The Try Guys Try 90s Crafts ft. LaurDIY

The Try Guys
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LaurDIY walks us through the raddest 90s crafts, including bedazzling, sand art, and pearler beads. Will Eugene's creations be perfect? (Duh, of course they will).
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Feb 16, 2019

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Comments 7 937
Bella and Sam
Lauren and Eugene are probably the most calmest of all
wolfy_ heart
wolfy_ heart Day ago
Keith gave me hickups XD
Miss Noodle
Miss Noodle Day ago
Eugene: is that you’re girlfriend? Ned:That’s my SISTER Me: Alabama intensifies
Chloe Chanhsy
look at my little chicken
Chloe Chanhsy
my fat little adult fingers
Ashley Xiong
Ashley Xiong Day ago
Props to whoever edited the "fashion show" at the end haha
Ruby Ann Heffner
Ruby Ann Heffner 2 days ago
Why do I ship Lauren and Eugene 🤔🤠
Jessica Fernandez
2019 love ethe video love everyone lol eugene even when he fucks up he still perfect
Nilay Oez
Nilay Oez 2 days ago
Ned looks like one of the village people 🙈
Shi Hyuga
Shi Hyuga 3 days ago
not PG channel meets very PG channel= funny
Katie S
Katie S 3 days ago
I understand that the song girls want to have fun is not a 90s song but u should who played it during the fashion show
Jonathan Yanson
Jonathan Yanson 3 days ago
Try kan you be in the escpe the night
Violet Alfred Keenan
how am I an early 2000s kid and i know and did all these??!!
tyler's taco Tøp
I was born in 05 and I remember doing all of these lol
Your Taemptaetion
I don't know why but im inlove with the video graphics from the 90s well since i am an aesthetic person
Lola Schrad
Lola Schrad 5 days ago
Is it weird that I just ate the fun dip stick also why was I kinda turned in by the tryguys fashion show
snek of space
snek of space 5 days ago
This radiates a lot if energy but I dont know what type and I'm _scared_
Laveda Bekise
Laveda Bekise 5 days ago
The Cat central
The Cat central 6 days ago
When laurex is over and eugene is single
The Cat central
The Cat central 4 days ago
@MissPengu Lover oh i didn't know
MissPengu Lover
MissPengu Lover 5 days ago
The Cat central yea but Lauren has a new boyfriend that she’s been dating for a few months
Breadbin Urie
Breadbin Urie 7 days ago
Keith is just a sexy gay stripper
random kid
random kid 7 days ago
0:50 this is not Alabama
MsMoony _
MsMoony _ 8 days ago
I kinda ship Lauren with Eugene
camila maria
camila maria 8 days ago
l: wow that looks great n: it’s always nice to meet a fan 💅🏻
katgirl 123
katgirl 123 10 days ago
I thought they were called Hama beeds
Kanon Chan
Kanon Chan 10 days ago
You look like a kpop group but a bad...Version
Shanelle Sanchez
Shanelle Sanchez 11 days ago
4:02 Zach: I ! Will ! Make ! The most ! Beautiful ! Denim ! Jacket ! 😂😂😂 He's serious and focused
That One Shipper
That One Shipper 13 days ago
I’m not the only one who uses tweezers for pearler beads right?
Sammy Wong
Sammy Wong 13 days ago
Ned doing that post at the last part though......im imagining wes when he gets older and sees this vidoe, he will probably be like "oh dadd🤦🏻‍♀"
Ettenilc Nozrag
Ettenilc Nozrag 13 days ago
10:42 Laur and the other guy (idk his name): WOAH!! SO CUTE!! Eugene: uh guys, my mold is stuck on my beads.
Grimblesy Animates
Grimblesy Animates 13 days ago
Rebecca Reads Books
I thought they were called HAMA beads???
Elaine Paulin
Elaine Paulin 13 days ago
I ship eugene with laurrrr
Nacho Business
Nacho Business 14 days ago
The try guys should totally do a collab with moriah elizebeth
Leslie Waring
Leslie Waring 14 days ago
Eugene and Lauren -bff -♡♡ -RELATED -BA-DAZZLER BUDDIES
Zoie Greathouse
Zoie Greathouse 15 days ago
Omg you guys forgot to do shrinky-dinks!!
KayleeJXu 15 days ago
Nedshaking it: turns brown Eugene shaking it: turns even more amazing
Joycelynn Wiser
Joycelynn Wiser 15 days ago
I have something like a badazzaler but I never use it
Angel Florence
Angel Florence 16 days ago
What’s the song at 12:00
Eva Crisafulli
Eva Crisafulli 16 days ago
3:13 Eugene cracked up.
Kaiya Price
Kaiya Price 16 days ago
Kaiya Price
Kaiya Price 16 days ago
Chloe Mcfall
Chloe Mcfall 16 days ago
Does anyone think that Lauren and Eugene would be a cute couple
Mekenzie Brown
Mekenzie Brown 17 days ago
I have done sand art and I was born in 2005
Morgan Reynolds
Morgan Reynolds 18 days ago
“Fues Beads”
Kathryn Shepherd
Kathryn Shepherd 18 days ago
You are the best together🌸
Heidi Andrews
Heidi Andrews 18 days ago
Hahahahaha how is rain resold sexually confusing. sorry spelt name wrong
Unicorn Sparkles
Unicorn Sparkles 20 days ago
1:46 = catfisher
Kutokama Shinheoki
Kutokama Shinheoki 20 days ago
As soon as I got to the beads thing, I thought my phone was ringing cuz the background nusic sounds like the default android ringtone
Twenty One Pilots are amazing
Why did i use all these in 2010? Am i behind in something?
Mabel Liu
Mabel Liu 20 days ago
When Eugene walked down the stairs for the fashion show I immediately remembered Keith going like "Eu-gene, you think you're so _hot_"
Eliza Botelho
Eliza Botelho 21 day ago
Who else came here from a bts tweets vid
Johnny C
Johnny C 22 days ago
Omg Eugene and Lauren’s connections though
Clara Bjørn
Clara Bjørn 22 days ago
In Denmark, where i’m from we just call perler beads for perler. I so all known, i made it so Munch when i was younger☺️.
Erin Freeman
Erin Freeman 22 days ago
If lauren wasnt single and zach wasnt single and eugene wasnt gay they would all be cute together
Laura Fedorenko
Laura Fedorenko 22 days ago
3:09 had me DEAD!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Eesha Jamil
Eesha Jamil 23 days ago
Look at Lauren just fitting right in - Loved every second of this!
Charlotte Vanessa
Charlotte Vanessa 25 days ago
Back then I thought “LaurDIY” was the hardest word to pronounce
TigerLily 25 days ago
Kotoko's Kookies
Kotoko's Kookies 26 days ago
How Did I not know this video was created?!?! BEST. COLLAB. EVER.❤
Elizabeth Kritzer
Elizabeth Kritzer 26 days ago
Fun dip is the best!
Yolanda Gonzalez
Yolanda Gonzalez 27 days ago
Shows Eugenes perfect mixing and then cuts to Neds mixing
Sophia Lang
Sophia Lang 28 days ago
9:48 best song ever
Charleigh Girl
Charleigh Girl 29 days ago
For the Parlor beads I used tweezers
Antara V
Antara V 29 days ago
I ship Eugene and Lauren so bad
Kaiya Price
Kaiya Price Month ago
Can Eugene and Lauren get together please
Chase Walker
Chase Walker Month ago
I ship leugene
Miriam Rowland
Miriam Rowland Month ago
Eugene: I am making everyone’s favorite detective Ned: You are making Pikachu! Me: Sherlock homes, Perry the platypus, Pikachu! My life is completed!
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida Month ago
Omg people need to stop shipping Eugene and LaurDIY, idk what you guys were seeing but i really don't think they were flirting, you guys be seeing things you wanna seeeee
Ariciaa James
Ariciaa James Month ago
I liked Eugene’s jacket a lot
Jade Month ago
that song at the end actually slaps what the fuck
your kpop buddy
your kpop buddy Month ago
The montage was like lowkey a 80's-90's intro.
LOWKΣY Month ago
I hope people understand that early 2000's kids had the same childhood as 1900's kids.. just saying
Anime lover
Anime lover Month ago
I kinda ship Eugene and Lauren Am I the only one
gray Month ago
Why did the model for the crop top look like Bella Thorne lol
Pumpkyn Spyce Studios
Casually gets a detective pikachu ad during this video
CuberGames Month ago
Eugene: Is that your girlfriend? Ned: That's my sister Eugene! *sweet home alabama plays in background*
J * M
J * M Month ago
Sand Art was the shit. The worst thing was when that one bitch stole all the colours you wanted to use 😡
J * M
J * M Month ago
You can still get fun dip.
GreenbloodLady Month ago
I hate how much I love their denim vests and hats.
Veronica Ferris
Veronica Ferris Month ago
Zach's bead thing looks like cookiepus
Aeisha Gutierrez
omg i ship eugene and laur i can alredy see there shipname laurgene ha
Parker Osborne
Parker Osborne Month ago
I did all of these things and I'm not even an 80s kid.... I'm proud
Isabella Barretto
Am I 90s because I use perler beads
Kaiya Price
Kaiya Price Month ago
3:10 just go to 3:10
Metal Mommy
Metal Mommy Month ago
Sarah Cha
Sarah Cha Month ago
I’m hiring Eugene as my wedding planner
Halle Frank
Halle Frank Month ago
Avery Flowerstar
Breakfast Club who?
Baxley Brassell
Baxley Brassell Month ago
Next video- Try guys BECOME detective pikachu
jegskalige Month ago
“Perler” means beads in Danish
Claire Paulsen
Claire Paulsen Month ago
I used to use pearlier beads all the time and I never knew the name
Rachel Month ago
keiths 90s photoshoot was the best❤😂
WhatInTheWorld Month ago
Ned looks like one of the village people 😂
SunriseViewer Month ago
We were actually never allowed to iron the iron-on beads, so we'd be able to reuse them.
wubs Month ago
Dawn Gooden
Dawn Gooden Month ago
OMG it's my youth in a 12 minute video!!! #dead
Sophia Damiani
Sophia Damiani Month ago
I love how Eugene was just like fucking dying while Keith is impersonating someone
Queen Helena
Queen Helena Month ago
they absolutely kill me. LOL
gyopofromthe 201
Does anyone know the song playing at 11:58?? Even if its an instrumental?
Emilee Nguyen
Emilee Nguyen Month ago
Tbh I would wear zach’s 90’s outfit just saying...
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