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Introducing...The Travel Guys! The guys explore Austin, Texas to discover all the weird, fun, and surprising activities the city has to offer. What city should they travel to next?
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May 25, 2019




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Comments 80
That person sitting over there
To be fair.... We at htown we’re the capital first
Jaxei 16 hours ago
Living vicariously through this video because I was suppose to go to Texas with my then boyfriend but he dumped me before we could go 🙂🙃
George David Medrano Jr
Dude, this makes me miss my state before this quarantine/pandemic. :(
Glizzy Lizzy
Glizzy Lizzy Day ago
i love how there was that 0.2 second defensive response from Eugene when he thought Zach was trying to make fun of Jax
Danny Halit T
Danny Halit T 2 days ago
Hot damn
superstar nayeon
superstar nayeon 2 days ago
jax is the best kid, he's adorable
SaruCharmed 2 days ago
Fuck, as usual Eugene and Ned be looking hot af. Does Eugene just look good in everything?
Discipline The Mind
I always knew children annoyed me But this one for some reason annoyed me to the MAX
LiliEriNySka 3 days ago
ThatGirlNastasia G
Keith, did a horse girl break your heart? Haha
LiliEriNySka 3 days ago
No one likes horse girls
Apryl Canales
Apryl Canales 5 days ago
Quarantine has got me rewatching every damn try guys video and I'm just noticing that Zach is giving off strong Duckie vibes at 25:16. Loving it.
Ritwik Bhattacharya
Try guye food tasting range...starts from BLAND, to SO MUCH FLAVOR and ends in WOAH THATS HOT!
Mr High ground
Mr High ground 5 days ago
I have lived in Texas my whole life and the Tex mex and Mexican food is so good in Austin (I live up north in Dallas)
Guy Man
Guy Man 6 days ago
Wow I didn’t know he was from Austin. But I guess his clothing style explains it. Btw I’m allowed to say that since I live in Austin.
Krysta Sullivan
Krysta Sullivan 6 days ago
me and Zack share the same birthday (7/26) and hometown. ...Kinda i went to school in Scarsdale NY lived like 15mins away..
Jaturachat Vongkhamphra
My cousins live there but at amarillo
Alex Golden
Alex Golden 7 days ago
I was born is Pflugerville, Texas, too. Well, born in Austin, raised in Pflugerville. I love Texas!
Katie T.
Katie T. 7 days ago
Keith making fun of the kid really pulled the video together
Soly Poly
Soly Poly 7 days ago
Joe Peterson
Joe Peterson 8 days ago
The beginning of the video: 🖕😃🖕
Chinye Ijeli
Chinye Ijeli 8 days ago
Eugene’s ACCENT
Leanna Findlay
Leanna Findlay 8 days ago
Neds face after Jax bit into that taco has me DEAD like who the f(!k taught this kid to eat a taco
Katrín 9 days ago
Are we not going to talk about how Eugene just befriended a child on a plane and then that sed child became a part of that video? 😂😂😂
zombiecatX3 9 days ago
Still think Florida is weirder lol
Emma Steinert
Emma Steinert 9 days ago
I have lived in Austin since before I was 1. I always heard it was weird but never knew how Austin was weirder than other cities. I thought it was just the music festivals and maybe the popular art/graffiti spots.
Marielle Go
Marielle Go 9 days ago
Didnt know there are “pedicabs”(?) in the US, thought it was a Filipino thing...
Violin Killa
Violin Killa 5 days ago
They're not very common everywhere. They're more of a "mini attraction" I guess you can say. They're more for fun than an actual mass form of transport
Lilith Nyx
Lilith Nyx 9 days ago
I love how weird the try guys are in this video lol
The HolySope
The HolySope 10 days ago
Everyone talking about this Jax kid in the comments and I'm thinking my brother met the try guys 😭
xS1L3NC3Rx Films
xS1L3NC3Rx Films 10 days ago
i like how they talk about how most conservative states have liberal capitals because people live together closer and understand each other making them more open to others ideas....yet liberals cant hold a debate with conservatives or outside thinking without screaming and calling them fascists.
Tori Ruby
Tori Ruby 10 days ago
"it's better than Carthage" killed me
Stef Eckford
Stef Eckford 11 days ago
after watching this again; I FUCKING KNEW IT. My hometown and province, Calgary Alberta, is literally Canada's Texas. We basically have all the same stuff but with mountains and a giant yearly rodeo. I bet Eugene would love it up here. We pretty much have the same weather too. What I'm saying is that you guys should come to Alberta, just once; for if you ever do a tour or something. Nobody comes here, and it makes no sense.
Jayden Gonzales
Jayden Gonzales 11 days ago
I really hope they can go to everyone else's home towns in the future! I need to see Ned revert back to Florida Ned
Jason Rollins
Jason Rollins 11 days ago
Jaxx stole the show
Urbina _51
Urbina _51 12 days ago
That’s so crazy I just graduated from weiss highschool in pflugerville!
ryleigh puhala
ryleigh puhala 12 days ago
anyone else completely understand what my man Jax was saying? LOL guess that shows how much people are around little kiddos XD
LukiPookie I Do Stuff
So this is what an adult is
JTV 12 days ago
jax be like: thumbs up
Anthony Seguin
Anthony Seguin 13 days ago
This is so stereotypical for Texas and i love it. And i live in TX
Maggie Obersat
Maggie Obersat 13 days ago
I feel like we call Austin weird cuz all the liberals live there...😂
Kendrick Smith
Kendrick Smith 14 days ago
Houston is better🤣🤣
PearlLeigh 14 days ago
Texas is the best state.. Fight me if you feel otherwise 🇨🇱
I'm TMZ 16 days ago
To anyone watching in mid 2020 *ALL POC* : "12:27"
Yoshi Doo
Yoshi Doo 16 days ago
This was... such a different lifetime ago.
Diamone Evans
Diamone Evans 16 days ago
7:42 should be a calendar
Dr. TM
Dr. TM 17 days ago
I'm Ned at 23:41.
Laura Reichaiet
Laura Reichaiet 17 days ago
I love Eugene’s dad
Dana Weeks
Dana Weeks 17 days ago
Jax was the best!!!!
Chloë Brown
Chloë Brown 18 days ago
There are good parts of Texas and there are bad parts of texas they went to the good part
LeeQuinnx 18 days ago
Mercedes, Texas. Hell yeah represent the lower valley 🤗
Star Caz
Star Caz 18 days ago
Is it weird that am not vegan, I just don't like meat? Because as far as am concerned I been like that since I was little. And am Mexican so me not liking meat is confusing😵
Chris Carlberg
Chris Carlberg 18 days ago
Monique Molitor
Monique Molitor 19 days ago
When I see Keith in his cowboy gear I just think of Woody 😂
Adam Wills
Adam Wills 19 days ago
Is this going to become a series? Visit the other guy's hometown?
Gabriella Rodriguez
I would watch Jax’s RUvid channel ❤️ He is so adorable
tatti 19 days ago
idk why everyone’s attacking keith in the comments he was literally just making jokes, he very obviously wasn’t trying to be malicious, people literally look for anyyyything to cry about
Elle Fromm
Elle Fromm 19 days ago
better than carthage... keith rly gives no fucks huh
Susan A.
Susan A. 19 days ago
When are the other videos coming out for the other 3 hometowns?
Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay 20 days ago
Ned looks way too dad like he has way too much of the Florida stance
Rylee ML
Rylee ML 20 days ago
It’s really funny hearing Eugene’s Texan accent come out when he was talking to the cowboy salesman 😂😂
Wilavy Frangky
Wilavy Frangky 20 days ago
I thought they were going to south korea hahahaha
Ashley Higgins
Ashley Higgins 20 days ago
Every time I watch this, I get so upset...I was in Austin literally less than 24 hours after you left and I cried because I just love you all so much. I’ve watched it too many times to count, but I just want to go back and get there 24 hours earlier....
Intergalactic Puff
Intergalactic Puff 20 days ago
As a professional kajaker, I approve of this
Keep Perspective
Keep Perspective 20 days ago
Eugene: *winks in cowboy*
alina weber
alina weber 20 days ago
Gosh Eugene was hella hot before this but my mouth fell wide open when they were showing there outfits off!!
Samantha Kinney
Samantha Kinney 21 day ago
Idk if I'm just dumb but I can't find the videos for the other guy's hometowns...did they never make those?
Kelly Chapman
Kelly Chapman 21 day ago
I havent travelled as much as i would like however i have been to austin and its SOOOO FUN
Andie H
Andie H 21 day ago
Seeing Pflugerville brought back a series of band related emotions I forgot I had
Julia S
Julia S 21 day ago
This relationship with Jax is so weird and pure and Eugene was like “guys i made friends w a child on the flight, we have to invite him to hang out w us.” Who are these parents that were like “yeah I’ll let my kid be in a video w his new grown man friend.” Maybe Jax’s parents are fans? And then Zach is like “wait wait”
Bree 21 day ago
when you live in austin... so you literally know all the places they went 😂
lorennclaireee 21 day ago
Are they going to be doing everybody else’s hometowns??
lorennclaireee 20 days ago
Anne Whittemore I know that. Obviously lol. I’m not oblivious to my surroundings. However this video was filmed / released over a year ago so I figured it’s very possible they could have made time to do at least someone else’s and they even hinted at the end before I finished the video that it seemed like they intended to. I’m sure they’d do it if the audience would like for it to happen.
Anne Whittemore
Anne Whittemore 20 days ago
They can’t travel right now or go to restaurants. 😂 But things are opening back up so maybe soon!
Tabitha Cooper
Tabitha Cooper 21 day ago
Try guys should try Disneyland when it opens lol
Eric Blenkush
Eric Blenkush 21 day ago
I got a 17 minute ad for cutting cowboy boots in half what
Flor Contreras
Flor Contreras 22 days ago
Crispy tacos are not tacos srry not srry Saludos de México ✌🏻
Silver wind Entertainment
I love Texas I have family there love going there and I just went there 4 months ago
S T Ø R M 23 days ago
Can we just imagine how the conversation went beforebeuegem got the kid. Eugene-hi yes can I steal your child for an hour 2 Parents of the kid- ehhhh s U r E The other guys- • ○ •
bittsrt 23 days ago
bittsrt 23 days ago
Maki Narusawa Trotter
Hometown tours of each of the *staff* course.
Depresso Espresso
Depresso Espresso 23 days ago
Eugene likes children
hannah vandervlag
hannah vandervlag 25 days ago
okay but like the best line is zac saying “character growth” i died
Brianna Gendron
Brianna Gendron 25 days ago
And I just found out why Eugene is so attractive. He is from Texas 😍
Brianna Gendron
Brianna Gendron 19 days ago
@GamingWithJordan I am well aware, I have been watching The Try Guys since they were on Buzzfeed.
GamingWithJordan 23 days ago
Eugene is gay
Savannah Rose
Savannah Rose 25 days ago
everyone talking about jax, i wanna talk about cynthia
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