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The Try Guys
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The guys are rolling with the homies as they learn how to make professional sushi rolls and compete in a culinary maki battle. Who will win and be crowned Mr. Rice Guy?
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Frank Proto, Director of Culinary Operations at the Institute of Culinary Education
Institute of Culinary Education
Rob Seidel
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Apr 27, 2019




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Comments 11 006
Eileen Chung
Eileen Chung 10 hours ago
Omggg Eugene lost!!!
Thaddeus Deos Devradyin
Man, now I want sushi.
Abi tuber
Abi tuber 14 hours ago
"And this is what you slap your Asian shoulder with"... LMAO, I understand because I am asian...
Ye_ Boi
Ye_ Boi 16 hours ago
I got the wooden stirring spoon not the rice spoon
nerdy cherry kitten
nerdy cherry kitten 19 hours ago
This was the best
Nyxian_Wolfi3X 20 hours ago
2:05 Me when talking with my friends And 5:18 when talking about my friends
Nyxian_Wolfi3X 20 hours ago
"I would grab a fish out of the river and just eat it." Me: Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well (Yes, i'm asian and I wouldn't hesitate to do the same thing)
Roycen Madamba
My Chinese grandma beats me wit that spoon
Scout Eye
Scout Eye Day ago
hey I know this guy... ever watched epicurious?
Echo Day ago
Keith: shiny side down Eugene: shiny side down Ned: SPICY SIDE DOWN
Charlie Lewis
doesn’t the background look like a green screen almost?
cali-ma -
cali-ma - Day ago
I read hand roll as hand job and i genuinely had such a laugh
Janan Gill
Janan Gill Day ago
That pro chef is in so many fricking videos that have to do with food.
G4Tanus Day ago
I think Frank should stay here and not go to Epicurious.
Random Sketches
Random Sketches 2 days ago
The relationship between Ned and Eugene= Jen and Kristen from ladylike and u know I’m right
boom inyourface
boom inyourface 2 days ago
Eugene's winning by losing. I'll just leave I guess.
Athena CHANG
Athena CHANG 2 days ago
That chef guy is the one in Epicurious! The one that teaches the most idiotic people how to cut a mango and crack a nut!
Jawara! 2 days ago
The question is.... Why is Frank here?
J JoyusSparrow
J JoyusSparrow 2 days ago
"Your making it creepy dad"
Taha Malik
Taha Malik 2 days ago
I turned 14 when this came out and god damn i love sushi
PilsPlease 2 days ago
what hurts is that Eugene is asian and got last place.
Emily 2 days ago
Muy delicioso
Jack B
Jack B 2 days ago
Whenever I am need of a good belly laugh I come here and watch the first thirty seconds. 😂
Ethan Sommerfeldt
Y deos ned look like a meth addict
AG 360
AG 360 3 days ago
They are in a DAMN SHOKUGEKI I MA GOD food wars reference
Coral Reeves
Coral Reeves 3 days ago
If it weren't for the knives it would've been fun to see them try this drunk lolol
maxwell chang
maxwell chang 3 days ago
Isn’t the chef dude in that show where the level 1 chef put half cheesecakes in like, pancakes?
Clark Alarcon
Clark Alarcon 3 days ago
*Me seeing a spoon* Oh shi...😶
BDNFaded 3 days ago
Bro did anyone remember frank from epicorous 4 levels burgers episode
armenianply 3 days ago
I always thought the white stuff was ice for some reason.
в о л к
в о л к 3 days ago
Was Ned drunk?
Ten Dat07
Ten Dat07 3 days ago
Eugene is so right Asian parents use that to hit us
Abi Style
Abi Style 3 days ago
no one: Eugene: “oh! we get to start drinking?”
ViktoriaDR 4 days ago
this is an asmr
Steven York
Steven York 4 days ago
This video is brought to you by Insane Ned
Angel Yang
Angel Yang 4 days ago
Dude you guys made me laugh so loud I woke up my neighbors
sofia guacamole
sofia guacamole 4 days ago
new whining like a five year old: Keith's is horrible though!
Chelsea Douglas
Chelsea Douglas 4 days ago
Eugene is the best loser i've seen. He was like "i dont give a heck, i brought people down with me too"😂😂😂😂😂
Tran Anh Thu
Tran Anh Thu 4 days ago
Estelle Pieterse
Estelle Pieterse 4 days ago
Wow did Eugene and Ned use speed or crack? Edit: might be both
Alexis Kairie
Alexis Kairie 5 days ago
So true
Matthew Alsonsudardjo
I am asian and i know what eugene is talking about
Rook Yumi
Rook Yumi 5 days ago
He’s dabbing bc he’s a dad
Elite_ Blader
Elite_ Blader 5 days ago
Anyone get it when Ned said he always gets 3rd place and in the countdown on 3 it showed ned
Collision Cuber
Collision Cuber 5 days ago
he pronounced seaweed wrong. he said nori it is pronounced nodi. i am Japanese so i would would IT MAKES ME SO MAD!!!
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 5 days ago
More like... The DO guys... Amirite?
Via Coffey
Via Coffey 5 days ago
I’m not Asian but boy did my mom beat me with the rice cooker spoon
Austin Paul
Austin Paul 5 days ago
I love their content
Savage AGUST D
Savage AGUST D 5 days ago
They really do slap us with the rice thingy
as an asian, zach putting the ginger in the rolls killed me little by little
Arrafi Iskandar
Arrafi Iskandar 6 days ago
zach should be first neb secound keith third uegene last place
sidewize 6 days ago
Ok clearly some avocado slicing secrets were spilled and they were not shared for the AUDIENCE so I am IRKED I TELL YOU.
Brother Alabama
Brother Alabama 6 days ago
Remember when they worked for buzzfeed?
Nicolaus Volentius
Keith won because he did go completely insane throwing the whole ocean in his sushi, right? Hail Cthulhu!
Spatula 7 days ago
Little Bee
Little Bee 7 days ago
Hey he’s that guy from 4 levels of
Kathlene Rodriguez
The crackhead energy in this video made my day
Athalia Rivera
Athalia Rivera 8 days ago
6:36 I love how ned used a transformer quote 🤣😂😂
andrae campos
andrae campos 8 days ago
I'm aznman ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ
Lokesh Hirani
Lokesh Hirani 8 days ago
bro its level 3
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