The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare

The Try Guys
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Aug 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Sunset Blox
Sunset Blox 9 hours ago
It's Me Caitlin
It's Me Caitlin 12 hours ago
Me depressed cos the try guys aren't coming to England 😔
Toadsquare 23 hours ago
It sounds like Eugene is saying Try guys gay time
Karlyn20 Day ago
12:12 they sound like mii’s HAHA
Loxxi Slay
Loxxi Slay 2 days ago
Why is Keith such a mood?
Madtown Madtown
Madtown Madtown 3 days ago
Please move to Wisconsin it would be always!!!
Sue Pemberton
Sue Pemberton 4 days ago
I wanna see Keith keeps 100 Billion Dollars
sadie 4 days ago
꧁𝒶𝓈𝒾𝒶𝓃 ℴ𝒻 𝒸𝒽𝒶ℴ𝓈꧂
ClaireBear Cho
ClaireBear Cho 5 days ago
Me the whole time: is Keith drunk?
Baylor Amason
Baylor Amason 6 days ago
At 9:28 Zach has a chicken suit on, the when he mentions the dancing paper he has a turtle suit on, then on the next clip he has a chicken suit on. 😏
Ian van Niekerk
Ian van Niekerk 7 days ago
After Keith attempted a handstand...the entire episode went from "try guys" to "try hard".
Memeulius 8 days ago
Claudia W
Claudia W 8 days ago
8:24 the funny thing about this is that zach back with his turtle costume😂
juana kogutek
juana kogutek 9 days ago
I JUST REALIZED, Zach is the short guy on big mouth
Laurel Traeger
Laurel Traeger 11 days ago
Imagine if they all just stopped RUvid and had normal life.
rebecca patterson
rebecca patterson 11 days ago
Omg! This is the first time I have seen Miles and I have been listening to the podcast for 3 months now and I did not think Miles looked like that at all😂😂😂
Aliel Bunny
Aliel Bunny 12 days ago
The Hectic Channel
The Hectic Channel 12 days ago
why is zach more attractive as a russian
Loula Smith
Loula Smith 13 days ago
this is the definition of boys will be boys
saumya sarraf
saumya sarraf 14 days ago
Why "Asian of Chaos" is not a Merch yet though???? 🤔🤔
JamesCheeseChips -_-
My favorite show from them was Vidcon. Ngl
Alba 16 days ago
Eugene is so extra
syaiful haziq syaiful zamani
What's your favorite Try Guy?
Kail Jonseu
Kail Jonseu 19 days ago
I love the music used at 5:48
Olivia Warmerdam
Olivia Warmerdam 19 days ago
Zach's tapping makes him look like an aye-aye
Addisøn Black
Addisøn Black 19 days ago
I live basically in Milwaukee, so hearing Zach say he thought it was charming is amazing.
woosh if gay •
woosh if gay • 19 days ago
zach: i actually liked milwaukee serial killer fanatics: 👁👄👁
McFreshy GT
McFreshy GT 20 days ago
If ur watching with caption it'll say Try Guys Gay Time
Mallory Taylor
Mallory Taylor 21 day ago
“TAKE A WHIFF BIG BOY” that killed me😂😂
McKayla Nuernberg
McKayla Nuernberg 23 days ago
Zach- I'd love in Milwaukee because its charming🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Omg I live in wisconsin and I'm dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Z Jairus
Z Jairus 23 days ago
I kind of feel sorry for Zach became I think he is bullshi**ed by the rest of the try guys. Cheer for Zach!!!🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
Bridget Brito
Bridget Brito 23 days ago
Keith gives me Jeff Goldblum vibes sometimes and I love it.
Bree Jenkins
Bree Jenkins 25 days ago
I want a shirt like the cat flipping you off but with Keith
Sarah Temple
Sarah Temple 25 days ago
After watching Zach *passionately* kiss Keith’s hand I have finally come to the conclusion that he is my favorite Try Guy.
Alpha girl BFF Super hero’s
So I’m not the only Australian Vower
• b i r d i e •
Eugene: I got a dare bomb.. Keith, Ned, and Zach: OOOOOO DARE BOOOOMB! WHAT IS IT WAS IT GONNA BEEEE
Diego 26 days ago
Keith wanted to kill me, feels bad man 😢
bilbogaybear 26 days ago
ned looks hot as fuck in this video
Saif Ali
Saif Ali 28 days ago
sorry but did Keith really come out here and say he'd be a hamburger mascot..... when he's the lord of fried chicken?
Claire Mercer
Claire Mercer 28 days ago
Keith😃 Ned🙂 Eugene😉 Zach👴🏻
Okay but is inkness a reference to BABQFTIM (Bendy and Boris: Quest for the Ink Machine)
Christopher Amador
Can we get a try guy’s merch shirt that said “Asian of Chaos” pls? 🤣
Lore keeper XVII
10:56 , either geoff catalucci from voice play or tim foust from home free i cant decide.
Emily Emilie
Emily Emilie Month ago
Come live in Milwaukee Zach!! I just about cried after screaming squeals of joy after you said you'd live in Milwaukee and that it was charming
I need an Asian of Chaos shirt!!!
Irilan M
Irilan M Month ago
8:06 - 8:14 now tell me WHY i got a little bit turned on by that ...
Raquel Fortney
Raquel Fortney Month ago
why is no one talking about Eugene at the end: PeNgUiN dRuNk At ThE bAr
Mely Alegre
Mely Alegre Month ago
This is so fun to watch during the quarantine. Thanks guys!
LM Suantak
LM Suantak Month ago
Any body notice that Zach broke his dare
I Have Big Cheeks
"Obviouly, you'd fuck back pack. he has so many compartments" WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS?
Sradha Pramod
Sradha Pramod Month ago
One of the only times I have seen Eugene dance while saying TGGT!!
Art by Aura
Art by Aura Month ago
Love you guys your great
reaghan brady
reaghan brady Month ago
yes boston!
Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat Month ago
Eugene’s hair sorry I meant Asian of chaos’s hair is amazing (you look so cool)
Sara Samaletdin
Sara Samaletdin Month ago
Was this video just an excuse to sell merchandise?
Hazel McConnell-Siebuhr
Did it bother anybody else that here was one to little block
Harper_Wolf 07
Harper_Wolf 07 Month ago
17:33 pEngUin dRuNK aT tHE bAr
Roses&Thorns Month ago
Eugene-I also won the fan something on twitter Ned- oh yea! Me- CHU DIDNT SAY BANANA
Savannah Simon
Savannah Simon Month ago
Keith had such a good time in this video lol
Arlee Engle
Arlee Engle Month ago
why when ever zack was saying go paper he still had on the turtle onzie
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Month ago
In 8:29 as u can see Zach is wearing the dinosaur costume or what eva don’t know the spelling but as u can see in 8:38 Ned is wearing it. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.
Tabi Momeyer
Tabi Momeyer Month ago
13:00 Miles Bonsignore is punching the air right now
I’m offended for frat brothers everywhere
Tiana Lugdon
Tiana Lugdon Month ago
14:31 yes keith, we know and were all concerned. lol they need to have a meat intervention for keith! XD
Sophia Slade
Sophia Slade Month ago
I was so sad because my sister and I were planning on coming to the Boston show but we couldn't make it because we had a family trip planned that was the same week. :(
Lily Hudson
Lily Hudson Month ago
DWolf Month ago
I wish I knew bout them cos im from SG
Straykids_STAY 21
Natalie O.
Natalie O. Month ago
Disaster strikes at 16:41
Natalie O.
Natalie O. Month ago
Keith amazingly peeling and eating the banana with just his feet was the highlight of my day lmao 🤣
Sierra T
Sierra T Month ago
Paper: peel a banana with only your feet Keith: time to show the world my secret
Olivia Cooley
Olivia Cooley Month ago
I need the chicken tender chandelier story. Maybe in their next book?
pastel enby
pastel enby Month ago
idea: the Try Guys go to a super scary haunted house. Eugene ends up scaring the actors. Ned cries and mutters nonsense about his family. Zach giggles and hides behind Keith. Keith has the best f*cking time ever.
pastel enby
pastel enby Month ago
TAKE A WHIFF, BIG BOY! why are you so sweaty? WHO KNOWS?
Sofia Barrera
Sofia Barrera Month ago
audrey Perrin
audrey Perrin Month ago
Damm inkness ( I think that’s how you spell it lol)
Beracah Lam
Beracah Lam Month ago
bruh i love beef tongue
IkbenJulie Month ago
Zach and Ned already switched their clothes and at 08:29 you see that Zach has is old onesie on and a couple seconds later it is switched again😂😂🙌🏻
Satchel Moorman
Satchel Moorman Month ago
Zach likes Milwaukee. Me: Lives in Wisconsin *squeels*
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