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Jul 7, 2020




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Comments 100
Devin Caherly
Devin Caherly 2 months ago
Answering all comments!!
HEAVENLY 2 months ago
Dream Then Believe Official H.O
How long have u been together
Katrina A.
Katrina A. 2 months ago
UwU please tell me fo you like olive's on pizza
Jo White
Jo White 2 months ago
Hey Devin go live in Barbados for a year and film vlogs and whatever else you want ofc. Bring Tati too or not😊www.cntraveler.com/story/barbadoss-new-visa-lets-you-work-there-remotely-for-a-year
Daionne Greer
Daionne Greer 2 months ago
Notice me I have been following Devin on TikTok so I would like it if he would follow me on TikTok.... My TikTok is d+1 @daniellebrown13
z 4 days ago
I feel like there relationship is fake (They dont look like they wanna be there)
big fat blue rat
big fat blue rat 11 days ago
no one can read body language apparently 😂😂😂
Yaqoob Lami
Yaqoob Lami 14 days ago
Plz say we are just friends PLZZZZZZZZZZ
Yaqoob Lami
Yaqoob Lami 14 days ago
Devin are u serious u love this girl no way plz say u guys are just friends WTFFFFFF
Kennadi Ashley
Kennadi Ashley 16 days ago
omggggggg I can’t believe this
Gaming with Treazure
Can I be the flower girl at the wedding🥺
Let's grow together
Shes a keeper,I'm 41,and I have good judgment she really adores you,and yall both are just special together.
Faith Njuguna
Faith Njuguna Month ago
•hey devin:). •what is your favorite color?. •mines is white.
Fanny Fernandez
Fanny Fernandez Month ago
How rude tati
Meabh Fisher
Meabh Fisher Month ago
I'm I the only one who thinks this was awkward the whole time .
Tiktokmashups _xxx
I don’t ship ❤️
Jdara Claybron
Jdara Claybron 23 days ago
The leave ❤
Jae. A
Jae. A Month ago
So yall r a thing- can I be a bridesmaid 😊
Naomi Brent
Naomi Brent Month ago
My mind:”why are there 2 beds?”
who you is
who you is Month ago
stop playing with my feelings bruh 😔
ITSsoTony Month ago
ugh y'all are so cute
Starberry Sweetee
Small ring big ring baby ??? I want u to go live on your wedding pls 🥰🥰🥰
Jade & Nelly
Jade & Nelly Month ago
There in New Jersey I needa adress to come and kidnap y’all ;)
aesthxtic_ vibes
chile hol UP am i the only one who DIDNT know tht devins younger im really sitting here like😱🤯
M Joe
M Joe Month ago
Tati: crab legs the music: get that brain then leave🤣
Positive Thinkingkaa
I dont understand all.so sorry,what are you talking about.She is your girlfriend?
Macie-Leigh Cousins
Emma Smith
Emma Smith Month ago
I am so sad about the new about tiktok in the USA it ok for me bc i am in the uk \
RORI Month ago
Are they actually dating?
charlee irvine
charlee irvine Month ago
He is not 48
MysticMidna Month ago
lmao y'all really think these 2 are compatible like cmon this is all for clout and I Stan lool collect the bag Tevin!
tashawni- Augustine
Who came here from his tiktok bio
Livvy ahhh
Livvy ahhh Month ago
I tried of this word “soon” likewtfuxisdat.
Dawn Month ago
You better answer 👁👄👁
EasyPeasy LemonSqueezy
Let me get this straight... You met 2 weeks ago... and you're ENGAGED?! WTH!! I mean you do you but... WHAT?!
Periodt Sis
Periodt Sis 2 months ago
Dang I didnt know tik tok switched to tinder lmaoo
Addison Rae Edits
Addison Rae Edits 2 months ago
Pxstelfrxty 2 months ago
So whens the baby coming?
kemi7689 2 months ago
Elephant in the room, she is fat, and she going get even fatter, enormous, if she doesn’t deal with the contraceptive issues if that’s what making her fat. Try keto...gurl, this guy is gorgeous and you turn up fat and you are not even pregnant.
Lyrics Channel
Lyrics Channel 2 months ago
Autumn Walker u talking about my comment of hers
Lyrics Channel
Lyrics Channel 2 months ago
Or you can get a life and stop trying to bring people down
Jane Phillips
Jane Phillips 2 months ago
The 153 ppl who disliked are 🤡🤡🤡
Deborah Potter
Deborah Potter 2 months ago
Shy people be like: "I said Hi, i'm not shy"
Elliott Quill
Elliott Quill 2 months ago
I’m the same height as Devin lmaooooo
Terri Chancy
Terri Chancy 2 months ago
Wait....are they really an item? This is weird to me!!!!
Jenn Mcallister
Jenn Mcallister 2 months ago
Such a publicity stunt
lilly crow
lilly crow 2 months ago
We fan girling
Jeannyffers Guzman-urquiza
Aaaaaaaaaa I am screaming
Ania Otero
Ania Otero 2 months ago
U guys are the cutest, so meant for each other haha❤️
Aracely Arredondo
Aracely Arredondo 2 months ago
I’m so glad i found their their channels
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 months ago
I’m so invested in this “friendship”🦋❤️
Lexi Cook
Lexi Cook 2 months ago
yall really gonna make me cry
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 months ago
I just know devin is: 🌞🌸🌊🥥🦋
Hisoka Cumslut
Hisoka Cumslut 2 months ago
I’ll be waiting for la kiss *waits*
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 months ago
Y’all are awkward asf together
Layla Mariee
Layla Mariee 2 months ago
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 months ago
I just know devin is: 🌞🌸🌊🥥🦋
It’s me Red
It’s me Red 2 months ago
I broke my arm sir
Izze Bizzie
Izze Bizzie 2 months ago
Is Tevin real??
Maya Sauer
Maya Sauer 2 months ago
anyone feel bad for devin because they can tell how much he likes tati and tati just acts like this is a game. love you tati but this isn’t the move
zola 2 months ago
Maya Sauer fr u could cut the tension with a knife😭 it’s sad
Little Loner
Little Loner 2 months ago
He has no lips he can’t get a kiss kiss 😊😋🤚🏾
Tionne Shell
Tionne Shell 2 months ago
Yall play too much
paigekenzie 2 months ago
the fuck is this so short for-
Manalgotnojams 2 months ago
thatperson who tagged devin in tati's video must be proud of starting all of this
lasirenas1 2 months ago
Stop pressuring them to date. They are Tik tok entertainers and y’all knew they were joking around about a relationship forever. However it is still entertaining. People talking about their relationship romantically as if if was real need to get a clue. They never ever acted like it was real. So stop. Plus, I wanna see where this friendship goes. They make good content together on Tik tok and I enjoy it.
Celsa Escobedo
Celsa Escobedo 2 months ago
Awwwww so cute ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💙💙💙💙💙👫👫💑
Rumbi Ziyenge
Rumbi Ziyenge 2 months ago
how long have they know each other
Erik Kiernan
Erik Kiernan 2 months ago
Devin needs to change his pfp to Harold since Tati is LeShauna
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 months ago
the only time i’ve ever set a reminder ✨
Leah And Jared
Leah And Jared 2 months ago
I just know devin is: 🌞🌸🌊🥥🦋
Lidya Samuel
Lidya Samuel 2 months ago
Y’all are awkward asf together
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 months ago
but seriously they would be sooooo cute together. 🥺🥺
P Twins
P Twins 2 months ago
Devin are u really 19 and tai 22 bc thats werid
Fairy Princess
Fairy Princess 2 months ago
Did I win the 1000!?
Egg Master
Egg Master 2 months ago
Are yall fr dating tho?????
Dara Stul
Dara Stul 2 months ago
are you guys like actually dating for real or is it just like a funny fake relationship??
Tina Mccotmick
Tina Mccotmick 2 months ago
Is this wedding a real deal or part of getting views, if true congrats!!!!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 months ago
You guys already know they aren’t dating lol.
• n i c o l e •
• n i c o l e • 2 months ago
Can Y’all reply it’ll make my day😌✌🏼
avery f
avery f 2 months ago
devins from nj??? so am i
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 months ago
Danica Kipp
Danica Kipp 2 months ago
I’m literally obsessed with you guys!!! Especially Devin oml 💜
Brittany Stoll
Brittany Stoll 2 months ago
Meet and greet go to school. 😂
Brittany Stoll
Brittany Stoll 2 months ago
😂😂 so much clout.
•Natalia Zamora•
And that's how I met your mother
Marziya .Khan
Marziya .Khan 2 months ago
I LOST it when he said she did say she was 6’3
Katelyn 2 months ago
Ayeee I live in NJ too
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 2 months ago
but seriously they would be sooooo cute together. 🥺🥺
ninqi ogagun
ninqi ogagun 2 months ago
Devin is super cute but when he smiles real wide he looks like has dentures JSIBDJDNDJDNN (I was lit rally cracking up looking at it, I can't unsee it)
Billy Bill
Billy Bill 2 months ago
why does devin looked so SMACKED in this sksjks it’s sending me - still love them tho hehe
Ruby Plays xbox
Ruby Plays xbox 2 months ago
As soon as she said she didn’t like the ring it was too small my face dropped she’s a ungrateful person if ur gonna get married it’s not bout the ring get rid of her
Camille Crawley
Camille Crawley 2 months ago
Tati blink twice if your being kidnapped
sophia 2 months ago
whoever the first person was that tagged tati in devin’s tiktok. I HONOR YOU 👑👑
Olivia Romano
Olivia Romano 2 months ago
i hope there not doing it just for tiktok 😕
Marsby 2 months ago
Maya Gordon
Maya Gordon 2 months ago
can’t wait to see if tevin is real! Edit - I guess it is! 💗
sofia darze
sofia darze 2 months ago
ily guys
Tomi 2 months ago
there was no outro 😔
Shamya Anderson
Shamya Anderson 2 months ago
You got you a girl that can cook
Kaylee 2 months ago
They have no chemistry 😐
Cristian Montano
Cristian Montano 2 months ago
You going back to college ?
Carolina Castaneda
Carolina Castaneda 2 months ago
Get yourself a man who looks at you like Devin looks at Tati
hi bye
hi bye 2 months ago
50 kids? Woah there Devin, slow down.. let me keep up.
Catherine Aloyesus
Catherine Aloyesus 2 months ago
I ship tevin
The Claybrooks Family
“50!” “I-I-I think that’s too much for me”
Micah MM
Micah MM 2 months ago
2:23: get that bread get that hea- Tati: 😒
Donovan Clarke
Donovan Clarke 2 months ago
Im looking more forward to this wedding than mines
Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder 2 months ago
I wonder if Devin likes chicken
Ismaya Dann
Ismaya Dann 2 months ago
Devin dan Tati. kalian pasangan serasi. sumpah. gue nemu kalian di Tiktok. moga terus langgeng ya sampai punya anak2 yang lucu. salam dari fans kalian di belahan bumi yang lain. Jakarta Indonesia 🇮🇩
Fatima Aguilar ROBLOX
Awww this is so cute!❤️😂
ten 2 months ago
Devin u didn’t even answer the question- I’m baffled lol......... anyway he obviously using Northfy to increase views etc on YT
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