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HEY EVERYONE.. Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I invited one of my best friends over to play in makeup. Nicole AKA LipstickNick is such an amazing artist and we have been friends and working together for years. She did my makeup for the first ever Jeffree Star Cosmetics photoshoot and we continue to work closely on every campaign we do! I'm blessed to have her in my life and I want you guys to get to know her more! She's usually painting me or teaching classes around the world but today we sit down and spill the tea on our pasts, how we met and so many good stories. Thanks for watching! LOVE LIPSTICK
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Jun 13, 2018




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Comments 16 043
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa 3 hours ago
God, I thought I was the only one with a leaky eye! Good to know Im not alone. Always my left eye.
Kaycee Blundell
Kaycee Blundell 6 hours ago
Super late to the comments list, justdid a re watch, and yup LEFT side leaky eye over here 🙋 honestly thought it was just me with my sensitive ass eyes 🤣. Although I find with the JSC pallets and HUDA beauty pallets it's not as bad. Oh and international tours, definitely need to bring it down under to Australia!! So much love down here,I'm sure it would be a sellout as well. 💜💙❤️
Allissa Newman
Allissa Newman 10 hours ago
Would you ever come to New york(buffalo) for makeup classes
Rhonda Clark
Rhonda Clark 20 hours ago
You two are gorgeous!
mel beaudin
mel beaudin Day ago
I want free makeup!!!! You are both gorgeous!
Jenna Davis
Jenna Davis 2 days ago
Awe, this kinda makes me sad him taking about him and Nate but new year, new chapter baby!
Toni Defields
Toni Defields 4 days ago
Can you guys please do a canada tour !!! No one ever comes to calgary canada to do anything cool we need more awesome amazing artists like you two to come down and I aspire our city !! Xoxox
Miss Mo
Miss Mo 5 days ago
Please come to Phila , PA!!!
Jayne Carr
Jayne Carr 6 days ago
jeffree i love u...u have inspired me to get back into make up i got clean 4 years ago and i gained a lot of weight and i gave up on doing my make up and looking my best and lately i have gotten myself back into it and i actually feel beautiful again everytime i watch a video i want to run to my bathroom and try a new look i have alll these pallets my sister gave me to try to get me back into it and now i am finally getting intoit thanks to u
Lindsey Brown
Lindsey Brown 6 days ago
Is there any secret to helping the makeup stay put after my eye starts watering like my face is a desert ?
Marisol Torres
Marisol Torres 7 days ago
Make another vedio together pa pa pa pleeease!! 💫💞💫💞🥰✌
MellowJelly 8 days ago
Jeffree getting so close to watch Nik as she was putting on her fake lash LOL mood
MellowJelly 8 days ago
i luv her, shes so comfortable being herself on camera. goalsss !!!!
Saradactal Mama
Saradactal Mama 8 days ago
Watching this after both of Shane’s docs is crazy with them talking about the apartment and stuff
Ellie Lane
Ellie Lane 9 days ago
Oooo IE that’s where I live
Teiya Dyke
Teiya Dyke 9 days ago
Looks are FIRE!
Bess Shero
Bess Shero 9 days ago
It's funny how Nicole mentions her leaky eye and Jeffree Star just reels it in just in case nobody thinks it's cause of his palette
Jacki Cutler
Jacki Cutler 9 days ago
When you laughed after you said “we’re thirsty” hahahahaha I love you and I love Yalls friendship. Very genuine and fun to watch I xoxoxoxoxoxoxxx
Mohammad reza Daghagheleh
Sindi Mendoza
Sindi Mendoza 12 days ago
I love her make up
Corrine 12 days ago
MegZzY Nèsüb
MegZzY Nèsüb 13 days ago
My family is from Michigan,saginaw, GR , Lansing etc...up. ☝
Katyaaa Aquamarine
Katyaaa Aquamarine 13 days ago
Why do they always look good together !!
Vanessa Smalls
Vanessa Smalls 14 days ago
Sometimes I'm really sad that I live in Austria .. it's like wow I hate it sometimes. Just because I can not be at events like that .. cause I have a job and every time i have vacation or anything like that a day off there's no events or anything girl. It f****** sucks. 😩
ashlynnn 15 days ago
AZI VAFLOR 15 days ago
Hi jeffree ... You are so gorgeous.... I wish that i could try your make up. Im from phillipines i have no idea if that avaible here. Plzzz...?? Thank you.... I love you so much..
Brooke 15 days ago
when u realize james charles makeup routine is snatched from lipsticknick
scruffle 16 days ago
Wow she is absolutely stunning and I love how you guys have so much history, love seeing your connection with each other.
Handsome Angel Life And Fun
talk about houses and cars.
Handsome Angel Life And Fun
How Are you ladies and gentlemen. check my channel . i also uploaded a video talking about jeffree.
blonka123 18 days ago
Summah The *Vegan*
Summah The *Vegan* 18 days ago
I totally see Jeffree haunting someone for doing his make up badly at the funeral so better be great if you get that job. also someone help me how do I deal with facial sweating and make up???
Leggie Meggie
Leggie Meggie 21 day ago
I know this is old, but I have to announce that I belong to the leaky right eye club! 😆👍
Sophie Salerno
Sophie Salerno 23 days ago
I really loved this video. You can fee the good chemistry between you both. It’s nice seeing you with someone who is a true friend that doesn’t seem like they’re trying too hard. You seemed so much more comfortable then around anyone else. Those are the people we wanna surround ourselves with. It was fun, made me smile and feel excited.
Chasity Randolph
Chasity Randolph 24 days ago
The red head has nice "assets" 😜❤
Caitlin O'Rourke
Caitlin O'Rourke 24 days ago
I have that leaky eye like all the time like full on tears will come out and it feels like I’m not cry not upset just tears rolling out it so annoying but only some day
Kenzie L
Kenzie L 25 days ago
As a Michigander, hearing someone say that Grand Rapids isn't a big city put me in check real quick
Abby Wise
Abby Wise 26 days ago
Yes, LipstickNick! Steady got watery eyes even when I'm not doing makeup.
Time Bomb Terry
Time Bomb Terry 28 days ago
Girl, my nose starts running every time I put on foundation. But I'll be damned if I'm giving up my make up. NO. I WON'T. 😂
Dreamseed VR
Dreamseed VR 29 days ago
As a former mac employee myself i wanted more MAC tea!!! Lol ;p
MaryElaine-Blinstrub Chambers
Where were you in the late 60’s on! For yrs I looked for a lime green. I had been painting and gotten oil paint on my lid & it looked so great but all we could get was Laura yardley light blue. You both looked fabulous!!!
Pla Stic
Pla Stic Month ago
Homefriend... 👽
Judy Martin Beauty
Yea gurl, my left eye always leaks!??i dont know it sucks!.- i cant even! if you find out why - msg me
Both of you are so awesome and are loved very much
ATLHooligan Month ago
Why am I a straight male and think jeffree looks better... I'm just not a fan of her hair, the half shaved look is so 2017...looks bad. Plus she's like fatter than my limit, I dont care if your chubby, but she looks legit obese.
aatsista Month ago
Aww... myspace days! Jeffree ☆ Top 5!
aatsista Month ago
Mini's are my fave!! I replace my own products even before 24 months.
Holly Dolly
Holly Dolly Month ago
Why do I love you so` much Jeffree? I wish I could hang out with you.
dagavahe Month ago
2020: JS discontinues the Thirsty Pallete 😭
L1 9 days ago
Not the most popular ones probably. He can't keep all products and keep coming out with new all the time. Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️
dagavahe 24 days ago
I don’t know... but he discontinued the thirsty & alien pallet
Nita Month ago
dagavahe whyyy?
Sophie Cat
Sophie Cat Month ago
It would be great if hospitals had mini makeup gift bags for cancer/ill patients containing samples of products that help us look less sick? Maybe that's something I could try and do here in England 🤔 love to all x
Glo Natural
Glo Natural Month ago
I LOVE both looks of course!!! Y’all are gorgeous!
Sway Kween
Sway Kween Month ago
I adore them!!!
4NN13 H
4NN13 H Month ago
Yo, I have a leaky eye and thought I was the only one. It’s almost certainly not an allergy. I kind of wondered if it isn’t just an overactive tear duct. It seems to happen after both my eyes water-and then the one just keeps going.
Just another Human being
OMGGGGG ME TOO. my right eye does that. its so annoying
Samantha Curschmann
Omg does anyone else want to ravage jeffree Star? 😂😂
vivapurplediva Month ago
LEAKY EYES ...are usually caused by blocked tear ducts ... i had to have surgery to unblock mine but apparently these days there are medications that help in breaking down the gunk that is blocking your duct causing them to 'over-spill' @jeffreestar
Elisa Figueroa
Elisa Figueroa Month ago
I know I'm super late, but I also have a case of the, "forever teary eye." My (left) eye is constantly teary because I have wicked allergies.. Flonase is my best friend because it has stopped my eye from having constant tears... I love you both.. Keep slaying ❤
sara cristina
sara cristina Month ago
When you coming to Toronto girls ?????
Yolanda Curtis
Yolanda Curtis Month ago
41 year old mom that loves makeup
Sally Gentry
Sally Gentry Month ago
You truly show class. Loves and Blessings XOXOX
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