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The Try Guys text & drive incessantly on a closed traffic course to see how looking at your phone and not the road stacks up to drunk, high, and sleepy driving. The final episode in our epic four-part education series exploring driving under the influence. #TryGuysDUI
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Oct 27, 2018




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Comments 8 593
The Try Guys
The Try Guys 10 months ago
Usually we let our videos speak for themselves, but seeing a lot of comments so I want to clear one thing up if you'll spare a moment to read. Our texting while driving habits were exaggerated for the sake of this video to demonstrate examples of real behaviors out there. I see people texting and driving every. single. day. and we wanted to make a video about the dangers. Using your phone while driving seems to be becoming apart of everyday life, and that is terrifying. We often lean into elements of our character/personality as a way to represent different types of people. In doing so, we also leaned into the edit to make our real life habits look as dangerous as possible to underscore our message. In hindsight, we now see how poorly we come off, especially me (Zach), and for that we apologize. It's a tricky line to make these videos both fun and serious, and at times we come off as callous and reckless during this one. My comment about using my phone the next day was not said to be apathetic, but rather to show that cell phone use is an ingrained and habitual behavior for so many people. I got to a red light, took out my phone, and thought "what the hell am I thinking?" I saw in that moment how using my phone isn't even a conscious activity sometimes, and I imagine for many people it's the same. You can know something is bad and still do it, and that scares me the most. It's not just my life on the line out there, and as someone who was in a nearly fatal car accident as a child I know this as well as anyone. I’ve been guilty of using my phone in my car. I imagine some of you have been too. You tell yourself you can do it safely, but you just can’t. That’s why we made this series - to show people that. I was in charge of this edit and was willing to make myself look bad to prove that point. It seems I should say on the record that the video portrays me as a far more egregious phone user than I really am. I regret how far the video pushes it and am sorry if I disappointed you. I promise our intentions were pure. So, ultimately I’m glad some of you are mad. I hope what you watched disgusts you and that you and your friends never do it. But for those upset that I haven’t learned my lesson, please know that is not the case. Thanks for watching this series and apologies for bogging this final episode down with a long-winded message. I hope you can still enjoy and learn from it. 💚 Zach (and the rest of the guys)
Rupsha Akoijam
Rupsha Akoijam 13 days ago
The Try Guys Zach I love you 💚 ‘twas difficult to choose whom I actually love because I actually love you all 💙❤️💚💜 but (I love Zach a bit more..... just a bit 💚)
Fals 2 months ago
💚Zach (and the rest of the guys) but mostly Zach
Lily Wallflower
Lily Wallflower 2 months ago
(weird to say for an actual fifteen year old, but well) I'm proud of you ^_^
Andrea Ongomefen
Andrea Ongomefen 2 months ago
Damn that was LENGTHY
Unie Rasonabe
Unie Rasonabe 2 months ago
Hi Zach! 👍👍👍
Bea B
Bea B Day ago
That's one of the downsides of autimatic cars. If you need both of your hands to drive, you can't use your phone as often. Of course, distracted/ texting drivers are a problem in europe, too, cause you don't have to switch gears all the time. But from my perception, europeans need more coordination/ effort to drive the car so that they don't use their phones in complicated situations like switching lanes or big intersections.
pickletron4000 5 days ago
Nick Nana
Nick Nana 5 days ago
Yet im sure half of you do this still after watching your video while your driving, just admit it by liking this comment
Shweta Shaw
Shweta Shaw 7 days ago
What about Uber or ola drivers who HAVE to use phone while driving?
Najeeb Haddad
Najeeb Haddad 7 days ago
I like how Keith almost drove better high
ARMENIAN_ ARMY_ 8 days ago
My dad doesn’t let my mom use her phone when she’s driving and he tells us to always tell mom to turn of the cellphone While my dad............ 0_o he uses his phone all the time
MISSed Bandwagon
MISSed Bandwagon 10 days ago
Porn while driving? Seriously???
jkmakeupmaster143 11 days ago
who looks at porn while driving
Rupsha Akoijam
Rupsha Akoijam 13 days ago
I loved Zach in the toilet 🚽😂😁😂
Tay Woodley
Tay Woodley 15 days ago
It’s worrying when Eugene is the most sensible. Disappointed in my future husband (Zach) for using his phone and driving
Chloe K
Chloe K 15 days ago
I'm not angry, just disappointed in zach, Ned and keith
Holly Bauer
Holly Bauer 15 days ago
Eugene ❤️
rrpdsks 16 days ago
Keith's scores were roughly the same sober or high
glow in the dark star stickers
This is illegal when in our country
YakBrain 17 days ago
11:29 i died 😂😂
Kirsten Chovanetz
Kirsten Chovanetz 17 days ago
can zack put on some chapstick
Anne Judge
Anne Judge 18 days ago
cant take this guy seriously when hes got an mnm on his tie
bee movie
bee movie 18 days ago
who's looking at porn while they drive......?
Bekah TheDonut
Bekah TheDonut 19 days ago
My dad texts and drives all the time and it scares the shit out of me
Beth Treasure
Beth Treasure 19 days ago
10:22 anyone see annie leblanc??? no just me.... okay
Rebecca Collier
Rebecca Collier 20 days ago
This is my worst fear with my kid. I know she won't drink and drive but texting and driving is so underrated for it's danger. My husband does it but I keep my phone down to try and set a good example...
Slime Asmr
Slime Asmr 20 days ago
Eugene:I bet a lot of you are watching on you phone in your car Me:uhhhhhhh-... WITCH🧙🏻‍♂️
Majic Rider
Majic Rider 21 day ago
Do y’all think this is scripted?
Jordan’s Volleyball Journey
zach:*i haven’t crashed yet* me:*keyword yet*
Drive On Guard
Drive On Guard 22 days ago
Eugene... I love you even more that you are a safe driver.
GenyOreo 23 days ago
4th and final comment, gimmie that tie!
Skkorm 23 days ago
Eugene saying, "He's had fingers everywhere." got me fucked up xD
Naira Amiryan
Naira Amiryan 24 days ago
Zach got in a crash then a chicken commercial pops up 😂
Sidney Esparza
Sidney Esparza 24 days ago
i’ve been driving for 2 years now & i can’t bring myself to text & drive!!! i’m very confident in my driving abilities but it really only takes seconds for either myself or someone else to make a mistake & endanger the lives of those around them. please consider that you share the road with people that have families & loved ones that expect them to be home at the end of the day. there is literally nothing important on your phone that’s worth risking your life & anyone in your car with you or around you.
kelly Martin
kelly Martin 26 days ago
Piece of advice, put your phone on airplane mode when you get in the car. That way, only actual texts and calls come through, rather than all notifications. My family has a policy where if theres an emergency and we need to get in contact with each other, we will ring once, then ring again immediately if there is no answer. This way, random calls and non emergencies from people who don't know we're driving can be screened out and ignored, and if there is an emergency, we have the time to find a place to pull over to answer.
wolfe202 26 days ago
“What if Eugene posts a super cute photo and I’m not there to see it within the first five minutes??” If that ain’t me tho 🤭
Caitlin Phillips
Caitlin Phillips 28 days ago
Please try this again in a manual car then you'll see how much harder it is
Sayani Banerjee
Sayani Banerjee Month ago
I'm sorry I don't take the doctor seriously with that tie :))
Rabia Month ago
Let’s appreciate Keith Habersmurder
Pingüino Month ago
I’ve tried to text while driving and I don’t know how so many people can just like casually do it like my dad and one of my best friends do it all the time and are really good at it
Thisismybackup Month ago
Keith: it's $200 bucks to detail my fucking car! Also Keith: yeah, I'll spend $1,000 on steaks for one video.
Anny Lym
Anny Lym Month ago
Super Girly Gamer
0:29 guys i just commited *KEITH HABERSMURDER*
Lucy C
Lucy C Month ago
My phone's on silent all the time. Before I set off, I send my last message then it stays in the glove box for the journey. I hate being distracted by my phone, and I never fall the excuse of "what if it's an emergency?". Depending on who you know and their circumstances, the general likelihood is that it's extremely rare that that message was an actual emergency
mirrbot Month ago
My man Eugene! The only one who doesn’t text and drive.
darklingrose92 Month ago
Never driven drunk. Never even gotten high. I have been guilty of texting while driving, but only when stopped. If someone calls, I pull over. I struggle the most with driving while sleep deprived (I pretty much live sleep deprived).
roscoeb4 Month ago
Watching porn and driving should be a whole new experiment
Kara O’Donnal
Kara O’Donnal Month ago
They should have done all 4 at once 😂😂😂
JustSarah Month ago
Honestly, since getting my driver's license 2 years ago, I don't understand how people can text while driving. For me like changing the radio is sometimes a bit scary.
the balding dude with the glasses is a fucking moron
Katherine Moore
Katherine Moore Month ago
when you drive stick shift, texting while driving is no longer even a temptation
ari's subliminals
keith habersmurder
Amulya Srivalli
Amulya Srivalli Month ago
RIP Responsibilidog😥 u lived a sad life
Michela Cambareri
Keith Habersmurder
DCQueen 02
DCQueen 02 Month ago
Zach: "Am I gonna have to die to realize how bad this is?" Me: Or...you know...you could kill car carrying a family with small children. DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE! Whatever is on your phone can wait! Set a good example, Zach!
Abigail Hendricks
Watching this on my phone ...IN MY BED BE SAFE
Chloe Frost
Chloe Frost Month ago
there’s a lot to unpack here and all of it pertains to that doctor’s necktie
geektopia no
geektopia no Month ago
I have a thing on my phone that allows me to have text read to me. And then all I have to do is say what I wanna say and it sends it. My phone screen isnt even on so I dont have to get so wrapped up in it.
Erica tatro home of ET's happy rabbit tree
Put your phones on do not disturb or in a in accessible spot. If you drink don't drive do the watermelon craw(walk or get a taxi) home. If your sleepy rest your peeps or say hello the the reaper. If your high then be fly and don't say bye. Please realize it is not just your life on the line if you do these things. It is any and every one else's life's on the road you could kill a whole family. Newborns unborns mothers sisters brothers fathers uncles aunts grandparents. My driving impaired/distracted you can kill people. I was once told if you do a crime once a week for your whole life it is not a matter or if can or mabe. One day you will get cought just don't do it.
Jordan Ring
Jordan Ring Month ago
Ok I hated that the doctor said “young people” because NONE of my friends have gotten into accidents because of their phones, yet all of our parents have. My mum (50’s) checks her Facebook and texts her friends and starts conversation and have almost gotten into an accident with me in the car multiple times
doodily doo
doodily doo Month ago
Summary of this long-ass comment: set yourself up for success and don't go on your phone while driving at all. Also, learn from other people's mistakes instead of learning the hard way and possibly ruining your (or someone else's) life. Reminder that it's not just texting while driving that's dangerous, *any* phone use is. To eliminate or minimize the risks: -set up anything (music, podcasts, audiobook, etc) that you want to listen to before you leave, whether it's putting in a CD or queuing stuff up on a streaming service -when using GPS, check the route before you leave to get an idea of what you need to do. Turn on audio commands. If you have to look at the route while you're driving make sure you have a mount of some sort in your car so the screen is easily within your field of vision (instead of on your lap or in a cupholder, which requires you to completely look away from the road) -turn your phone on silent. Any calls, texts, etcetera can wait until AFTER you reach your destination. No text/call is so important that it's worth risking the lives of other people -if you do need to use your phone for ANY reason, pull over somewhere to park and finish whatever you need to do before getting back on the road I actually rear-ended someone at a light because I was on my phone changing my music. Luckily, it was a relatively minor collision, and nobody was hurt in the accident. However I was paying off the damage to my car for months afterwards and my insurance went up. I learned my lesson after that but easily could've injured (possibly fatally) myself or someone else while driving distracted. My first time watching this entire series was extremely helpful to me in opening my eyes to just how fucking DANGEROUS my driving habits were. It's way too easy to think something is "not that bad" if you haven't personally experienced the consequences. Like the guys demonstrated, doing something regularly can give you a false sense of confidence (like in Eugene's case with the drinking and sleep deprivation, or Zach with the texting) and you don't realize how dangerous your behavior is. At this point in time I'm honestly baffled as to how I've never gotten a DUI given the sheer amount of times I've driven while high on anything from alcohol and xanax to DXM and LSD. Even when one of my old friends got a DUI I brushed it off as him being a moron and the classic "oh it would never happen to me" line of thinking. It's amazing how good our brains can be at justifying our behavior even when we shouldn't be justifying it. I'm much more careful with my driving nowadays but certainly am not perfect, I drove sleep deprived just two nights ago and I'm not proud of it at all. Re-watching this series makes me determined to commit to being a safer driver, because even if I don't give a shit about my own life, other drivers, pedestrians, and animals on the road don't deserve to suffer the consequences of my carless attitude. Thank you guys for putting these videos out! They're way more helpful and motivating to me than reading statistics.
L G Month ago
My mom was driving and this guy going towards her merged into her lane at 45 mph bc he was texting and she had to peep her horn. she pulled over since she got so scared. Thank god nothing bad happened but the guy apologized but I hope it was a wake up call that that could of ended badly
Sketchy Skies
Sketchy Skies Month ago
I almost got hit by a car....twice,because in the first instance a lady was on her phone.I had to hop out of the way,and she just missed hitting me.The second instance I was crossing the street,and as I was crossing someone sped past me from behind...
Jacob Jensen
Jacob Jensen Month ago
They did message back at wring times. They could of waited for a better time than on a turn
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