The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful

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Aug 5, 2017

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Comments 101 165
collin van hauwaert
collin van hauwaert 34 minutes ago
Mellinnial whoop, first thing that comes to mind is in the shadows from the ramus
Bomfio 2 hours ago
Thats why i only listen to artists most of my friends dont know.
HAWXLEADER 6 hours ago
So that's why i like sonata Arctica so much? Tons of different instruments in random songs.
Alatär 11 hours ago
I'm 16 years old and I mostly listen to Enya or mainstream pop (Katy Perry, Rihanna etc.) they're so different but for me it is a good combination: sometimes i listen only to Enya (for maybe 1/2 month) and then I listen to pop (for other months).
jordan chua
jordan chua 15 hours ago
Old: (1999 and before) like New: (2000 and after) comment
Franz Mordhau
Nostalgia goggles! Modern music is fine, it's just the stuff on the radio that's shit.
Ratel.H Badger
When music is played predominantly through ear buds and on cell phones, having more complexity of sounds just makes for a bigger digital file to process. When the sound output is so compressed anyway, there's virtually no pay off. So why should disposable pop artists make anything more than simple, efficient, catchy tunes. Complexity is just more effort for something that may not pay off because "weird and experimental" is scary and new.
Ratel.H Badger
Thumbnail has clickbait boobs... still clicked anyway... won't watch... have a like! That's how these this work aye?
JangoF12b Day ago
I agree with most of it, I love AC/DC, Queen, and some other rock bands, along with some old classical music. I love the 80's really, i play old 80's arcade games, and I feel that it would confuse newer day kids to why I do.
Adam Sacks
Adam Sacks Day ago
Honestly this video was much better when it was made a year earlier. ruvid.net/video/video-6H5BPrLI3QA.html
Mojito Jones
Mojito Jones Day ago
A very boomer video
50 subscribers without any videos without videos
I only listen to trap, EDM, house, and dubstep. I genuently havent heared any of these pop songs.
S M Day ago
50 subscribers without any videos without videos That's some gay ass music you're probably some little punk ass 13 year old kid
Samuel Butler
Music is better then ever
old town road = brainwash
just gotta find the good, radio hits = shit..underground ftw
Abhishek gubhaju
That's why i listen to hozier........
Upgrayedd Day ago
6:59 - Max Martin & Dr. Luke
Nashville Quinio
Listen to Classical Music such as the WINTER WIND!
Polar Apple
Polar Apple Day ago
Listen to 1930 blues the lyrics soul and rhythms are amazing!
Grosse H.
Grosse H. 21 hour ago
I have listened to 1920's - 30's Swing Jazz. Good Stuff
Polar Apple
Polar Apple 2 days ago
Every pop song in 2019 is super slow and boring they sound all identical. Squeaky robot voices, boring lyrics and snap beats.
Jacob Balish
Jacob Balish 2 days ago
"do you ever flick through the radio..?" NOPE! I listen to what I download on my phone all the time, because modern pop is.. well.. SHIT. modern music as a whole is not going all to shit tho.. you STILL have the old people running about, music-ing left, right and center AND!! you then have, my favorit, Metal music.. which is still as good as it always was, and is still creative! it still requires talent and "showmanship" as well as skill, not just a computer and some programs to make some shitty beat and to put sexual lyrics over it. pop music is dying, we can all see that, I'm sure of it, but modern music as a whole is still not so fucked as we might think.
JC Eberle
JC Eberle 2 days ago
Those two songwriters look very similar to me. Could they be the same guy?
Nebby PewPew
Nebby PewPew 2 days ago
This is why I listen to Japanese music :3
Neel Tendulkar
Neel Tendulkar 2 days ago
That's why I don't like to hear music (seriously)!!!!
Lorraine West
Lorraine West 2 days ago
There is choice. I guess the publishers know it all. I have given up on but each their own.
Matt Butcher
Matt Butcher 2 days ago
Anthony Pascale
Anthony Pascale 2 days ago
It's bad but the sweater yams, taters, and fun bags are quite nice!!
Wulf O'Crow
Wulf O'Crow 2 days ago
Lol, you think bob dylan is worth a shit.
popindosin228 2 days ago
Today's music basically just covers and remixes of old tracks
Lukas Gigler
Lukas Gigler 2 days ago
Max Martin is the luckiest guy of all time. Multi millionaire and basically no one knows who he is let alone what he looks like
Aaryam Dev
Aaryam Dev 2 days ago
Man!!!! This video is great.
Aaryam Dev
Aaryam Dev 2 days ago
Radiohead is the best!
tenpammys 2 days ago
ITT: Let’s post modern artists who are actually making decent music. Maybe we can discover something new. I’m putting down royal blood and Sam fender.... your turn
Tad Ulrich
Tad Ulrich 2 days ago
The whole mainstream entertainment industry has been manipulated by Satanic mind control agencies for a very long time. For example, I read where the Beatles and Rolling Stones were creations of the Tavistock Institute in England. It was reported that Theodor Adorno, a European, classically trained musician wrote all the early Beatles tunes. He admitted that what he was producing was mindless drivel. When I saw the first controversial Beatles album cover for "Yesterday & Today" I started to get the picture.
StuartB Mobile Gaming
99% clicked for thumbnail
Frank Joseph
Frank Joseph 2 days ago
I wonder if Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Marvin Gays, Patsy Cline Buddy Holley James Brown would have made it today ?
Kerry Hart
Kerry Hart Day ago
Nope. Neither would've Dylan, The Velvet Underground, Bowie, Queen, Joplin, Hendrix. None of them, not one. The Beatles? Maybe.
Powergenic 3 days ago
When will there be a new music revolution?
Sinomine Ginomine
So true. Music these days is terrible
Snake Man
Snake Man 3 days ago
I'm old (66) and I like lots of music and there is lots of good music from every decade as well as bad ones. It's just a matter of taste and willingness to try something new. Remember, our grandparents hated Rock and Roll.
Black Beauty
Black Beauty 3 days ago
wow. you spilled some hot tea in this cold day. i love you
Black Beauty
Black Beauty 3 days ago
mainstream music these days are used to dumbing down the masses
Black Beauty
Black Beauty 3 days ago
max martin is a lizard
S M Day ago
Black Beauty Only The Lizard King is a lizard
Jeff Avery
Jeff Avery 3 days ago
that's not the real paul mccartny...he died in a car crash very early on,,,this is a double and john even said he buried paul on one of the albums.......i think it was a bephomet sacrifice ,for fame and fortune.......check out rfb/richie from boston and gtg chosen king
Anjali Kumar
Anjali Kumar 3 days ago
Idk y'all try and open your minds you can find good music anywhere, though I would suggest not looking to radio or TV for reference cause mostly you'll get overplayed pop. Which is not to say pop is bad...only mostly.
Dark Vulcan
Dark Vulcan 3 days ago
This music people are calling crap is one of the cornerstones of my childhood! I listen to it for the sound and because I support the artists! Music is a very personal and unique experience, and is therefore highly subjective. There is no such thing as objectively good or bad music.
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson 3 days ago
Every Millenial should see this.
CutiePie232 3 days ago
Metal for life
Adt_10 Terrarian
Adt_10 Terrarian 3 days ago
"Studies have shown that listening to one song over and over again have proven the brain more acceptable to communism" - Vectrex4Life
Jubilee Gabriel Mateo
This is why the Soviet Anthem is more beloved than most music today (at least within this decade)
Teddy Pierni
Teddy Pierni 3 days ago
What about things like revolution radio - Green day and the getaway - RHCP These are terrific albums and they are recent. This is an example of how music is really on the downhill. These are just the last drop of good music the world can give. We need to save it.
There’s always a lot of snobbery when it comes to music. There’s good music and there’s bad music and it’s always been that way.
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