The Truth… Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Makeup Tested

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out the new Bhad Bhabie endorsed CopyCat Beauty makeup products! I got so many requests to investigate this brand when it was announced.. so let's see what the real tea is.. We dive into all the drama, the conversation about "dupes" for brands, copying brands and I actually test out the makeup to see if it's any good or not! Is it Jeffree Star Approved? Watch and find out!
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Jan 29, 2019




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Comments 59 985
Country Girl
Country Girl 11 hours ago
Is it just me or did she seem really rude in this vid
LizaDoes Gacha
LizaDoes Gacha 13 hours ago
Did you guys pay attention to how many times Jeffree said "Lets"
Chloe Brown
Chloe Brown 15 hours ago
Wait its pronounced baby not barbie?
C h r i s t i n a xoxo
Spritz your fave highlight brush with setting spray and then apply your highlight it literally makes any highlighter look wet and glows with volume ☺️✨
Carson Wentzel
Carson Wentzel 21 hour ago
I favorite part is where Jeffree is shocked by a highlighter palette that is 8.99 lol
yeehaw cowboys
He looks like a man man man without makeup
Blenderella Queen
This is makeup for my 12 year old 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️PERIOD! NO SHADE 🌳 👀 🌳
Blenderella Queen
🤣🤣Okay one swipe 😳🤣🤣🤣
Raime Carriere
lmfao i thought that the shelf life was how long u could leave it with the lid off 😭😭
Adele B
Adele B Day ago
This is how many times Jeffrey said hi 👇
Kathryn Wass
Kathryn Wass Day ago
Ok, anyone who doesn't even acknowledge an adorable dog with a squeak toy... can't relate. If that had been me, I'd probably been on the floor trying to play with that sweet doggo. Jeffree was very fair about this makeup line as he always is.
Lee LI
Lee LI Day ago
Jeffree star and whoopi goldberg look good without brows
Kara _keegan_22
Kara _keegan_22 2 days ago
Danielle acts like such a stuck up push around bitch but then around jefree shes intimidated and trying g to be calm😂😂😂
Cake is Yummy
Cake is Yummy 2 days ago
Why does she need a bodyguard in a gated community / on Jeffree's property lmao
こういさ 2 days ago
iTs thErE...
Pierre Tonto
Pierre Tonto 2 days ago
i mean, it's essentially dollar store makeup. taking this review any more seriously than this - even if danielle isnt a child - would just make jeffery look ridiculous
Terry Marston
Terry Marston 2 days ago
I only wear jeffree star cosmetics make up
Miles Branch
Miles Branch 2 days ago
You're like the Bob Ross of makeup.Watching this is oddly calming. Happy little contours!
Demon Mochi
Demon Mochi 3 days ago
These 2 should never have to be in the same building lmao
Peter kissoon
Peter kissoon 3 days ago
is nobody gonna talk about her teeth
McKenna Sites
McKenna Sites 3 days ago
jeffree: i smell everything me: felt that in my soul
Tarah Johnson
Tarah Johnson 3 days ago
So much negativity towards Bhad Bhabie. She’s changed so much. I love her. She’s hilarious and has a great personality. Don’t judge her for something that happened a long time ago. Get over it.
2017chloep2017 P
2017chloep2017 P 3 days ago
It would be amazing if Jeffree star came out with a clothing line
Phloxxi 3 days ago
*its definitely there*
Kelsey Kitten
Kelsey Kitten 3 days ago
Jeffree has WAY more class than that little girl...I can not stand her!
Queen Jkiyah
Queen Jkiyah 3 days ago
Jefree star not trying to shade a child for 36 minutes
Lillian Chilson
Lillian Chilson 4 days ago
She is ghetto as fuck
Lexis Loy
Lexis Loy 4 days ago
“I mean I’m not mad at it” Idk why but I love that quote. 😂❤️
Stephanie Smead
Stephanie Smead 4 days ago
Not great, no thanks!
Stephanie Smead
Stephanie Smead 4 days ago
The palette wasn’t exactly mind blowing...
Stephanie Smead
Stephanie Smead 4 days ago
He asked what we thought.... 🙄
Kairi Chaparro25
Kairi Chaparro25 4 days ago
If you don't like it leave
Alyssa Osorio
Alyssa Osorio 4 days ago
Take a shot every time jeffree says “it’s definitely there”
Dinky 4 days ago
Idk if it's just her face, but I hate the way she sneered at the dogs.
fae gibb
fae gibb 4 days ago
Her talons are giving me anxiety
Feather Theshecat
sister britney
sister britney 4 days ago
no one: literally no one: rhett and link- 8:07
ahoward 5 days ago
they really did not try to cover up the dupe factor did they?! That coco pallet holy cow that is an entire idea theft Jeffree can you try the 711 beauty while taste testing slushies just for shits and gigs? I can tell you don't like any of this stuff dude
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 5 days ago
Can we just appreciate how cute Danielle’s Backpack is? Hehe
Auri Starlight
Auri Starlight 5 days ago
Heeey yeess!! Im loving the pink gloss, and that purple ohhweh! For the price def will be checking in on thAt. Prob leave the rest on the self, not big on cheep kiddy make up. Might check out the brushes, just for the price and i have like a weird fetish for brushes. I would love to try the real deal Jeffree Star brushes, but i have seven kiddos to feed so cant really afford to get, any brushes...sad face. One day tho one day lol.
Christopher Scott
she looked so nervoussss😭😭
Miriam Ferková
Miriam Ferková 5 days ago
maribel moya
maribel moya 5 days ago
She reminds me of quagmire 🤔
aliencedric 5 days ago
It's definitely there...
Jerzie Wohlman
Jerzie Wohlman 5 days ago
Why do I feel like Jeffree feels intimidated by her lolll
Crystal Machin
Crystal Machin 6 days ago
For a child she did pretty good. I'm very proud of her! Am I going to use her product? Mmmmm, no. I'll stick to my Jeffree Star make up, his products never let me down 💛
Casey Alexa
Casey Alexa 6 days ago
Looking fetch
Meg McLovin
Meg McLovin 6 days ago
"Come on people what are we here for" Yes
Breanna Barnes
Breanna Barnes 6 days ago
Nobody: Jeffree: *It’S dEfInAtLy ThErE...*
Penny Clarke
Penny Clarke 6 days ago
I don,t like this product
Kairi Chaparro25
Kairi Chaparro25 4 days ago
Cry me a river
Wan Norzita
Wan Norzita 6 days ago
She's famous for being an abusive, psychotic teen. What has the world come to
Bero Oleana3112010
Hi I'm new here I'm not that new skill yeahhh
Bero Oleana3112010
I ment so yeah
Maja Thykjær Jeppesen
"If i wantet to review people Bitch, id be a journalist!" Laughed so hard at this xD
Alexandra 7 days ago
She's such a twat 😂😂 who the hell walks into JSTARS home and walks past him and the dogs 😭
Le. Vit.
Le. Vit. 7 days ago
what we learned from this video: um it's definitely theeere
Rebekah Zaccaro
Rebekah Zaccaro 7 days ago
Listen I love makeup dupes. It saves me like $500,000 on makeup that’s just over priced most of the time🥂
Luca Luca
Luca Luca 7 days ago
I don’t like her
Petite Coco
Petite Coco 7 days ago
Please jeffree, everyone indeed should be down to earth talking with you..
Zanika Chishi
Zanika Chishi 7 days ago
Obsessed with you ❤❤❤
Purple lover229
Purple lover229 7 days ago
october anybodyy? spooky sznnn 2019
l b
l b 8 days ago
Awe how do you not say hi to the baby when he brings his toy to you😑😒
Brandi Knepper
Brandi Knepper 8 days ago
Is that the "catch me outside" chick?
timeloveandyarn 6 days ago
Yep 🙄
cute mirror
cute mirror 8 days ago
everyone remember those actually arent her products ok.....
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