The Try Guys Switch Pets For A Day

The Try Guys
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The guys swap dogs to puppy sit for day. Who would you trust to watch your pup?
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The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.
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Feb 23, 2019




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Comments 15 391
Seza Fink
Seza Fink Hour ago
Who knew Zach was so uptight about his dogs
Peach boba Animations
Ned:Look it’s pesto! Ariel:wow! So cute Wes:👁👄👁
micah ddress
micah ddress 21 hour ago
bowie completely forgot about zach lol
Pug_ Life2575
Pug_ Life2575 22 hours ago
What breed is pesto
Pug_ Life2575
Pug_ Life2575 22 hours ago
What breed is pesto
Genna Ring
Genna Ring Day ago
Pause at 3:32!!😂
Park Ji Min
Park Ji Min Day ago
susanne bradley
Cute I like dogies
Womby Will
Womby Will Day ago
Ned and his kid oetting their dog Zack playing ball with his dog Keith half naked in a bath with his
Teagan Riley
Teagan Riley 2 days ago
10:32 this is for me to keep replaying.. feel free to use it
Judah Collum
Judah Collum 2 days ago
Just me or what but I want all those dogs
snoko2 2 days ago
I sometimes come back to this video to hear them say my name so much (Emma). It's sad, I know.
Ava_the_bos s
Ava_the_bos s 3 days ago
In my opinion, Bean and Bowie are the best, but Pesto is also great. Emma... Is just a little too self consious
Madeline White
Madeline White 3 days ago
Eugene cuddling with Bowie is what I’m living for
Jules 3 days ago
id have the best day with emma, i love cuddles
Ellinor Feeney
Ellinor Feeney 4 days ago
I love emma
Evan Yamamoto
Evan Yamamoto 4 days ago
4:55 Jesus that got deep
TheLightningKing 4 days ago
I thought some of you guys like cats more but you have a dog okay
Abigail Fountain
Abigail Fountain 4 days ago
Soooo.... did Keith bring Emma in the restaurant??
Stephanie Keene
Stephanie Keene 4 days ago
Ned using a stick and a leaf nearly got me fired LMAO!
Evana Sakarya
Evana Sakarya 4 days ago
Philippine Van den Berg
Philippine Van den Berg
5:01 That hit me hard
Beelzebub 5 days ago
I like to think that Emma is Eugene's sensitive side while pesto is the funner part of his personality.
Vkook and Sope
Vkook and Sope 5 days ago
U have a 5,2 feet dog so I also have 14 dogs so yaaa....
loan phan
loan phan 5 days ago
Keith: I don’t have a dog, so why am I here? .-.
KiwiCactuz 5 days ago
Eugene and Bowie just rockin it and the rest of the Try Guys be like-
Salome Montoya
Salome Montoya 5 days ago
Ned: Zach is taking care of bean Zach: drops toy 🧸 in the toilet 🚽
TheKillBot 17
TheKillBot 17 5 days ago
'She has a lot of anxiety.' That sounds familiar
Hannah 5 days ago
OMG Wes stroking pesto was the cutest moment❤️❤️❤️
Ruby Passantino
Ruby Passantino 5 days ago
eugene: i love tht you takw your dogs on hikes even though they cant always keep up with you. they still need exercise and variety andyou give it to them. thats perfect! Zach : i fell in love with you when you said you didnt like treats i like that. a dog has to obey because they respect you and like getting just vocal confirmation. heath: its nice taht you tried to understand her.
Butter Cow
Butter Cow 6 days ago
Can we have Eugene and Bowie everyday though
Luna the Raptor
Luna the Raptor 6 days ago
Brennanabread OWO
I feel like this entire video is everyone having a pretty meh time and then Eugene and Bowie having a great tim
Saturn Edits
Saturn Edits 6 days ago
When Zack threw the toy in the toilet I felt that.
Kyndra Barlow
Kyndra Barlow 7 days ago
Eugene got bowie. Oh noo. 2:07 - 2:16 It is literally so funny! I dont know why I'm laughing so hard 😂😂😂
Bailey Lofgren
Bailey Lofgren 7 days ago
Hi I’m late I know I love you try guys
Emily Conrad
Emily Conrad 7 days ago
Ned: I got a leaf and a stick...
Emily Conrad
Emily Conrad 7 days ago
Ned: I got a leaf and a stick...
ItsMe Foox
ItsMe Foox 7 days ago
Emma : I don’t wanna bath Me : is Emma secretly a cat?
IamBerry Xx
IamBerry Xx 7 days ago
I thought Zach was a cat person
Fran The Omega
Fran The Omega 8 days ago
Funny how now that Zack has been bragging about bowie like how ned bragged about being married, ned is being so bitchy, even though the guys had been listening to him brag for like a year before complaint or at least a few months
Luca Fukuyo
Luca Fukuyo 8 days ago
love how Keith yells beans name super close to zack so zack gets bean and Keith can get Emma
gamergirl172 8 days ago
Keith putting emma in a bath: Me with a rescue terrified of water:😑😔
gamergirl172 8 days ago
My dog is the same as emma, we got him a 2 years ago and he was afraid of everything and everyone he's come such a long way and I'm so proud😁💖
Donut Productions
Ned went to hell and back to get that sh*t off of the grass he deserves a Nobel peace prize 😤
Shi_ Galaxy
Shi_ Galaxy 8 days ago
Eugene literately is perfect every video lol
Dana Small
Dana Small 8 days ago
Ned was kinda bugging me on the walk like the reason dogs have fun on walks is because they get to explore, and pesto pulling at the leash and sniffing around means he was excited to go and interested in the walk why would you train your dog to not be curious
gamergirl172 8 days ago
I agree but at the same time some dogs(my grandmothers dog is just like bean) will stay with there owners and walk right next to then at all times
Blue Melon
Blue Melon 8 days ago
I just wanna hug Emma so bad, dang, her experience must be hard, but at least she is with Eugene 😊
Selina Thorn
Selina Thorn 8 days ago
i always liked Eugene but now i like him even more bc he has a rescue😍
Yuzuru Nishimiya
Yuzuru Nishimiya 8 days ago
I have a dog named jordan his a half pomeranian, half havanese and.... His very energetic... He will turn 3 years old on October 30
Isabella_pusheen 9 days ago
OwO Zach: he can’t have anything else or else he’ll have diarrhea Eugene: JusT LiKE hIs DaD!!
Watermelon _Mermaid11
When I saw Zach's dog. I almost started crying. My old dog Ozzie used to look like that, and he passed away when I was still young
Cherrypie 9 days ago
That right dog are da best animals
Avenue 522
Avenue 522 9 days ago
15,300th comment
w a h o o
w a h o o 9 days ago
“Okay Pesto, we made it to the dog park. Are you excitedddd?!” Pesto: ._. “Yeahhhh!”
shrek the ogre
shrek the ogre 10 days ago
Zach is good in shooting 😂
Elizabeth Howard
Elizabeth Howard 10 days ago
Is Maggie Zach's gf or sis?
Macy Heit
Macy Heit 10 days ago
I died when Zacc threw the toy in the toilet😂😂😂
lrl Gacha
lrl Gacha 10 days ago
Bowie loves eugene
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