The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare

The Try Guys
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Aug 17, 2019




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Comments 100
ThisHuman26 19 hours ago
Why is no one talking about how Keith wanted to be a hamburger mascot
Falling From Grace
Okay why am i only seeing this now??
Chelsea J.
Chelsea J. 7 days ago
Keith’s energy in this video... is... e x q u i s i t e
Coco Mejia
Coco Mejia 10 days ago
Can we just say zack is so sweet I just want to give him a hug u don’t know why I just do
Paige Bachand
Paige Bachand 14 days ago
Asian of chaos
Nishita 16 days ago
“I would’ve chosen hamburger mascot”. Keith in one line.
Ojasa Chitre
Ojasa Chitre 21 day ago
Keith : Careful.. I'm huge 😂😂
Taylor Alexa TV
Taylor Alexa TV 21 day ago
You know Keith drunk cause he keeps flipping the camera off lol
Angelina Le
Angelina Le 22 days ago
Keith would make the coolest fun dad
Kpop_BL 22 days ago
Everytime they said dare bomb it sounded like they were saying deer bong.
Laura Finlay
Laura Finlay 23 days ago
😂😂😂 Eugene says try guys GAY time... not game time
OliRos Gaming
OliRos Gaming 23 days ago
keith doing a handstand proves why we all watch ghe try guys
Yello_ Boi
Yello_ Boi 24 days ago
Keith: Uhm it was sweet try again
Tochi Ikenata
Tochi Ikenata 25 days ago
Keith: "I'm marrying Dora" Me: "when she ask him where the rings that are in front of here are and bring out a map out of a purple backpack on their "wedding", Diego will be waiting for you. 2nd row.
Tochi Ikenata
Tochi Ikenata 25 days ago
DORA: Kill (for giving me nightmares and her inability to see things behind her) DIEGO: Marry (I learnt somethings from Diego and he doesn't talk to animals) BOOTS: F*ck (c'mon he is a monkey who wouldn't grab the opportunity to f*ck a monkey!!)
queen bee
queen bee 26 days ago
Tara O'Keefe
Tara O'Keefe 27 days ago
@7:00 it kinda sounds like they're just saying my last name over and over
Pan!c on
Pan!c on 27 days ago
Asian of chaos
journee makayla
journee makayla 28 days ago
✨asian of chaos✨
Arlene Fried
Arlene Fried 29 days ago
That was fun. Poor Keith, always last.
Railynn Himes
Railynn Himes Month ago
I own ALLL the Jurassic Park and World movies
Zozo Z
Zozo Z Month ago
*t r y g u y s g a y t i m e* (idk if stolen)
Olivia Durand
Olivia Durand Month ago
3:38 who is going to tell Zach that Milwaukee is low key scary
Kristine Avendano
and Eugene is always ASIAN OF CHAOS LOL :)
theEmpress13 Month ago
"The video will be called 'Keith keeps 100B dollars'" THE WIT HAHAH I REALLY LOL'ED
Final X
Final X Month ago
I always thought it was “ try guys gay time “ until I heard closely and found out it’s not
Annabelle Minter
what about uk...... :c
georgia Month ago
just noticed how the clip of them dancing to the paper has zach in his own onesie? when he at that point should have been in neds? because the clip before and the clip after, he is in ned's because they traded clothes?
Macaroonest Month ago
in 8:30 can we talk about that Zach's onzies is back instead of being Ned's?
Andrea Godoy
Andrea Godoy Month ago
Is it me or does Eugene always say Try guys gay time every time he gets the chance
this has nothing to do with the actual video but did anyone else notice that they have (what looks like) tiny dinosaurs hanging out on the wall lights
{ Greengodess88 }
Did anyone else think of Dead by Daylight skill checks when the tower was shaking?
Tineil Rolle
Tineil Rolle Month ago
I understand the idea of the costume cleaning....cant u atleast dry clean every two weeks or so....weeks and months without a wash seems....unhealthy
Ray Month ago
I love the tiny dinosaurs on the lights
Cece Month ago
Nobody: Really Nobody: Not a single person: iNkNeSs wRiTes
SandyScissors98 Month ago
Shut it. Useless nobody.
Richelle and kaya Drumherum lol
Can you please come to Germany thank you
Joanna Pinto
Joanna Pinto Month ago
can ya'll come for your next tour to india
Sam Kathleen
Sam Kathleen Month ago
Matthew Hoffman
Matthew Hoffman Month ago
Honestly, Keith is my favorite person in the world and I really wanna give him a beer and a wholesome high five.
music lover
music lover Month ago
you work the whig don’t let the whig work you
Sokkas Dream
Sokkas Dream Month ago
But why did they have the smallest guy holding up the biggest guy in a hand stand
Lavanya Raja
Lavanya Raja Month ago
I love how the dare was to change a clothing item but they exchanged entire outfit😂😂😂😂 I know I'm late but I watch this video a lot of time its one of my favorites
brittany willis
brittany willis Month ago
try guys gay time ????
Inez V
Inez V Month ago
Your the best tiger
Candice Gray
Candice Gray Month ago
How do you buy mergers of wear from other countries like Australia
Roaster Strudels
Love how Eugene cracks himself up every time he says banana🤣
Sinan Törer
Sinan Törer Month ago
Everyone: Try guys game time! Eugene: Try guys gay time!
Monica Perdomo
Monica Perdomo 2 months ago
Does Eugene say "Try guys gay time" every time?? 🤣🤣
Christina R
Christina R 2 months ago
When Zach said Milwaukee was charming I got happy cause I've lived here my whole life :)
AA - 07EN 902360 Bristol Road MS
*asian of chaos*
Craft TheCrafter
Craft TheCrafter 2 months ago
Sounded like Eugene said ‘try guys gay time’ at the end for me
Hannah Mae
Hannah Mae 2 months ago
I ask for Try guys play Drunk Jenga please, next! 🥳
nicholeandalby 2 months ago
Tf did I just watch?
George Mills
George Mills 2 months ago
There friendship in this video is just so wholesome and I love it
journee makayla
journee makayla 2 months ago
No one: Literally No one: Zach: oOh mY wIfE
Laura Baker
Laura Baker 2 months ago
I love Zack’s laugh
Gear Frost
Gear Frost 2 months ago
I'm not gonna lie i though dare bomb was patreon only after 12 minutes a realised uashuashasuhsa
N G 2 months ago
Keith’s concentration while peeling the banana was hilarious
Joshua Kang
Joshua Kang 2 months ago
I feel like keith is the type of person that makes boring parties fun
Mia Kange
Mia Kange 2 months ago
You should go to dubai you will love dubai
Dina Fadzil
Dina Fadzil 2 months ago
when Ned's question was "who would you add as fifth try guy?" I thought he would say Wes....
TGLily 2 months ago
I love how they were all hyping the paper up😂
R D 2 months ago
Was a hundred times more grossed out by the banana than the pickle
Alyssa The equestrian!!!
No one: Absolutely no one: Not even the aliens: No life on earth: Keith: I WOULD BE A HAMBURGER MASCOT!
Alyssa The equestrian!!!
8:26 Zach switched back to his regular turtle onesie, did anyone notice?
Dani Vigna
Dani Vigna 2 months ago
You all need Asian of Chaos on a shirt but I need don’t wake daddy on one
madison lolxd
madison lolxd 2 months ago
Why were there so many from Inkness?
Sarah Courtier
Sarah Courtier 2 months ago
I was so nervous watching this video that when I bumped my desk in which I am viewing this from my laptop sitting on said desk... I panicked in fear I would knock over the jenga tower. woweeee
Caitlin Cooney
Caitlin Cooney 2 months ago
Keith trying to do a handstand: ZACH BE CAREFUL IM HUGE 😂😭
Nidhi Tiwari
Nidhi Tiwari 2 months ago
Love from India....it will be really special to see you guys making a video of trying Indian snacks...that would be fun😉😋
shwe December
shwe December 2 months ago
*Card* say that first ting that comes to your mind * eugene *pingen drunk at the bar
Cayden Heddleston
Cayden Heddleston 2 months ago
was keith drunk during the entire video because he sure seemed like it
Olivia Pavelich
Olivia Pavelich 2 months ago
Please do this again!
yeya. mirella
yeya. mirella 2 months ago
Eugene: you guys have the same T-shirt. Me: banana ???????????
Maeve Wilcox
Maeve Wilcox 2 months ago
it seems like keith is high. just sayin lol
Owen Halfpenny
Owen Halfpenny 2 months ago
Imagine someone knocks the tower over after the 2nd turn and the video is only a minute long...
David 4rancibia
David 4rancibia 2 months ago
Arnatri Bandopadhyay
''Wow Zach sucks....banana! '' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Georgina 2 months ago
What's the K-pop song?!
Mr. AnselmTheWeird0
Mr. AnselmTheWeird0 2 months ago
"Wow, Zach sucks... Banana!"
Kasie Woodbine
Kasie Woodbine 3 months ago
Keith is my spirit animal
Greg Meza
Greg Meza 3 months ago
white boys dont know nothin bout lengua
Claudia Dressel
Claudia Dressel 3 months ago
continuity error at 8:25, zach is mysteriously back in his frog onesie for this clip, then is suddenly back in ned's chicken one at 8:37
Freya S
Freya S 3 months ago
Did anyone else notice that Zach forgot about the accent??
Tifanie JULIEN
Tifanie JULIEN 3 months ago
Who wishes that this was their job
Cutie Cat
Cutie Cat 3 months ago
Shelbie LaHuis
Shelbie LaHuis 3 months ago
here me out. eugene as prince zuko from atla for halloween
Blood? Blood.
Blood? Blood. 3 months ago
Asian of chaos
K N 3 months ago
Am I the only one who noticed that they edited the paper dancing scene where Zach is still wearing his own clothes, into a timeframe where it's after he changed clothes with Ned already lol at 8:25 I was so confused for a sec, like huh what
Ananya Chatterjee
Ananya Chatterjee 3 months ago
Part 2 of this pleaaaassseeeeee
Snack Snap
Snack Snap 3 months ago
*asian of chaos*
Jc 3 months ago
Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller 3 months ago
Sara Clav
Sara Clav 3 months ago
ahhhhh yeaaaa milwaukee ;)
Bert2014 4
Bert2014 4 3 months ago
Boi miles sound a lot like Micheal from vsauce
Adrianna White
Adrianna White 3 months ago
Currently binge watching old TGGT videos because what is life anymore- too stressful 😅
Braden Animation
Braden Animation 3 months ago
Zach did not do his accent for the whole night lmfao
Rasmus Hyldgaard
Rasmus Hyldgaard 3 months ago
I always thought they Said try guys gay time
Mar Hearth
Mar Hearth 3 months ago
“Wow Zach sucks ... Banana” good one Eugene🤣
Thed Noah Lim
Thed Noah Lim 3 months ago
They’re so wacky, had to type this immediately when they were appreciating the dancing paper thing 😂
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