The Truth About Criss Angel

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What do you really know about Criss Angel? He's one of the most famous magicians of our time, but Criss Angel's story is interesting outside of magic, too.
Here's the untold truth of Criss Angel.
Most magicians get their start as kids. After all, when you're a kid, adults are much more likely to applaud your efforts - even when they can tell that you just switched the cards behind your back.
But some kids are blessed with parents who support their interest long enough for them to cultivate some serious skills. Well, Criss Angel must have had some incredibly supportive parents, because he started practicing magic at the age of 7 and never gave up on it.
According to Biography, Angel, who was still called Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos back in those days, first became interested in magic after his aunt showed him a card trick. He later said he was drawn to the "incredible sense of power, that an adult didn't understand how it worked, but I did."
Angel practiced until he had enough material for a whole show. By the age of 12, he was all ready for his first performance. He even collected a ten dollar fee for his services. So what's the takeaway here? Criss Angel became a magician because he liked having power over people, and he was pretty much always in it for the money. Basically, he was already living the American dream before he even hit puberty.
Watch the video for more of The Truth About Criss Angel!
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A boy and his magic | 0:16
Criss Angel, the teenage mage | 1:23
His parents weren't pleased | 2:14
His rockstar dreams | 3:02
Magicians occasionally reveals their secrets | 4:19
What can't this Mindfreak do? | 5:22
He's a bad boy. He swears. | 6:21
A very bad boy, indeed | 7:39
Ice Cube vs. Criss Angel | 8:03
Magician of the century? | 8:48
His son's leukemia diagnosis | 9:41


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May 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Grunge Year ago
What's the most mind-blowing magic trick you've ever seen?
Benjamin Falzon
Benjamin Falzon 14 days ago
@Marisol Olmos Where did you see that?..I must've missed it
Marisol Olmos
Marisol Olmos 14 days ago
When he split 2 ppl in half and changed there bodys lol awesome
Derk Month ago
I say the same thing when I take a dump.... NOW!!!!
Benjamin Falzon
Benjamin Falzon Month ago
@Chris Smith I thought that I was heartless until I read your last 3-words.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Month ago
When I was 8 my dad did this magic trick where he disappeared. I'm 30 now and he still hasn't shown up. Best trick ever. I can't wait to see him again and ask him how he did it. Love you dad ❤
Animas Girard
Cristopher James
What do we know? Hes most likely a straight up demon
46lespaul 2 days ago
i bought his book back in the day i still use a trick from that book today in routines. i owe my inspiration into magic to criss
Kyle Barnes
Kyle Barnes 10 days ago
He was able to cash in on video-editing when people weren't really exposed to altered "live tv" lies. He's not even an impressive magician.
raven sixx
raven sixx 10 days ago
Paid actors and cameraman aint magic
Kristine Brito
Kristine Brito 10 days ago
I remember the days when people would always talk about him, I used to hear about him EVERYDAY especially living in Vegas. Now, no one really brings him up these days. It makes me sad!
J J 7 days ago
Bruh living in Bronx all I heard was David blaine
Renio Cordeiro Nery
Criss é o Mago.
Anthony Hembree
Anthony Hembree 10 days ago
Was Jim carry making fun of Chris angle in the Burt wonderstone movie
Chance Adams
Chance Adams 10 days ago
4:29 watch as I magically burst my appendix
Gaetano 11 days ago
3:34 looooooooooolllll
Marisol Olmos
Marisol Olmos 14 days ago
I wanna see him in vegas
Keith Rosenthal
Keith Rosenthal 16 days ago
People get Jealous, so they hate him, but Angel also does ALOT of charity work and donates money to those in need. Don’t hate ! Don’t be a Donald Trump
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 17 days ago
nobody wants to bring up that he killed someone in a trick?
Nestor Cordero
Nestor Cordero 24 days ago
You hate Nestor. Dont no. You believe hate Nestor
Dirt Farmer
Dirt Farmer 24 days ago
The truth about Chris Angel is he uses paid people and camera editing to give his audience the illusion he is a real magician.
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 25 days ago
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 24 days ago
Right new law purpose no mercy act
Pinoy Action
Pinoy Action 28 days ago
Criss Angel The Lourd of emo
supercat380 Month ago
Chris Angel is one of the greatest magicians and performers ever...a tribute to America!!!!
Tina Corbet
Tina Corbet Month ago
Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag LOL Supernatural.
Daddy Loudpack
Daddy Loudpack Month ago
I remember he did the episode where u had to touch ur TV screen and u were supposedly gonna feel him touch ur finger tip 😂
Maciej Radomski
Maciej Radomski Month ago
He's Hank Azaria in drag
Lalramfakzuala Chhangte
I was a fan of chriss until he disses David who is a real magician , and I know most of his trick like everyone
Jacqueline Sutton
I loved watching TV when he was on I grow up with him as my idol
Aaron Huskey
Aaron Huskey Month ago
The truth...sold out to Satan
Luigi Rnotyourbusiness
Some of his "tricks" are probably not necessarily just tricks, but dark magic
sal alvarez
sal alvarez Month ago
My sisters was obsessed with mindfreak that she bought his magic set, she threw a fit when I decided to put the plastic thumb in my nose
Andrew Lineberger
Criss Angel it's been exposed as a total fraud his audience is in on it and it's all scripted...
Arpy Setrakian
Arpy Setrakian Month ago
He’s not a magician he practices Satanism. He’s not a mind freak it’s all demonic! There’s a limit to how far can a magician perform,he has Crossed the line so many times, and people still believe that it’s an illusion it’s not. He even mocked Jesus Christ by walking on water!! Yes he has sold his soul to devil to achieve the impossible. They all do period.
Tibor Reszegi
Tibor Reszegi Month ago
"...in the last times, lots of false prophets will rise, to turn away even the choosens, if that would be able." - He is a false prophet.
Tibor Reszegi
Tibor Reszegi 15 days ago
​@Clair Beth Not a surprise then (that you are a "hardcore" atheist - as you said). InMyOpinion, catholic cristianity (in general) is the furthest awayfrom the real things ever. In india, Jesus is respected as a great teacher and Yogi, with great knowledge, and purity. In buddhist rounds, He is knows as Saint Issa , "the best of humans" - also respected as a great teacher, and spiritual leader. In india, there are different looks about God, some believe that, He is not "he" (not a person), but a Great Energy, and some believe that, He is a person, but not only He, but She is also in the mean time. . Then years ago, when my life and health went down, I turned to God, and got baptised, but during the years after, I realised, something is wrong with all of it. Lot later, I started to discover different "religions" and philosophy, indian and eastern philosophy, and understood parts, are never mentioned in the bible, and by the catholic leaders. These knowledge pulled real knowledge, and understaning to my life, about myself, and basically everything. . I do not codemnt anyone (also not you) for being an atheist, you have your owne reasons, as you expressed, but would recommend only one thing; do not make a final opinion or statement about God and spiritual things, without a sneek-peek into the eastern knowledge and philosophy, and the more than 3000 books and scripts, what was excluded from the bible what we call bible today. . Doing that (making a firm statement without reading those) would be a great mistake and loss for you. Not for me, since Im good now with that I already know, but for you and anyone who just keep to be atheist without knowing real things instead of catholic "bullshit".
Clair Beth
Clair Beth 15 days ago
Tibor Reszegi nah my dude, I’m good thanks, I’m a hardcore atheist. Being raised in an extremely Catholic household and going to a catholic boarding school gave me enough religion to last a lifetime.
Tibor Reszegi
Tibor Reszegi 15 days ago
@Clair Beth If you wish, I can. But in the meantime, I just wrote a verse from the bible. You may check it out. :)
Clair Beth
Clair Beth 15 days ago
Tibor Reszegi choosens.....? Also could you be anymore ridiculously dramatic!?
Shechai Yah
Shechai Yah 2 months ago
I don't think this man's devotion to Magic is the same as devotion to Evil. There aren't a lot of spiritual teachers who can or will or would take him on as a connection to the Cosmic. :) God says to me, "This man does no deliberate harm to anyone. Let him come. Let his grieving Spirit come also Who suffered the Lyran extinction and betrayal at Titan, yes."
Danessa Lopez
Danessa Lopez 2 months ago
I remember he had segments in between his show to teach people how to levitate?? Lol. It was basically him repeating mantras about being as light as a feather and stuff like that. I use to eat that up.
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Know mu rights right to leave country
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Cant participate crimminal
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
How to lose medical rights come to milw wi aholes
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Performance technical problems
Modus_ Operandi
Modus_ Operandi 2 months ago
As long as u got a fake audience u can do anything
Chitown Agnostic
Chitown Agnostic 2 months ago
Do the Truth about Fatty McPotus...
madmike1 2 months ago
Tbf when you listed all his martial arts backgrounds I instantly know it wasn't that impressive...alot of potential for bullshido there.
FrankN Stein
FrankN Stein 2 months ago
cstephens333 2 months ago
Annoying bitch boy who pays for fake audience actors and does fake ass busta “magic”... also 🐕 💩
portcitymike1 2 months ago
The truth about Criss Angel: HES A DOUCHE BAG
Stella Selv
Stella Selv 2 months ago
He is an actor not a magician...
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Five finger death punch blue on black
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Sohat have tell em truce give 2 shit there deal sane give 2 ffff
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Savin abel missisdippi 🌙 shine
Adam Lewandoski
Adam Lewandoski 2 months ago
Many might disagree, I find his magic really amazing and very entertaining. He had a couple bumps in the road personally, who has not? Bottom line the guy is a great entertainer if you are into that sort of stuff as am I, and don't give two shits about his personal life.
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Deep purple bad attitude
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Rent lease date
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
My health prob war terror big mistake need video cuttin free just died you arms tonight
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Tell en bitch here revlon black browm. Three days grace left right wrong not just broken leg hipp price pay showmen
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Looks poor
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Almost lost kid go figure out brass balsl no more warnings
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Look what we have dynasmhoe pile shit up
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Matrix break too bad messed french laxy u probably
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Mind here with me so prob
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Rest to lol
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Thearous fucku
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
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Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Hos stay young smoke vogue
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
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Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Shampoo spilt enz shark attack poor boy did
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Job backoff
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Gettin unjection trick gone bteak hoa maney procaine injection
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
Three days grace left right wrong
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 2 months ago
So prob what say good fuckem gin blossim hey jealousy fuckem matrix
Hyacinth Sinclair
Hyacinth Sinclair 2 months ago
Very dark heart
Hyacinth Sinclair
Hyacinth Sinclair 2 months ago
He works with spirits.
Incsub12 2 months ago
Chris is douche baggers incarnate
Robert Pryor
Robert Pryor 2 months ago
The real trick is he takes away the douchiness of a flashy stage magician, ends up even douchier!
Entropy Regen
Entropy Regen 3 months ago
He was cute back in the day... there I summed him up!
lunna_bluu 3 months ago
Well if you have demons helping you do magik you'd be successful to....he's not doing that crap on his own talent.
Kekeboy100 3 months ago
He is fake angel
عراقي وافتخر
Fakkkkk criss he used aspicial effect he can not livitate... But David Blain he is areall black magic he make adeall with Satan
Benjamin Falzon
Benjamin Falzon 3 months ago
What a load of Bullshit!!
Benjamin Falzon
Benjamin Falzon 3 months ago
Demons are spirits therefore they are unobservable unless they decide otherwise. The magic is performed by the demons, the magicians are just the mediums. Demons can transform into anything they like, including into insects. That I have witnessed with my own eyes at my home, roughly about 3 pm ...And I'm not a magician...One hot summer afternoon I sprayed an annoying blowfly, "I've sprayed many blow-flies", but this one was slightly larger than any other fly I've seen, soon, it went berserk and it flew wildly as it banged itself from wall to wall and upwards into the ceiling, finally after roughly 30-seconds-time it hit the solid ceiling for the final time and disappeared without a trace and without leaving any mark on the ceiling whatsoever, I was dumbfounded and I just couldn't believe what I've just witnessed... Whether or not, the strange blowfly was a demon or an insect from the spirit world, I don't know. ...Believe it or not. it's a fact. I believe it was a demonic invitation for me to get involved in magic...No thanks!
Benjamin Falzon
Benjamin Falzon 3 months ago
The real story, of Chris Angel and a number of other world-class magicians is told on Video Titled..."Magicians prove the spirit world exist-demonic activity caught on video"...That video exposes the real secrets of magic... The video above is designed as a distraction from the facts.
Ahmad Al_shanqeety
Ahmad Al_shanqeety 3 months ago
I remember one episode of his show made me feel terrified for about a whole month
Amy Helsabeck
Amy Helsabeck 3 months ago
His hair was so much better when it was highlighted and kinda messy, lately he looks so effeminate.
Miguel Gallegos
Miguel Gallegos 3 months ago
He's a dipshit.
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 3 months ago
Yo yo cheap econmey so on lots tricks
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