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The Try Guys text & drive incessantly on a closed traffic course to see how looking at your phone and not the road stacks up to drunk, high, and sleepy driving. The final episode in our epic four-part education series exploring driving under the influence. #TryGuysDUI
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Oct 27, 2018

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The Try Guys
The Try Guys 7 months ago
Usually we let our videos speak for themselves, but seeing a lot of comments so I want to clear one thing up if you'll spare a moment to read. Our texting while driving habits were exaggerated for the sake of this video to demonstrate examples of real behaviors out there. I see people texting and driving every. single. day. and we wanted to make a video about the dangers. Using your phone while driving seems to be becoming apart of everyday life, and that is terrifying. We often lean into elements of our character/personality as a way to represent different types of people. In doing so, we also leaned into the edit to make our real life habits look as dangerous as possible to underscore our message. In hindsight, we now see how poorly we come off, especially me (Zach), and for that we apologize. It's a tricky line to make these videos both fun and serious, and at times we come off as callous and reckless during this one. My comment about using my phone the next day was not said to be apathetic, but rather to show that cell phone use is an ingrained and habitual behavior for so many people. I got to a red light, took out my phone, and thought "what the hell am I thinking?" I saw in that moment how using my phone isn't even a conscious activity sometimes, and I imagine for many people it's the same. You can know something is bad and still do it, and that scares me the most. It's not just my life on the line out there, and as someone who was in a nearly fatal car accident as a child I know this as well as anyone. I’ve been guilty of using my phone in my car. I imagine some of you have been too. You tell yourself you can do it safely, but you just can’t. That’s why we made this series - to show people that. I was in charge of this edit and was willing to make myself look bad to prove that point. It seems I should say on the record that the video portrays me as a far more egregious phone user than I really am. I regret how far the video pushes it and am sorry if I disappointed you. I promise our intentions were pure. So, ultimately I’m glad some of you are mad. I hope what you watched disgusts you and that you and your friends never do it. But for those upset that I haven’t learned my lesson, please know that is not the case. Thanks for watching this series and apologies for bogging this final episode down with a long-winded message. I hope you can still enjoy and learn from it. 💚 Zach (and the rest of the guys)
Rubix Regalia
Rubix Regalia 10 days ago
Once when I was walking to school a long time ago I was going to cross the street ahead of a kid (position would of been important) but I decided to stay behind and chat with my friend (the crossing gaurd). My friend and the kid start walking across like we normally would then this person (couldn't see them because I was looking at the people ahead of me) sweeps through almost hitting my friend and the kid. I ran into the street to check if they were alright they were fine and are doing alright to this day but it took me a second to realize that I was going to walk in front of that kid I would of been hit by a car. The person was already gone by then but because of their actions I'm now paranoid to walk across the street there because I could have been hit. I had a big fear of cars then, so seeing that made it worse. I'm still scared of cars but this video brought influenced driving to my attention and I hope that people like Ned, Keith, and Zach realize that I could of and alot of people have died because of their foolish actions. ALSO, thank you Zach and the guys for apologizing about exaggerating your behaviour I see that you are changing and I hope you read this comment to the last word! Drive safe! -Rubix Regalia
Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas
I'm glad you added this explanation. I admit, I was extremely upset that any of you would text while driving, especially since I have been run over by a driver who was looking at his cellphone (that's right, run over). All I can hope for is that you take the lessons from making these videos and become more responsible drivers.
Poor Zack 😭
Jacey Long
Jacey Long Month ago
@The Try Guys, Eugene, what is your Sexuality? I truly want to know, and you’re my inspiration for living life!
Ari M
Ari M 2 months ago
Zach Eugene Ned Keith =Try guys = funny content
Emma B
Emma B 5 hours ago
"Keith haburgsmurder! "
AJ Smith
AJ Smith Day ago
9:50 who tf watches porn while driving
Annie De La Rosa
Annie De La Rosa 2 days ago
Zac you need to buy portable battery charger for you phone so that way your phone doesn't die
fanatsywriter 12345
Keith Habesmurder!!!!!
Güney Kıymaç
Güney Kıymaç 3 days ago
how the fuck did they manage to find a cop that looks exactly like the dirty cops in Battlefield Hardline lol
Ruben Campos
Ruben Campos 3 days ago
Last week I got rear ended by a guy on the phone. I got out he got out to say sorry because he was texting. So I smashed his face in with his phone. I hope he learns so he doesn't kill someone some day
Alfredo Herrera
Alfredo Herrera 5 days ago
Dr. Obvious is doctor obvious saying stuff most people already know but great addition none the less makes it more documentary style
harrisnutter 5 days ago
If i see anyone on their phone in my rearview and they proceed to hit me... they're getting a beating.
harrisnutter 5 days ago
Try this series again with a manual car.
Katmuss Woodwinds
I'm glad that you boys posted something about it - I was seriously worried that one day, I'd wake up to the news that one of you may have been involved in an accident, gotten hurt, died and/or had caused someone else injury or even death. I am definitely not perfect: to be honest, being a professional musician I'm most likely to drive while sleep deprived than anything else. I'm trying to make sure I don't push myself so hard as much because it has these (and longer lasting) consequences. On a separate note (is that pun worthy of Keith? didn't think so...), I work in motor insurance for my P/T day job (!), and I know better than anything else that everybody's favourite thing to do is bitch about insurance premiums... but they don't EVER seem to want to own their contribution to the cold statistics which go into CALCULATING those premiums. I know it's a cold thing to look at but there seems to be a huge disconnect between the price of something that really shouldn't need to exist (but does) until it happens to you. Then it's real. The UK has its fair share of irresponsible drivers (i.e. I have literally seen the average number of CU80's increase over just a couple of years), but I feel like using your phone while driving more of a thing in the US. The prime example that makes me say this is that I used to have a friend who would skype me whilst in the car on the way to somewhere in Texas. I told him to stop doing this in case someone got hurt, and he actually got pissed at me as if I was nagging him or something... ?! Aside from the inherent danger of what he was doing, my thought is this: Surely if the calls, notifications or texts from friends are that important, they deserve your fullest attention when you're OUTSIDE the car; when INSIDE the car you and those around your car deserve the attention of that person who passed their test and was deemed safe by a professional: You. You got this, and can do it properly... remember?
Meg S23
Meg S23 7 days ago
Fun fact: in Georgia you can’t have you phone in your hand while driving it’s illegal.....people still do it GET OFF YOUR PHONES PEOPLE!!
Bluefred AJ
Bluefred AJ 9 days ago
Nobody: Me: :> lmao Eugene: **Sends a text** wanna fuk?
Rubix Regalia
Rubix Regalia 10 days ago
Once when I was walking to school a long time ago I was going to cross the street ahead of a kid (position would of been important) but I decided to stay behind and chat with my friend (the crossing gaurd). My friend and the kid start walking across like we normally would then this person (couldn't see them because I was looking at the people ahead of me) sweeps through almost hitting my friend and the kid. I ran into the street to check if they were alright they were fine and are doing alright to this day but it took me a second to realize that I was going to walk in front of that kid I would of been hit by a car. The person was already gone by then but because of their actions I'm now paranoid to walk across the street there because I could have been hit. I had a big fear of cars then, so seeing that made it worse. I'm still scared of cars but this video brought influenced driving to my attention and I hope that people like Ned, Keith, and Zach realize that I could of and alot of people have died because of their foolish actions.
Jamie M
Jamie M 14 days ago
As a motorcyclist; I humbly request nobody use their phones while driving. Might be a dent in your car, but it could be my life.
Dodie Yellow Rose
Dodie Yellow Rose 16 days ago
I wonder what Eugene’s Instagram followers thought when they saw Eugene driving while live😂
lps olsen tv
lps olsen tv 18 days ago
If my mom gets a message while she's driving she checks it, and I swear to god that I am about to kill her when she does that. I get so angry cuz I do NOT want to die! So now it's me who checks the messages. ((:
Oicu812 19 days ago
sorry but who ever drives with there phone. I hope that they die in hell
Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas
My take away from this video: Do not let Ned drive unless he's well-rested and completely sober because wow, he was the worst driver with any of the impairments.
Leggo My Ego
Leggo My Ego 27 days ago
Who spends $200 to detail a shitty toyota?
Waddup Anxiety
Waddup Anxiety Month ago
Can't text and drive if you have no one to text✌
A Spazzy World
A Spazzy World Month ago
9:49 looking at prom???....... I’m sorry but who looks at porn and drives??? Porning and driving 🤣
Beatriz LOVE
Beatriz LOVE Month ago
Who the hell drives like that in real life
Avis Ganis
Avis Ganis Month ago
Multi-tasking is a great topic TTG needs to get into. How it is perceived and affects true-performance. An appropriate topic for our society. FYI, I think it will turn out as good as this...as in not at all. Europeans have the natch on that.
lindsey Month ago
this episode of black mirror is so intense
Zoe Sherwin
Zoe Sherwin Month ago
when Zac slammed into the boxes I literally died as I just imagined it a wall/light post
Cerys Haines
Cerys Haines Month ago
I want another series like this! fun and interesting and felt very high budget
Annikah Cuellar
Annikah Cuellar Month ago
Anonymous SS
Anonymous SS Month ago
This is good content. Including them wearing sexy costumes. Spread awareness about the sexy costumes. We need more of them so they can make more sexy costume videos.
Gabriele Castro da Silva
3:25 OMG No one: How could a person make "text while driving" sounds sexy? Eugene: Got it
Joanna Uppin
Joanna Uppin Month ago
Usually I do the navigation for my boyfriend if I'm in the car w/ him but he recently got a new stereo system so he never looks at his phone while driving
tati3092 Month ago
I don't ever text while driving. I have ADHD and ADD so you can only imagine how hard it is for me to focus. 2 years ago I was in a 4 car collision, I was waiting for a car to turn on my way to cosmetology school, and I got hit from behind by a Toyota Tacoma at about 40 to almost 50 mph. 5 seconds later a expedition hit the Toyota and hit me again. My car was the only one that was totaled I had major back injuries and was also told that if my air bags went off I wouldn't be here till this day. (I am very short and have to sit very close.) The guy who first hit me was on there phone. The second guy to hit the car behind me? Also on there phone. I'm lucky to be here.
Brittney Benavidez
Let 👏 me 👏 drive 👏😂
Its GG Gamer
Its GG Gamer Month ago
Keith habersmurder
Takashi Shirogane
*Keith Habersmurder*
Rafaela Velaochaga
I was on my bike once and a distracted driver almost ran me over because they were looking at their phone. If it wasn’t for their friend in the passenger seat, I likely would have died or at least have been severely injured. PLEASE DON’T DRIVE DISTRACTED!
Vickie Vang
Vickie Vang Month ago
"What're you doing? YOU'RE WRONG YOU PIECE OF SHEEIT" still cracks me up lol
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Month ago
0:25 feels guilty
Pixie Sky
Pixie Sky Month ago
A video that shows us how eugene can actually be responsible in real life!
Zekgangster Month ago
I will never text and drive I am scared of dying from my own stupidity the thing is I do not have a car
Avril Rowland
Avril Rowland Month ago
I had to watch someone turn when they shouldn't have and get t-boned by a tractor trailer in their little four door because they drove right in front of them. Texting and driving is a death wish.
Patrick O'Brien
Patrick O'Brien Month ago
Who tf watches porn while driving?! Wtf 😂🤣😂
jhennicide Month ago
it's sad that people feel they HAVE to text while driving. honestly, just listen to music and enjoy the drive. why do you HAVE to? seriously? it's kind of sad. also, did he say people watch porn while driving? lol what?
CozyHero 8800
CozyHero 8800 Month ago
If driving is boring to you then you shouldn't drive???
Charlotte Vanessa
Ned looked sleep deprived throughout the whole series though
Maxwell Anderson
the boys: last chance to wreck keith's car!!!!1!!!! keith: that's not the objective-- *causes $800 worth of damage anyway*
Amy G
Amy G Month ago
Anybody who thinks sending a text/checking their phone is more important than staying alive and safe on the road and keeping others safe and alive is a moron!
Ainslee Shumate
Ainslee Shumate Month ago
Where I live, texting and driving is against the law. If you get caught, you have to pay a fine of......2500$
Clearly Dorothy
Clearly Dorothy Month ago
The doctor has an m&m tie
nora. Month ago
did he jus say people watch porn while driving ?? tf
Krizchelle Roa
Krizchelle Roa Month ago
Neds got a Mercedes.
pineapples Month ago
just keith at 11:30 "oh no" he instantly knew it was the dog.
RSK 4 LIFE Month ago
its definitely not as bad as drinking and driving you can lose the same amount of time trying to change the radio that doctors tripping if he thinks it's equal to drinking and driving
Destiney C
Destiney C 2 months ago
Keith: What if I hit a camera man? What if I murder someone today? **Keith Habers murder** 😱
Alice Anastasia
Alice Anastasia 2 months ago
Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, it's illegal to be on your phone while you're driving.
Morrigan Horner
Morrigan Horner 2 months ago
“If you think you are an exception,you might become a statistic” Ned Fulmer 2018
Keerti Venkat
Keerti Venkat 2 months ago
How do you burn a CD omg
Ken MCRP 2 months ago
People who are texting while driving, JUST TELL THEM ur driving😂
Gacha Shy
Gacha Shy 2 months ago
The thumbnail made me think that it was actually live lol
you must not know dick about starkid
Ella & Hannah getting engaged during filming is EVERYTHING!
Alex Rae
Alex Rae 2 months ago
6:53 who got engaged
Taj Cardenas
Taj Cardenas 2 months ago
im not in my pone or on my car
Really McCrayCray
Really McCrayCray 2 months ago
So I watched all of the try guys driving videos and Eugene has blown a stop in every one
Bunnyz Entertainment
No one is going to talk about 0:20?
I am a cat
I am a cat 2 months ago
not even 0.5 seconds in and they be playing danse macabre wrow
petestarasf 2 months ago
What's a shart
* camryn *
* camryn * 2 months ago
My mom went on vacation a few months ago, and she almost never even made it onto the plane because of a distracted driver at the Air port. It was winter, so the roads were icy. My mom drives a truck, so it's harder for her to stop while on ice. A lady on the road in front of my mom was on her phone while driving her car through the Air port parking lot, and my mom tried to brake but started skidding across the ice. Fast. She started honking the horn and eventually was able to stop, but if She hadn't she could have killed that lady. That lady, mind you, NEVER looked up for her phone even while my mom was honking at her. It's scary how distracted some people can get, so please be like Eugene and put your phone in your bag or something if you know it's going to be a distraction for you. Drive safe 💙
Dell Vylle
Dell Vylle 2 months ago
Pumpernickel! *one cone*
Jessica George
Jessica George 2 months ago
who casually looks at porn while driving?? thats practically an extreme sport
Alika Achong
Alika Achong 2 months ago
I hardly text when I drive. Mostly because no one ever texts me and I’m extremely paranoid
I can’t think. Of a name.
your mothers casket
your mothers casket 2 months ago
im not allowed to text and drive in my state its against the law
Jordan Rainey
Jordan Rainey 2 months ago
It's illegal in all states...are you dumb?
Megan Elliott
Megan Elliott 2 months ago
LMAO at when they all "Ew" Ned's selfie 8:00
KillerAlmond 23
KillerAlmond 23 2 months ago
Ok I know this is a serious video but why is Ned me and Keith, Eugene, and Zach are my friends at 7:58. 😂 Ok but seriously don’t drink and drive, be stoned and drive, be sleepy and drive, and don’t text and drive. Ned killed it “If you think you’re an exception, you might become a statistic.”
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 2 months ago
2:55. What is that with all those scratches on the bumper like that? Is he just backing into things on a daily basis? It sure looks like that. Every time I see a bumper that looks like that I wonder how it gets that way. I've had cars for decades that didn't have bumper scratches like that.
Geo cash 666
Geo cash 666 2 months ago
I got an ad for olive garden while watching this video
uncreative ;
uncreative ; 2 months ago
Every time my mom is on her phone me and my sister yell and says there’s a car or says green light
Heather Shields
Heather Shields 2 months ago
Fun fact most people got in a car crash because Pokemon go when Pokemon go game out
helena sandler
helena sandler 2 months ago
I don't skip ads so Wesley can go to college
Tyler Molen
Tyler Molen 2 months ago
13:39 most relatable statement I’ve ever heard in my life
Cowboy And Rocky
Cowboy And Rocky 2 months ago
Phone in bed lol
Jazzy Vlogs
Jazzy Vlogs 2 months ago
I just be like HEY SIRI READ ME MY BEW MESSAGES and if I want to respond I say HEY SIRI TELL ___ I SAID _____
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley 2 months ago
The doctor had an m&m on his tie. lol
LittleVamp 2 months ago
And everyone still asks why I'm terrified to drive... or just being near roads in general
Dani Cardona
Dani Cardona 2 months ago
A teacher of mine passed away because someone was posting something on Facebook while driving and hit him while he was biking for a charity event. He died on impact. It’s not worth it. Pull over if it’s that important.
phoenix bontjes
phoenix bontjes 2 months ago
Where is responsibilidog?
LeeLee Beezy
LeeLee Beezy 2 months ago
So I'm watching this in my vehicle, middle of a cool sunny day and a mosquito flys in through my open door. Luckily I had a lighter in my hand so I lit it and the mosquito FLEW INTO THE FLAME, FELL TO IT'S DEATH AND I INSTANTLY SAY, "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET, TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT ME!!!" Hope you enjoyed my story LoL
Heidi L.
Heidi L. 2 months ago
That m&m
Gabby Williams
Gabby Williams 2 months ago
My mom said she knew some crazy girls and she was friends with one of them. One day my mom was in the back seat and while one of the girls was driving the truck and she legit changed her tampon. She changed her tampon while driving.
Tatum Frost
Tatum Frost 2 months ago
I love that doctors tie
Kelvin 2 months ago
infamoushero 2 months ago
I try my hardest not to use my phone for anything while driving except looking for music to play during the drive but sometimes I can feel how dangerous and unsafe it can become so that’s one thing I’m working on. Need to make a playlist BEFORE driving and only stick to it
threetangerines 2 months ago
I know others have posted their experiences, but I almost got run over at a crosswalk with a four-way stop by a driver using the glance-down method of being on her phone. If I was also distracted, she 100% would have hit me. She didn’t stop her car until she was in the crosswalk. Just please be mindful everyone.
Mark seagull
Mark seagull 2 months ago
Since I don't have friends, I don't have a reason to check my text messages
Glory Alyce
Glory Alyce 2 months ago
My friend is without exaggerating, ADDICTED to texting while driving & I HATE to get in the car with her. It gives me such bad anxiety just imagining a crash just because she thinks her phone is more important than our lives and of those driving around us. So many times she's almost hit the curb or ran stop signs and almost hit pedestrians. Smh. Why can't people just concentrate on the road? Please don't text and drive or drive distracted life is too precious.
Gothic Hinata
Gothic Hinata 2 months ago
I think texting and driving is a huge problem. I don't have a license yet, but I already am uncomfortable walking and texting and on my two attempts at driving I was wayy too busy to even think about anything other than my surroundings. Also I feel uncomfortable just changing the radio station since that's distracting for me to.
Emma j
Emma j 2 months ago
when i was 15 years old, i was involved in a car crash on the m6 in the UK where a van didn’t push his brakes early enough. it was constant stop start traffic and required concentration. this man looked down to his phone and had he have not looked up in time, i don’t think i would be writing this. when driving at such high speeds you need the quickest reaction times and when looking at your phone you do not have them. if you use your phone whilst driving, think of the youngsters you could kill. think of the fact if you did kill them you would constantly think what if i’d had 2 more seconds of reaction time or what if i’d not looked i could’ve prevented it. is a text really worth murdering innocent people and a hefty jail sentence?
emily moores
emily moores 2 months ago
Am I the only one that still waves at old men driving lorries like I’m some 5 year old?! 😄
Liana Burgess
Liana Burgess 2 months ago
9:49-9:52 looking at porn 💀
Maryam Alsaffar
Maryam Alsaffar 2 months ago
When your friend gets engaged WHILE YOUR DRIVING😂
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