The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful

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Aug 5, 2017




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Comments 101 459
ShounJoue 2 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-VfNdps0daF8.html When you talk about something you don't know about lol
sydney 2 hours ago
sampling. end of argument.
Flower Cookie
Flower Cookie 4 hours ago
I dont really lisen to pop music so 16:20 ? Nope Nope Nah Noope And Nope 17:43 Nope
irmalair1 10 hours ago
Omg the millennial woo woo 不不不不不不不不不不不不不
irmalair1 11 hours ago
Easy. Modern mainstream music = Porn.
Nicholas Fagnilli
Nicholas Fagnilli 13 hours ago
What a heaping pile of lies and complete lack of any real understanding about the tools used to make and talk about music.
Bob Bobson
Bob Bobson 14 hours ago
I don't even listen to the radio anymore, all the stations that used to play good music are gone. RUvid does a better job at predicting what music I'll like.
kvnrthr 1
kvnrthr 1 14 hours ago
ok boomer
William Angliss
William Angliss 16 hours ago
Wow. This is one of the most uneducated opinions on music Ive ever seen, its almost impressive the amount of ignorance this has. The closest Ive seen to this amount of ignorance in musical opinion is Ben Shapiro
Alexander Johnson
Alexander Johnson 19 hours ago
until there is a huge event most dumb but famous peoplebhave no creativity
Kevin Domingo
Heyyy, 42 here..
ej542926 Gaming
I hate the music now
Napolion Dynmomite
katy Perry does have decent tits
Charles Rast
Charles Rast Day ago
There is still great music being made by young musicians. It's all over RUvid!
dwayne fien
dwayne fien Day ago
I do not believe I am subject to the "familiarity" effect While some newer songs I do like, I prefer the parody videos of them, because I like to laugh. I like Katy Perrys video Roar, but only if the sound is off... lolz
MORBiD MiND Day ago
So what can we possibly do? I feel like its a lot deeper than this. Movies do it, Hollywood, Politics, everyone tries to manipulate the masses and thats why the country is so divided right now. What can we the people possibly do about this when we cant even join together and stand up to crap like this? Same thing with Vaping too. Its all about money. Climate Change can be thrown in there too, literally just about anything you can think of can be questioned and when dug into deep enough you discover stuff like this. This world is in such a terrible place right now, I mean damn.
Twosocks 2 days ago
Ah...this explains why I love the tunes in spaghetti westerns.
SuperEman500 2 days ago
In my opinion the last time music was great was the 90's and early 2000's
the pianist
the pianist 2 days ago
I personally think the pop songs and musics are for majority of people that are simple and stupid and less intelligent :))))
Cody J Films
Cody J Films 2 days ago
We are in the Golden age of music one day in the future the next generation will use machines to make music instead of relying on raw talent - Freddie Mercury some time in the 80s
TheTeenager 2 days ago
This video is shit , it was debunked by an actual musician ruvid.net/video/video-VfNdps0daF8.html
Evan Woods
Evan Woods 2 days ago
Timber-ral diversity lmao
PurPleSuN 2 days ago
If music is relative then nothing is better or worse than anything else. However I would say the music today is not as expressive as earlier stuff meaning there is only superficial feelings that come from it.
Golden Incinerator79
Billie Eyelish is an example of this
Soul Fly
Soul Fly 2 days ago
Futurists believe this time will be remembered as the Entertainment age Yes both music & movies have peaked already it won't get better
victor s
victor s 2 days ago
Here is my contribution to some good bands: interpol, sunflower beans, little green cars
Genny Mikel
Genny Mikel 2 days ago
They dropped the instruments, talent and creativity and a raw sewage called RAP came out. Every track sounds the same, every loudmouth doing it sounds the same, and all you need for lyrics is profanity and violence.
VernonJordan 3 days ago
Women sell records based on Looks. Music is the same for a reason, keep your mind numb and in the matrix.
J Alcala
J Alcala 3 days ago
Freddie Mercury can still kick Justin Beiber's ass
UltimateAxe Production of Nasir Ahmad
Now a days every one wants to make money in good or bad way and they only use bad way so they use this way to make music worse they don't care about people only money
theprophecy11 3 days ago
Well, too bad I don't listen to any pop crap then.
William Pimentel-Tonche
They're also all about love. God.
Aviatial 2 days ago
Ikr its rubbish
Philip Turner
Philip Turner 3 days ago
So true. Modern rap crap with its dour boring untalented angry shite and talentless arrhythmic unmusical bass with no musicality is appallingly bad.
Cave Beast Demon'
I agree with everything accept Lady Gaga. She is for sure just as talented as any musician ever! Listen to her sing the national anthem at Super Bowl 50. Listen to her sing jazz with Tony Bennet. She wrote hit songs for other artists (Britney Spears is one) before she was famous. She started in a Led Zeppelin cover band. Listen to her sing The Sound of Music at the Oscars. If you don't believe me ask just about any older rock star like Mick Jagger, Ozzy, Sting, Elton John, Metallica, etc, etc! She has performed with ALL these people and fit right in. She was accepted at Juilliard for her piano playing.
1redrubberball 3 days ago
In 1987, at the age of 40, I had finally stopped listening to the currently popular rock, and the curtain fell. For me, it had finally morphed into noise.
Matto Jackson
Matto Jackson 3 days ago
I think lady gaga is MUCH better now I think the old music is getting more respected
Eva Marie battle
Eva Marie battle 3 days ago
But over exposing songs actually makes me hate them.....
Ma ON 4 days ago
Once the good lord called Miles Davis home, we were done for.
Charles Rast
Charles Rast Day ago
And there will never be another. RIP Miles!伐
Chris Haywood
Chris Haywood 4 days ago
I'm a big J-Pop lover, as well as old music in English. I literally have no idea what is currently number 1 in the UK/US
Accelerationist 4 days ago
Nothing is worse than (c)rap.
David Nissim
David Nissim 4 days ago
Pop music as we know it was influenced by just five artists; three bands and two solo singers. The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. All playing different types of music, but ultimately remaining the gods of music. These guys had skill like no other. So why are artists today so talentless?
Clara Elia
Clara Elia 4 days ago
Led Zeppelin to Lady Gaga... ahh, Lady Gaga isnt awful... please!
Accelerationist 4 days ago
Anand Shah
Anand Shah 5 days ago
Pop is entirely shit except a few songs. HipHop has turned completely trash. EDM is changing rapidly, so some don't like it some do. But true, experimentation has reduced. Anyways this all BillBoard stuff is SHITE. Listen to channels like SuicideSheep if you want to really find some "out-of-the-box" music.
LukeJuke 007
LukeJuke 007 5 days ago
Not every song in modern music are bad, there are some that are good or ok
Felipemelazzi 5 days ago
You just got burned by Tantacrul. And it was nice to watch. ruvid.net/video/video-VfNdps0daF8.html
Elliot Belliss
Elliot Belliss 5 days ago
Billy Joel at a recent concert I went to said, Thanks for coming, Im still playing the same old shit Ive been playing for 40 years and a guy shouted, its better than anything today. So true.
Chris Haywood
Chris Haywood 4 days ago
god Billy Joel is GOAT
Evil Fluff
Evil Fluff 5 days ago
I dont like mainstream music. I like hearing musical instruments with words so of the musicians I like Steve vai, Alice Cooper, Within Temptation, Ozzy Osborn, LED Zeppelin, unsun and George Thorogood. I like all types of music but I hate when I hear a new song and I think someone else is singing it because they sound the same.polyphonic computer master killed new music. If you look at Lindsey Stirling some songs may have polyphonic for the singing but she is a violinist must songs she has no one is singing. Music from other countries ( in English) sometimes is nicely designed like Within Temptation music.
Matt Davis
Matt Davis 6 days ago
Im with you 42. music today sucks
Fifaliana Rabary
Fifaliana Rabary 6 days ago
Video: *starts with the Beatles* Me: you got me to watch til the end
MODITES 6 days ago
My neighbour uses a drum machine, cant sing. Modern day weirdo. I block it out with the cure, stone roses, the seahorses, style council,Joy division, the jam, lightning seeds,Alison moyet, cranberries, and especially the sex pistols. Kids are all weirdos nowadays. All this shite now drives me round the bend. Shocking. wearing tight jeans and stupid bobble haircuts, set of gimps. Wouldnt be tolerated when I was at school. Depopulation cos there all into pride and all taught to be left. My half sisters a weirdo, it riles me. Brainwashed by the system. Rant done!
Epinephrine Software
State of opinion here bud.
Elliot Belliss
Elliot Belliss 5 days ago
Epinephrine Software An opinion with scientific research.
Johnny Eclectic
Johnny Eclectic 6 days ago
I think most of my favourite albums came out after 2005, but they are not the sort of thing that gets put on the radio or TV.
M33t My Blade
M33t My Blade 6 days ago
It's pop music thats shit, most other genres are good
AR DWIP MEDIA HD 6 days ago
Yo Shi
Yo Shi 6 days ago
Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang
Aku 6 days ago
That's why I usually listen to classic rock bands like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, ect.
Elliot Belliss
Elliot Belliss 5 days ago
Led Zeppelin forever.
Aku 6 days ago
@Perspeii I don't hate the whole modern music industry but most of modern music is Just garbage (tho there're some good one). I did listen to some more recent Rock bands and they were pretty solid and I might listen to some more of them Also - you was right about my self satisfaction. I did kinda felt myself like a person Who actually listen to some good music
Perspeii 6 days ago
Aku I can almost smell the self satisfaction from here lol. Without being a nob, perhaps you should attempt to find music from more recent rock bands too. Its not like there isnt an insane amount of incredible rock out across the last 15 years, its just a little bit harder to find. Although saying that, its your choice as to what music you listen to, so who tf am I to say really
Tilly T
Tilly T 6 days ago
I blame Simon Cowell
Chris Jarrett
Chris Jarrett 6 days ago
So thoughty really left out hip hop.. I usually like thoughty but this was bullshit
C O O O L Y 7 days ago
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