The Try Guys Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions

The Try Guys
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Y'all asked for it, but can we build it?!👷‍♂️ Watch us attempt to build this crazy Ikea furniture without instructions Let us know what you want to see us do without instructions next!
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Feb 8, 2020




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Comments 80
Beatriz Vieira
Beatriz Vieira 3 hours ago
Portugal here ♥️♥️♥️
Spicy Vi
Spicy Vi 4 hours ago
Also Sam as a judge is awesome!!! We love him!
Spicy Vi
Spicy Vi 4 hours ago
The try guys build chairs but every chair is missing a different piece that they get at halftime!
Olivele 4 hours ago
Make them build the Hemnes shoe cabinet they will never figure that shit out lol
Makayla Lynn
Makayla Lynn 5 hours ago
I love how calm Eugene is while Ned is going crazy
Kiwiwatermelon 07
Kiwiwatermelon 07 22 hours ago
You should do art design
Asbjørg Pauline
Asbjørg Pauline 2 days ago
I wanna compete with the tryguys to build something like this!!! Like i wanna join!!!
Abegail Diesta
Abegail Diesta 2 days ago
I hope they do more of this💙
Evelina G.
Evelina G. 2 days ago
if they had lesbians do this they would have 4 perfect furniture prices in 30 minutes or less
Zane_theloser 2 days ago
This is awesome
K M 3 days ago
Do guys try to make a doll
Kelsugar 3 days ago
I just spent three days building the stuva fritids pink loft bed and it was such a journey
T- Wall13
T- Wall13 3 days ago
I think that Eugene's wardrobe was breaking apart because they didn't have the right tools to put it all together.
Bookworm435 3 days ago
Eugene doesn’t try and drinks alcohol, he wins. Eugene tries and doesn’t want alcohol, and he still wins.
xx롤라 3 days ago
We all just wanted to see if someone is gonna beat Eugene and if Zach is gonna beat someone... 👁👄👁
Cassidy 3 days ago
Where's our part 2??
Jorden Hillman
Jorden Hillman 4 days ago
Instead of What are they going to build it should have been WHEN 🤣
Emilia Darling
Emilia Darling 4 days ago
i know this is older try to make clothes at home NO HELP or make cheese NO HELP
plokkk. 4 days ago
design a dresss !!!!! it would be *lit af*
Eleanor Habben
Eleanor Habben 4 days ago
I'm just now realizing that Sam looks like a beautiful little porcelain doll
TheMadHatter _19
TheMadHatter _19 4 days ago
eugene's shirt in this is awesome
Laura Bystrup Rønaa
The try Guys build ikea funiture without instruktions...... 3. 9 MILION People "that sounds fun"
Harvey Salunga
Harvey Salunga 4 days ago
eugene is what we all aspire to be but we can all agree we are all zach where we give up but get something done.
Crisco Crisco
Crisco Crisco 4 days ago
Pewds is watching this in terror
Angie Gonzo
Angie Gonzo 5 days ago
Fake Emotion
Fake Emotion 5 days ago
What do you do with the cabinets after filming?
Isobel Wheeler
Isobel Wheeler 5 days ago
I really want more of this 😊
Kyelee Haverty
Kyelee Haverty 5 days ago
They should try this drunk vs high
Aurra Sing
Aurra Sing 5 days ago
Without instructions monopoly
Mollie_ whoo
Mollie_ whoo 5 days ago
Ned- *hold the orange door* Red door- *am I a joke to you?*
Emma Kilburg
Emma Kilburg 5 days ago
I love how Zach had the most advantages and still did by far the worst😂
Wild_ normality
Wild_ normality 5 days ago
Pls make a dress 😛
Kai_ I_Guess??
Kai_ I_Guess?? 5 days ago
I love how ned zach and keith are all working together and eugene's just off in the corner getting shit DONE
Kaitlin Skittles
Kaitlin Skittles 5 days ago
They should build ikea furniture drunk vs high 😂
Julia 5 days ago
In this video I realized Zach is almost the same height as Ned
Lapis Gem
Lapis Gem 6 days ago
Design my graduation dress
derpy howwes
derpy howwes 6 days ago
that is swedish and here ha lite svenska och du förmodligen kommer använda Google översätt för att veta vad jag säger
Zay Vital
Zay Vital 6 days ago
Zach is such a white boy
Sophia Havard
Sophia Havard 6 days ago
ZACH I have done many things like this by scratch with my dad and I am 11
Emminet 7 days ago
Sam should go up against 1st place
Sophia Sandkamp
Sophia Sandkamp 7 days ago
15:14 I’m sorry but he looks like chicken little right there
Blue Raine
Blue Raine 7 days ago
Eugene should model he makes me want to buy everything he wears
Tardisin221B 7 days ago
I'm commenting so the guys see we like this and make more of these
Tardisin221B 7 days ago
They need to do more of these!!!!
Carissa Macdonald
This needs more likes so they can do another one. Listen to Zach and like the video!!
Emilia Y T U
Emilia Y T U 7 days ago
Ummmmmmm the nipple..... its out 0-0
Arantxa Milke
Arantxa Milke 7 days ago
my favorite part was everyone feeding keith meatballs
Liberty Brenninkmeijer
I want more of this! it is so cool, maybe a bed?
Madilynn Seidel
Madilynn Seidel 8 days ago
I would totally take the wardrobe that Eugene built
Sierra Gutierrez
Sierra Gutierrez 8 days ago
Zach's face looks puffy. Probably from his hair surgery☺️☺️☺️
Nina Heredia
Nina Heredia 8 days ago
Sam looks ugly
Perry the Platypus
I feel they may have gotten this idea from Unus Annus....
Kathleen Tronco
Kathleen Tronco 9 days ago
Zach is so lucky I-
Janary08 9 days ago
I like how Zach made an art piece channelling his IKEA frustrations lmao
Zarah Joyce
Zarah Joyce 9 days ago
Polvr V1si0n
Polvr V1si0n 10 days ago
This video should just be re-named to “Dressing up Keith for 20 and a half minutes straight.”
Ashlyn Kenwright
Ashlyn Kenwright 10 days ago
This definitely seems like a video they could still make in quarantine... just drop it off at everyone's houses and get the try wives to steal the instructions.
Merle Meraño Gonzales GiGi
I kinda wanna see them build a car or just decorate one tbh
Arreyn Grey
Arreyn Grey 10 days ago
I love the titles so, so much. Interior Designer by Marriage and Good at Everything had me rolling XD
Antonia Prince
Antonia Prince 11 days ago
Zach 😂😂😂😂
Erika DL
Erika DL 11 days ago
"These hands are soft. They haven't worked a day in their lives and I wanna keep it that way." A mood.
Tanisha Cooper
Tanisha Cooper 11 days ago
i feel bad for zach lol
Grace Perry
Grace Perry 11 days ago
I don't like the Ikea meatballs haha]
Deivis 11 days ago
build ikea without idea
Kelsey Wardell
Kelsey Wardell 11 days ago
One time I got home from work at around 10:30 and started a piece of IKEA furniture that was super complicated. I ended up getting almost the entire way through the gulf by about 2:30 am before my dad made me go to bed... AND YET, I was so committed to getting this stupid tv stand done that I forced myself to wake up at 8 am and immediately got back to work and ended up finishing at about 9:30... I was really tired the next night but it was totally worth it... I actually really enjoy building IKEA furniture and even bought a took SPECIFICALLY TO BUILD IKEA FURNITURE!!!
Hannah Grabinski
Hannah Grabinski 11 days ago
This was to funny, I had a full on laugh attack, you definitely need to do this again. You could order the same thing to everyone’s house and do it on a zoom call (with their partners as “IKEA fairies”)
SoapyTurtles 11 days ago
Ned out here looking like one of The Village People. LOL
Riley Grannis
Riley Grannis 11 days ago
I want them to do this as a series, I love it2!
iisazel X
iisazel X 12 days ago
So stressed by the fact that Ned is barefoot
Sydney Hazelton
Sydney Hazelton 12 days ago
You should try to make a bunkbed
Rae Peronneau
Rae Peronneau 12 days ago
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown 12 days ago
I love that Rachel thought she caught Eugene with extra stuff and he right away was like "That's Keith's stuff"
Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen 12 days ago
You guys should do a kiguni without instructions
Haya Ghamry
Haya Ghamry 12 days ago
Maria Fortunato
Maria Fortunato 12 days ago
Princy 12 days ago
No one- Not a soul- Zack whos sitting one the floor with a face full of food- I’m really proud of the work we’ve accomplished
40 subscribers with no videos
I wanted this series to go on forever
40 subscribers with no videos
I really want that closet thingamabober
*ఌCreme Meloఌ
*ఌCreme Meloఌ 12 days ago
I’m definitely hiring Eugene for any ikea making
Cameron Kleinkauf
Cameron Kleinkauf 12 days ago
did he just call that... *OrAnge.?*
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