The Try Guys Bake Gourmet Cookies (ft. Gabbie Hanna)

The Try Guys
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The guys and Gabbie face off in a bake off! Who will make the most delicious, original macarons and become an honorary French pastry chef?!
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Gabbie Hannah
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Jun 12, 2019

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Comments 8 691
Mason Agor
Mason Agor 5 minutes ago
"We can't whack at the same time, there's only one whacking towel!" OMGROSS
Not so Anonymously
Not so Anonymously 29 minutes ago
no one: absolutely no one: not a single soul: everyone in the comments: EUGENE’S BEER MACARONS
Not so Anonymously
Not so Anonymously 31 minute ago
gabbie getting upset at the way keith pronounces gif was hilarious
Sabrina Dearinger
Sabrina Dearinger 34 minutes ago
"Here you go chef" *the actual chef* "...thank you"
I purple you
I purple you 47 minutes ago
Happy birthday Keith!!!!! 🎉🎁🍗
a literal glass of chocolate milk
i could listen to this guy's accent all day
Tess 51 minute ago
gabbie really has gotta be the center of attention all the time its exhausting to watch lowkey
FoxTaterTot124 Tatertot
I think Eugene was working on his music video during this, this is why Eugene isnt here.
Kaitlyn Hall
Kaitlyn Hall Hour ago
•Gacha Ry YT•
*okay but why do i love ned and gabbie’s relationship i-*
MintCat Hour ago
I wanna eat all the macarons
harpercrafts Hour ago
7:17 when you get away with stealing the last cookie
VitaMita Hour ago
Can you guys try to make a sequel to the bread making contest you dud on buzzfeed? With something like a week to plan, but without the recipe in the room with you at the competition itself?
no one: not a single soul: keith at 15:41 : fUCK
gabrielle de la rosa
video would've been better with Eugene, BUT i LOVE gabbie so🤷🏽‍♀️
Wren :D
Wren :D 2 hours ago
Léonie Mélodie
Léonie Mélodie 2 hours ago
Waaaah, je suis trop contente de voir ma culture représentée dans un épisode des Try Guys!!! On ne mange pas souvent de macarons mais quand on le fait on ne peut pas être déçu. C'est toujours ultra bon. Bref, je déborde actuellement de joie.
Léonie Mélodie
L'accent du Chef est tellement rafraîchissant à entendre... On a tendance à cracher sur les gens qui gardent leur accent en parlant anglais (parce qu'ils "n’essayent pas") mais je peux dire qu'après des centaines de vidéos full anglais et une flopée d'accent pourri de la part de francophone qui se disent bilingues à 100%, ça fait un bien fou!!! Wah, retrouver ce "r" français dans les mots anglais... Ca ramène à l'époque de "Brian is in the kitchen"!
Phan.Ryden.Destiel 2 hours ago
me: _wondering why i’m always secretly waiting for Eugene to be on screen_
Animez89 2 hours ago
Try guys video isn't the same without eugene
CKG 1130
CKG 1130 2 hours ago
On the next video is the try guys are how to pronounce it perfectly because this video has pronounce war
Annie Taylor
Annie Taylor 3 hours ago
That was like cheating cheating... what side bitch says I love you?
Athan Rivero
Athan Rivero 3 hours ago
Everyone knows Eugene is gay dude acts gay and dresses like he’s gay and he’s to obvious
kellen bond
kellen bond 3 hours ago
Now for the rest of the queers to come out
Lillith Townshend
Lillith Townshend 4 hours ago
i LOVE zach's shirt
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 4 hours ago
Gooooood job Nneeddddd!!!!! I’m proud
Gabby M
Gabby M 4 hours ago
Gabs is the best much love for her and Zach's shirt
Hailey Reich
Hailey Reich 4 hours ago
They all actually do sooooo well
Kathy Hsu Aung
Kathy Hsu Aung 5 hours ago
there is only one wacking towel LOL 😜
Anissa Talbot
Anissa Talbot 5 hours ago
I was halfway through the video and noticed Eugene wasn't there. I am sad now.
Catharsis 5 hours ago
if eugene was in here he would choose beer flavored
Icky Nikki
Icky Nikki 5 hours ago
The flavor is orange blossom Keith: *i taste the flower*
* 17_Carat_17 *
* 17_Carat_17 * 5 hours ago
Its a macaron Keith.
Kaimi Ross
Kaimi Ross 5 hours ago
why isnt keith whereing gloves
Star's Falling
Star's Falling 5 hours ago
I don’t like Gabbie but I’m still going to watch it just for you guys
get yeet
get yeet 5 hours ago
Macaron? Macaroon? I thought it was pronounced macarone..
Bronwen Alvah
Bronwen Alvah 6 hours ago
Keith can literally make a song out of anything
Mary T
Mary T 6 hours ago
Now we gotta call Keith- Kaith
Isabella Yankle
Isabella Yankle 6 hours ago
Blake Betzing
Blake Betzing 6 hours ago
They are macrons
Sanskriti Gupta
Sanskriti Gupta 6 hours ago
I love how pissed off she gets about gif
Tea Sis
Tea Sis 6 hours ago
“That’s a cat hair bro”
93cgl 7 hours ago
There's only one wacking towel. (I died)
María Tibaduiza
María Tibaduiza 7 hours ago
El chef francés me recuerda al chef de Ratatouille que decía "cualquiera puede cocinaggggg"
Zarin White
Zarin White 7 hours ago
Eugene would put whisky/beer in everything even desert
Tra'mayne Gaines
Tra'mayne Gaines 7 hours ago
katie stonemetz
katie stonemetz 8 hours ago
this dude smiled when they said your hand must be strong
Drawing with Ada Be
Neds macoroon looked really good 😂
Mayara Caldas
Mayara Caldas 8 hours ago
I feel welcomed by Keith because he also speaks GIF rather than JIF
moonshiro 8 hours ago
7:50 That was THE BEST!!! they were amazing and I love how they just go with it together without preparing! and I wish they would have shown the chefs face to see what he thinks about that XD
Ceren 8 hours ago
Cheating and gabbie swearing etc etc isnt too approriate for this channel. i thought it was more family based, shes so annoying. Maybe im just bitter cause eugene is being replaced by her in this ep :'(
Ella Zuckermann
Ella Zuckermann 9 hours ago
The chef was either really sick of them or having the time of his life... I literally can’t tell
Wolf Blazer
Wolf Blazer 9 hours ago
Everyone debating if its “macaroons” or “macarons”
Jon Bentley
Jon Bentley 9 hours ago
The chef lokks like sexy keith from april fools episode
Maelle Amis
Maelle Amis 9 hours ago
as a french girl, the fact that you included as a chef someone who can actually prononce "macarons" correctly just warms my heart
AustralianKermit 88
AustralianKermit 88 10 hours ago
Leechee?! LeEcHeE?! ITS FUCKING LI-CHEE (lychee)
JennFlProfile Updated
MC King
MC King 10 hours ago
*M A C A R O H N*
MC King
MC King 10 hours ago
Gabbie and Keith's fight about English pronounciation is so funny.
MC King
MC King 11 hours ago
When are we going to get a new Without A Recipe?
Vinxy 11 hours ago
Ive never had one :(
Ise Saeko
Ise Saeko 11 hours ago
who's gonna be the one to tell Keith that Belgian waffles don't come with syrup?
Drawing Sticks
Drawing Sticks 11 hours ago
I like hearing Ned bring up his Italian heritage, it's been a while. Also wtf at Zach's deicison to put that much matcha into it. Matcha is famous for being strong and bitter!
Nico NII
Nico NII 11 hours ago
He tried so hard not to laugh at 7:17
Anne Devassy
Anne Devassy 11 hours ago
keith -mentions fried chicken more than he says his own name
Madysen Waialae
Madysen Waialae 12 hours ago
what about the MoNsTeRs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anaïs Martin
Anaïs Martin 12 hours ago
me talking about my face 8:16
brklynbaby2291 13 hours ago
CAUTION:Do not watch this video when you are sick!It will hurt when you laugh!*laugh whines in pain*Dammit...I love these guys!
teey teey
teey teey 14 hours ago
the way American pronounce anything makes me cringe so much... like ew. I am sorry if your American but also not sorry
ruski 14 hours ago
What if Eugene were here? ALCOHOL MACAROONS
Jesse Perez
Jesse Perez 14 hours ago
The chef looks like his name should be "Le Keith"
Heather Blucher
Heather Blucher 15 hours ago
I'm with keith on gif. IF YOU WANTED TO SAY JIF. USE A J.
Kayla Manser
Kayla Manser 16 hours ago
Is peanut butter and jelly- peanut butter and jam?!?! Or actually jelly?
Southern to my Soul
Southern to my Soul 16 hours ago
This was so fun to watch!
Misty Young
Misty Young 16 hours ago
YAY NED!!!!!!!
Ky Queen
Ky Queen 16 hours ago
Gabby yelling at Keith was so hilarious I-
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones 16 hours ago
Gabbie is annoying sorry bout it
crazy K
crazy K 16 hours ago
1:08 the way you pronounce GIF is GIF NOT JIF!!! @#$%!&*!!!
M.J. Meece
M.J. Meece 17 hours ago
Q Gal
Q Gal 17 hours ago
Love the REAL chef ACCENT
郭维佳 17 hours ago
no one: gabi: S C R E A M
Abby Reinsmith
Abby Reinsmith 18 hours ago
I love Gabbie with the Try Guys
Jiayi Tang
Jiayi Tang 18 hours ago
i’m dying already at the introduction
France’s Waifu
France’s Waifu 18 hours ago
i stan the chef lmaooo
lycheens 18 hours ago
Gabbie: RIP headphone users
The Dodo Bird
The Dodo Bird 18 hours ago
Hanna doesn't like sweets, she likes things.
Samyboy Roberts
Samyboy Roberts 18 hours ago
What if I am the monstAAAAAAAAaaAAaAAaaaaaaA
Wired Drama
Wired Drama 19 hours ago
SImplyfoodlogical" come in: *Bake that shit for a minute*
FierceJadeMakeup 19 hours ago
Well at least now we know why Eugene wasn't there, he was filming that masterpiece
Angeleyez Productions
Gabbie seems like a mixture of Ned and Zack
wigclipxx 19 hours ago
Zack: What is this flavor??? Chef: Orange Blossom Everyone: Wooaahh Keith: I taste the flower
G10Freestylers Gigi
G10Freestylers Gigi 19 hours ago
Where is Ugine
mr sloth
mr sloth 19 hours ago
I just noticed it was laduree and now im dying
Because I can
Because I can 19 hours ago
lmao the chefs face at 7:13
Caitlin McKinney
Caitlin McKinney 19 hours ago
Gabbie really will die on that jif hill
Gala Jensen
Gala Jensen 19 hours ago
Omg I love you guys but I'm so sad to see your filming with Gabbie Hanna :( It's literally been proven she's taken brand deals for $$ that scam her customers then she made out like she had explained they were dodgy in the first place. Love love love you boys but maybe look a little deeper into who you're filming with?
Ray S
Ray S 19 hours ago
Neds look so appealing. Oh and if you thought this would be the video where Ned didn't talk about his wife you were wrong 😂😂
acortez 20 hours ago
manage your expectations
acortez 20 hours ago
manage your expectations
acortez 20 hours ago
manage your expectations
acortez 20 hours ago
manage your expectations
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