The Truth… Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Makeup Tested

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out the new Bhad Bhabie endorsed CopyCat Beauty makeup products! I got so many requests to investigate this brand when it was announced.. so let's see what the real tea is.. We dive into all the drama, the conversation about "dupes" for brands, copying brands and I actually test out the makeup to see if it's any good or not! Is it Jeffree Star Approved? Watch and find out!
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29 янв 2019

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Vladanka Krsteva
Vladanka Krsteva 5 минут назад
I like the backpack, that's all
RockyBaby :)
RockyBaby :) 12 минут назад
@jeffreestar Your queen , love you👏😍💜
Moonbeamray23 13 минут назад
"Let's put this hair away!"
Layla Lindsey
Layla Lindsey 21 минуту назад
Who else thinks he sounds like Bob Ross in the intro
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez 39 минут назад
what skin care product do you use! You have very pretty skin!
Amanda Bartulis
Amanda Bartulis 56 минут назад
Hi Elton, h o w a r e y a h
grace ava
grace ava Час назад
She sounds like that girl i think her name is megan? Idek girll but they sound the same
tilly Час назад
Bad barbie *
PrincessJora Час назад
Imagine not realizing that the walk in scene was filmed for the video and wasnt actually what happened when they met. She didnt just walk tf in..yall really.. are...stupid.
anniebab xd
anniebab xd Час назад
genuinely surprised she seemed respectful tbh
Jaylin Ward
Jaylin Ward Час назад
I watched Dani’s snap show it was amazing love Dani
maddy Fallon
maddy Fallon 2 часа назад
bhad bhabie just walked in to his house like it was hers (LOL) if i saw jefree i would pass out then i would cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sarah Izabella Guerrero
Sarah Izabella Guerrero 2 часа назад
the blush sheered out too
Raegan A
Raegan A 2 часа назад
Hahaha Jeffree said yep definitely what you get when you pay for 2 dollar lipstick
Good vibes Squad
Good vibes Squad 2 часа назад
100% keep it 100% 😂😂😂😂😂
Samantha Blue
Samantha Blue 2 часа назад
As much as I dislike how disrespectful Danielle broccoli is, I think her like is hit or miss, and the hits are great for the price, where I just see the misses as matching the price. I mean I'm a broke bitch so I actually appreciate not paying usual prices for my style. Especially because, I don't wear make up often enough to be spending what I do on it at all.
A C 2 часа назад
I feel like she was scared to make a bad impression so she didn’t talk that much, or explain anything.
Bitch u thought oof Lolll
Bitch u thought oof Lolll 3 часа назад
I love Jeffree he usually looks 💯 but in this video sis looked like a clown
Ben Brodie
Ben Brodie 3 часа назад
love this!!!
Avionia Holmes
Avionia Holmes 3 часа назад
I’m here for that blue on you 😍😍
Ana Glows
Ana Glows 4 часа назад
Not a fan of copy cat 😏 love you Jeffree !!!
Madeleine Johnson
Madeleine Johnson 4 часа назад
her teeth are faker then my friends
niloofar ostad
niloofar ostad 5 часов назад
Your hair 😍😍😍😍
Katherine Madaras
Katherine Madaras 5 часов назад
Love the throne
Annie Sykes
Annie Sykes 5 часов назад
Danielle is such a sweet little girl ❤️ she was so polite , she looked so sweet .
Gianna Haycox
Gianna Haycox 5 часов назад
I think she’s kinda scared of Jeffree😂😂
Gianna Haycox
Gianna Haycox 5 часов назад
Yeah I’m sorry but I don’t trust this makeup due to me having lots of allergies.
Jaclyn Fischer
Jaclyn Fischer 6 часов назад
I’m an upcoming artist 💪🏽 support talent not popularity
Wund3rstruck 6 часов назад
I don’t spend tons on makeup and I just wanna be on fleek for a few short hours most of the time or do a daily natural look, so for the price point I would DEFINITELY buy this stuff. I love cheap drugstore makeup that just works and looks cute. Go to makeup for sure.
Morrigan 6 часов назад
damn she was not ready to be on camera and shit.
cartoon Cola
cartoon Cola 7 часов назад
“Who am I I’m the tin man” Made me die!!😂💀
Peaches and Mae
Peaches and Mae 7 часов назад
Queen! ❤️
Amber Blandford
Amber Blandford 7 часов назад
This Danielle girl should NOT be getting famous for being on Dr. Phil and then hawking make-up
George Lowe
George Lowe 8 часов назад
Is it a boy or a girl
HeyItsPanama Duh
HeyItsPanama Duh 9 часов назад
You get what you pay for ... I mean it is $9 people 😭😭😭
Daisy Martin
Daisy Martin 9 часов назад
💗💗I love this vid
thotsé is the best rosé
thotsé is the best rosé 10 часов назад
sis when jeffree put on the lipstick on 28:45 i really thought she was miranda sings for a sec there 🤣
OrganicSoulJazz 11 часов назад
Dude look scary as fuck
Millie Marden
Millie Marden 11 часов назад
“Where’s the brown shadow? Girl, It played a hoodini trickery on me” 🤣😭🤣 You always crack me up...I love it!! 💖🤣
daddysbabygirl1892 11 часов назад
What happened to the gel eye liner she brought you?
ZombieBoo •
ZombieBoo • 12 часов назад
I can’t believe people are hating on a 15 year old child 😂 it shows how down to earth Jeffree is though, we all know who she is but he was still so nice to her and chatty 😊
Samiam 12 часов назад
The shade name of the brown shadow is David Copperfield.
Faith Chan
Faith Chan 13 часов назад
Tour dogs smelled evil the moment Daniel entered the room😂😂😂😂
cheryl voss
cheryl voss 13 часов назад
Surprised by how much of a mess there was in the background
Sara 14 часов назад
Made in China? 😢 does that mean tested on animals?
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 14 часов назад
So I was the only one that thought Danielle Bregoli was going to be with jefferee in this video, ok..
Sierra Gonzalez
Sierra Gonzalez 15 часов назад
but didnt she also give him a gel liner?! wtf!
Sierra Gonzalez
Sierra Gonzalez 15 часов назад
Jeffrey definitely said to "come in come in" so everyone crying about Danielle "walking right in" should stfu
ScrubLordSarah 15 часов назад
Am I the only one who has never heard of Makeup Revolution? 🤔😂
Wolfie Biscuits
Wolfie Biscuits 16 часов назад
Who else is seeing Danielle maturing??? 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩
Wolfie Biscuits
Wolfie Biscuits 15 часов назад
+Erica D yup
Erica D
Erica D 15 часов назад
Yeah kinda happens as we age
mundo7621 16 часов назад
Love the dup’s of the expensive brands or even for constant users like drag performers to save a buck. But the no ingredients on the packaging was really scary. I was biting my nails for you girl. Loved the gloss tho and the pink lid. Other than that I didn’t care for the review other then Dani (a fan of her snap show) in the beginning who was a little unrehearsed in promoting the brand lol
You Tube
You Tube 16 часов назад
Before I would buy ur brand, for instance, your UNBREAKABLE eye shadow. I would say, I wanna do a drop test 😁 if it breaks, it’s NOT Jeffreestar
Sean McKenna
Sean McKenna 16 часов назад
He literary says "come in, come in". So she comes in. Ya'll trying to make tea out of nothing 😂😂
Keira Mariah
Keira Mariah 16 часов назад
Waittt 🤣🤣 “ Daddy what’re you doing?” Got me dead tho 😂😂
Viraga 17 часов назад
I smell everything too!
Gladimexiii •
Gladimexiii • 17 часов назад
Honestly wanted to buy some of of these, I mean they’re pretty cheap. 😂🤪
Deva Minix
Deva Minix 18 часов назад
Her dogs are cute
C Cooh
C Cooh 18 часов назад
hilla illa
hilla illa 18 часов назад
Bhabie doesn’t know anything about makeup hahah she was like “ummm” everytime jeffree asked her about her favorites
hilla illa
hilla illa 18 часов назад
The gloss looks great and the liquid eyeshadow
Andes Mendes
Andes Mendes 18 часов назад
daddy is super cute😱😱😱😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
Maleia hunter
Maleia hunter 19 часов назад
Reacting to larray without your make up
Marlon williams
Marlon williams 19 часов назад
She was acting a lil offish with Jeffery.. Bitch say hi to the doggs!! I don't care how much that shit it those eyeshadows where booooo the highlighter boooooo... But I dnt care how cheap it is I will n va buy that shit! Jeffery knows he won't Eva Eva Eva wear none of that shit 😂😂 ( you kno he thru it in the bag.. The gar-baggage bag)!!
Emma Brooks
Emma Brooks 19 часов назад
You can love the person and hate the makeup it is ok
Angie Flannery
Angie Flannery 19 часов назад
She was so polite to him because a bitch knooooooows he is more powerful
Jess Hsh
Jess Hsh 20 часов назад
Love this wig!!!!
Panda Rachel
Panda Rachel 20 часов назад
50% is taking about how Bhad Barbie walked into Jeffree’s house and acted like it was hers 30% talking about how normal Jeffree looks without eyebrows 20% other
Taekook_always 20 часов назад
hi chocolate, how are ya
Rosa Zhagui
Rosa Zhagui 20 часов назад
what she has a weave wtf I living under a rock
Gabrielle Stockton
Gabrielle Stockton 20 часов назад
Love u
Sierra Marie
Sierra Marie 21 час назад
Imagine going to sleep and waking up to sleep paralysis and hearing jeffree star in the background saying hi how are you😂
Linda Thetford
Linda Thetford 21 час назад
Your hair is ON POINT as always 😁😁😁😁😁😁
maria hernandez
maria hernandez 21 час назад
Where did she get that Snapchat mini bookbag I want it so bad🤔
leya 16 часов назад
She did a show with Snapchat and they gave it to her
Isabella Pusinelli
Isabella Pusinelli 22 часа назад
Viva La Vanna
Viva La Vanna 22 часа назад
your eyes are SOOO BEAUTIFUL! oh my lucifer x
Odor Angel
Odor Angel 22 часа назад
Those also look like BH Cosmetics ( like the lip glosses ) and the first black palettes 🎨
Kylee Smith
Kylee Smith 22 часа назад
I was DYING to see the vampire burgundy liquid eyeshadow 😭
Chloe Rodger
Chloe Rodger 23 часа назад
Why did Daniel get her teeth whitened she doesn't suit it at all
Jordynne P
Jordynne P 23 часа назад
I love u beautiful
Jianna Lynn Alvarez
Jianna Lynn Alvarez День назад
I’m so happy that her makeup is really cheap and omg your so pretty honey
Queen Kay_Gurl_2019
Queen Kay_Gurl_2019 День назад
OMG! Jeffree Star is LIFE!!!! I just started wtaching ur videos & WOW! I AM SHOOK!!!
Queen Kay_Gurl_2019
Queen Kay_Gurl_2019 День назад
& I am super motivated to try new makeup lines BECAUSE OF YOU, HONEY! Get it! :)
Claudia Morales
Claudia Morales День назад
I remembered that I swatched the chocolate palet gold shade on my finger and licked it.Tasted like chocolate
1997skye2234 День назад
looking gorgeous Jeffree!
무스타피치 Jelena Mustapić옐레나
Even dogs don't like her ass lol. Your dogs know what's bad.
Jennifer Kopenga
Jennifer Kopenga День назад
Listen, there’s NO denying the products she endorse work however, her pretty much “motto” of this company is “it’s the same damn thing, same damn color, goes on the saaaame damn way so which one are you gonna buy?” Seriously 🙄 in her video she was swatching the high end next to hers saying “ it’s literally the EXACT same” 100% this girl has NO clue when it comes to makeup if she DID the “knockoffs” shes selling she’d AT LEAST know and could tell her buyers listen it’s not the same formulas the colors are SIMILAR but not the “EXACT” same that’s not what our brand is trying to accomplish etc etc... she couldn’t even tell Jeffree which mask was her favorite 🤔 another thing is Zebrena here on RUvid just made a video on some of these products today and she pointed out why does the packaging say Go2 Beauty and the “company’s” name and when they’re talked about is called Copy Cat Beauty 🤷🏻‍♀️ things that make you go hmmmmm
Tay Slay
Tay Slay День назад
I phucking love jeffree ❤️
Mely Guap
Mely Guap День назад
I don’t watch you much but I love when u say hi how are ya 😂
NaCl Pez
NaCl Pez День назад
looks like cheap lowkey glam makeup - which i stan
Monze Ornelas
Monze Ornelas День назад
I love this review shes young and its great shes trying to make her brand know. She will learn as she grows.
Tia Lagno
Tia Lagno День назад
Awesome review 👍 👌 I'm loving the gloss and blush .
Jofunny День назад
Stupid girl from Dr. phil. No thank you! I wouldnt let her in my house either! Stay true!
let's begin
let's begin День назад
Hi everyone im proffessional bitch)))
Great passion
Great passion День назад
This is my first time watching Jeffree. You can say im not living in the same earth as yours hhhh but I did really love him duuude why my heart is beating that fast while watching him 😂😂😂😂😂😂 okey okey calm down but he is sooo nice 😵😵😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ashley M.
Ashley M. День назад
Gah! I fucking love you Jeffree!
KayKay Rexhepi
KayKay Rexhepi День назад
6:49 thank me later!
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith День назад
I love it
Aaliyah W.
Aaliyah W. День назад
First time seeing jeffrey being nice about someone's makeup 😂😂😂 not jeffrey approved
Devyn Demarco
Devyn Demarco День назад
Why didn't she look at the camera or Jeffrey? She didn't acknowledge his dogs and the only time she really showed emotion was when she talked about her show. AWKWARD.
Sean McKenna
Sean McKenna 16 часов назад
Awkward that you can't even spell his name. But k sis.
Asiah Renee
Asiah Renee День назад
Jeffree is the only one that looks good without eyebrows
athena belle
athena belle День назад
I love u jeffree
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