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Time Bomb Terry
Time Bomb Terry 4 days ago
So, like.. I legit am better at gory makeup than I am at doing a full glam. Full glam skills would be equal to my special effects skills if I wasn't shit at shaping my own brows. You would think a perfectionist could get it right. But I always get flustered first. 😂
Owneee S
Owneee S 5 days ago
Jeffree: "Oooooo... A bruise wheel!" LOL
Maci's channel
Maci's channel 7 days ago
He is so rich he can chop up two Louis Vuitton bags
Luana 9 days ago
私がバイトを何日も頑張っても買えないLOUIS VUITTONのバッグをこんなふうに使うとは…😢 すごい…😢
Gy Bx
Gy Bx 10 days ago
I'd like to watch Hannibal Lecter dine on him. It would make the world a better place.
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 10 days ago
Cole is gorgeous!!! Well, they both are!!
Lisa Bleakley
Lisa Bleakley 10 days ago
You can step in my world anytime jeffree
Lisa Bleakley
Lisa Bleakley 10 days ago
He is so amazing and handsome like you jeffree and beautiful to
Cindy Ramirez
Cindy Ramirez 12 days ago
Cole is adorable!!!!!!
Sunstar8472 12 days ago
I legit thought it was James Charles in the thumbnail
Mad'm Mimm
Mad'm Mimm 12 days ago
Do not like this man, but still love you Jeffree!!
Anastasia Cassandra Wilson
I dont like how Cole created a whole fake rape scenario even got a woman involved to get ransom money from the Ace family or else they will lie to the internet that Austin is a rapist.. they said no and then Cole put up his lying ass video. He pisses me off.
Kathy B
Kathy B 13 days ago
I know Cole still is working on his school and ready to graduate this year, I think. He has such talent! He is just not a make up person, he is truly an artist. I see him someday, well if he would want to go in this direction and that is being hired the movie business. The way he can use make up are so many different ways and his visions are amazing.
Darla Elliott
Darla Elliott 16 days ago
Something about Cole's face reminds me of Taylor Swift. His mouth and the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles
Yi Zhang
Yi Zhang 16 days ago
This Cole has art talents but POOR people skill!!!
CRISTO Lmao 16 days ago
Yi Zhang what’s poor people skill 🤨
TLS Sand
TLS Sand 17 days ago
Damn I could have used that purse !!!
Angela Netherton
Angela Netherton 21 day ago
You look like Alaska Thunder Fu$k in this video with that look.. I don’t know why but I swear I see Alaska !! Love you Jeffree!!
elizabeth davis
elizabeth davis 21 day ago
Cole is gorgeous! Jeffree is of course amazing as always!
Jhandela Talanay
Jhandela Talanay 22 days ago
My mom will cry if i gave her that bag hahahhaha
John Scorpios
John Scorpios 22 days ago
The Himalayan WHOO HOOO WHA
Teria M
Teria M 23 days ago
Jeffree you’re so cute ily sm❤️
S J 23 days ago
mind the nipple hair
melisa johnson
melisa johnson 24 days ago
Can somebody pls tell me why this guy is doing Jeffree's makeup in a leather jacket and why one side is hanging of his shoulder?
Maria Stone
Maria Stone 25 days ago
Only so much one can take.. i get it.. thought how does Trump deal with people trying to drown him in tea? No haters ..
Theresa Ainge
Theresa Ainge 25 days ago
Omg. Mold builder can cause skin irritation, cough, shortness of breath. You literally should use it in a ventilated area. Thank god hes ok. Lol I'm a crafter n when I saw CC I was like NOOOO!!! LOL
addicted love
addicted love 27 days ago
He looks like Taylor Swift😅
Frogadelic69 Month ago
THIS IS AMAZING!!! COLE IS SO TALENTED!! Just my opinion, but I think guys in beauty have to work a lot harder at it, so that's why they are so FANTASTIC at it!!❤
Char Marie
Char Marie Month ago
The intro is everything!
omg almost a replica of James Charles
novice Price
novice Price Month ago
I love trying to get new ones out there. Jeffree I am loveing meeting you.
C W Month ago
Dammit. *love* this. Love Cole's work, love the positive chat.
Patti Miller
Patti Miller Month ago
This was truly a strange and awesome video!!! Cutting up a LV bag...can’t relate
Shelly Belly
Shelly Belly Month ago
Watching you cut that bag hurt me but I loved the video.
Loddy Dah
Loddy Dah Month ago
Omg it's so cute. They laugh the same. They seem a lot alike. And they've got good chemistry. Best friends in the makimg? Lol Love the love.
Colleen Frankle
Colleen Frankle Month ago
Not funny guys
Colleen Frankle
Colleen Frankle Month ago
I can't watch him destroy those bags no way
Colleen Frankle
Colleen Frankle Month ago
Poor Louis Vuitton bag ugh
AlexDiavolo1 Month ago
I think you linked his wrong Instagram lol
Jacqueline Delgado
I can’t stop staring at the bronzer on his white hair....
Cathy Brash
Cathy Brash Month ago
can your hands get ANY oranger? and i oop
Bazey pure
Bazey pure Month ago
uuuh, He is conturt!
Elizabeth Vaughn
Lil disappointed out of all the small RUvidrs or beauty gurus out there he picked clout chasing Cole.. Jeffree babe I love you. But pick someone who REALLY isn't in the spotlight..
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes Month ago
Jeffree Star 🌟 gives me hope
Justyn Timezzz
Justyn Timezzz Month ago
December 2019!! Yes Jeffree 🤗💥
Victoria Rottelo
Omg why y'all so adorable!? 🥰🙊😂
Victoria Rottelo
Awww this is cute. And I'm not being sarcastic lol. 💝👀😂🥰💝 Jeffrey star is the shiet 🔥🔥🔥
Becca Black
Becca Black Month ago
The MUA is hella orange.....
Richard Salazar
Richard Salazar Month ago
Was this before cole moved from Team 10 house
Pam Wied
Pam Wied Month ago
Such Talent!
ZariDyosa Month ago
why does Cole remind me of Alyssa Edwards??
Cristina .Filipe
Jeffree to do those effects theres a way better one and she's from LA her name here is pompberry she's the most amazing artist I have EVER seen ,so if u read this check her out, she would do a way better job than the one u have here for sure!!!!!!
Ömrüm Isık
Ömrüm Isık Month ago
That sfx job was wack tho... Why didn't anyone point it out lmao
yescandles Month ago
We all love Cole, so we are SO HAPPY to see Jeffree show off his talents!!!! HE IS SO NICE and deserving!!! Hugz from Texas!!!
Sweat King
Sweat King Month ago
The intro and that
DayoftheDead Month ago
Yeah I'm the only one. Fuck Boy George. Fuck Kiss. Fuck Ru Paul. I was always the only one! EGO MANIAC! Damnnnnn
ASMR Cindy The Art of Sound
The self made comment I totally agree with.
Tyler D
Tyler D Month ago
Cole's the absolute worst. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard and he is a load of baggage and drama and it's not cute. Can't relatable.
dd d
dd d Month ago
legit thought this was thomas halbert
Julie Anne
Julie Anne Month ago
Taylor James. You should totally look him up. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma
DH L Month ago
I so enjoy listening to your videos even tho Im not big on makeup. Its your energy of your views that are awesome because they come across real even when your being dramatic lol. What truely gets me as I listen is while scrolling the posts all the people who are jelly because they are poor. Dude lol you point out you pulled yourself up to be this damn way; they are more mad at themselves for not having innovative
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