The Truth About Criss Angel

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What do you really know about Criss Angel? He's one of the most famous magicians of our time, but Criss Angel's story is interesting outside of magic, too.
Here's the untold truth of Criss Angel.
Most magicians get their start as kids. After all, when you're a kid, adults are much more likely to applaud your efforts - even when they can tell that you just switched the cards behind your back.
But some kids are blessed with parents who support their interest long enough for them to cultivate some serious skills. Well, Criss Angel must have had some incredibly supportive parents, because he started practicing magic at the age of 7 and never gave up on it.
According to Biography, Angel, who was still called Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos back in those days, first became interested in magic after his aunt showed him a card trick. He later said he was drawn to the "incredible sense of power, that an adult didn't understand how it worked, but I did."
Angel practiced until he had enough material for a whole show. By the age of 12, he was all ready for his first performance. He even collected a ten dollar fee for his services. So what's the takeaway here? Criss Angel became a magician because he liked having power over people, and he was pretty much always in it for the money. Basically, he was already living the American dream before he even hit puberty.
Watch the video for more of The Truth About Criss Angel!
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A boy and his magic | 0:16
Criss Angel, the teenage mage | 1:23
His parents weren't pleased | 2:14
His rockstar dreams | 3:02
Magicians occasionally reveals their secrets | 4:19
What can't this Mindfreak do? | 5:22
He's a bad boy. He swears. | 6:21
A very bad boy, indeed | 7:39
Ice Cube vs. Criss Angel | 8:03
Magician of the century? | 8:48
His son's leukemia diagnosis | 9:41


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May 17, 2019

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Comments 1 334
Grunge Month ago
What's the most mind-blowing magic trick you've ever seen?
Carrie Kuether
Carrie Kuether 7 days ago
The lies the government and the mainstream media want u to believe while stealing ur money
Michael Lubeck
Michael Lubeck 12 days ago
@carlcat haha
carlcat 12 days ago
I made a guy disappear, I lent him money and never saw him again.
Michael Lubeck
Michael Lubeck 13 days ago
Way too many tricks to list
DementorsKiss 13 days ago
My last boyfriend disappeared before my eyes. Does that count?
Crown_that kingofficial
Randy Lin
Randy Lin Day ago
Truth is that he is not Criss and he is no angel....
Michael Rauch
Michael Rauch 2 days ago
He just has shills in the audience, though he's a pretty slick showman
David Lee
David Lee 3 days ago
Black magic
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 4 days ago
Three days grace left right what
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 4 days ago
Imposter who what who ass
Tara Firman
Tara Firman 4 days ago
NO he is NOT possessive he was dealing with my ex husband Chris Stiles
Zachary Kaufman
Zachary Kaufman 5 days ago
Saw Chris Angel. He sucked :( Was at the Luxor in Vegas.
brave heart
brave heart 5 days ago
When u see some one like him Just read loudly the verse of chair in quran He will be an ordinary man and cant do anything Try it people its 100000% works
Ragnarok R
Ragnarok R 6 days ago
I did.t hear of this guy in years! What happened? Is he still alive? Rockers do have a horrible temper! And I would too if I had to wear those tight leather clothes! 😄
Carrie Kuether
Carrie Kuether 7 days ago
Don't forget all famous people sell their souls
Sterling Lowery
Sterling Lowery 7 days ago
Magic is the total defiance of all natural laws and science. With Magic the impossible becomes possible.
Sterling Lowery
Sterling Lowery 5 days ago
@Ragnarok R biblehub.com/ephesians/6-12.htm
Ragnarok R
Ragnarok R 6 days ago
You mean tricks and illusions
Sterling Lowery
Sterling Lowery 7 days ago
4:27 He doesn't give away all the tricks of his trade. There are old secrets to Magic, and new secrets.
Azayla Teibelschneider
My preteen emo dream, Criss Angel
basick !
basick ! 8 days ago
His great trick is picking up woman using magic.
Lisa Tsuda
Lisa Tsuda 9 days ago
I dated someone that helped David Copperfield with statue of liberty disappearing. I told my date, oh no nookie unless you spill the beans on that one. 3hours later he did. Audience sat on bleachers that rotated so slowly you could not feel it. Done on moonless night. Black curtain too.
J One
J One 10 days ago
0:49 Christopher selling tacos??
msmith 7793
msmith 7793 10 days ago
Jesús Cruz
Jesús Cruz 10 days ago
Angel uses black magic
311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖
I saw him live!
Damage, Inc.
Damage, Inc. 11 days ago
Criss Angel and Billy The Exterminator are the same person.
Damage, Inc.
Damage, Inc. 11 days ago
Truth about Criss Angel: DOOSH!!!!!!
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 11 days ago
Cheapshot this deal finnished
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 11 days ago
Pentagon so on agree prob better understandin
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 11 days ago
Seriuose no joke betray understand cleopatria plack heads
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 11 days ago
Matika a jack
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 11 days ago
Magic trick wallet lots trick just startin new magic wallet
Greg Jay
Greg Jay 11 days ago
Dude under standin oldman near death price pay full
ROW THE RAPPER 12 days ago
wait what the fuck is his full name
No Cap Gaming
No Cap Gaming 12 days ago
I used to admire this guy so much back in my emo days.. I wonder why
Ragnarok R
Ragnarok R 6 days ago
Because of the look: long dark hair, interesting eye makeup, cool dark clothes 😄👍
Vi Haze
Vi Haze 12 days ago
Saw his show 'Mindfreak' in Vegas recently. I had no idea who he was before I went to the show, but it was incredible. What an entertainer.
Frank McGhee
Frank McGhee 12 days ago
I saw his show at Luxor he didn't impress
Jon West
Jon West 12 days ago
Chris Angel is shit... good thing he knows a good crane operator. You can become this guy by watching a few RUvid videos
Bill White
Bill White 12 days ago
Chris Dark Angel
Midas Charles
Midas Charles 12 days ago
Most people sound really ignorant in this comment section, he has always had a love for magic and question his artistry and illusion surreal fantasy, who also does music. He’s also built a fantastic and admirable empire, since he was only 7x influential and positive...
natr0n 12 days ago
Satanist basically.
Danny Krinkle
Danny Krinkle 12 days ago
He's an illusionist who uses camera tricks.
Sherry Andreini
Sherry Andreini 12 days ago
Went to Vegas to see his show. I was so excited. What a major disappointment, a waste of money and a waste of time. He is such an arrogant person. This made him very ugly to me. About 75% of his show was just movie clips about him bragging about himself. The magic wasn't even that good. The tickets were way over price for nothing. I saw a small time magic act in Reno, this show was 100% non-stop amazing magic, that i would defiantly see again and the price was a fraction of the cost. Personally I am sure Criss Angel could care less what any of us think. He has money why would he even care. He can perform horrible magic that sucks and get rich by it. I did see David Copperfield in Vegas as well. Now David Copperfield is amazing. That's true magic. Criss Angel needs to take lessons from him and be more humble as well.
Chasity Fey Venske
Chasity Fey Venske 12 days ago
Criss has been my idol since i was a kid. I love him so much. 💗
Chasity Fey Venske
Chasity Fey Venske 11 days ago
@Damage, Inc. Am i supposed to be jealous? Is that what you originally thought i would be? I'm so not concerned what a nobody actually thinks. Go back to your mom's basement jerking off anime girls since that's all you'll ever have.
Damage, Inc.
Damage, Inc. 11 days ago
@Chasity Fey Venske I will. I'm clearly a better decision maker than you.
Chasity Fey Venske
Chasity Fey Venske 11 days ago
@Damage, Inc. I'm good. Take Your own advice.
Damage, Inc.
Damage, Inc. 11 days ago
You need to make better life decisions.
Cricket Wireless Weatherford
Masked Magician exposed this fraud for what he was. RIP Criss Angel.
BathroomWall 13 days ago
666 people dislike this right now....spooky
Chandlar Thone
Chandlar Thone 13 days ago
666 dislikes “The truth”
Fahad M
Fahad M 13 days ago
no wonder i dont see him anymore he cant hire actors off craiglist rofl
mauricehayes 13 days ago
Ya he has always sucked
Shannon Sharpe Strange
Bird trick was weak
thinq about it
thinq about it 13 days ago
did anyone else see the thumbnail and say ewww out loud?
Pirate King
Pirate King 13 days ago
why does this guy hate chris and keeps mocking him with the "make *this* … disappear!!" joke and overdoing it til the point I hate the narrator now and love chris because he makes this guy reporting the video salty...
Hello World
Hello World 13 days ago
chill with the boosted mid range lulz
Haze 13 days ago
The most shallow and beta video I've ever seen. Chris called people out like you at 7 with "power no adult understands, but I do" which means they were oblivious to something that is always there and his ability to sense it
Music Laboratory
Music Laboratory 13 days ago
"Untold truth" it's kinda more like who cares anyway he is an entertainer his job was to entertain television audiences the people that say ohhe hires his audience what what do you think is the case on every single reality show they're scripted beyond belief if you're waiting for real life magic and you're an adult you're a stupid one
yarg nad
yarg nad 13 days ago
The truth... aside from being mostly boring?
Oej Ohh
Oej Ohh 13 days ago
you got mind faked
Xiong Lor
Xiong Lor 13 days ago
I still say David Blaine is better.
Cartie King
Cartie King 13 days ago
Your ad placement is atrocious
Sweyn Skarilsen
Sweyn Skarilsen 13 days ago
"Turning illusions for money" Gob Bluth
Manic 420
Manic 420 13 days ago
The ice man doesn't even actually punch him chuck would destroy him he pulled the punch you can see it clearly ....
Justin Bursey
Justin Bursey 13 days ago
He's a fucking child in a man's body......there's the truth.
Jo Garcia
Jo Garcia 13 days ago
Master of being a phony and getting camera tricks
Rogue Video Productions
One beard. One blade. 👀👀👀
janus bond.
janus bond. 13 days ago
You still have that stupid hair style change that look would ya
Erica Cosme
Erica Cosme 13 days ago
Damn he still looks good
Adrian Salamunovic
Adrian Salamunovic 13 days ago
This is the cheesiest dude to ever enter the millennium. Cringe.
konkeydonged 13 days ago
Wtf kind of name is Xristos Yanni Sarantakos.
Ben Stich
Ben Stich 13 days ago
Let’s be honest, if you thought this dude was actually walking on walls or water or flying. Your actually dumb. The beauty of every single trick and the reason he is so famous, is the showmanship and the inner workings of all of his tricks
TheLevitatingPigs 13 days ago
So this guy thinks he can just vanish out of my life then jump into my recommended
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn Hour ago
Right?!?? Like who does he think he is
Another Commentator
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez 11 days ago
Paul Scheidel
Paul Scheidel 13 days ago
My mind is freaked
Zyptic 13 days ago
Everyone in his videos are paid actors. Dude is a complete fraud
BrittBratt18 13 days ago
oo yeah i remember this, what happened to him?
Promise Thomas
Promise Thomas 13 days ago
he sold his soul to the devil to become a magician with the help of demons. all magician's have demons helping them. look it up idiots
Symbiotic226 13 days ago
This is probably not true this is a leftist channel they only know how to lie
Manicmanuel 13 days ago
For every man the best trick is still the „dick disappears in the pussy“. That just beats everything.
Gustavo Perez
Gustavo Perez 14 days ago
*Delete this*
ZackPearlman 14 days ago
6:27 what i think about myself everyday
Panda Hungry
Panda Hungry 14 days ago
Criss Angel has a net worth of $50 million. Way more than he’d ever get from a crappy college degree
Iroro 14 days ago
Best after effect artists that wat he is
prAcid 14 days ago
Master of Stopmotion "magic".... CGI is more magic...
DatBoi 14 days ago
I loved this show so much
Thot BOT
Thot BOT 14 days ago
I haven’t even heard any news about this guy in like 10 years
Philly Sports!
Philly Sports! 14 days ago
Hes not a magician on his show....everyone is in on it and they edit the videos
April Smith
April Smith 14 days ago
No talent and ugly, yep perfect for Hollywood
Jare Roof
Jare Roof 14 days ago
This guys sucks. Nobody gives a shit about chris angel
Don Holbert
Don Holbert 14 days ago
I'm sure he's a nice dude, but he dresses like a cunt.
King illusionist
King illusionist 14 days ago
Most of these modern magics are already done by criss back in 2000 & when he started to level up in, people said its camera tricks.. As my childhood magician, he is truly an inspiration & i respect him with everything
Mirel Zamora
Mirel Zamora 14 days ago
Que no se estaba dando a Belinda hace poco? 🤔
Joey Phaze
Joey Phaze 14 days ago
Are you ready?
Patrick Wolfe
Patrick Wolfe 14 days ago
He sucks in Vegas
FEAR NO BEER 14 days ago
Im not really a fan of the bloke but he's doing what he loves and making money out of it, so he's already ahead of 90% of people
_alexation _
_alexation _ 14 days ago
Haven’t heard of him in a long time oof
Rebel Realist
Rebel Realist 14 days ago
It’s called Black Magic. He’s not the first one to make a deal with the devil and he won’t be the last. Been going on for over a century. Look at all the symbolism; stars, skulls, crosses, Devil->Angel... there are no tricks to the trade. He’s a sell-out just like everyone in Hollyweird.
MadVtecYo Boostin
MadVtecYo Boostin 14 days ago
He can’t really do magic?!?! No way
UltraMicroBudget 14 days ago
Criss Angel is a dick
Enes Kemal
Enes Kemal 14 days ago
Filthy satan worshiper he sold his precious human soul to filthy low life devil and denied his God to gain fame and dirty money. After he dies like a dog (dogs way better than him) lets see how his satan gonna give him heaven.
He kinda looks like MJ
minim 3101
minim 3101 14 days ago
he looks like emo tom cruse
Jude Dude
Jude Dude 14 days ago
I was today years old when I found out that Chris Angel and Holly Madison dated
burned oils
burned oils 14 days ago
lol the truth... as if there was a truth, the guy is a retard with some of the worst, unimprsive tricks
Young Pocket
Young Pocket 14 days ago
he broke the number 1 rule in magic/illusion . you NEVER tell how the tricks work.... chris angels sold ALL of his tricks on a dvd for 100$
kcuf eht
kcuf eht 14 days ago
This reminds me to try that one magic trick on some nieve seeming twenty-one year old at a bar for a free drink.. followed by running.
Chad Shondee
Chad Shondee 14 days ago
You're lame. How are you not gonna talk about his stunts that went wrong?? Your channel needs to be shut down for non quality lame content....
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