The Try Guys Try Therapy

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"I...I...I feel something..."
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Dec 13, 2015




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Comments 8 296
Lili-chan 3 days ago
I feel like I relate the most to Zach and Eugene’s problems. I’m always beating myself up for the smallest things, and I’m never satisfied with how well my work turns out. And it’s really hard for me to open up to others because I always feel like my real self is annoying and overbearing, so I’m usually just shy and quiet in every social situation, and imitate the behaviors of those around me to fit in or get them to accept me. Recently, I’ve been able to get therapy for my problems, and my walls are slowly coming down. I’ve been watching these guys over the past few years, and I definitely think they’ve improved since this video. I’m happy that we’re all able to grow as people together. ❤️
Lollypopgamer56 animates
Lol at the start I thought it said "manly men"
BB690 _
BB690 _ 6 days ago
90% of the therapy: try guys helping eachother and finding out new things the other 10%: "DiD YOu kNoW THat aBouT hiM?
rndm spontaneity
rndm spontaneity 10 days ago
Eugene is so adorable. He is lucky to have those guys as friends.
Sarvamangala Lakshmi
Ned needs more appreciation.
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I related to Eugene I build walls in fear of getting hurt
Maddie B.
Maddie B. 17 days ago
I'm very Eugene in this sense. I grew up in a family where we didn't really talk about our feelings a whole lot and as a result I reaaally hate opening up and being candid about my emotions. When my parents divorced my mom put me through therapy and I absolutely hated it.
Skull Azuxa
Skull Azuxa 19 days ago
Why does the therapist looks like keith?
Mia Rebeira
Mia Rebeira 19 days ago
I love watching how they’ve all evolved now on their own channel, I’m so proud of them
Katie T
Katie T 22 days ago
Ok but can we just take a moment to admire Ned and Zach’s glow ups!! Like DAMN. They did that.
FTL OP 25 days ago
I appreciate these four guys. Not many men get out of their comfort zone. These guys always try something new even when they do not want to. Therapy is what you want it to be Eugene. Only do it if you are ready for it. P.S. after 6 different therapist I finally found a great one that so helped me grow and better myself, it can be awesome.
I sing sometimes
I sing sometimes 25 days ago
Eugene: I think a lot of people think I'm the conceited Try Guy, because of my hair. *because of his hair*
mya Month ago
Fudge nuggets, we love you! 💕✨
d williams
d williams Month ago
wow ned looks YOUNG here haha
Kally Han
Kally Han Month ago
I’m sorry but i have to say, i feel Like they are kinda like the Sanders Sides, if you get my reference. Eugene is Virgil because of his independence and the fact that he isn’t really open to anyone about his feelings Zach is Patton because he IS really open about his feelings, is such a fuzzball and he loves hugs Ned is Logan because he did say he would overwork himself sometimes, which is exactly what Logan does. Keith is Roman because, well, Beautiful Keith, and is good with words and they both have egos and the sense that they aren’t good enough, which is why they continuously compliment themselves. They are also very good at performing and love acting and whatnot. If i offended anyone with my rambling, i’m sorry
Kally Han
Kally Han Month ago
DID YOU SEE THAT At the end, he said he didn’t want to do the group hug, but he still kind of walked into the hug, despite saying he didn’t want to be hugged.
Perri Munsch
Perri Munsch Month ago
Random comment Zach sounds like a Virgo I he is not
Marissa Pags
Marissa Pags Month ago
Oh man, what did you guys think? I think this could be a good add! Maybe consider making therapy part of your work life
Moon beam
Moon beam Month ago
Eugene: says he doesn't want a group hug also Eugene: moves towards his friend slightly for a hug
Dellood Month ago
Intro ''Manly men are trying theRAPEy'' Me theRAPEy and also i'm a Gemini with Saggitarias moon Capricorn Eugene also Gemini's Keith and Ned Leo Zack
Rebecca Cui
Rebecca Cui Month ago
6:43 Eugene is me every day 🤣
MrStonk _FN
MrStonk _FN Month ago
My “therapy” ended up in me not living with my dad. Very helpful isn’t it
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Month ago
Whew - Keith has a lot of baggage. Therapy made him immediately uncomfortable
Lindsay E
Lindsay E Month ago
I want to go to the cat Cafe with Zach
Logan Liwe
Logan Liwe Month ago
Marc Vincent Klitgaard
Is the watch broken? It's like 10:30 all the time. :P
5.0 squip Neo
5.0 squip Neo Month ago
Anita Tharmarajah
Need today looks so much physically healthier than he does here. Even though he may have more commitments now with the new company and baby Wes, I think he really took this advice and found balance in his life and I'm a proud bean.
Joyce Amarillas
Joyce Amarillas Month ago
I teared up a lil when ned talks about that to meith but it is good they knew it now
ASalty Em0
ASalty Em0 Month ago
I like how even though Eugene is very reserved and kinda the grumpy friend they put there feet up and he just like accepts it and sinks into the couch as well. He really dose like them
Lillian Hauser - Howells
I think im the Zach of my friend group
Wqff1e7K 2 months ago
Why am I only seeing this now ❤️😊☺️
allyyy•shelbyyy 2 months ago
is no one gonna talk about how Eugene and Dr. Jen are wearing basically the same suit..
Beth Treasure
Beth Treasure 2 months ago
i feel like eugene should poor out all his problems to the try guys some time
Corrie Mayne
Corrie Mayne 2 months ago
I typed in something really sad and it involved Eugene, so now I’m here
Zee Tu
Zee Tu 2 months ago
I’m literally Eugene... we’re also both Capricorns. I’m also very artsy and is always told by ppl how good I am but I never feel comfortable when it comes to compliments. I shut ppl out or just simply don’t tlk to anyone when I’m not okay. I don’t want to feel like a burden when I “talk about it”. I do however listen to other ppl’s suggestions when It comes to creating but I’m the one that gets ignored. I always put a wall up because I’d rather help others when they’re down rather than feeling like a burden when I express about my feelings...
JL Collins
JL Collins 2 months ago
Watching the older videos it's pretty clear how much the guys have grown over the last few years. I really hope this experience was helpful. No one should be afraid to go to counseling or therapy. If you've done it and didn't find it helpful, it's likely you just haven't connected with the right therapy style or therapist for your needs. Going to counseling or a therapist should be like going to your family doctor. Normal and good for you to do regularly.
Imjo Daddio
Imjo Daddio 2 months ago
The try guys stereotypes: Ned: the happy one Keith: the funny out going one Zach: the wimp Eugene: the cool, hot one
Tony the Chang
Tony the Chang 2 months ago
If I met the Try Guys, I'd be similar to both Zach and Eugene. Zach for sure since he and I are both wimpy and are the same size, though I try to be less wimpy and more manly. Long story.
Cindy Boo
Cindy Boo 2 months ago
I love Zach. I think he just tries to be himself and try not to be bothered by what others says
alyssa cheraso
alyssa cheraso 2 months ago
Why am i crying
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