really lovely to see so many men in media dismantling toxic masculinity/challenging stereotypes & toxic masculinity but in such a fun way that people don't notice you're challenging heteronormativity or toxic masculinity.
CupChump 5 часов назад
4:48 Zach looks like a tomboy from behind.
Bored_Lil_GiRL Olivarez
Bored_Lil_GiRL Olivarez 5 часов назад
Conspiracy Theory~Playgrounds are kid gyms 🤔👀
Tristan S
Tristan S 22 часа назад
If I lived in California and saw a guy wearing a crop-top I wouldn’t be surprised
딸기맛우유 День назад
eugene just makes everything look good
Kaien Bennett
Kaien Bennett День назад
Now I want to buy my friend a crop top and drag him to the mall.
ThatOneBadArtist День назад
Freaking Eugene looking good in everything >:(
kim davBG
kim davBG День назад
Less fast food more workout challenge for Keith.
Mark seagull
Mark seagull День назад
I think Kai from Exo can wear crop tops the best😏
Bathaap День назад
It looks like Zach wears lipstick.. there so red
Jac Pickard
Jac Pickard День назад
I do this challenge on a daily basis
Stop it Get some help
Stop it Get some help День назад
5:57 looool keith lmao
Malva Malfoy
Malva Malfoy День назад
Nerd bois wear crop tops*
Riki Merasty
Riki Merasty День назад
This makes me want to make my own crop top in public now and I’m super insecure so thank you so much!! 👍👍
April R
April R 2 дня назад
Looky at the cute tumtums
Underpants man 69
Underpants man 69 2 дня назад
if only people knew that secretly eugene is actually gay
VampireMadonna 2 дня назад
This was fun. I'm glad that they had a generally positive experience. They're a lot braver than I am, that's for sure. I live in the most ideal place for crops (Caribbean) but do not have the body confidence for it.
Xis May
Xis May 2 дня назад
zach is so hecking cute
Tegan L
Tegan L 2 дня назад
I feel like this cropped trend was not invented in the north. I can't wear pretty much anything in fashion most of the year here in northern Canada.
ally x
ally x 2 дня назад
petition for zach to wear crop tops more often because he looks super cute
YukiDesu- Miku-Chan
YukiDesu- Miku-Chan 2 дня назад
i dont see how eugene hasnt came out as gay yet...JUST SAYINNNGGGGG!!! JEEZ5 YEAR OLDS CONTROL YOURSELF.... im gay anyway so i just...hope one of the bois is gay. no seriously is he gay? I actually stan.
VampireMadonna 2 дня назад
He openly identifies as queer since he doesn't date any specific gender, just whatever appeals to him.
Lexie Mountain
Lexie Mountain 2 дня назад
OH MY GOD!!! My name is Alexandria too
Molly Carroll
Molly Carroll 2 дня назад
8.26 Zach dancing gives me life 😂
Emily Cavalier
Emily Cavalier 2 дня назад
When I think of guys wearing crop tops I think of Rufio from Hook. Him and Eugene really make crop tops look good!
BlackenSoul 2 дня назад
You know my only problem with this? Was looking at people with their midriff out and I’m like “Damn dude are you cold?”. Cos my midriff gets very cold in crops. Absolutely rocked it, peeps ☺️
joyful Trin
joyful Trin 2 дня назад
crop top noch!!!!!! btw ik i didnt spell that right
Matt The Bat
Matt The Bat 3 дня назад
Zach and Keith have amazing body shapes???? Like I'm jealous
Maddie_ Unicorn
Maddie_ Unicorn 3 дня назад
5:16 lol not me because I’m fat.
Angela Ding
Angela Ding 3 дня назад
I just realized I’m wearing a crop top rn😂
Keefe Brown
Keefe Brown 3 дня назад
Eugene is gay, this is known...But what about Zac...he’s gay right???
Danika Etty
Danika Etty 3 дня назад
I find Zach looks weird because he has such an hourglass women shape. (Not trying to be body shaming to zach I think it’s cute)
Corinne Carroll
Corinne Carroll 3 дня назад
8:09 is literally every group of girls when they go out
Josie Granger
Josie Granger 3 дня назад
Keith’s was borderline nipple ha
sozoehmi 3 дня назад
just a random SNSD Yuri @ 7:27 omg im surprised
Gigi Rose
Gigi Rose 3 дня назад
The way Zach moves his hips😂
Samuelle Nimley
Samuelle Nimley 3 дня назад
2:06 Keith in being Keith in the back (my mood rn)
Michiko 106
Michiko 106 3 дня назад
Lol Keith at 2:05
Kailey Jade
Kailey Jade 4 дня назад
Eugene is freaking marvelous
Jenny Oh
Jenny Oh 4 дня назад
I'm trying to make a return because i ordered the wrong size for crop tops but haven't got a reply for at least a week after sending several messages. What should I do at this point?
Hi I'm Trash
Hi I'm Trash 4 дня назад
Zach looks so cute
Eros Nise
Eros Nise 4 дня назад
Try guys and lady like should make a chanell together then sell merch.
Eros Nise
Eros Nise 4 дня назад
I skipped part of the video and all I see is them messing around with music in the background 😆
Mekaeel Rafi khan
Mekaeel Rafi khan 4 дня назад
Still love em tho
Mekaeel Rafi khan
Mekaeel Rafi khan 4 дня назад
Is Eugene gay????
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
Frisbee 'n' Cookies 4 дня назад
I probably shouldn't say this but if Eugene modelled for a naughty magazine then the Try Guys would be set for life... I am going to hell for this.😉 Lead us not into temptation...but Eugene don't make it easy on us now does he?
Juluissa E
Juluissa E 4 дня назад
Because it's fashion 😏
paperjam AU
paperjam AU 5 дней назад
Is Eugene gay
Isabella Andrade
Isabella Andrade 5 дней назад
i freaking love maggie
Yeemo Trash
Yeemo Trash 5 дней назад
Jules Kat
Jules Kat 5 дней назад
Zach is surprisingly curvy
Kat A
Kat A 5 дней назад
boys in crop tops are so hot goddamn oh god the straight in me is coming out
selena perkins
selena perkins 5 дней назад
Ohhhhhh you gonna get it😂😂
Larissa Donegan
Larissa Donegan 5 дней назад
Eugene's Name title changing occupations each frame was funny. Little details like that are why I come here 😂
GuliBulli 5 дней назад
5:56 I'm sorry but Keith fucking killed me.
Lori Saltenberger
Lori Saltenberger 5 дней назад
Zach out here lookin like a whole twin and half.
Gwydion H
Gwydion H 5 дней назад
_Raindrop_ _Droptop_ _Try guys tryin' on some crop-tops_
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 4 дня назад
Gwydion H fucking on your bitch she a thot thot thot
cyara colon
cyara colon 5 дней назад
5:58 damn keith got some nipples there XD
Janeen Hammoudeh
Janeen Hammoudeh 5 дней назад
Y’all see Keith in the back of Eugene’s pic
Zuze 5 дней назад
I don't wear crop tips because I hate myself but y'all look awesome
Patricia Rios
Patricia Rios 5 дней назад
What song is Keith singing at 10:25? It’s my favorite part of the video!
TheDinoPebble 765
TheDinoPebble 765 5 дней назад
Pause at 2:07 and look at the top left corner
JC Gunderson
JC Gunderson 2 дня назад
TheDinoPebble 765 lol
Mille Cjerstgård
Mille Cjerstgård 5 дней назад
10:25 ;)))
Jenna Wilder
Jenna Wilder 5 дней назад
Because it’s fashion
Jenna Wilder
Jenna Wilder 5 дней назад
They didn’t title it need boys try crop tops
Camille Rivera
Camille Rivera 5 дней назад
Eugene looks like Gia Gunn with that wig!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Lettie Messi
Lettie Messi 5 дней назад
They looked really good! I'd buy these crops!
Can Pottz
Can Pottz 5 дней назад
Because it’s fashion
Park Jiminnie
Park Jiminnie 5 дней назад
7:27 i see what ya did there ;)
Chrimson Evans
Chrimson Evans 6 дней назад
Whoo zaddy looking cute af!!
Meta Mustard
Meta Mustard 6 дней назад
6:15 why does Eugene look so hot while drinking water?! Litterally. This man is not human.
MW 6 дней назад
sellouts. unsubbed.
Hankb623 6 дней назад
Can someone PRETTY PLEASE tell me the song at 8:18?! Please! My life depends on it!
Telma Antonia
Telma Antonia 5 дней назад
I want to know it toooo
Thomas Mclean
Thomas Mclean 6 дней назад
wait a minute! theres something wrong with that club you went to!........... It had no fire escape! enjoy your death trap ladies lol.
ishallcallhersquishy 6 дней назад
zach actually looks rly good in a crop top dont @ me
Jackie B
Jackie B 6 дней назад
A lot of girls wear a tank top under a crop top but sure.. this works lmao
Flamsterette 6 дней назад
Ha, I should get a guy friend I know to try it. :D
Xiofo XOX
Xiofo XOX 7 дней назад
I don’t remember watching this
Pepsi Espe
Pepsi Espe 7 дней назад
Zack really looks great in that and honestly I think he should wear them more! Keith cut his a little high so it was right under the boob but if he likes it he pulled it off very well and could wear it more as well! Love for all of yall
delightfullyawkward 7 дней назад
I don't get why older guys laugh at them because when they were younger...crop tops were orinigally designed for men. So in the 80's, dudes wore them. Also, the scene with Johnny Depp is also the first thing I think of when I think of this. Beautiful beautiful man, sleeps like an angel
2Trixie Pankonin
2Trixie Pankonin 7 дней назад
Zeb Davenport
Zeb Davenport 7 дней назад
zach and his girlfriend(sorry I forgot her name) they sound like the cutest couple to ever walk this earth
xcrunner trackrunner
xcrunner trackrunner 7 дней назад
soyboy nu males
Morgan Proctor
Morgan Proctor 7 дней назад
8:35 Aaaayyyy Go Bucks!!
AsianSpaceBoy 7 дней назад
I love Keith’s expression in the background of that image.
racoon glory
racoon glory 7 дней назад
Is Eugene gay like how come he knew the gay bars showed rapauls drag race
Tiya 7 дней назад
7:28 who is this beauty
E . Music
E . Music 7 дней назад
keith’s was too cropped
Katie rarger
Katie rarger 7 дней назад
That song though
Life Lessons
Life Lessons 7 дней назад
5:58 the nips made me giggle.
nonbinary royalty
nonbinary royalty 7 дней назад
Melany Castellanos
Melany Castellanos 7 дней назад
Why does Eugene still look hot by just drinkink water
Mark Shao
Mark Shao 7 дней назад
Where is the fourth guy?
Luna playzz :3
Luna playzz :3 8 дней назад
U just see Keith’s boobs multiple times XD
Alexa Mcgrady
Alexa Mcgrady 8 дней назад
Why is it the try guys if theirs four
Karla Natomagan
Karla Natomagan 8 дней назад
I'm eating (corn nut)
I’m scared
Murium Naeem
Murium Naeem 8 дней назад
Yuri 😍
Kay Lee
Kay Lee 8 дней назад
The only thing I wear are high waisted jeans 😂
Maisy Pilolli-Wall
Maisy Pilolli-Wall 8 дней назад
Whoa wait is Eugiene gay?
Telma Antonia
Telma Antonia 5 дней назад
I'm pretty sure Eugene is bisexual :)
Jewls Orthman
Jewls Orthman 8 дней назад
Zach looks great in a crop top!
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