The Try Guys Switch Pets For A Day

The Try Guys
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The guys swap dogs to puppy sit for day. Who would you trust to watch your pup?
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The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.
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Feb 23, 2019

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Comments 13 789
Rebekka SHAW
Rebekka SHAW 2 hours ago
3:15 I just died of laughter
Gloomy._.Sunets 3 hours ago
That’s what my dog does the same thing as Emma
Chloe 4 hours ago
This is definitely my 36th time watching this video, and i don’t regret it one bit
Nevvy Renteria
Nevvy Renteria 5 hours ago
Omg, this is my favorite video as of yet!
Me trying to watch this in silence to not wake up my sleeping family. Ned: picks up shit with stick. Keith: rich lady Zach: toilet toy Eugene: no problems Me: HEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEEHHEEHEHEHEHEHRHEHRHRHEHEHHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEEHEJEHEHHEEHHEEHJERHEHEEHEHDHRHRHEJEJEHEHEJEJEH
Hanna Stocks
Hanna Stocks 5 hours ago
10:27 I just pissed myself
Hanna Stocks
Hanna Stocks 5 hours ago
When pesto shat and he had to pick it up w a leaf and stick, I was laughing my ass off
dannixcryy 6 hours ago
10:31 I DIED OMG 😂😂
Pequeña Trompeta
Pequeña Trompeta 6 hours ago
Im in bed with Shingles and this has made me so happy
Celeste Choo
Celeste Choo 6 hours ago
Bowie is like the perfect dog.. he’s active and cuddly at the same time . It’s just so cute
Rebecca Talbot
Rebecca Talbot 7 hours ago
Loved this experiment, just goes to show how unique the personalities are and how adaptable you have to be. There is no cookie cutter response. Also wondering if there is an Aussie in Eugene’s future down the road 🤔
Brylea Collier
Brylea Collier 9 hours ago
8:27 😂
Cindy V
Cindy V 9 hours ago
Poor, sweet Emma! Liked how Keith desctibed Pesto.
Parker Henderson
Parker Henderson 9 hours ago
Pesto: pick up my poop hoomon
kholoud ashraf
kholoud ashraf 9 hours ago
Is keith okay? He doesn't sound like his normal upbeat self. I just hope he's okay. Edit: nvm he just wanted emma 😂
Squipy 123
Squipy 123 9 hours ago
The beautiful dog (Bowie) and the beautiful man! The perfect match!
Syd T
Syd T 10 hours ago
Eugene and Bowie are goals honestly
regan wilkinson
regan wilkinson 10 hours ago
next video... the try guys try cheerleading
I’m Me
I’m Me 10 hours ago
Zach- “barking is the most unforgivable trait a creature could have” My dogs- “hduehsmudjsjsh”
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly 12 hours ago
Bowie: I want to stop running Eugene: let’s keep running PLS
panic!at the everywhere
15:20 *H A GOTTEM*
Jhoene Aquilyne
Jhoene Aquilyne 18 hours ago
I kept repeating the scene where Zach accidentally throw the toy on the toilet. LMAO.😂😂😂✌✌
Fiona Dowling
Fiona Dowling 18 hours ago
bowie is so pretty
Issy _
Issy _ 20 hours ago
Okay so I don’t know how to put this without being ‘mean’... and i don’t want to offend anyone especially Keith but is Keith a sister or a brother? Im just curious with all due respect. You know what i mean. ( sorry if i offended anyone)
rosepetal34 6 hours ago
what an awkwardly worded question what are you actually trying to say?
Issy _
Issy _ 20 hours ago
Im just curious... I dont want to offend anyone especially Keith but, is Keith a sister or a brother? You know what i mean.
Spirit Wolf
Spirit Wolf 22 hours ago
10:33, it’s is 12:53AM and I think I just woke my whole family with my laughter, Like, THE CHANCES!
Pearl Denham
Pearl Denham 22 hours ago
Bean at 1:15 is the cutest thing ever
Mr Bread
Mr Bread 23 hours ago
2:46 ummm uuuuuh ok
Bella Repka
Bella Repka Day ago
Emma's story is so sad
Unicorn Pattison
When Ned picked up Pesto’s Poo and said it was slimy all I could say was “You have a child” and I just laughed !!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Doffrey Day ago
Poor emma 😭
Zakiry Day ago
I feel bad for Emma, her tails tucked between her legs so much, she terrified of everything
Kenley Tiner
Kenley Tiner Day ago
This is the best video I have watched all day
Donald Bagwell
Ema/ zack- nervous and high maintenance Bean/ Ned- protective mid maintenance Pesto and Eugene- party/ social/ high energy Kieth and Bowie- way high energy
Campbell Quattlebaum
Bowie is so cutereeeee
Sophia Moore!
I just noticed Zach’s Elton John shirt!! Yes LOVE that!!!!!
Regan Treece
Regan Treece Day ago
Maggie is beautiful.
wolfy_ heart
wolfy_ heart Day ago
I'll take Bowie or Bean- I'll take all of them actually
Nimasha Sonali
Eugene is literally good with everything😂
Record Finder
4:55 wow that got dark
Eugene can take care of my scared shelter dog (who is terrified of new dogs and people, especially men cause she was abused as a puppy) and Chow Chow (who is totally chill and not breed standard at ALL) any day
Sevanna Rae
Sevanna Rae Day ago
10:32 is when i lost it and burst out laughing❤️😂
Sarah Egan
Sarah Egan Day ago
Bowie was meant for Eugene
CatSaucEe Day ago
You should try consulting a pet psychic
Strawberry Nutella
Rip sock toy
Esme Deer
Esme Deer Day ago
so no ones really talking about keith being in the bath with emma?!
McKenzie Brown
It was sad that no one wanted Pesto...
Dani Bautista
i felt so bad for poor pesto no one wanted him.. although i did laugh
gaster two soul
15:39 Keith what the fuck are you doing.
chun chi lian
0:55 What my selfies looks like
Hermila Heart
10:26 is a truly iconic Zach moment. Ned: Zach is taking care of Bean today. Ariel: Oh, I bet Zach's having a great time. Ned: Yeah, I think he is. Zach: *accidentally throws one of Bowie's toys in the toilet while trying to throw it at Bean* OH 😨 *nervous laugh* Uhh 😆
My dogs like Bowie,Pesto and Emma,like shes real chill but can just have out burst of energy
Cesar Acosta
Cesar Acosta Day ago
When that dog toy fell in the toilet was super funny 😄😄😄
I can’t think of a name so hi :3
Bowie is sooooooooooooooo cuteXD He’s my Kinda dog ❤️🐶❤️
Dayton Ganigan
Dayton Ganigan 2 days ago
Zach bean is not a device. “OKAY”
Scarlet Clough
Scarlet Clough 2 days ago
pesto is my favorite 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Elouise Taylor
Elouise Taylor 2 days ago
Wow my name is Emma and we’re the exact same wow coincidence
Eloise Nguyen
Eloise Nguyen 2 days ago
I’m a really manly man so I get it. Words of wisdom from the manliest man of the men.
Reese's Piece Of Life
Zach:*10:30* and I oop-
Alexandra 2 days ago
Okay but Pesto was the best....
Wolf Y
Wolf Y 2 days ago
Everyone elts: this is hard Eugen: best day ever
Emma Bergstrom
Emma Bergstrom 2 days ago
Dogs just doesn’t really like baths whenever I bathe my dog she shivers even though the water is hot
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown 2 days ago
15:22 was such a heartwarming moment, Wes is so happy! I would have liked to see the guys' reunions with their dogs and hear their thoughts on how each other's days went though
Emma Bergstrom
Emma Bergstrom 2 days ago
Lol my name is Emma
Magsnmaisey 2 days ago
**Throws Dog toy in toilet**
maryam zainalabdeen
I was taking my dog out to poop and at 7:57 he pooped what a coincidence
loogracebelladog 2 days ago
Would I trust the guys with my dog? Eugene: yes, but one rule for him will need to be stated 1. She’s old so around the block is enough walking for her. Ned: yes, but I wouldent let her go that close to Wes, she gets too excited. Zach: yes, but even though she knows some tricks just let her live her life as a dog. Maggie: 100% yes she seems like a playful kind girl. Keith: ... I don’t think Keith knows that dogs aren’t humans and might not understand that your trying to give them a spa day in los Feliz. So no sorry.
Anna Leary
Anna Leary 2 days ago
Please do this again !!
Lara Arndt
Lara Arndt 2 days ago
Bowie looks like he has a spray tan
puppyh 7
puppyh 7 2 days ago
Try guys: ugghhhhhh this is so hard Eugene: LET'S GO WHOOOO
Charlie Buckley
Charlie Buckley 2 days ago
i have a husky she is so pretty
Cringe squad -________________-
My friends Australian Shepard eat through a wall because they had to put her in laundry room but she ate the dry wall to get out
Cassy Perez-Ortiz
10:32 😂😂😂😂😂
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 2 days ago
Who else love 10:32 literally
Lamar thamer
Lamar thamer 2 days ago
I would be with Bowie ❤️😍🐶
Ainul Khan
Ainul Khan 2 days ago
All of the dogs are so cute 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Limelight Lopez
Limelight Lopez 2 days ago
I laughed so hard when Zach casually threw the toy in the toilet 🚽😂😂😂😂❤️😂😂👍
тιғғany 3 days ago
*pesto really does not give a fuck about anything*
Olivia The Great
Olivia The Great 3 days ago
Zach I love my dog more than anything Me what about your girlfriend
Anna Maria Desprini
i am wheezing so fucking hard at 3:18 like wtf was that XD also i love how keith and zach were having a little trouble with emma and bean, meanwhile eugene is having so much fun with bowie it was so cute omg lol
Robizarrnerd 243
Robizarrnerd 243 3 days ago
Ned: throws dog toy in toilet Me: And I oop-
Victoria Stockton
I just noticed the grouplove poster in Eugines room! 😱
Fluffy Unicorn
Fluffy Unicorn 3 days ago
I have an Australian Shepherd and a border collie... High maintenance dogs so active and smart can open the doors to the house and love to escape by any means possible
Penny Krnavek
Penny Krnavek 3 days ago
zach is like that know-it-all mother about Bowie lol
Claire's Corner
Claire's Corner 3 days ago
If I had Emma I would have just gone home and watched movies with her.
Olivia 3 days ago
omg that transition from eugene talking about emma's possible past to cheerful dog ceremony again 😂
Magnus Lansing
Magnus Lansing 3 days ago
When Zach threw the chew toy in the toilet!😂
Jonas Žironas
Jonas Žironas 3 days ago
Riley Rohr
Riley Rohr 3 days ago
Me and zach have sooo much in common. I think he is kinda cute. DONT BLAME OR JUDGE ME!
Blue Tea
Blue Tea 3 days ago
What if the spirit of the womans body went inside of Emma's body?
fawu 3 days ago
I love how all the guys are struggling with other people’s dogs, while Eugene is just there cuddling with a dog that isn’t even their’s. What a queen 😍
Naray Cross
Naray Cross 3 days ago
Man Zach needs a reality change. I was like Zach my first time, a lot of rules, tons of parenting, judging other dog parents, hating barking, now I'm like Eugene. Comes with experience. Just like raising babies.
- drunken giraffe -
I want Bowie.
laurene austria
laurene austria 4 days ago
The fuck Zach! What is the use of a dog if it doesn't bark?! Go ahead, fight me, I don't care!
Camille Arseneau
Camille Arseneau 4 days ago
Loving Ned’s hair in this episode
Le' awkward productions
Why does Bowie have a docked tail?
Ella Marie
Ella Marie 4 days ago
ned: “i got a leaf and a stick here”😂😂😂
_ _
_ _ 4 days ago
"Im a really manly man, so I get it"- Zach (Maggie giggles) Me: Me too Maggie...Me too..
Origami Fox
Origami Fox 4 days ago
14:20 I know this from experience. I have a 135 lb mastiff who loves all women he meets, but gets so scared around men he doesn't know. Once he warms up to you though, he would kill for you, (we hope) but you're also now his chew toy. Congratulations.
Em 4 days ago
Bowie and Eugene are perfect together ❤️
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