The Try Guys Spray Tan Each Other

The Try Guys
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Sep 25, 2019




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Comments 80
The Try Guys
The Try Guys 9 months ago
Also, wanna wear our undies? WELL now you can get your own! Get yourself a pack of briefs at 🤭👉 bit.ly/2k0XD4b
ruben morris
ruben morris 13 days ago
Eugene is crushing😘💖😂
Ayla Heawood
Ayla Heawood Month ago
The Try Guys but what if you are a girl and you only have boxers
Isabella Warburton
Devania Sou
Devania Sou 2 months ago
Are your Merchandise can delivery to Indonesia? Sorry if my english bad but I'm trying so hard
Maja 3 months ago
@Luzmaria Kelly yaaas
Bluemoon Songs
It’s hard to believe three of them are actually straight sometimes
Pink Safire
Pink Safire Day ago
This video challenged their straightness
Carielys Oquendo
Carielys Oquendo 2 days ago
Literally all of the comments are talking about James and Eugene
Carielys Oquendo
Carielys Oquendo 2 days ago
Nobody literally no one: My 2020 mind thinking James made Eugene gay
lizziesux 3 days ago
Low key sad that Keith didn’t ask for a dick to be spray tanned onto his body but I guess it would ruin the look
Google 4 days ago
Honestly I couldn't even tell Ned Zach and Keith even had a spray tan until they showed the tan line Really good video :) Would be cool to see what they looked like if they went a shade darker
SheenaTalks 4 days ago
*It's like a dictionary, there's so many definitions* I lost it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John 4 days ago
Ryleigh Y
Ryleigh Y 3 days ago
Lol 😂
Ryleigh Y
Ryleigh Y 3 days ago
Yup one is
Lucy Bear
Lucy Bear 5 days ago
Keith is straight in the same way that John Mulaney and Billie Eilish are straight
wet milk
wet milk 5 days ago
I know Eugene is going through some serious Gay Panic in this video, but Ned looks so nervous-scared when James started pulling his shorts down. I don't think Ariel would even blame her own husband for thinking James was some hot shit.
byoutifully 6 days ago
Video idea: The Try Guys judge a male pageant
Savannah Watson
Savannah Watson 7 days ago
Meredith Wells
Meredith Wells 7 days ago
Linda Michelle
Linda Michelle 7 days ago
My husband and I have a crush on James
Pikachu_for_life 8 days ago
I see u eugene😏
NoOdS oof
NoOdS oof 8 days ago
damn james
zaafirah xoxo
zaafirah xoxo 9 days ago
James: hi! Eugene: *gay panic*
Sydney Rossi
Sydney Rossi 9 days ago
at 8:20 Eugene looks like a rotisserie chicken
Lauren Lanterns
Lauren Lanterns 9 days ago
James came on screen and out loud I said “oh hello”
lilkiwi_ 11 days ago
All four of them were gay for James
kermit_in._. his_feels
Zach: *talks about the underwear* And your crouch can look like ours! Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love u Try Guys you are some of my favorite RUvidrs❤❤❤
Dr. S. Choudhury
Dr. S. Choudhury 12 days ago
Damn! That James is 🔥
Girl of Destiny
Girl of Destiny 12 days ago
Eugene is a meal !!! And it is *CERTIFIED*
iiAesthetxlyKim ;3
iiAesthetxlyKim ;3 13 days ago
at the end when Keith said “Can you give me lady boobs?” Me: *died out of laughter*
PerfectFanta 13 days ago
This video proves that Eugene is both very hot and very gay.
Eliza Lynch
Eliza Lynch 13 days ago
Eugene: _Gay panic_
Mustafa Muminovic
Mustafa Muminovic 13 days ago
shut up stop this
Aviruchi Dawadi
Aviruchi Dawadi 13 days ago
Shaiann Jones
Shaiann Jones 14 days ago
“I never played with someone’s knees before”😂😂. He’s so cute
cataa mardones
cataa mardones 15 days ago
Yaaaaaaaas james yaaaaas
Averie Roehrkasse
Averie Roehrkasse 15 days ago
All the try guys forgot what the video was about when they saw james
Layla Zara Kwan Ti Leong
Define this vid: What the hell is happening?
Melanie Polanco
Melanie Polanco 16 days ago
Wow... James is hot
4:57 WKDKDKKD i laughed so hard, i would forget what this video was about too
Creature Born4Rain
Creature Born4Rain 16 days ago
Is James wearing try guy’s underwear?😆
Jc 17 days ago
So does anybody got James insta?😂 edit: for anybody else his @ is jk.will on insta
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 17 days ago
Keith: oh yes Me: oh god
Blair Sinclair
Blair Sinclair 18 days ago
everyone watching this video 2:36
Tess Davie
Tess Davie 18 days ago
the gay panic was visibly killing Eugene when James was there
Sophi 19 days ago
why cant someone look at me the way eugene looks at james
Jonah M.
Jonah M. 19 days ago
James needs to drop his workout routine
Toby Reilly
Toby Reilly 20 days ago
no i absolutely did not come back to this video just to look at James what are you talking about
Liza Chen
Liza Chen 20 days ago
Is Keith high as F?! And did he become gay in this episode? lol What is going on here? lol
Keep Perspective
Keep Perspective 20 days ago
Can I say how awesome it is to see a Korean-American getting a spray tan when almost all of the Asian aimed beauty products I encounter are for lightning skin? And Eugene looks so good tan! 👌🏾🤎
Lexi Grimbrooke
Lexi Grimbrooke 20 days ago
Man, Keith is having such a hard time, lol.
M C 20 days ago
Keith talking about James's chest hair is truly something special
a human bean
a human bean 21 day ago
I love that everyone just started laughing when James took his shirt off but eugine was trying not to look lmao
Harry Styles #1 Fan
The day Zach, Ned, and especially Keith sees their gay side! Especially when watching James! ✨✨✨✨✨ ❤️💙💜💚
C h e l s e a C o r d e z
2:48 I think they were saying GAYYYY instead of James, right? 😂 We know Eugene tried so hard to keep calm during this
Swanee_ m-m
Swanee_ m-m 23 days ago
Nathaniel Josh Lindo
Is it just me Eugene looks like a Filipino rn
Critical 23 days ago
I smell the gay in eugene
R C 24 days ago
Haven't even started the video and I am SO READY to see James and "Le Gaye Panick de Eugene" Edit: NOT DISAPPOINTED OH MY GOODNESS Edit 2: Eugene looks so crispy I can't 😂
nicholeandalby 24 days ago
What was up with Keith's d censor
Jersey Girl Jay
Jersey Girl Jay 25 days ago
Holy Henry Cavill!!
Marilo Marmaneu
Marilo Marmaneu 27 days ago
and that's on non existent toxic masculinity on this guys
Lim Zi Koh
Lim Zi Koh 27 days ago
I keep coming back for James tbh
Ethan Xiong
Ethan Xiong 28 days ago
I’ve never had a spray tan(well I’m like 12) but it sounds interesting and I don’t have to sit in the sun and die from the heat. ❄️ over 🔥.
Mr. Joke Factory
Mr. Joke Factory 29 days ago
2:32 huh funny things is that I too also have the ability to darker than most Americans al song as I'm under the sun in a certain tome
R Liu
R Liu 29 days ago
why is there try guys underwear?!
Vanessa Chan
Vanessa Chan 29 days ago
video: people do spray tan bc it takes too much time to tan under the sun me: *laughs in tropical country*
Cup of Tea Weekly
Cup of Tea Weekly 29 days ago
Why does Eugene look like a sim lol
Rae Roxx
Rae Roxx Month ago
I think all the try guys except Eugene looked better with the spray tan Eugene is beautiful just the way he is And I got slightly upset when Zach commented on his face because of the plastic surgery video where Eugene said he didn’t like his face But I’m guessing since they’re great friends it’s fine
Ana Loreto
Ana Loreto Month ago
They are all more gay than Eugene XD
Triple Demz
Triple Demz Month ago
Eugene- the gay one. Keith- woooOOOooooow he's gOrGeOuS
Kamilah Osborne
Kamilah Osborne Month ago
jaaaaaammmmmesssss! lol
u nice keep going
Xy-Ian Tam
Xy-Ian Tam Month ago
Everyone's so focused on the Try Guy's reaction to James, they don't even notice Alexandria in the mirror having the time of her life.
Alexis Prince
Alexis Prince Month ago
so no one saw the mini wink Eugene did at the camera when James took off him shirt
Abby Ozrovitz
Abby Ozrovitz Month ago
no one is acknowledging that the wall paper is from the royal tenenbaums, ookay 😶
zinone Month ago
James... wow
Bobbie-Ann Russell
everyone: laughing when james takes his top off Eugene: trying to hide his inner gay
XxEllie Buckingham xX
James 🥵💕
Patricia Krisette Ablaza
I just noticed his james undies is the try guys merch.
Kassandra Ruiz
Kassandra Ruiz Month ago
I love how all the comments are on how much Eugene is loving this😂😂😂 I love how much he loves it 😂😂
게라창세기 Month ago
Eugene: *is gay* James: Allow me to introduce myself.
Michaela Perry
Michaela Perry Month ago
So like 7 years ago, I went to prom with my boyfriend of the time, and I got a spray tan for that. Needless to say, the place overdid it and I looked like an Oompa Loompa.
Ashmita Das
Ashmita Das Month ago
Eugene : panicked gay Keith : confident gay
Briana Landeros
Briana Landeros Month ago
James is wearing the try underwear!!!!😆
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