The Try Guys Bake Gourmet Cookies (ft. Gabbie Hanna)

The Try Guys
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The guys and Gabbie face off in a bake off! Who will make the most delicious, original macarons and become an honorary French pastry chef?!
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Jun 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson 4 hours ago
Is anyone else here like why is Gabi Hana featured in this 😂
J-kun 20 hours ago
This was so fun, they should do more vids with Gabbie
uly_flex point
uly_flex point 23 hours ago
"I am the fucking victim!!!"
Celeste Addison
ik zach is self conscious about his hair but he looks wonderful!!
*star sloth*
*star sloth* Day ago
Where's Eugene?
Discipline The Mind
Me waiting for them to try there own creations: 👁👄👁
Maryll Plays
Maryll Plays 2 days ago
The part that Ned did this🤙 I'm like LMAO
owo Hannah:Gacha: owo
I wanted keth to make daddy's favourite who else agree's
ClouƵy_Wolf 2 days ago
The face on the chef when they were mixing 7:17 was to die for!!!!!! Its like what an anime face would look like irl!!!!!
Laura Albertini
Laura Albertini 3 days ago
my Nonna would be proud! aww Ned 🥰
ohno Itslaila
ohno Itslaila 3 days ago
watching this in 2020 after all the memes with gabby is way funnier lol
Josh Lee
Josh Lee 3 days ago
1:54 You see, Keith actually pronounces it as "jift"
anxiety induced
anxiety induced 3 days ago
How does Keith manage to make daddys favorite every time
I'm so gay
I'm so gay 3 days ago
I love the chef..
a study in gigi
a study in gigi 4 days ago
honestly i loved this video when it first came out. but now it makes me really upset that the try guys would a video with gabbie. i know you aren’t who you’re friends with but still.
Kaitlin Skittles
Kaitlin Skittles 5 days ago
My question still with this video is out of all the youtubers on youtube.. why choose trash 🤦🏼‍♀️ anyone.. would be better.. an actual garbage can would be better.
Ava Earl
Ava Earl 5 days ago
they are so shook
Jay Liebenberg
Jay Liebenberg 5 days ago
I feel like if Eugene was there he would’ve won lol
Arden toomanynumbers
“oh mickey YOU’re sO fine”
fana 8 days ago
I was having a great time until gaby hannah's face popped in hahahah
Sofija LovesTea
Sofija LovesTea 8 days ago
The chef is so kind omg🥺😦
bella1bear 8 days ago
I think that if Eugene was there he would have done a design on top. I love how Ned mentioned his wife every time he does it just shows how much he loves her. The only thing I would do with neds macaroon is make the top look like a pizza
Maggie Lu
Maggie Lu 9 days ago
french macaron shop but they don't use the french method of making the shells??
Aerol Christopher Infante
Plot twist: The chef really doesn't have a french accent.
Omg where the fuck is zacks hair
Chynna Denila
Chynna Denila 10 days ago
1st few videos: Keith is kinda like Marshall After so much more videos: Keith is Marshall
Ash leE
Ash leE 12 days ago
Ned: “I always get 3rd place”.... don’t worry Ned
RedMifist8 12 days ago
Summing up the comment section It’s basically 1: Hating on Gabbie (I have 0 idea who she is) 2: “I taStE ThE FloWeR” 3: “Eugene would have won with his alcohol Macaron if he was there” 4: The chef’s smile 5: “Jif” or “Gif” 6: Talking about the “top” joke Gabbie made 7: Talking about the chef looks like either all the try guys together, all the try guys together BUT no Eugene, or French Keith 8: “KeiTh DiDn’t mAKe DadDy’s FavOriTe” And for the people wondering about Eugene, I believe he was filming his “Coming Out” video while the other guys made this.
UwU 12 days ago
Gif is how you pronounce the animated pictures because it has a G not a J i dont even know how this is debatable but the peanut butter Jif is Jif because thats how its spelt J not G
Nothing Nowhere Whatever
rewatching in quarantine and not only does gabbie suck as a person anyway but she keeps saying “bro” and i fucking hate it
Lizzy Martino
Lizzy Martino 14 days ago
Jola W.C
Jola W.C 15 days ago
Who says bAy-SiL?! 👇🏾
Amy O'Connor
Amy O'Connor 15 days ago
Damn Zach really is obsessed with tea isn't he 😂
Bakhtawar Hussain
Bakhtawar Hussain 16 days ago
Ignoring the concept of the video, focusing on the chef's accent.
VanillaMilk 16 days ago
The chefs evil grin while watching them fold the batter was so-
Jonah M.
Jonah M. 17 days ago
I missed Eugene 😔
andrea 17 days ago
This chef must be like "Americans are so loud"
Giuliana Maria
Giuliana Maria 18 days ago
Those are pretty patties idk what y’all talking ab
Hite W
Hite W 19 days ago
That gif scene.
Darcy Franklyn
Darcy Franklyn 19 days ago
11:48 Hahahahahaha
Luke Shearer
Luke Shearer 19 days ago
Zach and Keith: literally best buds Ned and Gabbie: literally best buds
the progamers totally pro
I was really hoping for a “daddy‘s favorite”.
Maddy the queen
Maddy the queen 19 days ago
Gabby Hanna’s spitting FACTS
Deku x Toga
Deku x Toga 19 days ago
7:17 when I did something and I blame me little brother~
WolfRyder 20 days ago
I don’t like how much she touches Ned
Pawlikowski_ 20 days ago
Is that the "what if ima MoNstEeeeeEeeeEEeeeeeeeEEEeEeEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR" girl?
arden.h 22 days ago
Eugene looks different in this video.
Ay'ana Gaddies
Ay'ana Gaddies 23 days ago
Omg congrats Ned!! And Keith idk maybe you shoulda stayed on brand....with daddy's favorite? 🤔🤔🤔
Kacy Mah
Kacy Mah 23 days ago
They came out so cute! I love how proud they are of their macarons!!
Julissa Andrew
Julissa Andrew 23 days ago
Who else is watching this while making macarons?
Bradyn Weatherwax
Bradyn Weatherwax 24 days ago
Keith and Zach singing twelve bar blues was pretty epicc not gunna lie
Tatjana Kussener
Tatjana Kussener 24 days ago
Keith wanting “the Belgian waffle experience” Me a belgian, never haard of pecan or mapple in belgium 😂
winie 25 days ago
gabbie hanna fucken sucks bro, personality and skills.
Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson 25 days ago
Why didnt gabby's boyfriend just say he left the I love you message for gabby
Gabs Canakis
Gabs Canakis 25 days ago
I was happy that Gabbie said “macaron” instead of “macaroon”, then I got sad cause she said “carmel” instead of “caramel”.
Morgan Hope Lindsay
where is eugene
edgars art
edgars art 26 days ago
My hatred for gabbie grows stronger everytime i see her
bye 28 days ago
friend 1: gif friend 2: jif *graphic interchange format*
Janee' Harris
Janee' Harris 28 days ago
I don't like the Eugene-less celebrating...
Alex Hodson
Alex Hodson 28 days ago
Why is no one talking about the chef’s cute little smile
sawadikap sabaraha
sawadikap sabaraha 28 days ago
We can eat shaving cream?
Ronna C.
Ronna C. 29 days ago
Bruh when I found out that gabbie and Zach think macaroons are different I was so happy cause I ALSO THINK THAT
Elsa Reynolds
Elsa Reynolds 29 days ago
7:17 why is his face doing that?
MsMusicNerd 29 days ago
I love all the guys but Keith always makes me freaking laugh so hard
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl Month ago
i need this recipe
Sherlene sanchez
best intro hands down
Suri Mi
Suri Mi Month ago
Am I the only one wondering how the chef made the try guys macarons?
lywo Month ago
Awe can we talk about how sweet it was for the chef to make them try guy macarons and how cute they looked !
Ellie Month ago
4:14 I'm just gonna leave this here
CC’s Way of Life
Her nose is HUGE THO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Conasia Wilson
Conasia Wilson Month ago
There are kids my age that do better on baking shows😂
Gaia per caso
Gaia per caso Month ago
I love how Zach calls them cookie sandwiches
banana lord
banana lord Month ago
Lemme just state the fact that somebody put bees in the description
Its Vicky
Its Vicky Month ago
Keiths looked bomb af
Natalie Held
Natalie Held Month ago
Im 12 and I can make macarons!
Brittany Davis
Brittany Davis Month ago
Smashy Boy
Smashy Boy Month ago
Is this the girl that introduces them in the drag comp?
Emelie McNally
Emelie McNally Month ago
Zach looks soo different with short hair
Boy in a collar
Boy in a collar Month ago
I made the mistake of watching this when fasting 😢
cxnnqmcn swxrl
cxnnqmcn swxrl Month ago
I love how at the end of the description there are lots of names of people - including their last names - and at the end there is just, “Lily” no last name required.
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