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The Try Guys
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The guys get gorgeous nail extensions for the first time and experience the struggle first-hand. Will they nail it and survive wearing them for an entire night?
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Oct 3, 2018




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Comments 80
Ødalis 9 hours ago
me with naturally long nails watching: :0
Leonie Klaus
Leonie Klaus 11 hours ago
People who never had nails don't understand how attached you get
Maria Conway
Maria Conway 18 hours ago
Bowie @ 11:22 ❤
Samantha Lassig
we now know Zach is Holosexual Cristine would be proud
Jaeyoung Kwon
4:45 zach figures out he is a holosexual
Feifei Tang
Feifei Tang Day ago
4:41 a holosexual I see (if u know what I mean) 2020 anyone while stuck in quarantine?
emilie bowes
emilie bowes Day ago
Welcome to the holo side zach
squashy pacoshy
Zac is hold sexuale
Hey Stob It
Hey Stob It 2 days ago
now yall know how hard it is to be a girl.. we get judged if we dont have nice hair nice face nice nails. ..
Fiona Betts
Fiona Betts 2 days ago
When you realize Zach is a holosexual
Emilia Solis
Emilia Solis 2 days ago
I have longer nails then them and live my life like normal so this was v funny.
Alicia Wilton
Alicia Wilton 2 days ago
May 23 2020... I miss my nails...😭😭😭
Dirty Reference
Dirty Reference 2 days ago
the fear of trying not to break your nails ugh, and holo polish is sooo expensive but sooo worth it
Laura Gonzalez
Laura Gonzalez 2 days ago
Zach discovered his HOLOsexuality 📀
Joanne Bowers
Joanne Bowers 2 days ago
“Just need friendsss” Me: well I’m screwed 😂
Katie Justins
Katie Justins 2 days ago
"i've never created a reaction like that with my fingers" "well....."
Violet Gutbier
Violet Gutbier 3 days ago
Zach is holosexual Simply Nailogical fans
Aniya Scisson
Aniya Scisson 3 days ago
13:34 Love how extra and glammed up Ned is 😂💗
five nights at freddys
Doing my nails while watching this 🤣🤣
Harry PotterNerd
Harry PotterNerd 3 days ago
Zach is a holosexual and no one can change my mind. (If you know you know)
Aniya Scisson
Aniya Scisson 3 days ago
This is what I think: Once you have acrylics at least once after you get them done the second time, they are much more easier to do everything
Sybill Trelawney
Sybill Trelawney 3 days ago
... oof
It’s a Brave New World
This is what the world have come too, adults watching grown men get fingernail extensions, yep were doomed.
Christina asmr
Christina asmr 3 days ago
Keith: dam I look good on nails. The best part
Eliza Lambert
Eliza Lambert 3 days ago
Zach is a hollosexual confirmed. Cristine would be proud ❤️
Zelda Harrison
Zelda Harrison 3 days ago
Zach is a holosexual!!!!!!
Sonia Florio
Sonia Florio 3 days ago
yo never watched this channel but Ned seems like the cool dad we all wanted and never got
sophia helfer
sophia helfer 4 days ago
Zach is holosexual💚
Veronica Dueck
Veronica Dueck 4 days ago
Zack became a holo sexual.
Sonia Florio
Sonia Florio 3 days ago
yea he came out
Tasha Fischer
Tasha Fischer 4 days ago
This video hits different when it's week 12 of quarantine and my nails are just wrecked.
Lily.W Beth.W
Lily.W Beth.W 4 days ago
Nobody: Keith: “yeah cause I don’t SUCK on em”
Rainha de Todos Aleatórios
Am I the only one that is jealous of the Try Guys? I feel like it's cool because it seems like half of their life is free.
Todoroki S.
Todoroki S. 4 days ago
*"5 o'clock am in the morning"*
Merri Cross
Merri Cross 4 days ago
I have worn nails like this and to touch things or press buttons bend your finger and press with your knuckle
Lol Sike
Lol Sike 4 days ago
I want them to collab with freaking simply nailogical! Omg that would be amazing! Zach is a holosexual! 4:43 Holosexuals have entered the chat😂
Hello :D
Hello :D 5 days ago
Confirmed, Zach’s a holosexual. 💿💿💿
ii_sunnyset _katie_ii
Confirmed Zach is a Holosexual
Zonera Umar
Zonera Umar 6 days ago
Omfg Zack is a holo sexual!!!
V 33
V 33 6 days ago
Keith! 🤣🤣🤣Dayummm
puggo 101
puggo 101 6 days ago
Cristine is proud of zach
Hailey 6 days ago
I learned about putting and taking out contacts with nails. To put in its rather easy but taking out is a lot harder i learned to use the top part of your finger (not the nails like the front top part of the skin on your finger) slide the contact out with that don’t try and grab it with the nail it hurts a lot.
izzy Cartwright
izzy Cartwright 6 days ago
@simplynailogical Zacs holosexual !! 😂❤️
Ananya Pal
Ananya Pal 7 days ago
5:43 does anyone else see that creepy lady in the back?
Montana Specht
Montana Specht 7 days ago
8:32 . Keith's finger rant
UwU Fury
UwU Fury 7 days ago
Eugene was at a gay bar, change my mind
Stella Dyer
Stella Dyer 7 days ago
“Fart city!” 🤭😳🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
Adryauna Crawford-townsend
😂imagine being a cashier and having to pick up change off the conveyor belt cause shoppers are such dicks and like to throw their money down instead of putting it in your hand like a normal person 😤🤣
Seeniraj Seenivasan
Is Christine here,...
LilianObsidian Plays
4:45 Where are the Simplynailogical fans we need to GET ZACH ON HER TEAM!
Rowan Oxley
Rowan Oxley 8 days ago
Magic Panda
Magic Panda 8 days ago
Okay so I guess Zach is now a Holosexual
Rowan Oxley
Rowan Oxley 8 days ago
Is it just me or is Eugene hot af with those nails? 😂
Mei Sasakura
Mei Sasakura 8 days ago
Keith:”I’ve never been so defeated by a try guys video before “ Me: oof, I think we need to go back to ballet guys
Mia Lowell
Mia Lowell 8 days ago
i like how when ppl get long nails for the first time they act like they just had their nails painted like their nails are wet😂😂 like “ don’t touch anything!!” 😂
li 8 days ago
8:33 and someone comes and just, see a guy.. talking to his car
Kyara Fanning
Kyara Fanning 9 days ago
Simply Nailogical Needs Zach’s Nails She needs to react to this video
Emery Rodriguez
Emery Rodriguez 9 days ago
I remember when I first got my acrylic nails and I acted just like them😂! But then I got it for the 2 time and I got used to it so💕.
Eryn1321 9 days ago
They should do a night with all the female things. Pants without pockets, corsets, acrylics, heels, extensions, makeup ect. Just to see them deal with it
Sophia Kaprielian
I have naturally long nails and I never thought all these things are that hard
Gleah Angela San Gabriel
They should’ve asked them to open a soda can. IT IS THE WORST.
Honey Walters
Honey Walters 9 days ago
Kitty Bucher
Kitty Bucher 9 days ago
Yeeea, this is why most people who get into nail extensions start with a shorter length & gradually go longer, that way they're not super intrusive & difficult to have. But! I also get that that wouldn't make for an interesting or funny video LOL Ariel's reaction to Ned's nails was super cute & made me laugh.
avavik 9 days ago
11:21 Zach’s dog chewing on his nail killed me
Avery Baldosser
Avery Baldosser 10 days ago
Peppermint Low
Peppermint Low 10 days ago
The best of the video was ned's pink styled look,for sure
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 11 days ago
oh my god zach is a holosexual!!
Addi Russell
Addi Russell 11 days ago
I pretty much could only think of d!ck jokes this whole video 😂
Holly Merritt
Holly Merritt 11 days ago
Bowie trying to eat Zach’s nails is adorable
Holly Merritt
Holly Merritt 11 days ago
Becky at 9:10 is amazing
えいみい 11 days ago
Hiii I like holo lollll I’m typing with nouxk
Liv Bennett
Liv Bennett 11 days ago
zach: i didnt know it was such a deep desire to go holo me: *HE WATCHES SIMPLYNAILOGICAL. ZACH IS A HOLOSEXUAL*
Eva Freeman
Eva Freeman 11 days ago
Fake nails like that creep me out, they just look ewwww to me. Impractical and tacky. I just don't get why they're fashionable. Fair enough if they make you feel good though.
Izzy Washburn
Izzy Washburn 11 days ago
zack is a holosexual cristen come look
Sophia Chen
Sophia Chen 11 days ago
Can you do a collab with simply nail logical?
Lachlan Farthing
Lachlan Farthing 11 days ago
at 5:43 anyone notice the weird lady in the backround?
Kunchok Lagal
Kunchok Lagal 12 days ago
Zach”there we did it u just need friends” Me”what if I don’t have friends.....”
Faith Nisbet
Faith Nisbet 12 days ago
When Zach discovered he was a holosexual
Nikoniko Knees
Nikoniko Knees 12 days ago
How do you resist tapping them on everything
a d d y
a d d y 12 days ago
“during packing i came across my worst enemy... *A STICKER* “
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