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HEY EVERYONE! Today I’m doing a first impressions and makeup tutorial using the new KKW Beauty x Makeup by Mario collaboration! This collab includes an eyeshadow palette, 1 lipstick and 2 glosses. I swatch everything and use all the products to create a smokey blue glam look. But what is the tea… Is it Jeffree Star approved??? Watch and find out the truth.
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PRIMER: Tatcha - The Silk Canvas - seph.me/2HccLS6
FOUNDATION: Maybelline - SuperStay 24hr
CONCEALER: Makeup Revolution - Conceal & Define
HIGHLIGHT: Jeffree Star Cosmetics - ’Sarcophagus’ Skin Frost from 24 Karat Pro Palette - bit.ly/2uK3fo1
CONTOUR: ‘Safe Word’ e/s from Androgyny Palette - bit.ly/2mnugYC
SETTING POWDER: Beauty Bakerie 'Flour' - bit.ly/2mV5IDe
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MUSIC: ► weero ► ”mated” - ruvid.net/video/video-mfEDa8kGmgY.html
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Apr 3, 2018




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kirby Day ago
I’m really interested in trying her nude lip liners but I always wonder why her packaging looks so cheap and drugstore. I’ve never seen her products in real life but they have that cheap look to them. It gives me Jane iredale tease. Her lipsticks have the same packaging as some old neutrogena lipstick I had in 2009 and her pallets look like something you find at tjmaxx. Like why???? Give us abh quality eyeshadow packaging with an urban decay brush and sell that for $40 not this cardboard that should be no more than $27 and even that is pushing it.
April Ruby
April Ruby 2 days ago
That pallet is how much?! Hell no
Patricia Muñoz
Patricia Muñoz 2 days ago
Kylie’s formula shadows ufff dislike, after seeing this I could try Kim’s ones
No Name
No Name 2 days ago
Jeffree you are my netflix
Everett Kim
Everett Kim 3 days ago
My dumbass thought she collaborated with Mario like from Nintendo
Stacy Lillard
Stacy Lillard 4 days ago
Jeffree love you. Your so awesome
Sammy Annmarie
Sammy Annmarie 4 days ago
38 year old stay at home mom that just wears eyeliner and mascara but I'm obsessed with jeffree 🌟💞💞💞
Carlos Duarte
Carlos Duarte 4 days ago
I clicked on this video thinking it was Super Mario from fucking Nintendo omg
puru buru
puru buru 4 days ago
How did he pull brown with blue?
dreamsdo cometrue
Honestly, I really love the lipstick packaging 😍
Sha-Aniah Gulam
Sha-Aniah Gulam 6 days ago
Oh wait? I just realized today that Jeff doesn't have an eyebrows. hahah 😅
Country Dingess
Country Dingess 7 days ago
I do love Kim & how easy going she is. Kim isn’t bothered by Criticism, or ppls true opinions . Kim seems to take what ppl say about her products, she cares & Wants to make the best. Rather the review be good or bad Kim works to make her products better💯 Kylie don’t care what’s good or bad brands, Kylie don’t know what’s in the makeup she puts her name on. good or bad, just as long as she gets payed... Kylie needs to take notes from big sis kim & care about the products her name goes on.... stop worrying about becoming a millionaire, & stop slapping her name on cheap, & bad makeup .... I do got to say, it does seem Kylie now a days cares more about making & been more concerned & more involved in her products or other ppls products that she puts her name on.
Squishy876 7 days ago
God I hate that plain packaging. And the weight info on the front of the pallet? So glaring
Candice Kidson
Candice Kidson 8 days ago
I really think you would look great if you had silver eyebrows with a slight blue tint
Daph Prequencia
Daph Prequencia 8 days ago
Love you forever my jeffreestar 😍
Insomniac 9 days ago
Kylie is too rich for criticism. These Kardashian-Jenner bitches took fools to the bank. Have you seen the prices Khloe wants for her clothing brand? $80 for a plain t-shirt... seriously, who buys that crap?
Bts's professionalisms Kills my professional cells
As for other reviewers and experienced ppl,the pallets shadow names weren’t added inside it was at the back but jeferres is different lol,I cannot see the shadow names
Levi Ramos
Levi Ramos 9 days ago
If it’s Jeffree approved...I’m definitely buying⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Big Momma
Big Momma 9 days ago
Dude, you’re a natural 💜
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright 9 days ago
I absolutely love this look I Am definitely going to try to recreate this one or try to do something similar for sure super pretty I am obsessed 😍
a f
a f 10 days ago
Girl, I am living for this video in it’s entirety. That gorgeous shirt with that makeup, absolute perfection.
a f
a f 10 days ago
1:38 Omg I can’t stop rewinding and listening to that!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Angela Anasta
Angela Anasta 10 days ago
Love this look Slay!!! Also love listening to you. Just awesome
Julie Khawzawl
Julie Khawzawl 11 days ago
Am I the only ome who just realized that he has no eyebrows.. I'm sorry
Ms Yuna Salazar
Ms Yuna Salazar 13 days ago
OH wow !!! Amazing ~!
Awesta Valentina
Awesta Valentina 14 days ago
Hahaha you Are the best!!
Diana Sa
Diana Sa 15 days ago
Loveee you jeffii 😘😘
April Showers
April Showers 16 days ago
This guy new all this was gonna slay from the beginning 🤟🏻🙏🏻👋
Shreyashi Deb
Shreyashi Deb 16 days ago
Beautiful eyes
alex searer
alex searer 19 days ago
hope all is well
Ethan Trenaman
Ethan Trenaman 19 days ago
Kylie needs to listen when an expert speaks, like her big sis.
Hanan Hanan
Hanan Hanan 20 days ago
Paige Johnston
Paige Johnston 20 days ago
Love this love you baby 💖
Geli Gel
Geli Gel 21 day ago
Monday Jan 27, 2020 4:36 am .. Cant sleep :(...this video is keeping me entertained
Gayatri Virmani
Gayatri Virmani 21 day ago
I love you! Really, you're so genuine with your reviews. Blessings!!
Heidi’s Happy Hideaway
Yup i luv it too but i wish her packaging were better as well 💕✨💯💯
peace Nabunya
peace Nabunya 23 days ago
For my aliens out there
Daisypetal100 24 days ago
Pretty makeup palette. I wonder if the Kardashian makeup is still around.
kyla marks
kyla marks 25 days ago
the packing is pretty!
Victoria Ann
Victoria Ann 26 days ago
I would love it if you wore looks and then came back and said how they felt/looked after the day!
Alison Rawbone
Alison Rawbone 14 days ago
Victoria Ann he has done so, he has a few where he does a full day review of a product,
Evelyn Guerra
Evelyn Guerra 27 days ago
Subtítulos en español porfa 😭
AllTimeTessa x
AllTimeTessa x 27 days ago
I do not like the Kardashians/Jenners, but I do have some mad respect for Kim for how she can take critism and people talk about her.
Vanesa Orozco
Vanesa Orozco 28 days ago
Love your look!
Sofia Juncaj
Sofia Juncaj Month ago
Mario is my moms cousin
sravani sunkara
sravani sunkara Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks that jeffree is partial towards Kim... 🤔🤔
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo Month ago
I think he respects her for the way she handled the nonsense that happened with the swatches. She stuck up for him when she didn't have to and I think he appreciated that
Donaa May
Donaa May Month ago
@ you can't please everyone.
Lily Juarez
Lily Juarez Month ago
I. Love you
Yeo Nu
Yeo Nu Month ago
I watching 10 JStar video, and I start speaking like JStar.."Baam", "Girl", "not living" is my new word..🤪🤪
Alyson Enos
Alyson Enos Month ago
Lol weighs as much as ur ass oo jefree u never disappoint
viviana cervantes
I loved that makeup look
Annabelle Marie
Annabelle Marie Month ago
Omg the intro had me WHEEZING
SpoilerCh1ck Month ago
That opening was the best slap and back pat to one family I have ever seen LOL
Giulia Marabotto
Andrea Roberts
Andrea Roberts Month ago
Thank you for turning on the subtitles/closed captions for most, not all, of your videos. I'm deaf and a mom of 2 teenage girls and i really appreciate being able to understand you. Thanks again.
Amy Stabenow
Amy Stabenow Month ago
I really love jeffree. Just found his channel about a week ago. But cant really relate because i only know stage makeup. I kinda get overwhelmed when he talks about make-up. Obviously he really knows his stuff. Very impressive. But again. Cant relate.
Royaal Richie
Royaal Richie Month ago
I love how you applied the eye make up. I can’t do make up so I’m just living through you :)
Su Boo
Su Boo Month ago
Why does anyone believe him?! He’s a competitor “reviewing” the competitions products 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’d rather watch an un bias opinion coz then you know it’s truly honest
Annabelle Marie
Annabelle Marie Month ago
Lol wtf u talking about
Tom's autocadstudio
He's always honest and does not always not enjoy the products.
Secret Giggle
Secret Giggle Month ago
Cindy Lopez
Cindy Lopez Month ago
The beginning is iconic
Christine Quaglia
Love this makeup look beautiful
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