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UPDATE: We have officially sold out of limited edition books in under 2 hours 😭😍. Thank you so much to everyone who snagged a copy and put up with the stressful checkout process. To everyone who couldn’t get the signed edition, we’ll have special, exclusive content available for everyone who has/will pre-order the book and audiobook!
Get it here: tryguys.com/book
The guys threw a slumber party and tried to sign 2000 copies of their book, "The Hidden Power Of F*cking Up" - for you! Will surprise prizes and guests help them get through every copy or make them lose their minds in the process? The first 2000 people to pre-order the book at Barnes & Noble will win a signed copy!
Get your official Try Guys color hoodies and phone cases at tryguys.com/collections/color-line 💙❤️💚💜
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Josh Richardson
The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.
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Apr 20, 2019




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Comments 80
The Try Guys
The Try Guys Year ago
UPDATE: We have officially sold out of limited edition books in under 2 hours 😭😍. Thank you so much to everyone who snagged a copy and put up with the stressful checkout process. To everyone who couldn’t get the signed edition, we’ll have special, exclusive content available for everyone who has/will pre-order the book and audiobook! We love you all and continue to be humbled and honored by your support - stay tuned for some even more exciting news to be announced very soon. 😉
Eric Gibbons
Eric Gibbons 3 months ago
RLucas3000 3 months ago
Just sign 20,000 more copies please
Madison Bengtson
Madison Bengtson 5 months ago
My name is Madison holy crap
Madison Bengtson
Madison Bengtson 5 months ago
I need that
Amazing Pikachu
Amazing Pikachu 7 months ago
Rip ppl who were sleeping when it was released
Discipline The Mind
Discipline The Mind 22 hours ago
0:59 I would never want a signed Harry Potter and if I had one I would pay you 50 000$ to take it
Tehya Lewis
Tehya Lewis Day ago
Its Pikachu!!!! 😋
Animal Squad
Animal Squad Day ago
The jojo dies made me almost choke on my ice cream. Hahaha 😂😂😂😂
Jola W.C
Jola W.C 4 days ago
Ok as a Canadian, I think the American national anthem sucks 🤷‍♀️
BB LJ 5 days ago
Special Guest: Eugene‘s butt
Garrett Ekstrand
Garrett Ekstrand 5 days ago
NotA ClassyWeeb
NotA ClassyWeeb 7 days ago
the thumbnail is me when i try to get my moms signature right
lauren 8 days ago
wyattthefuck -_-
wyattthefuck -_- 8 days ago
bee boo bee boo
Jovi VH
Jovi VH 9 days ago
This entire video feels like an acid trip
gabiluch87 10 days ago
That clown was so aggressive Man, I hate clowns
gabiluch87 10 days ago
I just realized that the cartoon versions of the guys are basically Morty
Piano 11 days ago
keiths deep voice literally sounds like snape lol
Leanne _ oreo
Leanne _ oreo 15 days ago
"ITS PICKACHU!!!!!" "You tried but it's not" "FUCK"
Bil Villena
Bil Villena 15 days ago
are we just ignoring the production settings? it's so fucking cute!!!!!!! the lightings says something!!!! 💖💖 and the color combinations are so captivating!!!!
Neeti Upadhyay
Neeti Upadhyay 16 days ago
If its a sleepover then how come the Clown enters in the day time sunlight!!!!!! 😜😜😜
marian s
marian s 17 days ago
My sister has those Jojo Siwa pillowcases
sierra 20 days ago
what is this video 😭😭😭
Lindsey Burda
Lindsey Burda 21 day ago
What was that clown act 😂😭 shit was a nightmare
Hina Khan
Hina Khan 22 days ago
I love you guys videos so much i promise 🤩🤩🤩
Eline Parlando
Eline Parlando 25 days ago
Im Ned is this video... I HATE horror movies ! I don’t see the fun in being scared
Houstony Melbach
Houstony Melbach 27 days ago
How many pages is this book though?
Bhargavi Mohan
Bhargavi Mohan 27 days ago
Why r they no comments
Avery Ptaszek
Avery Ptaszek 28 days ago
I'm not sure if that's a real clown
Liza Navarro
Liza Navarro 28 days ago
I think, this is the best sleep over 😂
Asif Malik
Asif Malik 29 days ago
These guys are going crazy signing like we are in quarantine
ray cachuela
ray cachuela Month ago
Lol I Love Eugenes dark humor and sacasm
Purpleish Panda
Purpleish Panda Month ago
rosette Month ago
**clown holds giraffe balloon** "can you tell me what this is?" eugene, wihtout a beat: IT'S PIKACHU!
Jerry Mae Perez
Jerry Mae Perez Month ago
Ned graduated from Yale. also ned: **tasting soap because it has flavor**
Avalon Project Wildfire
The sheer joy of the reward massages! "Latent dad tension."
Avalon Project Wildfire
Did you all get stoned by the time the bubbles came out, or are you just delirious from all the signing...?!?
Avalon Project Wildfire
Ned reacting to horror movie jump scares is priceless and adorable! lol
Brooklyn Frizzell
story time: Eugene has ran away with my brother me: what's wrong with my brother? sister walks in and says: everything do you not hear that? me: but why would Eugene want to run away with him? sister: cause he's like that
Judy Boose
Judy Boose Month ago
potterwars Month ago
Clown: what animal is this Eugene: *IT'S PIKACHU* Clown: no Eugene: *FUCK*
Claire Bowman
Claire Bowman Month ago
Omg there was a Kentucky fried chicken commercial before this 😂😂
Zoe Vermilyea
Zoe Vermilyea Month ago
*The Logic Of Ned Fulmer* Ned: graduates from yale, has a wife, a company and a toddler. Also Ned: *eating bubbles, bee boo bee boo, im ironman, puts trashcan on his head*
Lori Jennison
Lori Jennison Month ago
i love u all
H S Month ago
They deserve only good things
Cailey Christen
Cailey Christen Month ago
My mom has the phone case Keith has. It's kind of a girl's phone case...
rachel casey
rachel casey Month ago
“i KNOW the fucking plot” - ned
Emerie Muhtar
Emerie Muhtar Month ago
Ned is that kid who says he's watched horror movies while he actually only watches disney
Milanapple Juice
Ned: we have been signing for 20 minutes and we have made lets see....1...2....3........and 4...... Ned: *sadness* Zach: *sadness* Keith: *sadness* Eugene: .-.
3. Achyuthan Sriram
The production team: Guys you really have to sign these books... it's been so long... we need to send them... The guys: maybe we will if you make it a challenge Production: make sure they get food only when they have done atleast ¼ of the pile.
a girl
a girl Month ago
Eugene is such an edgelord, I love it🤣
Raja Ali hassan
Raja Ali hassan Month ago
"This is just a video, video cant hurt me",Ned
Elder Casshole
Elder Casshole Month ago
bleb means blister look it up
I got scared from watching Ned get scared. *what a wimp*
ROKiT Demo13
ROKiT Demo13 Month ago
Most people : I hate scary clowns , but I don't reallyyyyy mind funny clowns , not cringey though Eugene: I don't mind violent clowns , I hate the non violent clowns
Orino Zubasa
Orino Zubasa Month ago
@3:30 MANDELA EFFECT - Pikachu don't have a black tail tip! :D
It’s so sweet how Eugene feeds Keith the lime after Zach pours the tequila shot into Keith’s mouth :3
Alcy Schopp
Alcy Schopp Month ago
I love the try guys ! ❤️
Parisian Ham
Parisian Ham Month ago
What I expected: Book signing What I got: Apocalypse Now
TGLily Month ago
Everyone in quarantine rn😂
TEM studios updates and more
Beboobeboo Ned tired of being a dad
Jane Dat Weirdø
Imagine jojo watched this video
Isaac LoL
Isaac LoL Month ago
2:29 Try Games Gay Time!
Joanne Bowers
Joanne Bowers Month ago
clown: what animal have i given you? Eugene: pikachu! Clown: no not pikachu -_- Eugene: FFFFFFF
jesmin kalam
jesmin kalam 2 months ago
i love how extra Ned is ! i love their accented voice overs .. hahahhaha
Binu Rajasuriya
Binu Rajasuriya 2 months ago
Why is there a face cutout of a Dolan twin at 8:06 ?
Sierra Moon
Sierra Moon 2 months ago
This is late but I preordered the book the day they announced it but I got it on Amazon and not Barnes & Nobles :(
Ladee Dannel Marbella
When i saw his butt i was like “this gonna be a good video”
Morgan Kenny
Morgan Kenny 2 months ago
Is no one talking about the fact that Keith sounds JUST like Barry from the bee movie??
Havah Right
Havah Right 2 months ago
Euegene Is TRYING to RECREATE a Vineeee
Ellie Frank
Ellie Frank 2 months ago
ITS PIKACHU!!!!! It’s not FUCK!
Carys Kong
Carys Kong 2 months ago
When NEd looks super high
olivia schueck
olivia schueck 2 months ago
why did the clown legit assault them tho
random person
random person 2 months ago
*beats up Keith* *scares Zack* *traumatizes Ned with the amount of string pulled out of his mouth* Eugene: *nods in approval*
Akhila Anand
Akhila Anand 2 months ago
8:06 did anyone notice Grayson Dolan in the background 😂😐
Jayne 2 months ago
I'm watching your video and my mom can hear your audio. She said "whatever you're watching.. they sound like Sesame Street characters"
Turururu 2 months ago
Imagine this guys hanging out with the guys from Black rifle coffee...
Jason Tang
Jason Tang 2 months ago
Rebecca Q
Rebecca Q 2 months ago
I normally don’t like clowns either. But this clown was hilarious lol 😂
Watch your profanities
Eugene is doing that thing with his blanket that female K-Pop idols do when they wear short skirts or shorts at events and shows
Bailey H
Bailey H 2 months ago
i stg i think these men are more kid like than an actual child 😂😭
I Lust Wanted To Play Like Now
Why is it that Eugene is the least and only gay person of the try guys😂. He’s the boi but everyone else is so much more flamboyant and outgoing
Tiana Tea
Tiana Tea 2 months ago
Zack's socks are so close to his skin color it's freaking me out 😂😂😂
arfbeanie63 _
arfbeanie63 _ 2 months ago
I like how they photoshopped two sharpies into the thumbnail
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