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The Try Guys
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In this episode of #TryGuys Game Time, the guys host a social media roast where they skewer and joke about each other's worst Instagrams, tweets, and posts. #TGGT
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Comments 80
Sophie Cockeram
Sophie Cockeram 7 hours ago
Triathlon Addict
Triathlon Addict 8 hours ago
I love Keith’s instagram, he’s so funny🤣🤣🤣
Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan 15 hours ago
I've been using my glasses since I was 2
Andrea Vogel
Andrea Vogel 20 hours ago
Eugene is super hot. He cant help it
ulwa grant
ulwa grant Day ago
Don't. Just don't wear glasses. Trust me, they are horrible.
Jasmine Zhao
Jasmine Zhao Day ago
0:30 Zach and Eugene switched bodies
courtney kwasek
courtney kwasek 3 days ago
We need a shirt that says “Blehh. YUCK YUCK YUCK”
Lucy Tran
Lucy Tran 4 days ago
6:34 this is my mouth hashtag *m o u t h*
Izumi Hanjinozuka
I JUST noticed that Ned’s dog, Bean makes an appearance in this video 😂 I watch this video so much and I have NEVER noticed lol
Izumi Hanjinozuka
I JUST noticed that Ned’s dog, Bean makes an appearance in this video 😂 I watch this video so much and I have NEVER noticed lol
coғғᴇᴇ ᴘʀoᴅucтιoɴs
no one is gonna talk about the music that started on 3:43 ? xD
Delaney Dalheim
Delaney Dalheim 5 days ago
Ned is the definition of basic white girl and I love it
Adolfhitler offical
Lol when Keith said after zack and his dog just done have s*x
isseok_bat 석민_785
I love keith’s posts and i love him
Ruchika Jagtap
Ruchika Jagtap 6 days ago
The seen were my heart melt 0:32
saturn Gomez
saturn Gomez 6 days ago
indigoart 6 days ago
Keith definitely won lmao
Lillian Rodriguez
The first time I heard try guy game time I heard try time gay time
Jess Miller
Jess Miller 7 days ago
...Keith does social media the same way I live my life. I can respect that.
Francesca Thornton
can the try guys roast fan's tweets please
Sophie Ashburn
Sophie Ashburn 8 days ago
Erini Momtaz
Erini Momtaz 8 days ago
Ben X
Ben X 8 days ago
They can’t even roast lmao
Amanda Jayne Aw
Amanda Jayne Aw 8 days ago
me during lockdown :go through every single video on try guys
Anthony Leija
Anthony Leija 8 days ago
I feel clickbaited the title says Instagram not twitter
soundsofanne 10 days ago
Everything about Keith's social media presence is absolutely perfect.
Riya S
Riya S 11 days ago
Do a part 2 of this video.
Emsshz*** 11 days ago
Love that tiger 🐯 ..
Anne Sunil Stephen
Anne Sunil Stephen 11 days ago
That cute excited puppy jumping around towards the end 😍
Savanna Rubio
Savanna Rubio 11 days ago
yes eugene his right
Jenna Durham
Jenna Durham 11 days ago
keiths twitter. oh my god
Elijah Mullinix
Elijah Mullinix 11 days ago
Chris Pratt is definitely one of the best actors/people of all time
Sheaney Pfenning
Sheaney Pfenning 12 days ago
00:30 Eugene is so cute
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 12 days ago
Yesss I do talk to birds
Lidia Feliciana
Lidia Feliciana 13 days ago
ISTG Eugene's post about nana's is true Me: I love you Grandma/Mom/Dad: OkAy *Hangs up phone* THEY DON"T EVEN SAY BYE
Lilliy Omonuwa
Lilliy Omonuwa 13 days ago
Zachary:ohhh girl no.
Banana 13 days ago
Blackpink in your area
Cheesy Chicken Gacha
Every time they said "try guys game time" I thought they were saying, "Try guys gay time"
Bonnie G
Bonnie G 14 days ago
Eugene loves BlackPink and love BlackPink. K-Pop!!!!!!
Hiii안녕 14 days ago
They just called Eugene ‘hot’ in the meanest way possible, so it’s like an aggressive compliment
Zoe Panda
Zoe Panda 14 days ago
Wait... I’ve literally got a version of Keith’s onesie
Keith, Zach and Bed to each other: you're do ugly! How unflattering! Them to Eugene: wow you are so *hot*
Sophia 420
Sophia 420 16 days ago
Keith looks like the dad from Coraline in half his Instagram pictures
Erin Dougherty
Erin Dougherty 15 days ago
HAH! Nooooooo!! 😂
can cingöz
can cingöz 17 days ago
3:43 Oh no... O.o
sadiewadie.mp3 17 days ago
"TAKE THOSE FUCKIN THINGS OF YOUR FACE EUGENE" me wearing my fake glasses (even though I need actual glasses im j too lazy to get them): 👁👄👁
Daisy PHILLIPS 18 days ago
Got super cooked and watched this. Laughed for 30 minutes straight. It was an 11 minute long video.
A.D.J 6
A.D.J 6 18 days ago
The blackpink thang tho.
Cameron Livingston
Cameron Livingston 18 days ago
I love try guys
Arthur Meyers
Arthur Meyers 18 days ago
6:29 Keith looks so pure here
Super Vic
Super Vic 18 days ago
I feel like they’re all gay
Ellie H B
Ellie H B 19 days ago
Who else always hears “Try guys Gay time!”
CUCY BOY 19 days ago
Mxxnlight 19 days ago
Min. 9:21 Keith 2018: not interested in an pets social Media account Keith 2020: now having an instagram Account called bigfriendlycat for his pet 😂
Joker inside Me
Joker inside Me 19 days ago
Keith’s instagram looks like all of my friends instagram’s. It’s just weird picture. I honestly like it.
Zuke 287
Zuke 287 20 days ago
Is it just me or when Ned says, 'PSL' it sounds like an STD. o-o
puggo 101
puggo 101 20 days ago
At the very start when Ned was posing with the barbecue I got so excited because I have the same one
amanda devine
amanda devine 20 days ago
yay do it again
Aly A
Aly A 20 days ago
I have tried talking to birds ngl Eugene
Hope Goldie
Hope Goldie 21 day ago
Imagine if Chris Pratt watched this...
Jonas Dimapilis
Jonas Dimapilis 21 day ago
Keith's is probably the weirdest by just looking at it.
AltraGeneration 21 day ago
I think they laugh at the outside but crying on the inside 😔
Julianna Harder
Julianna Harder 21 day ago
Korndiddy do be having those Ariel vibes doe
A. O'Neil
A. O'Neil 21 day ago
I got glasses in the third grade and didn't keep the same pair for 3 months. I then had my glass break in fifth grade and my parents never bought me another pair. I am now in almost ninth grade and still haven't gotten another prescription pair.
Diamond Borealis
Diamond Borealis 21 day ago
Keith may have the worst social media, but he’s the best at roasting
Cringe Mountain
Cringe Mountain 21 day ago
I lost my glasses and now you are the blur guys
Ninja Gaming
Ninja Gaming 22 days ago
3:44 God that made me laugh
Prod. EmAyExBeats - マックス
Blah blah blah. Joke joke joke. Commentary, *AMIRITE??*
Acethemad 23 days ago
I like to believe they live together as brothers I know they don’t but I like to thinks about it
no name
no name 23 days ago
Eugene u have help me realize. I am gay and to come out. I became comfortable with the idea of the man i love. Because i dont fell like less of a man and i feel less scared
dYLaN W 23 days ago
Together we’d be Chris Pratt yeah Yeah YEAH *YEAH*
Kenna Staten
Kenna Staten 23 days ago
ever since ned's laugh was compared to squidward's that's all i can hear and it cracks me up
Chuma Mwanza
Chuma Mwanza 24 days ago
Zack fucking his dog comment kills me every time 😂😂
Carissa Macdonald
Carissa Macdonald 24 days ago
My question is whats the difference in when they bleep the word f*ck in some videos, but in this one Keith says f*cking a lot.
Karolyn Kidiekid
Karolyn Kidiekid 25 days ago
Before I got glasses: People with glasses who don't wear glasses CAN'T bump into things all the time. When I got glasses: Oh my god, kill me, I can't see.
TheFlying SandWich
TheFlying SandWich 26 days ago
kendalll 19 days ago
Molly H
Molly H 26 days ago
You guys should do more videos where you are sitting around in animal onesies 🐯
Anurag Bhagavathula
Can we take a moment to look at that girl on 1:12 who is looking at ned.
rasheed rahama
rasheed rahama 26 days ago
The thumbnail got me dead 💀😹
Adriana Pereira
Adriana Pereira 27 days ago
Yesss zach and Keith, been wearing glasses since I was 3. This makes me so mad when people do this!
Minecraft grace
Minecraft grace 27 days ago
I try to talk to birds
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