The Truth About Criss Angel

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What do you really know about Criss Angel? He's one of the most famous magicians of our time, but Criss Angel's story is interesting outside of magic, too.
Here's the untold truth of Criss Angel.
Most magicians get their start as kids. After all, when you're a kid, adults are much more likely to applaud your efforts - even when they can tell that you just switched the cards behind your back.
But some kids are blessed with parents who support their interest long enough for them to cultivate some serious skills. Well, Criss Angel must have had some incredibly supportive parents, because he started practicing magic at the age of 7 and never gave up on it.
According to Biography, Angel, who was still called Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos back in those days, first became interested in magic after his aunt showed him a card trick. He later said he was drawn to the "incredible sense of power, that an adult didn't understand how it worked, but I did."
Angel practiced until he had enough material for a whole show. By the age of 12, he was all ready for his first performance. He even collected a ten dollar fee for his services. So what's the takeaway here? Criss Angel became a magician because he liked having power over people, and he was pretty much always in it for the money. Basically, he was already living the American dream before he even hit puberty.
Watch the video for more of The Truth About Criss Angel!
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A boy and his magic | 0:16
Criss Angel, the teenage mage | 1:23
His parents weren't pleased | 2:14
His rockstar dreams | 3:02
Magicians occasionally reveals their secrets | 4:19
What can't this Mindfreak do? | 5:22
He's a bad boy. He swears. | 6:21
A very bad boy, indeed | 7:39
Ice Cube vs. Criss Angel | 8:03
Magician of the century? | 8:48
His son's leukemia diagnosis | 9:41


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May 17, 2019




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Comments 1 594
Grunge 5 months ago
What's the most mind-blowing magic trick you've ever seen?
John Rand
John Rand 5 days ago
You run a gossip channel. That’s it.
Pablo Vicente
Pablo Vicente Month ago
Kenny Collins
Kenny Collins Month ago
This one time in Amsterdam, I witnessed a nude lady make 3 cucumbers disappear.
Jonny Random
Jonny Random 2 months ago
The trick where you stole 3:47 seconds from me before i clicked off. MAGIC
Robby Chajkow
Robby Chajkow 7 hours ago
He sold hi soul to Satan ,the demons help him... you dumb ass
Sekai Ni Heiwa
Sekai Ni Heiwa 12 hours ago
magic is not fraud its a trick, he is just full of shit .
Support Worker.
*Hes a fuckin twat.* There was never anything "mysterious" about that. Wonna be rock-star whos Ego succeded his "talent"
Jonathan Oren
Jonathan Oren 2 days ago
Criss Angel's parents had wigs? And they flipped them wow now that's talent
Roxanne Ortega
Roxanne Ortega 3 days ago
What about him dating Belinda? Lol
Stephii Loveless
Stephii Loveless 4 days ago
I love Criss Angel. Y'all need to chill it's entertainment. Make people entertained and Happy. Lol. He puts on a great show, he's a great magician and illusionist. Don't hate people!
just watching Videos
lmao but he says he's a magician, not an entertainer. if he did people would be fine with him. Sorry but he's a fraud.
John Hughes
John Hughes 4 days ago
Kinda sketchy, sorta annoying, who dresses this guy?
Joseph Frimpong
Joseph Frimpong 4 days ago
Why cant he heal his son? Ofcuz magic is not Miracle
Johnny depp is my grindlewald
You're a idiot Johnny Christopher is in remission his all better if you'd actually take notice of criss Angeles Instagram and Twitter and he is a magican but mostly a illusionist you're hating on criss yet you don't no what's going on in his life .
eggmanslim 5 days ago
This video dude is a douche
daisy moon
daisy moon 6 days ago
Zach King who?
Winston Paul
Winston Paul 6 days ago
Chris angel worships Satan. Very true ❗️
Winston Paul
Winston Paul 6 days ago
You know ... What You Know ...
Greg Tompkins
Greg Tompkins 9 days ago
You people are fucking STUPID!!!! He is an ILLUSIONIST...in his own words. Not a WIZARD...Do you know the difference??
Timothy Knoff
Timothy Knoff 12 days ago
The great decievers the Devil transforms into an angel of light. So for Chris notanangel is a great trickster. And by the way I heard a long time ago he's supposed to be Christian but I haven't seen anything that proves to me that he's a real Christian
jake tryban
jake tryban 9 days ago
Idk man. I think his magic was of demons for sure. But he may have repented. Pray for him.
Darren Ong
Darren Ong 14 days ago
He has paid actors in his videos
pinkmahtie 14 days ago
We paid for a show that he was supposed to perform and he never performed.
Josh Kidwell765
Josh Kidwell765 17 days ago
If you like rap music check out joshkidwell765
J VIP NEWS 17 days ago
Witchcraft is evil and God Is Against it. God will send the witchcraft people to hell.
Swolace Ferrari
Swolace Ferrari 18 days ago
He’s a fraud!
GuitarDad 20 days ago
Dude was a mujician
1wish1washigh 23 days ago
Truth is he's a vampire. He's just laying low for now, waiting for the next generations to come.
Brian notafan
Brian notafan 23 days ago
anybudy else saying hurry up and end even after speeding it
devin houser
devin houser 25 days ago
He had magnets on the lexer
AliceAtMidnight 25 days ago
Hot as HeLL!❤❤❤
Jason Sterling
Jason Sterling 25 days ago
Chris Angel knew who reacts the best to magic , can't believe he got Ice Cube
Brianmason3636 25 days ago
My wife and I saw his show at the Luxor in Vegas. We paid a good amount of money for the 3rd row seats and up to this point we were pretty big fans! Honestly, the show was horrible! We was so disappointed! Honestly he could put on a free show in my town and we wouldn’t waste our time. He’s great to watch on TV but not live in person. I wish him and his family the best tho.......very thankful his son is now cancer free!!!
ninno brown
ninno brown 26 days ago
Satanic dog
Arsonloke 26 days ago
He's a douchey fraud lol
Joanne Nepia
Joanne Nepia 27 days ago
He gets his power from Satan... Have nothing to do with magic. It will take you to hell. Follow Jesus Christ not a magician and his tricks.
noHweI/NoWay 28 days ago
he is pretty much 2005 though
Angelo Ulibarri
Angelo Ulibarri 29 days ago
To many ads
Jason S
Jason S 29 days ago
He sold his soul to a “demon” for popularity through tricks. Chris Angel doesn’t do the magic, the Demon does. Most magicians that accept these rolls end up losing to the demon in one of its tricks. And most magicians that do demon magic always do some kind of magic trick debunking or making fun of Jesus Christ (Christ Angel walking on water and pulling fish out of a basket over and over on separate episodes). Demon magic, don’t entertain yourself or the idea of being in the presence of a Magician. Most are not good news... be observant and see for yourself some of the tricks I mentioned. A Demon can’t help itself but to rebuke Jesus Christ through its tricks. And that is how you explain these Magicians, I researched after seeing one float with no wires before and other unexplained tricks. There was an episode of The Carbonero Effect where a Hispanic Woman’s natural reaction to seeing the Magician make a Mermaid appear near the beach in the water and she was right! Look it up on RUvid, she said “this is the work of the Devil” and she is 100% correct. Guard yourselves and seek Jesus only, AMEN!
Leftleg Rightarm
Leftleg Rightarm 19 days ago
Calm down
TheRiff Writer
TheRiff Writer 29 days ago
So, in other words: Chris Angel has studied every useless form of martial art. What Bruce Lee called "the fancy mess" or "organized despair." How apropos.
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson 29 days ago
Everyone in Hollywood has a story. That's what the audience relates to. That's what sells tickets and CD's. The truth is all these people are deceivers. That's the only reason you know their names. IT's the only reason they get awards and statues..
David Buzzin
David Buzzin 29 days ago
Praylee Maureen
Praylee Maureen Month ago
Love for him and family
deamon54 Month ago
Sorry, but it's Tae( pronounced tay) not Tai , Kwon-Do(ugh). Yea, Haven't seen him in years. What happened?
Mark Cullen
Mark Cullen Month ago
The truth about Criss Angel? HE'S A DICK!
David Doyle
David Doyle Month ago
People it's all gimmick just enjoy it.
sandipan dutta
sandipan dutta Month ago
After watching this insulting video on Criss Angel and reading so many hate comments, I guess master magicians like Franz Harary, Lance Burton, Rocco, Siegfried & Roy, Johnny Thompson, Jeff Mcbride, Banachek, James Randi must be idiots because they all praised Criss Angel. And by the way, Grunge might not have heard about International Magicians Society which has the largest number of members but surely they must have heard about the prestigious IBM ( International Brotherhood Of Magicians ) or Magic Castle. If I remember correctly, Criss was bestowed with the highest honors by them. Criss is admired by all in the magic community. Only youtube magicians & amateur magicians hate him as they are jealous of his success. David Blaine might not like his style, but he respects him as a fellow magician. Copperfield hasn't ever spoken about Criss Angel because he is too self centered. Only Penn Jillette has spoken against Angel in recent times which is kind of baffling as I thought Penn & Criss were good friends. Almost all magicians ( including Copperfield ) while performing on TV used plants, paid audiences, and trick photography. It is common for TV magic. But every one of them have performed live on stage and had tremendous success. We should respect the magic community for keeping this brilliant art form alive for so many years, not target certain individuals because of personal hatred or jealousy.
AJYPE Month ago
He is not a magician. He is a good editor.
dominick magoon
dominick magoon Month ago
I was disappointed just went to his show and best part was the girls that play the dead girls they were cool he was a wast best thing he did was pop a snake out of a purse. Sad about that rate mindfeak 5 out of 10 not worth the money but if ur bored better then nothing
Ruach Hakodesh
Ruach Hakodesh Month ago
Hes the angel name Marut and David Blaine is Harut these two Angel's are real and are talked about in the Quron
cosmodave69 Month ago
Tickets 69 to (249. 2+4=6) for your 69 twice. Nothing but a Devil Puppet brought to the masses.
Inzam al Mustak
Inzam al Mustak Month ago
Lmao stfu u dumb bitch
Eric Tompkins
Eric Tompkins Month ago
Weird fuck
Joseph Patton
Joseph Patton Month ago
The famous Chris Angel,,, never heard of him.
Daniel Month ago
Now that I think about it, Criss is the reason I was such an emo edge lord when I was a teenager. I sure loved everything he did.
RottenHopper Month ago
Seems like people doesn't know what Illusionist /magican stands for
Eddee What
Eddee What Month ago
I believe he’s involved with the occult. That would be a much better video
Frances ortiz
Frances ortiz Month ago
How did you learn to levatate
Frances ortiz
Frances ortiz Month ago
Chris angel look me up i wanna challenge the mental telepathy test here Philadelphia
thabow ANB
thabow ANB Month ago
He's a want a be rock star and a shitty magician. There I saved you ten mins.
Tad Month ago
A normal haircut and starting HELP. FINNNNNNNE. I'll thumbs up the video.
Nordic Gaming
Nordic Gaming Month ago
Calling him a magician is a stretch.
Adam Pulido
Adam Pulido Month ago
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker Month ago
First time I’ve ever seen Chuck Liddell pull his punches...He would break Chris if he really hit him.
kick the dust!
kick the dust! Month ago
Nom3xx Month ago
" D I S S A P P E A R "
Johnny depp is my grindlewald
Yup you can disappear now hater
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Month ago
Sarin in the tacos ???
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Month ago
What a phony...glad he fell off the radar. The overdone clothes and fakery. Camera angles and crowds that were in on it.
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