The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has several products and I'm trying them all to see what the tea is on the formula, packaging and price!
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Sep 20, 2019




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Rebecca Filleti
Rebecca Filleti 6 minutes ago
jeffree: i love blazing Me: THAT IS A MOOD
Stitch329 47 minutes ago
My dumbass thought Jeffree was handing the lip gloss to me so I could sniff it
Lauren Uilanikuuleialoha
Hey Jeffree I understand this is kinda late! But can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review Florence By Mills by Millie Bobby Brown! Thank you so much Jeffree I LOVE YOU LOTS 🥺🥰🥰
Brittni Murray
Brittni Murray 3 hours ago
I would love to see you out on long island doing your thing and showing long island your sassy style and attitude. I love your confidence and style and your make up is so beautiful and your tattoos are breathtaking as are you. 🌹❤
Cat Sauro
Cat Sauro 3 hours ago
Please do a throwback look from your myspace days!!!!!!
Jessica Dias
Jessica Dias 3 hours ago
Hi Jeffree I’m sure you probably won’t see read this comment but I wanted to know if you have any plans on creating a foundation Please say yes😫 also I love your makeup bags very cute BUT I wish you could also make some that have two levels to be able to separate your lipsticks and brushes and on bottom put your foundation and blushes etc??
Kat Lees
Kat Lees 4 hours ago
Plz review Millie Bobby browns new makeup / skincare line.i need to know if it’s the tea🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵
Hailey M. Ramey
Hailey M. Ramey 4 hours ago
"Lady gaga's just doing a makeup line TO GET MONEY." uhh wtf yall do it for then? Its called business kiddos.
Annisha Shellman
Annisha Shellman 4 hours ago
I'm waiting for Jeffrey and Garrett to make another video together 😅
Please do a review of makeup of the store 5 Below ,I love your reviews and your makeup ,you fit your name star because you shine bright like one you are
Kevin Cowell
Kevin Cowell 4 hours ago
My girlfriend is a huge Jeffree Star fan and her Birthday is November the 2nd. It would mean the world to her just to have Jeffree Star to say "Happy Birthday Mimi from your boyfriend Kevin". Please spread the word and Love and hopefully I can make this year one of her biggest memories. Please and Thank You..
Savannah Escobar
Savannah Escobar 4 hours ago
I would beg jeffree to say good stuff about my product🥺🤣
Jada Hopkins
Jada Hopkins 5 hours ago
Heighton 720
Heighton 720 5 hours ago
I need to meet this new family member
Celeste 6 hours ago
You should post your opinion on Austin Mcbroom being a confirmed cheater and his rape allegations 🐸☕️
Gianellys Castanos
Gianellys Castanos 6 hours ago
By the way I love your makeup palette Jeffree bomb ass palette
Kimoria Ross
Kimoria Ross 6 hours ago
Looking fantastic
Kawana Kim1999
Kawana Kim1999 6 hours ago
Omg i love you😂😂 don’t you wanna donate something to my poor ass?? HAHAHAHAH
Daniel Klingler
Daniel Klingler 6 hours ago
Jeffree! Do a black and white shadow palette (collection)!
Gabriel Solares
Gabriel Solares 7 hours ago
James Charles is way better
lily monroy
lily monroy 7 hours ago
Love fenty ❤️💕💓 Don't like inglot. At all
Cassidy Garrone
Cassidy Garrone 8 hours ago
I have a hard time finding liquid liners that I love, might have to try this!!!!
Itsamegachagirl124 .C
Do a video about the ace family drama please! :p
SquidWOOD 9 hours ago
Hire me as your bodyguard queen!! I come with my own kit and AR 👊🏼💪🏻
Mason Scott
Mason Scott 9 hours ago
You need to make a dip brow
Brook Gibson
Brook Gibson 9 hours ago
I love your show and I love the makeup
Luna De Be
Luna De Be 9 hours ago
grace lynn
grace lynn 10 hours ago
anyone else think that jeffree should do a review on florence by millie
grace lynn
grace lynn 10 hours ago
le barzellette divertenti
we don't forget ... tati/charles thing how you behaved ... we remember
ho's tinkywinky
ho's tinkywinky 8 hours ago
le barzellette divertenti u obv new about him huh? Did u understand my reply? Did u know why his views dropping so bad? Let me explain to u since u know nothing except those vids 1) he didnt deny those accusation! He only explained about sam & not those names in text from JS! 2) no one comes out to say it's false or true AND JS nvr said it's false accusation! 3) those allegedly victims' names unfollowed & ignored JC BUT they still follows & even did collab with JS! 😎 action speaks louder than words. 4) many straight men exposed him lol Fun facts; 1) JC is the famous for lying & manipulate his fanbase 2) eventhough he got back his subs but he didnt get his views like he used to....bcuz they know sumn. 3) he pretended to be a female in a verified tinder * wink wink * I can write down more than this...but i wont stoop that low😂😂😂 Lmaoooo did u realise why his views shit so much???? HAHAHA
le barzellette divertenti
@ho's tinkywinky ,,, your answer tells me you never looked ALL the tati/charles thing ... tati deleted her videos after (both calling out and apologies) .. jeffree star offended charles' family and spit lies over james and then tried to patch it up ... james just told his truth and the video is still up ... go check for yourself
ho's tinkywinky
ho's tinkywinky 10 hours ago
le barzellette divertenti say that to jamie chihuahua to stop lying & manipulating his fanbase which consist with kiddos to nvr forgot how those "victims" unfollowed & ignored him but still follows & support JS😂 even did collab with JS👍😂 Try harder!
Sara Zagrabska
Sara Zagrabska 10 hours ago
Wmawiasz h nieeeee
rednekcowgal 10 hours ago
You should review ofra cosmetics, I love their liquid lip!
Lindsay Pez
Lindsay Pez 10 hours ago
I have a random question if anyone happens to see this and knows: do the Jeffree Star track suits get restocked? I really, really want the pink and black jacket but it's sold out in my size. I'm so sad. I want to know what the odds are of more becoming available!
ho's tinkywinky
ho's tinkywinky 10 hours ago
Lindsay Pez try go to beautylish, beautybay if they were sold out in his official website (i think he restock alr)
Michele Lindstrom
Michele Lindstrom 11 hours ago
Today I was On (Famouse birthdays) and Realized that me and Jeffree star have the same birthday OMG
Elis Beeman
Elis Beeman 11 hours ago
Anyone else live in Michigan too? 💛GO WOLVERINES💙
Reserix Gven
Reserix Gven 11 hours ago
Who wants more one color palette? (Like blue blood)
Sam I Am
Sam I Am 12 hours ago
Shane and Jeffrey should do a merch mystery box, one with makeup products one without for those of us who don’t wear make up but are obsessed with them anyway.
natalie_marie13 12 hours ago
*Does anyone else feel like the packaging looks really cheap?*
kayne entwistle
kayne entwistle 12 hours ago
I really think that u should bring out a advent calendar plzzzz
RAQUEL CASILLAS 12 hours ago
Wait who thinks that jeffree star and Abby Roberts should do a collaboration together :)
Likeable Stranger
Likeable Stranger 13 hours ago
ily jeffree ur amazing work queen yass
Angie Pitini
Angie Pitini 13 hours ago
Count Olaf
Count Olaf 13 hours ago
Straight white man here. I don’t wear makeup but I fucks with this man lady! (No disrespect) He’s a beautiful spirit and the world is better with this guy in it!! You’re a Star in my eyes! Keep rockin
Autumn Williams
Autumn Williams 14 hours ago
We are getting an Ulta in my hometown! I know we are to small for you to come to our opening, but it would be super cool
Herg Hdbdyd
Herg Hdbdyd 14 hours ago
Isn’t jefree star racist
ho's tinkywinky
ho's tinkywinky 10 hours ago
Herg Hdbdyd watch his 1st docuseries with shane
Polie 14 hours ago
Jeffree will you ever add all of your other collections to your online store because I was just wanting the year old thirsty palatte and the collection that come with it same with the alien holiday one or will thirsty collection come back in the summer and alien collection in the holiday season Someone tell me I’m new to this just want to know
Michelle Dambrosio
Michelle Dambrosio 14 hours ago
Grant Owen
Grant Owen 14 hours ago
Jeffree, halo how're ya? hehe I just want to say how much I love you and your channel. I'm gay (obvi) but don't do makeup, but I still wait for all your videos and I'm in love omg. Anyways, I want to come out as HIV positive. I've just known this year, and my status is already undetectable, but the fear/hype of HIV is still crazy. I know you've dealt with crazy hype/shit in your life already, and I'm hoping you can help people like me, who just want to be healthy and have a normal life without the stigma. Anyways, love you, hope you can can see this message... love forever XXX vinny
Izzy Bizzy
Izzy Bizzy 15 hours ago
Florence by mills.
Izzy Bizzy
Izzy Bizzy 15 hours ago
Florence by mills
Izzy Bizzy
Izzy Bizzy 15 hours ago
Florence by mills
Izzy Bizzy
Izzy Bizzy 15 hours ago
Florence by mills
Izzy Bizzy
Izzy Bizzy 15 hours ago
Florence by mills please
Estella & Bree
Estella & Bree 15 hours ago
if we get this to 20 likes, jefree will get eyebrows in 2020
Skyrider1590 16 hours ago
Sweetie, please do not drink too much “Red Bull” cause inside their formula something which will makes you unable concentrate much like “focus” while using your brain to “think”. A can a day should be sufficient but not too much. Pls do drink something else ok.....
elaine nano
elaine nano 17 hours ago
jeffree can you review the juvias pallets?
Through Alyssa’s Eye’s
Jeffrey make a new video this was from a month ago we miss you babes 💗☺️😚🤧 your energy gives me the best vibes I love your videos and when I’m a depressed mess I watch you and it’s like I’m in fricking makeup land I’m always in good mood after and during watching your videos !!!!! :D
Skull_Ninja 17 hours ago
Se can't see her true look
Julie Marylin
Julie Marylin 18 hours ago
After years of watching your videos, I just bought my first JSC product ! So happy that I found a distributor in France. I will finally get my hands on the Magic Star concealer and powder in a few days. Funny that it will serve to replace my old KVD Lock it concealer xD Love your work Jeffree, you deserve every bit of success you have ! Bisous de France.
Ena N
Ena N 18 hours ago
Try Roxi x Revolution pallets
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