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The Try Guys visit the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make surf-and-turf Carpaccio with Carla Music. Can Keith, Zach, Eugene and Ned follow along using verbal instructions only?

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The Try Guys Try to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


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Aug 26, 2019




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Comments 80
Keagan Shane
Keagan Shane Day ago
My younger brother has better knife skills than Zach
Stuts 2 days ago
i love zack :)
j mula
j mula 3 days ago
The try guys aren't funny 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
David Wilson
David Wilson 4 days ago
"The second clam is a scallop." ROFL!! I think I might be addicted to Carla videos.
Aquaed 4 days ago
How many are you feeling good about About 2 and a half😂😂
JoAnna Galbo
JoAnna Galbo 4 days ago
Clicked on this video for the eye makeup
iceygrillz 5 days ago
That's definitely more than a millimeter though
KoS 6 days ago
i hate when people try too hard to be funny
Samantha Lindhuber
I’ve never watched try guys but I like Eugene the best.
Maria Julia
Maria Julia 7 days ago
eugene obsessively looking to see if claire comes up
Victoria Zamudio
Victoria Zamudio 7 days ago
This is the collab that I didn't knew that I needed
Michaela Bradshaw
The second clam is a scallop xd
Michaela Bradshaw
Torsha- torchon- Torchik!
Khadija Mansuri
Khadija Mansuri 9 days ago
Keith was the best but now Ned is the champ
MynameisJacen B
MynameisJacen B 9 days ago
Eugene is cosplaying as his sim
Nathan Niu
Nathan Niu 9 days ago
ned, zach, and keith are gayer than eugene
Auaemn _
Auaemn _ 9 days ago
I love how towards the end it was the chef who had to keep up with the try guys contrary to the title!
James West
James West 12 days ago
this is delightful
Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose 15 days ago
im sorry since when can u eat raw steak
Tiffany Sox
Tiffany Sox 16 days ago
Eugene is all of us 😍
Jessica Noriega
Jessica Noriega 18 days ago
So Zach and Keith tasted the vinaigrette and put the same fork they tasted the vinaigrette with back......
karen lewis
karen lewis 18 days ago
@Bon Appétit & @The Try Guys ^^This^^ is the video that got me hooked on TBATK videos. I love all the Chefs, recipes, programming.... Thanks @The Try Guys. If I watch anything on RUvid it is these two channels. And BATK is my go to when I really need cheering up!
Mr0011011 18 days ago
They were getting annoying. Quite a few times I was just like "shut up Zach".
Moira Nash
Moira Nash 22 days ago
The second clam is a scallop
adachc 24 days ago
She is such a great teacher!
Elizabeth Stemberger
What did Eugene mouth at the end??
Tracey Sullivan
Tracey Sullivan 28 days ago
Wow Eugene is a whole full fangirl mood. I love it!
Jelly Jeffrey
Jelly Jeffrey 28 days ago
It's always so funny to me whenever I see someone use a microplane for the first time, because the instinct is never "I should hold this parallel to the ground so that the zest falls through onto the plate." It is always "I'm going to hold this sideways even though it is completely counter-intuitive and much more difficult to use this way."
Andrew Hanson
Andrew Hanson 29 days ago
It's so weird seeing the Try Guys cooking where like... Andy would be.
Evelin _
Evelin _ Month ago
I'm so happy for Eugene that he can finally be in his favorite cooking show. So cute to watch them 😂❤
yvonne tran
yvonne tran Month ago
eugene living the y/n life at ba
Amelie Thomesen
Amelie Thomesen Month ago
Why isn’t this video called Eugene fan girls over BA for 22 minutes
honey - lemon
honey - lemon Month ago
We need the try guys back at ba!!!
Saara Kassimali
Saara Kassimali Month ago
My two fav channels coming together
Tanisha S.
Tanisha S. Month ago
I barely watch the Try Guys but can I just say, Eugene is beautiful.
Meggi Luu
Meggi Luu Month ago
eugene, sweet baby!! ♥♥
Caitlin Calio
Caitlin Calio Month ago
Carla is wonderful. Every video of her she explains everything so eloquently, is so encouraging, and truly has fun with her guests!
Harper_Wolf 07
Harper_Wolf 07 Month ago
Eugene fangirling about the ba test kitchen is so funny lol
JF Month ago
His eyes when Chris entered the room
Logan Scott
Logan Scott Month ago
I wanna know how much that meal costs to make
A Well Dressed Male Papaya
When they spun around carla acted like a mom with her elementary school kids art
Disha Goel
Disha Goel Month ago
Eugene looks lost 😂😂
Jim Birkett
Jim Birkett Month ago
this cross over feels like the culmination of my quarantine
Nicco Moo
Nicco Moo Month ago
I love how when they tasted it, they all took a bite and Keith just inhaled the whole piece
Spruce Mouthman
Spruce Mouthman Month ago
why are all the big youtubers constantly screaming? ....
Jules Juno
Jules Juno Month ago
honey its 4:50 its time for your beef flattening.
떠날 수 있겠니
Skee Lai
Skee Lai Month ago
Eugene’s eyes look cute af
J C Month ago
eugene how is your makeup and nails so perfect i wish i could do near that well
Lets do it
Lets do it Month ago
Food for Demons
ByroGyro Month ago
In Eugene's Mind Hes Like Get Me Out Of Here I Wanna Met Claire
Marisa Mitchell
Marisa Mitchell Month ago
Eugene looks gorgeous!
Eisha Ang
Eisha Ang Month ago
eugene’s mouth dropping and overall reaction realizing that ned threw the meat-juice filled cyran wrap on claire’s laptop icb
Arianna Stenson
Arianna Stenson Month ago
Zach basically spanked that lemon and that’s beautiful
Wesley Sydnor
Wesley Sydnor Month ago
how many light bulbs does it take to change a try guy.
Avbitten Month ago
Eugene keeps name dropping lol
Karen II
Karen II Month ago
eugene being adorable- actually no everyone being adorable for 22 minutes straight
Elena Miranda
Elena Miranda Month ago
I really hope that Carla goes back and watches these videos to see wtf the guys were screaming about lmao
94BestYearEver Month ago
I need to see eugene and claire together!!!
Greta Saulic
Greta Saulic Month ago
nobody has anything to say about how rude they were to her the whole time???? blatantly not listening and admitting as much, cutting her off,,,,,, ? why
Antony Hernandez
Put them in the good pile.....THERE IS NO GOOD PILE!!!
seafoam style kiss
okay but eugene looks hella good
Lol Alrighty then
I do not support this BA horrible decision on your part
lena morgan
lena morgan Month ago
Eugene keep wearing makeup! If u want. BECAUSE YOUR KING
dominic mazenko
dominic mazenko Month ago
How would one apply to be on this show? This looks like a lot of fun
Amanda Jensen
Amanda Jensen Month ago
Lol I started smelling seafood and was confused, then realized I forgot I gave my dog a cod skin treat
Steffif00 Month ago
Eugene fangirling over the ba team is the cutest and most wholesome thing ever! 🥰😍
Dayanese Rodriguez
"I love to let children burn themselves." -Carla 😂
Bone Snatcher
Bone Snatcher Month ago
Coming back to this, didn’t realize how much Zach’s booty is poppin
Yvonne Etienne
Yvonne Etienne Month ago
I real hold my breath when chris took a full bite at 21:30 . I cant believe this right now.
Yvonne Etienne
Yvonne Etienne Month ago
16:23 the point when even zach realised the he cant do anything right (oc cooking skills wise)
Sarai Roca
Sarai Roca Month ago
bring them back please :))))))
Cristian smirks
Cristian smirks Month ago
Eugene should go on this alone
Maya Papaya and Lola Co-cola
this was the most chaotic *back to back chef* and these are the people i stan. that must explain why i like them.
Zach: When you said that we're gonna be like your children today did you mean you're gonna light us on fire? Carla: * laughs*
Lana Russell
Lana Russell Month ago
there name shouldn't be the "try guys" it should be the lie guys
John Paul Gan
John Paul Gan Month ago
...but Tuna is Molly's dog...
Acne Water
Acne Water Month ago
By the time we he scallop came around Carla was done with there nonsense
Lily Costa
Lily Costa Month ago
I only clicked on this vid because I saw Eugene wearing makeup😂😂
Josie Peppers
Josie Peppers 2 months ago
Eugene fan-girling is my favorite
j mula
j mula 2 months ago
The try guys aren't funny. They try way too hard😂
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