The Try Guys Rewind 2019, from 4 Different Perspectives

The Try Guys
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#TheTryGuys reflect on their craziest year ever and share stories about their book, tour, and podcast, from 4 different perspectives.
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Dec 9, 2019




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Comments 100
The Try Guys
The Try Guys 9 months ago
What a year, but also what a freaking decade! What was your fav part of this decade?
tania manjarrez
tania manjarrez 18 days ago
@SxmplyAmari xo qq11
Tyler, Not Fred
Tyler, Not Fred Month ago
Proiti Das
Proiti Das Month ago
Really love the last line by Eugene. It's Quarantine situation and yes everyday you guys make us laugh on our bad days, through our depression stages. So grateful for all that you guys try and create. We are in this together ❤️
Rachana Sudheer
Rachana Sudheer 2 months ago
Reagan Maher
Reagan Maher 2 months ago
not 2020.
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez 2 days ago
I would love to watch a TV show from them honestly uwu
queen bee
queen bee 11 days ago
Whispers keith keith kieth kieth kieth kieth keith will change a man try it 😂🍗
Tiffany P
Tiffany P 13 days ago
The Try Guys: We want a TV show in 2020 COVID: Nah
MOONCHILD 16 days ago
try guys talking about their amazing goals in 2020 2020: 👁👄👁
Luana Santos
Luana Santos 19 days ago
"If you keep watching, I'll keep trying." my HEART
safety pin
safety pin 21 day ago
I do not cry easily, and was eating chicken watching this... Let’s just say the chicken is now marinated in my tears lmao
TheSweethomenc 23 days ago
Watching this in 2020... we all had so many hopes and dreams...
A C 23 days ago
Y’all need to not give Ned a pink background anymore
Andrea Alexander
Andrea Alexander 24 days ago
Miles has such a cool surname
“What’s in store for 2020?” Me- chaos.
emma wolck
emma wolck 26 days ago
i love you
Noah Ellery
Noah Ellery 28 days ago
Tbh the only thing cooler than a tour is being at the Olympics. Try guys 2024 Paris Olympics anyone?
Maria Alfonsina Aponte
i have been watching your videos for like two weeks now! i cant stop laughing. i love u guys!
Silver Wind
Silver Wind Month ago
whos watching this during covid
“What’s in store for 2020?” Avoid the plague.
Paige Stewart
Paige Stewart Month ago
1:36 is me with every school trip and music tour related experience. First one up and ready to go.
AA - 07EN 902360 Bristol Road MS
Eugene Lee Yang You are my idol I don’t know how someone could be sooo confident after going through what he did You deserve every bit of praise You matter
katie mcmullan
katie mcmullan Month ago
oh shit the book came out on keith and mines birthday
Sakshi Mewara
Sakshi Mewara Month ago
Why are the try guys not as adventurous as before. I mean before when they were at buzzfeed they used to do such versatile stuff and now they just stick to cooking and podcast and like repeating things over and over. I mean I still love them but get out and do new things. Be adventurous and BIG!!!
Andrea garcia
Andrea garcia Month ago
Sakshi Mewara theyre solo now, they have a limit on finance, unlike buzzfeed (which is an enormous company) they have to be more aware of the money circulating as money is tight
Hannah Joy
Hannah Joy Month ago
My name is Steven now.
HayThi Month ago
Ned: Am I like JK Rowling? No you don't wanna be like her, and that did not age well
Joanna Uppin
Joanna Uppin 26 days ago
the land of toys
2020 : I'm gonna end these mens whole carrer Don't take this statement seriously it is just a joke You guys have come SOOOOO FAR and have done some things I can never imagine ❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈📘📘📘
Dulie_the _weird_one
Throw that tv show idea out the window because 2020 is here to kill
Alyssa Orange
Alyssa Orange 2 months ago
Still hopeful for that TV show! Dang COVID! 🤞😄
JVanProduction 2 months ago
How many people are watching all these videos during quarantine? I’m obsessed
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller 2 months ago
Do the tv show oin netfilx, prime ect because then people outside of the us can watch
Cake_pop621* 2 months ago
Why did they stop doing secrets
Miles Mckinnon
Miles Mckinnon 2 months ago
my heart🥺💞 but like they want an awesome 2020 but this year has been kicking everyone’s ass
Emilia Flores
Emilia Flores 2 months ago
lmao wait and see 2020 is a shitshow
daisy de anda
daisy de anda 2 months ago
“If you keep watching , I’ll keep trying” idk why that made me emotional
Ken Gonzales
Ken Gonzales 2 months ago
Thank you, Miles, for the Try Pod. I listen to the podcast on Netflix on long commutes.
Jordana Woroniuk
Jordana Woroniuk 2 months ago
Covid really ruined some goals
Patricia 2 months ago
9:33 oh god you don’t wanna know
Discipline The Mind
Discipline The Mind 2 months ago
7:33 No one wants to be like JK Rowling
Discipline The Mind
Discipline The Mind 2 months ago
And this summer ain’t nothing gonna happen cause we in A T U R N I E Q A N
Annasophia Opedal
Annasophia Opedal 2 months ago
Zach: My fav city was NY Me from Ny: YASSS
Dragon Age Reacts
Dragon Age Reacts 2 months ago
New goal? Survive 2020
Tess Davie
Tess Davie 2 months ago
I feel really sad watching this in 2020, knowing how bad things are and that all these incredible things they want to do may never happen, and that this disaster came completely out of nowhere and now everyone is in danger and people's plans, their dreams, are basically just crushed. Re-unions, tours, holidays, proposals, weddings, films, all these things that are super important and just, won't happen for a least another year, almost certainly more based on the rate of things right now.
Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates 2 months ago
How can you guys keep the name "Try Guys" did you have to pay buzzfeed??
Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates 2 months ago
Love you guys!!! I've been rewatching all of your videos during quarantine!! Going back like 5 years!!!
Kelly Brzoska
Kelly Brzoska 3 months ago
I'm so proud of them💙💙
Aviruchi Dawadi
Aviruchi Dawadi 3 months ago
6:33 how do u get a missed call from New York
Jayme Ann
Jayme Ann 3 months ago
Eugene is so wonderfully perfect.
Michelle Gu
Michelle Gu 3 months ago
What’s in store in 2020? COVID-19, sun goes in lockdown, more new viruses 🦠 yay
venla långström
venla långström 3 months ago
2020 really hit different....
Triple Demz
Triple Demz 3 months ago
Everyone's ideas for where 2020 was going, were completely wrong. what is happening right now is shocking, and unfathomable. and everyone's "where do you see yourself in 2020?" things. were wrong.
CJ Flynn
CJ Flynn 3 months ago
a try guys netflix show I can honeslty see it happening like I can honestly just imagine their faces on the netflix home page in trending, and it lowkey makes me a bit proud?
Aishah Shahruddin
Aishah Shahruddin 3 months ago
I wish you guys went Malaysia though. Last time you went to singapore I was upset coz that time I was still in college.. busy with my assignments hhhmmm. I hope one day when things are better from covid 19 maybe you guys can make a tour again? Tour in Asia? I really adore you guys so much. So I'm sending lots of love for you guys 💕❤️
Nele Grubrus
Nele Grubrus 3 months ago
Whoever cuts these videos. You are doing great. A really freaking great job!
zinone 3 months ago
You guys help me get out of bed everyday. Thank you for all you do.
JAT 3 months ago
11:00 Eugene: "Whenever I know that even if someone out there got a good laugh that helped them get out of a depression that day (suddenly just hit me and made me wanna cry) or incredibly moved by something where I spoke about my background as an Asian or a person who's gay" oh man. you have no idea :') depressed checked Asian checked gay checked thank you, Eugene
Berta Tardà Abril
Berta Tardà Abril 4 months ago
2030: The Try Guys win their third Oscar for Barckchelor: The Movie
megs is decent
megs is decent 4 months ago
We love you guys so much! This video literally made me cry!!💕💕💕💕
Shayne Villarente
Shayne Villarente 4 months ago
Bless you guys..I'm looking forward to see you for more years..you are all genuine and happy..thank you for making me laugh every night..
Kirsten Clare
Kirsten Clare 4 months ago
You guys are the reason why I laugh everyday. Thank you for helping me find happiness and choose fun.
Cute Vannana
Cute Vannana 4 months ago
If you guys make a tv show uh can you make it global so so many other countries can watch you guys? 😂😂 ( Cause im in the Philippines)😂😂
Taylor 4 months ago
Ahaha they said they wanted a big project this year. Looks like they got it
S B 4 months ago
I love y'all, whatever content you put out, I'll follow
Indigo Moon
Indigo Moon 4 months ago
During these hard times I really found solitude in these videos. I love and appreciate all of you. Thank you for everything you all do 💕
Kit Dav
Kit Dav 4 months ago
“What’s in store for 2020?” Well, I’ve got bad news for you guys....
Lisa Twelftree
Lisa Twelftree 4 months ago
Plans for 2020 then the Corona Virus hit...... Bye bye plans 😭
taylor sue
taylor sue 4 months ago
WAIT....in the photoshop video, eugene has a file titled "eugene netflix pitches" or something related...bookmark this
Adria 4 months ago
i love u guys
AL Prince
AL Prince 4 months ago
they're all such sweethearts and true examples of people that really deserve their success.
WOLF GAMING 4 months ago
is anyone else confused about how ned went from red to pink
simplicitylost 4 months ago
Pink is just a shade of red. They've been using the pastel shades of their colors: blue, red, green, purple.
Alex Lussier
Alex Lussier 4 months ago
Keith thinks his knee is messed up. Have you ever talked to Ned?
Avira Bhatt
Avira Bhatt 4 months ago
when zach was taking about how grateful he was it honestly felt like he was proposing
Sim 。
Sim 。 4 months ago
Whenever I find a good RUvid channel they have always done a tour right before I find them
Berry Squad
Berry Squad 4 months ago
Hizashi Yamada Present Mic
Yes I’m quoting panic...but girls love girls and boy and love is not a choice
Aiman Z. Punjani
Aiman Z. Punjani 5 months ago
Do youuuuuuu ever wisssshhhh....you were a tiny little man.
Stardust and more
Stardust and more 5 months ago
“We do it for you.” Man, I love the Try Guys 🥺❤️
Soul Studios
Soul Studios 5 months ago
Wants TV show Coronavirus:Now hold up
Ava Galambos
Ava Galambos 5 months ago
Wow, I thought my summer was cool!
Harper_Wolf 07
Harper_Wolf 07 5 months ago
The Guys: Hoping for a TV show Me, a big Escape the night fan: ESCAPE THE NIGHT ESCAPE THE NIGHT ESCAPE THE NIGHT also its not ur decision if u get casted its joey graceffa's decision but WHATEVER :D
WednesdayMamaMisfit 5 months ago
So there's going to be pillow cases of the guys faces??? 👀
Sabah Shaikh
Sabah Shaikh 5 months ago
PLEASE come to India, there's SO much to tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
CourtneyAly 5 months ago
4 months later... what are your new goals for 2020?
Banana Queen
Banana Queen 5 months ago
I was at the show when they figured out they would be a bestseller
Quail Creek MTB
Quail Creek MTB 5 months ago
What’s in store for 2020? *E R R O R : 2020 HAS BEEN CANCELED*
Quail Creek MTB
Quail Creek MTB 5 months ago
Ayyy shoutout from Keith and Ned! Boston out here reppin 🎗
OkB00mers Poy
OkB00mers Poy 5 months ago
Does anyone else want miles IN a video
Nysha Reddy
Nysha Reddy 5 months ago
Them: we want to make a TV show in 2020 Coronavirus: weLLLLLL
Deisy L
Deisy L 5 months ago
People In 2019: Yay 2020 People in 2020 : I’m miss 2019
softali 5 months ago
Oml I live in Minnesota (Minneapolis) And I didn’t know you before you went on tour I hate myself now xD
Tatyana Cano
Tatyana Cano 5 months ago
Mel ykm
Mel ykm 5 months ago
Mom telling him he looked pretty is a tear jerker moment. The decades long struggle to retrain acceptance into conservative parents with deeply ingrained discriminatory beliefs is exhausting and hard. Her just watching that entire piece, and telling him he looked pretty is such a big deal.
Elsie Manning
Elsie Manning 5 months ago
Plzzzzzz make a show on Netflix !!!
Jake The Potato
Jake The Potato 5 months ago
Why does Zach always make a stupid story (if you just watch it again, Zach takes half of the video)?
Kalley McClure
Kalley McClure 5 months ago
"What's in store for 2020?" Me, watching this in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, immediately: "Nothing. Absolutely nothing."
Jimena Toledo Rodríguez
Me, watching this in september 2020 still COVID-19 pandemic, and still Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Rufous DeDerp
Rufous DeDerp 5 months ago
Sleeping on a tour bus sucks
paddygirl 5 months ago
If you repeat this at the end of 2020 I don't know what perspectives you can get besides "APOCALYPTIC PLAGUE"
stayorbit 5 months ago
try guys game time try wives wine time try childs chaos time try pups play time
Begging for them to do another tour
aelynn hyten
aelynn hyten 5 months ago
I love miles so much
Gwennan Bubbles
Gwennan Bubbles 5 months ago
If me and my sister meet them we will actually cry like no cap
shitty fanPerson
shitty fanPerson 5 months ago
from the perspective of a person who's first language isn't english, the way americans explain things its just so expressive wow
Marianne Wade
Marianne Wade 5 months ago
Goals for 2020: big, longterm, diverse, possibly a television show. 2020 arrives - Try Guys At Home. Testimony to the success of you as a company is that the videos being made at home and edited into compilation are fabulous. The at-home videos truly are big, diverse, and very like a TV show. Well, to me, better because I don't watch TV. According to my oncologist, I'll likely be staying at home well into August. That being the case, the at-home series might in fact last longterm.
Desirée W
Desirée W 5 months ago
I love you guys sooo much
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