The Truth About Criss Angel

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What do you really know about Criss Angel? He's one of the most famous magicians of our time, but Criss Angel's story is interesting outside of magic, too.
Here's the untold truth of Criss Angel.
Most magicians get their start as kids. After all, when you're a kid, adults are much more likely to applaud your efforts - even when they can tell that you just switched the cards behind your back.
But some kids are blessed with parents who support their interest long enough for them to cultivate some serious skills. Well, Criss Angel must have had some incredibly supportive parents, because he started practicing magic at the age of 7 and never gave up on it.
According to Biography, Angel, who was still called Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos back in those days, first became interested in magic after his aunt showed him a card trick. He later said he was drawn to the "incredible sense of power, that an adult didn't understand how it worked, but I did."
Angel practiced until he had enough material for a whole show. By the age of 12, he was all ready for his first performance. He even collected a ten dollar fee for his services. So what's the takeaway here? Criss Angel became a magician because he liked having power over people, and he was pretty much always in it for the money. Basically, he was already living the American dream before he even hit puberty.
Watch the video for more of The Truth About Criss Angel!
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A boy and his magic | 0:16
Criss Angel, the teenage mage | 1:23
His parents weren't pleased | 2:14
His rockstar dreams | 3:02
Magicians occasionally reveals their secrets | 4:19
What can't this Mindfreak do? | 5:22
He's a bad boy. He swears. | 6:21
A very bad boy, indeed | 7:39
Ice Cube vs. Criss Angel | 8:03
Magician of the century? | 8:48
His son's leukemia diagnosis | 9:41


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May 17, 2019

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Comments 1 493
Grunge 3 months ago
What's the most mind-blowing magic trick you've ever seen?
Jonny Random
Jonny Random 5 days ago
The trick where you stole 3:47 seconds from me before i clicked off. MAGIC
Muzzle Brake
Muzzle Brake Month ago
Chris angel failing at catching a nail shot from a nail gun. best trick ever other than his straightjacket fail
Javier Vargas
Javier Vargas Month ago
Me Making Drugs Disappear 😬😼
Kaeda Sonata
Kaeda Sonata 2 months ago
I'd like to see Criss Angel disappear, and just not ever come back. XD Best.Trick.Ever.
LaydiNite 2 months ago
@Har per Adblock is a thing.
Paranormal Ma, Ma is HTD4LIfe
Fuck, Freak, Fan, Fun, Figures , Foe Show.
marvin canidate
marvin canidate 3 days ago
Who cares he got paid ,and fooled alot doing it. Hell your Government does it every day
Nada Nada
Nada Nada 3 days ago
I still say he’s a Demon Assisted Magician....
fordie 58
fordie 58 4 days ago
Criss Angel was a talented magician. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Person Lol
Person Lol 4 days ago
The only magic he’s doing is still having a career
Shang Hunter
Shang Hunter 5 days ago
Clownville, what some people won't do for fame and fortune.
Andrew Parliament
We loved his show.. don't want to know the secrets.. just love to be amazed by this type of magic theatre!!
eric la chappa
eric la chappa 7 days ago
i saw his show a couple years ago i thought it was a rip off my opinion
Troy •Artist
Troy •Artist 8 days ago
It's the reappearance that I don't care for.
Here’s the 💯 percent truth. Criss is creepy and cringy af. You’re welcome.
Sham Maideen
Sham Maideen 12 days ago
He'd do anything for money. Even including giving away the secrets
Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller 14 days ago
First time watching Chris Angel I was wondering how anyone could believe in any of this bullshit.
B B 14 days ago
Did you mean the Amazing Douchebagio?
Fatima Moncada
Fatima Moncada 15 days ago
I'm sure he has a connection with the world of darkness, all I can say about this is The BLOOD of JESUSCRIST cover us
M O N 3 Y K
M O N 3 Y K 14 days ago
aliheartzu phrakonkham
That's pretty smart
snow cone
snow cone 16 days ago
The real truth is how I never knew his name was spelled “Criss” and not “Chris”
Bryant Whittaker
Bryant Whittaker 17 days ago
I wasted a lot of money watching him in Vegas!
Bryant Whittaker
Bryant Whittaker 17 days ago
Rip Off!
Tiberius van Riotson
Chris Angel is the most untalentet magician i ever saw, he is where he is because he is very reach, uses lots of camera effects and fake publicum, there are many magicians out there wich work very hard and hardly make a living out of magic.the quality of the playing cards and theyr price,talk alot about what kind of person he is.reach on the outside but empty on the inside.there is no passion in what he does and he doesnt deserve to be recognise as a magician.
Perry the corpse Flower
80% of doctors are the biggest joke in the professional world. I think he did good for himself
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 24 days ago
Magic is fake so who is that ?
LIL NAS X 24 days ago
Wait is criss Angel the OG lead singer of hinder
jawa 2
jawa 2 24 days ago
He's half demon soul eater
jimmiemclovin 25 days ago
you know, when i click onto a potentially interesting vid and i hear this assholes voice, i know it's b.s. straight up...
vxk 26 days ago
Demon I know people who've witnessed this in person in Vegas recently, some of his stuff is not fake.
Alan Reddy
Alan Reddy 28 days ago
I'm high as a cloud's fart and even I can see his best trick was proving y'all don't have any type of social life! 🤣
teh brockly
teh brockly Month ago
These joke attempts are so bad
Patrick Thibaut
Patrick Thibaut Month ago
Incredible charisma and gets away with a lot of extravagance without looking foolish.
Daniell Head
Daniell Head Month ago
Fake, all of it.
Gasson Teddy
Gasson Teddy Month ago
He sold his soul.
Gumball Month ago
He's no angel from heaven, that's for sure. Satan is the father of lies. I think he made a living off Satan's work.
Just some Facts
Just some Facts Month ago
Damn last time I heard of "Chris Mindfreak" was like 7 years ago
Rumpel Felt
Rumpel Felt Month ago
Still can't like this guy. He just doesn't seem genuine to me and we know magic isn't real. That means don't be such a dramatic cocky hot head about it. I also find the religious symbols and such to be very cheesy. Nothing more annoying than a 'bad boy' who also wants to be god boy. I can also see what the ex-girlfriend was hinting at with the rage episodes. I could easily see him being a spousal abuser.
James Lower
James Lower Month ago
Is the truth that hes a douche bag,because he is
Dean Mark
Dean Mark Month ago
Ms. S
Ms. S Month ago
He worship Satan
Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson Month ago
Bitch Puddin
Bitch Puddin Month ago
He's NOT a magician, he's a shitty fucktard Illusionist like David Blaine just with out the talent.
Jeremiah Daniel
Jeremiah Daniel Month ago
Criss loved having power over IGNORANT people meaning that he has the knowledge which is what he thinks is power and the people that don't know are still trying to figure it out its all just entertainment other than that its all just an illusion only certain people will fall for him so that is ok for some people but he is making money off his publicity stunts its all just a scam lm@o!
_NocturNe_Kaiido 68
The best Chris magical
Cara Krzyzanowski
Having a short fuse & being a perfectionist/control freak go hand in hand. Criss is a very kind man & loving father. Holly Madison is 'who she is', and that's why she said those things about Criss.
Wendy Solo
Wendy Solo Month ago
Criss with long hair....Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! now that could make my dried out "bleep" wet again. lmaooooooo! Yeah yeah I'm blunt.
Offduty Ninja
Offduty Ninja Month ago
Don’t like his act. 👎
Chris Symonds
Chris Symonds Month ago
Everyone from Copperfield to Blaine use trick photography and editing plus hired audiences
Chris Symonds
Chris Symonds Month ago
@willie beamen of course it was a work unless Blaine was a pearl diver which he isn't I've never seem the trick you're referring to but I bet I can tell you how it's done. As I said all modern magic tricks are variations of old stage presentations. The trick now is to make people think that street magic is filmed live without editing or photo shopping it is it's been exposed and the audience's are mostly insider's all the celebrities are in on the tricks both Blaine and Angel have been exposed by insider's and magicians who revealed their methods
willie beamen
willie beamen Month ago
Do u believe david Blaine stayed under water for 17 min back in the day?? Or u think that was a work ?
Lindor Pay
Lindor Pay Month ago
He sold is soul to Satan he mock God like walk on water ect ... Anyway like the Hellywook wako's all padeo , Illimunati OWO well CHRIST ANGEL yep Falling Angels Satanic .
Reino Subliminal
It's nice to see that after all those moments criss went through in his life. His back to his wife, his son survived the cancer and he build an health organization. Knowing that he was lost on my map since 2013.
Charles Capps
Charles Capps Month ago
Worships satan. Hes a complete loser
Captain Jesus
Captain Jesus Month ago
Brandon you are a Fool. You are like Chris Angel fooled by Satan and going to Hell. Captain Jesus Incarnated SON of Jesus Christ God of gods END OF LINE
Dom Month ago
David Blaine > Criss Angel
steven laughs
steven laughs Month ago
I wanna see a wizard show-down, Chris Angel vs David Blane
Babalon Month ago
And here I sit, never heard about this person.
Justin Kruger
Justin Kruger Month ago
Lol His wife looks like him.
Yvonne Harnden
Yvonne Harnden Month ago
Thirteen magical moons tonight
K.M. Smith
K.M. Smith Month ago
Chuck Liddell didn't even hit him
michael mede
michael mede Month ago
Must be nice to be born into money Criss Angel. I'm sure anyone could do anything if they were rich when they were born and didn't actually have to work for anything in life.
michael mede
michael mede Month ago
@racccongenocide1842 and that "work" is really easy when you don't have to worry about things like paying rent and eating. And you don't have to worry about these thing when you are born Into money, therefore you have time to play with magic tricks.
He did tons of work
Chester Copperpot
There are magicians and then there is Camera-Tricks Angel. Anyone who has watched him and hasn't realized EVERYONE is in on it are blind.
Magicofamazer Month ago
Criss Angel is coming to a town near me. CHEAP SEATS are $200. Might have to pass on this one
Craig D Jones
Craig D Jones Month ago
Wasn't there a band called Abracadabra in the late 80s- early 90s?
BIG Stick
BIG Stick 3 days ago
It was a song by Steve Miller..
Greg Rohs
Greg Rohs Month ago
This channel is so fucking lame.
Ricardo Guzmán
Ricardo Guzmán Month ago
He sold his soul for magic, plain and simple. Next!
Captain Jesus
Captain Jesus Month ago
Brandon you are a Fool for Satan just like Chris Angel. REPENT John 3:16. Hell is waiting on you. Captain Jesus Incarnate Son of Jesus Christ God of gods END OF LINE
Deanna Lachelle
Deanna Lachelle Month ago
So is it TRICKS....OR MAGIC?? 🤔🤔🤔 Two very diff things.
KaZeD YT Month ago
there is no magic.... only people who do real magic is devil worshiper(vodoo dollmagic etc) all other artists are just illusionist
adam heeley
adam heeley Month ago
If chris angel was acutally a good magician he would be more popular. But when Magicians are talked about I only hear david Blaine's name mentioned.
adam heeley
adam heeley Month ago
@KaZeD YT Meh, he's ok but you can kind of see how he does his tricks immediately.
KaZeD YT Month ago
21pilots tillidie
I'm still of the beliefe that Criss Angel and that dating guru clown "Mystery" are the same person
dog bounty
dog bounty Month ago
m t
m t Month ago
Who cares?
JD Mango
JD Mango Month ago
6:46 he literally dangles his feet 😭😂🤣
BMW Programming & Encoding
Just money to feed their hungry belly.
Hyperspeed and Howard McAlien
MrRuger1977 Month ago
Havent heard much from him since his son was diagnosed with cancer.
RJ Foster
RJ Foster Month ago
It’s all television, and it’s not even good acting.... I’ll pass lol
Captain Jesus
Captain Jesus Month ago
His power comes from Demons. Captain Jesus END OF LINE
Patricia Powell
Patricia Powell Month ago
Abdelmalik el amri
Never watch any magic show in my live the name say it magic no thanks iam muslim and kids and people are being tricked by this he always has skull t shirt or devil poster so he brainwashed people now kids want to repeat what he is doin like card tricks and you go further in magic further away from god no thanks
brandon smith
brandon smith Month ago
Really dude
Audra Clark
Audra Clark Month ago
I am happy its tricks. Not helping hands from the falling ones.
Jeff McDuffie
Jeff McDuffie Month ago
David Blaine and Dan White is better.
tommi mimnaugh
tommi mimnaugh Month ago
pick a card, any card!
GTR Productions
GTR Productions Month ago
the Shaq balloon caused a UFN scare!!
vic riley
vic riley Month ago
went to a show in vegas !! ABSOLUTLY THE WORST (( SHIT )) I EVER SEEN !!
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