the truth about everything. (the wedding, jake, alissa, erika, mtv, mental health, drugs, etc)

Tana Mongeau
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i filmed this right after my (two day) break from socials. obviously things are a little better and different since then, but i felt like i needed to say all of this in order to grow. love you. thank u for listening. we got this.


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Dec 29, 2019




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Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen 11 months ago
2019 was the grind and hustle for your career so 2020 is for healing and nurturing your success
Shawn Month ago
lol now im 8 months into quarantine and laughing at everyone in the chat whos saying that 2020 will be a good year
Annalise Thompson
This did not age well
Meer exe
Meer exe 2 months ago
She looks so different without makeup
Kimberly Guillen
Kimberly Guillen 2 months ago
2020.... corona virus
Nina 2 months ago
this didn't age well
Mallorie Wheat
Mallorie Wheat 2 days ago
her saying it's her fault hurts because i hate how much she had to be apologetic when she was emotionally abused. i just wanted to hug her the entire time.
Lornalee Lemoine
Lornalee Lemoine 5 days ago
This girl should really get to the point of what her videos about. She spent 15 minutes of the first video blabbing about nothing and then got to the point. That's ridiculous.
SavannaTheSavage 11 days ago
We all want to see you happy and thrive, even if the wedding wasn’t real,it didn’t seem real I liked it though I thought it was fun… I’m sorry you got hurt with whatever you learned in the process, but u will come out the other side better like you always do! Love you Tana I know what it’s like to grow up how you did... trust me.. but hang on and maybe try therapy, even the online one where you text with somebody, I forget what it’s called. I just hope you get the help that you need. I know the holidays are coming up and that’s like family shoved in your face or lack there of… we just want the best for you Tana I think maybe you just need a break, and then just do you. If you need a break take a break we love you, we will be waiting here for you ❤️ at least I will be
SavannaTheSavage 11 days ago
Just do you stop watching the news, stop caring about what everyone thinks. It’s great that you opened up, and told everyone how you feel to get that off your chest but you shouldn’t feel that bad for so long. You did what you did and it’s time to heal and move on, I love you Tana ever since the beginning with your story times! Once you get back to just doing you and normalizing your life you’ll be a lot happier
SavannaTheSavage 11 days ago
I love you Tana, looks like you guys had a good time and that you were around a lot of people in that house send all of your fans just want the best for you and we love you, some relationships are just for fun not for forever…
The Music Forth
The Music Forth 12 days ago
02/09/2017 Never Alone, Never Again. Thank you Tana for sharing your story with us
Marilu Robles
Marilu Robles 12 days ago
Sometimes you gotta lose the person you love most in order to find and heal yourself
Qnahi Segura
Qnahi Segura 14 days ago
I. Love. Tana
Qnahi Segura
Qnahi Segura 14 days ago
You. Cute little girl
Kay Slay
Kay Slay 14 days ago
Our lives are so similar i had to get a stay away order on my boyfriends dad for putting his hands on me it brought back so many bad bad memories that im realizing I never actually faced and dealt with. Thank you for sharing. Makes us feel like we're not alone. I fucking love u Tana 💓 💗 xoxo
Megan Rivera
Megan Rivera 14 days ago
Go to therapy girl. shop around until you find one you vibe with. Promise it will transform your life. You’ve had a lot of shit happen you shouldn’t have to handle This alone love this is what they dedicate their lives to is helping to teach how to heal.
Gemini Luv
Gemini Luv 14 days ago
Jake treats all the women he was ever with like a door mat....Why do you think you are different? Every girl can do sooo much better!!!!! Have Respect for yourself....you're giving women a bad look by putting up with so much abusive shit!! I can't believe anyone could ever say that you would still love this guy if he killed your family.....that's some real twisted sick shit......Please get help and talk to a psychiatrist before you ruin your life and have a million regrets!!! You need to stay far away from him!!
Tori Jaco
Tori Jaco 22 days ago
this is my favorite video on your channel
Rat Eye
Rat Eye Month ago
mipha’s grace
mipha’s grace Month ago
I don’t care for tana’s content that much, but no one and I mean NO ONE deserves to be with someone as disgusting and rude and abusive as jake. How he gets girls in the first place is beyond me.
Nevaeh Anderson
Nevaeh Anderson Month ago
idk you personally but i am proud of you :)
YoBro Month ago
Rip headphone users
Jordan Reason
Jordan Reason Month ago
Please don’t give up. We disappoint ourselves everyday. I’m good at that...believe me..but we are worthy of love. You are worthy of life. You are worthy of happiness. Please don’t give up. ❤️
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho 2 months ago
Open relationships never work when trying to live the Hollywood lifestyle. Next move his other lovers move in and share your bed and eat your food and takes your pets away and claims your pets as their own?
bossy 2 months ago
A year later and she’s still fucking with him... crazy.
magda clark !
magda clark ! 2 months ago
i love this woman.
Elena Zytynski
Elena Zytynski 2 months ago
Wait did she date hunter Moreno?
Irya Macnab
Irya Macnab 2 months ago
Tana you are so sweet and cool bro you are a good person
Man Hat
Man Hat 2 months ago
Joanna Elsbeth
Joanna Elsbeth 2 months ago
Your so strong
Brooke Lukoni
Brooke Lukoni 2 months ago
You know what baby girl! When glass breaks it can’t be put back together but if you look closely it will glimmer in the sun!
Out Of Time
Out Of Time 2 months ago
Tana, do you know how beautiful and extremely attracting you are, when you arent saying fuck all the time and talking about dicks or wanting to fuck someone. Just watching you now in this video, your true beauty comes out and any good guy would want to love a girl like you. During your vows I think you said fuck twice and I saw Jakes face and he seemed a little taken back by it. I know you have been hurt in your life, and maybe thats why you cuss alot because you are angry, and you have every right to be. But trust me,, If you ever want to move on and find someone who will love you for you, make you happy and never hurt you. You are gonna have to stop the foul mouth and try to be more discreet about your sex wishes. Guys love a challenge. And the quiet one over the loud one will always win. You are truly so amazing and you deserve to be treated like a queen. But in order for that to happen you have to act like one. Your youtube channel and your career will go on and be even better with Tana still being crazy but without being vulgar. You are funny, you are the best speaker I have seen in along time. You got skills girl and the looks. You could have the world at your feet, if only you knew this. Walk with your chin up and be proud of yourself. I'm proud of you.
Victoria Pham
Victoria Pham 2 months ago
i could watch this so many times and cry just as much as i did when i first watched this. she is going through what so many girls go through day to day and has the courage to share it.
Meg Williams-Boyle
Meg Williams-Boyle 2 months ago
Jake sounds like poison. Like he is a drug that draws you in by making you feel amazing for a a moment but once you come down from that high its worse each time
Meg Williams-Boyle
Meg Williams-Boyle 2 months ago
It would be important and the most empowering thing you can do is to reach out for help, maybe rehab would be the best thing. You can see in your video’s that you’re very up and down which will come from the drugs. Drugs will have already damaged you mentally and physically but don’t let it damage you anymore. This real Tana is lovely but the dramatic, over the top tana doesnt feel like you, it just looks like your on drugs. Maybe take a look at your own circle of friends, those that are a bad influence with you. If you’re a drug addict and your friends/family are taking drugs then how can you ever truly leave that past behind if its constable around you.
Jules Scott
Jules Scott 2 months ago
I’ve always known Tana is smart because she’s funny/her clever editing style but this video proves how intelligent and aware of herself she is. Also it’s insane to think Tana is only 22, that’s insane.
Jacqueline Rivera
Jacqueline Rivera 2 months ago
Damn why so much hate on Jake you don’t know the whole story no one does just them
EvaLasVegas 2 months ago
I think I had a fit watching the amount of editing cuts there were
Marilyn Marlboroe
Marilyn Marlboroe 3 months ago
Me watching it on my bed about to fall asleep and feeling like I'm talking to a friend that's going through the same thing🙃🙃
Leilani Haywood
Leilani Haywood 3 months ago
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arlette ruiz
arlette ruiz 3 months ago
honestly, jake is such a coward. he’s a unfaithful prick & his relationship don’t last for shit. tana & alissa need to call him out together.
Jess Ica
Jess Ica 3 months ago
Tana. Stop acting like your relationship and marriage was real. Y'all didn't even get a marriage license. www.thecut.com/2019/08/tana-mongeau-jake-paul-marriage-fake-evidence.html
Karen Guerin
Karen Guerin 3 months ago
Ngl even watching this months later it’s still heartbreaking.
christina marion
christina marion 3 months ago
it’s the fact that he hurt alissa so badly and did it again to tana is beyond me
Nyasia Jacques
Nyasia Jacques 2 months ago
He hurt a lot of girls not just alissa he cheated on Saxon sharbino kellie Stewar
Matilde Maio
Matilde Maio 3 months ago
You mean the literal world to millions of people and we are all here for you take your time and don’t ever think your alone in this we are all here for you we love you so much keep strong tana❤️
Rocinda Nielsen
Rocinda Nielsen 3 months ago
what alissa violet picture and what erika stuff?
Sydney Hartnett
Sydney Hartnett 3 months ago
girl you need a tarot reading
Leilani Haywood
Leilani Haywood 3 months ago
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Leilani Haywood
Leilani Haywood 3 months ago
More. Video. Tana Mongeau
Kiss jordin Lozare
Kiss jordin Lozare 3 months ago
Sry for the late reply but maybe you and hunter were really meant to be
Anthony Robinson
Anthony Robinson 3 months ago
Imagine being this miserable for no reason, and all the fault is your own. There are actual people struggling in this world. Get out of bed. Jfc.
deenky 3 months ago
awesome victim blaming
I can stutter man Philip parsons
Sandra S
Sandra S 3 months ago
this actually triggered my own ptsd because it's so raw and honest. than you for making me feel less alone.
Janeya Nicole
Janeya Nicole 4 months ago
This girl making a video laying down lol when you get up there it don’t mAtter the quality
Georgie Dobson
Georgie Dobson 4 months ago
I feel like this almost like is the Alissa violet video flipped. Where she was pissed upset on a war path of pain. Tana is saying the same things except on more of a somber self blaming approach. Idk it's very similar & extremely sad that they have similar experiences from being with Jake.
Alayna Kendall
Alayna Kendall 4 months ago
Well I guess 2020 was not good either
Irridessa Amore
Irridessa Amore 4 months ago
Victims always blame themselves instead of their abusers
James Polishchuk
James Polishchuk 4 months ago
Sakhi Pradhanani
Sakhi Pradhanani 4 months ago
You acting all sad like you did in tanacon thing but exactly like you past you made a vlog about wedding not being legit, taking power back and doing it for content like you said it from your mouth idk y acting all like a sad victim 🤦🏽‍♀️
Renata 4 months ago
What is so bad that your parents did that you don’t wanna speak to them. Probably you’re exaggerating a little bit cause you’re depressed and see everything worse. But you should always say try to fix stuff with your family
Evie V
Evie V 4 months ago
I'm going to be honest, I've never been your biggest fan. When this came up on my "recommend" I was surprised, but I'm glad I watched this. What you're saying resonated deeply with me when I was being abused by my ex. I understand that you gave the "green light", but gaslighing, manipulation, and abuse comes in dozens of different ways. If you have to say "I don't blame Jake" this MANY times, then maybe you should change that verbiage to "I don't blame myself".
Samantha Smiles
Samantha Smiles 4 months ago
Girl, this is clear that you have been abused. Look up narcissistic abuse and trauma bonding. Jake Paul is 100% a narc. Everything you have gone through is totally normal. When you start a relationship with a narcissist (someone with NPD) they love bomb you. It is ALL a manipulation. They love you like you have NEVER been loved before. The number one thing victims say is "I wish we could go back to the beginning." Narcissists will slowly start to abuse you more and more (gas lighting, etc.) And you feel like you have to be LOYAL to them. Even the thought of going against them makes you feel afraid. All narcissists cheat. They make you think it was YOUR idea and it was all YOUR fault. You keep saying "it was not his fault" girl, you have signs of abuse written all over you. Just because Jake went through some shit doesnt give him the excuse to abuse people. MOST people have gone through some shit. It is also not surprising that the second after you got married, he was done. Because you had become useless to him, at that point. He has all money and fame. A Narc will take everything, and then leave you. And you will feel lost, confused, feeling like its ALL your fault. I dont follow Jake Paul or Tana (not sure how I even found this video) but I recognize narcissistic abuse. This is it, my friends.
Samantha Smiles
Samantha Smiles 4 months ago
Jake Paul sounds like a narcissist. I dont even know how I found this video (I dont follow either of you) but you need to look up narcissist and trauma bonding. Look, there are SO many people that have gone through effed up shit in their life. You cant use that as a justification to treat people like shit. Girl, you need to look at narcissistic abuse. It starts off small and then when he had taken everything from you, he peaces out. And it shows that you HAVE been abused because you are still defending him. I'm glad you apologized because you did do this for fame and money.... but you ended up falling in love with Jake. And he never gave a shit to begin with. A big sign of narcissist is they feel nothing when people die. This is a BIG sign.
CLXPS 001 4 months ago
I think jake is the best RUvidr and did not wrong
Currito 101 Animations
OOOH my god there is something wrong with ur brain
Leilani Haywood
Leilani Haywood 4 months ago
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Leilani Haywood
Leilani Haywood 4 months ago
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Leilani Haywood
Leilani Haywood 4 months ago
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Leilani Haywood 4 months ago
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Big Nats
Big Nats 4 months ago
And now they are back together
Leilani Haywood
Leilani Haywood 4 months ago
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Leilani Haywood
Leilani Haywood 4 months ago
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Leilani Haywood 4 months ago
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Trine Rasoulinia
Trine Rasoulinia 4 months ago
She must bee another great example of narcissistic self obsession....
Melody Rose
Melody Rose 4 months ago
Yooo I feel like made her sign a non discloser agreement. After Alyssa violet exposed him. If she was in contract with him. Imagine Tana. I bet jakes team realized they needed NDA after that. I can’t stand the “Paul’s” 🤢
Princess consuela Banana hammock
I wasn’t shocked at all that Jake went back to erika i saw it from a mile away! I feel like erika is the only one who jake has ever really loved and he’s never been the same since they split. Him and tana are like when 2 villains get together and 2 wrongs don’t always make a right. I never liked tana with jake i always had that feeling that it was fake but love is blind i guess
Julius Calvin
Julius Calvin 5 months ago
Leilani Haywood
Leilani Haywood 5 months ago
More. I’m sorry. Hey honey. Tana. Mongeau. 👩🏻‍🦰👱‍♀️👰🤵Kids. More. Tana. Mongeau Kids. More. Tana. Mongeau has been an awesome day day morning my son and my daughter
jin from bts !?!?
jin from bts !?!? 5 months ago
wait they were actually together
Netai Rigiri
Netai Rigiri 5 months ago
just make a divorce vid alrady
Grace Calabria
Grace Calabria 5 months ago
I feel pain watching this she sound emotionless how could such an amazing person get dealt such a bad hand
Evie Mann
Evie Mann 5 months ago
Sitting here sad as fuck watching you talk exactly how I feel is so cathartic thank you
Brooklyn Nading
Brooklyn Nading 5 months ago
That’s not okay that he left you when you were going through all that on your wedding what a dick it’s not your your fault
Skyla B_3
Skyla B_3 5 months ago
Tana You are you. You know that you need to be the best person you can be please if you ever need anything please please tell your fans we will help you when there’s people hating we stand with you. And we understand the things you do we will stand by you and help you grow you are Tana and Tana is you. You are you and your the best you that you can be
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 5 months ago
Awwwww sending love ♥️
Samuel Rios
Samuel Rios 5 months ago
CoNfUsIoNs lol Paul don’t go with tana das it.......is it not true CoNfUsIoNs😀
Windy Eevee
Windy Eevee 5 months ago
Honestly I feel for Tana so much cuz my ex completely manipulated me and controlled me. I was so blinded by love. Getting out of that kind of toxic relationship is so hard. I hope she’s doing better. Honestly I think she’s a pretty sweet and compassionate person. ❤️ Also Jake Paul can ROT in hell
Jeimy Quinteros
Jeimy Quinteros 5 months ago
Tana we told you...
Jeimy Quinteros
Jeimy Quinteros 3 months ago
Harveer Bhinder big oof tbh 😃
Thaís 5 months ago
not everything is your fault
Melissa Gambrell
Melissa Gambrell 5 months ago
Tana Keep strong honey! Stay true too you! You are so great inside! You are still young enough to find true love! Not the love that you think is true to you now! But the love that awaits you! Just REMEMBER LOVE IS KIND AND NEVER WANTS TO HURT! LOVE IS TRUE ONLY TO YOU! HOLD ON AND WAIT FOR YOUR ONE TRUE LOVE! THEY ARE COMING TO YOU AND ONLY YOU TANA! YOU GOT A GOOD HEART AND FUCK THOSE THAT CANT SEE THAT! KEEP ON KEEPING ON! STAY STRONG AS YOU GROW! 🙏🙏🙏❤💛💚
The Immortal
The Immortal 5 months ago
Well your ass should've not dated him in the first place,knowing what type of person he is and his story with his so called "girlfriends",honestly I don't understand why you should date him there are so many other guys to date the world is big, pathetic!
Teagan Hill
Teagan Hill 5 months ago
jake was sooooooo toxic it to you, it breaks my heart so much that you dont see it, but i get it. when you are so inlove..its like your blind, you love who you love and sometimes whatever they might do or others might say do not change how you see that person because your so inlove💔💔 tana, you are worth so much more and your so fucking strong girl!! getting through it all still with a smile, even if it wasn’t the realist you did it and your still doing so well pushing through, being strong!! your mental health is worth alot fucking more than any toxic boy or girl. just wish i could just give you a hug babygirl🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Girija Narayan
Girija Narayan 5 months ago
I hate you tana
Black Ladder
Black Ladder 5 months ago
Who’s Malcolm
Leona Swift
Leona Swift 5 months ago
I understand wanting to be authentic, but trying to heal in the public eye is going to be pretty impossible. Do your inner work, talk through your childhood trauma and how it’s affecting you today with a therapist privately 🖤
chicagogirl1114 5 months ago
What’s is the Erika shit she’s talking about and what is the live stream
14Linalopez 5 months ago
No its JAKE'S fault! An open relationship thats healthy is both partners making eachother feel safe comfortable and aware of other relationship youre both in... To just not talk intently on how the other person in your open Marriage is feeling is just cruel honestly! Plus who goes on a honeymoon without their spouse thats just SELFISH! Plain and simple and for him to make you feel responsible its ridiculous!
K.Poe. Edwards_
K.Poe. Edwards_ 5 months ago
I feel for her, I do. Let’s hope she can get her shit fixed for her. Just focus on you, Angel
SherryGaming 5 months ago
I’ve honestly before thought of you as a bad person. But now when I’m older I can understand you and I feel extremely guilty that I hated you back then. I’m really sorry for what had happen to you. I don’t feel responsible to give any advice but, find yourself before finding others. I don’t know how helpful that is but I’m cheering for you.
a nice person mostly
This video is the most honest and raw I have seen Tana. I enjoyed the realness..it makes me look at her differently and also respect her as a person
Mya G
Mya G 6 months ago
23:27 - tana said she “made zero dollars” from the whole jake thing.. so where’d all that money go?
Princess consuela Banana hammock
In jakes back pocket just like the money from all the people from team10
Channing Jones
Channing Jones 6 months ago
part 2 of my book lol This video has rightfully put you back to the beautiful person you deserve to be (in my eyes at least, cx) I feel so connected to you from this video. You are truly a lover, which is an amazing thing for someone from your upbringing to be. My upbringing was not as hard as yours in many ways and yet I envy your success in doing what you love. I do however know what it's like to deal with self hate and drug abuse. I like you am a lover. I know what it's like to give everything for love. I know what it's like to give so much that you loose yourself. I know what it's like to feel so a lone. I also know what it's like to find someone that understands you so completely and who you understand, but may not necessarily be the right thing for you. In fact that person and our relationship in my case was unfortunately drug fueled and extremely toxic, no matter how much love and friendship we shared. I am so proud of you for coming out and saying what you were truly feeling through all of this, and I don't put you down for the mistakes you feel you've made. I am so excited to see your true self ready to shine through whatever may lay ahead. I'm rambling but I just want to say thank you. #Resubscribed
Channing Jones
Channing Jones 6 months ago
Okay. This is gonna be a book for you Tana xD First of all you always look so gorgeous with your natural look. I started watching this video laying down just like you and I just want to say I love seeing you cozy and relaxed and talking to your fans with that real real. I started watching your RUvid videos after the Tanacon scandal, (I've been watching Shane forever.) I did this to see what kind of person you actually were as much as one can from RUvid videos. I started at the very beginning. I was instantly drawn to your personality, even as just a baby when you started out(; You were so funny and as someone who wanted to do RUvid at the same age as when you started, it was addictive to watch someone who actually had "it." Then I saw a video of you opening up about your childhood and your upbringing. I gained so much respect and love for you it was unbelievable. Then you and Jake Paul become a thing. I've never been a fan of Jake Paul, but again seeing the Shane documentary opened up a soft spot within me for him. I couldn't help but think you too were honestly super cute together. Then I found out that it could be fake for views and clout. I was crushed. I let myself believe in you. I felt betrayed and so stupid. I unsubscribed to you over thinking you had a fake relationship with someone I didn't even like. That's how betrayed I felt. I figured I wouldn't give you exactly what you wanted. Attention. I forgot about you. Recently I started to miss you and wanted to watch your old videos again. I'm so glad I did because it brought me here...
Urmi Rudra Photography
I am cancerian and I can relate to this
D's life
D's life 6 months ago
The only thing I wanna say is that,Tana u r so brave , beautiful and strong to be going through all of that and it's completely fine to make mistakes in life , doesn't matter how stupid they seem , it's fine , atleast u learned so many things from these difficult times or situations and don't forget these things are actually making u a stronger version of yourself,so focus more time on yourself or take a nice long break to go on a vacation with all of your girlfriends or even solo ,do whatever your heart wants and find your true, authentic , unapologetic self and we will always be here for you no matter what, don't forget at the end of the day we r all humans and it's completely fine to get a little side tracked ,I hope u r having a wonderful day
Summer Kennedy
Summer Kennedy 6 months ago
Tana u deal with too much u should take some time for urself like it would probably make u feel so much better
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