The Truth… Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Makeup Tested

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out the new Bhad Bhabie endorsed CopyCat Beauty makeup products! I got so many requests to investigate this brand when it was announced.. so let's see what the real tea is.. We dive into all the drama, the conversation about "dupes" for brands, copying brands and I actually test out the makeup to see if it's any good or not! Is it Jeffree Star Approved? Watch and find out!
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Jan 29, 2019




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Comments 62 618
Jelly Berry
Jelly Berry 20 minutes ago
Her:"I dont use anything expensive on my face." Me: *sips starbucks* Cant relate.
GamingWLD Hour ago
I love your intro
cursed connie
cursed connie Hour ago
“I looove drugstore” bitch stfu u love gucci
Karen Rivas
Karen Rivas 7 hours ago
Save your time the makeup is horrible he is cute for being nice tho lol 😂
Angelica Rodriguez
Angelica Rodriguez 7 hours ago
I loved those lipsticks. That red and that pink gloss. Nice. But other than that, no thanks
I love your house!!
Elaine Doyle
Elaine Doyle 11 hours ago
I like the way she just put the junk ion he’s house
Hang Nguyen
Hang Nguyen 12 hours ago
Jeffree is such a kind soul....I see the intention ....
Eli Godinez
Eli Godinez 15 hours ago
Just subscribed love Jeffrey now he keeps it real 💕🧡💚🤯💖❤️💘💝💗😃😃😃
Dennis Adkins
Dennis Adkins 16 hours ago
Jeffrey I think you got some very nice makeup your makeup is very good little expensive but you get what you pay for you got quality makeup 😘
blixkayla 19 hours ago
She looks scared asf
Ni!#1111 21 hour ago
Literally anyone: Hey Jeffree how much do you want your highlight to G L O W Jeffree: yes
Charne Nicole Davids
The only human slaying no eyebrows🌡I never notice theyre gone till theres a close up 😭I wanna slay that hard
Jen Wlkns
Jen Wlkns Day ago
Why is she still a thing? 🤢
Weatherly Ballaris
It seems like they are scared of each other..
Nikki Whitaker
Jeffree I think you should have been with James Charles but who you with is fine
Anna Ragsdale
“My face looks flatter than my own chest” 😂lmao
Destiny Day ago
hey bich see ya tomorrow 😂😂✌🏼
Abby Byrd
Abby Byrd Day ago
Have james Charles try it
Marie Hawkins
Hello your so FUNNY
Mary Krismos
Mary Krismos Day ago
Idk she’s so nice there lol
kaily pelegrin
love ur blood sugar palette
andrew wong
andrew wong Day ago
He should've done half which is copycat and the other one actual brand makeup that would be cool
Steal Copy Borrow PLAGIARIZE
Ashleigh Poke
I love the cheap prices but I would suggest getting highlight from somewhere else and I got a different eyeshadow palate and it worked great
Stephanie Clark
those look like Marc Jacobs brushes. I'm sure that has been mentioned
Emilyna momo Johnson
Where's the gel liner??
Alexis LaRock
Why are you contributing to making retarded people famous? She’s a troubled little shit with zero talent.
Sam Fallout Boy
Sam Fallout Boy 2 days ago
You should do a collab with CrankThatFrank
Sam Fallout Boy
Sam Fallout Boy 2 days ago
Well I mean it makes sense that Danielle made it like that, she uses drugstore makeup so that's all she's used to
Alicia Dasta
Alicia Dasta 2 days ago
That's what i have! Anastasia!! Glow kit!! Stupif copy cats!
Alicia Dasta
Alicia Dasta 2 days ago
I have the real one of the silver shinny palet!
bish washu mean
bish washu mean 2 days ago
Also Copycat aint really copying other brandd they take it, make it a bit different shade, but it in a different package, rename it, and lower the price and sell it
bish washu mean
bish washu mean 2 days ago
Jeffree is the only one who can pull off no eyebrows and rock it
Trickster Cat
Trickster Cat 2 days ago
Jeffree in the beginning sitting out in the woods w his hair flowing majestically in the wind like some elven royalty or something
Robert Geiger
Robert Geiger 2 days ago
She seems awkward, and it makes her a little more likable... More like a normal girl her age
jocelyn echavez
jocelyn echavez 2 days ago
His house full of clothes at the back
Gabrilleah Lopez
Gabrilleah Lopez 2 days ago
Slay girl slay!
Izziebiz 2 days ago
Some warehouse in China got cleared out ..... lol 😂
Manaia Burt
Manaia Burt 2 days ago
I feel that bhad bhabie is acting like a slave to Jeffery[ but no hate to bhad bhabie]
daisy Smith
daisy Smith 2 days ago
Bhad bhaby? I dont realy luke her but shes pretty. BUT YOUR PRETTIER!!! I LOVE YOU JEFREE ST🌟R!
Princess Vlogs
Princess Vlogs 2 days ago
FreakyLea67 2 days ago
How do you know what undertone you are? Do you have samples? I would love to try but I would also love a make up application tutorial. Everyone makes it look so easy but it NEVER nds up looking that way on meeeee!
Velma CuteCrafters
Girl I love your hair like BEAUTIFUL
Marisa Smith
Marisa Smith 2 days ago
‘My face looks flatter than my own chest’ 😂😂😂😂
Bubble blower
Bubble blower 2 days ago
his face in the end of his videos looks like he is a child predator
Bubble blower
Bubble blower 2 days ago
"flatter than my chest" bitch i died
Perla Saenz
Perla Saenz 2 days ago
excuse me Jeffrey I've seen you give way more negative reviews from other makeup brand results that had more color, more pigment and basically just overall better quality and for this little Bratz makeup line you have seriously sugar-coated the whole f****** thing!! I'm sure you have your reasons
Theps4Gamer24 Ps4
nice vid tho
Theps4Gamer24 Ps4
bhad Danielle did not even cus or maybe??? I think....
Theps4Gamer24 Ps4
you should do make up vid with Faz rug or with Kim Kardashian!
Julie 3 days ago
Every time I see Danielle she reminds me of my nieces cousin😅
Natalies Plays
Natalies Plays 3 days ago
My gucci flip flops hit my head and threw my *WEAVE*
scarlett xxx
scarlett xxx 3 days ago
“I love drugstore” Jeffery come on sis we all know that u think drugstore is for peasants like u can tell in ur videos ur only saying u like this stuff becoz u met her and uno she will come for u on the internet even if u didn’t meet her
Ruth 3 days ago
😂😂😂😂 Jeffree playing with bhad bhabie Barbie doll makeup things 😂
Kennedi Teasley
Kennedi Teasley 3 days ago
Hi I’m Khali I know we don’t know each other But. You. Should. Do. A. Now. Mac. Up
moone 3 days ago
*OkAy LEts pUt this hAiR aWaY*
Anhelic101 Angel
Anhelic101 Angel 3 days ago
She's still relevant? ;-;
Jen ;-;
Jen ;-; 3 days ago
i love you bhad bhabie i wish i can met her in real life
Angela Iong
Angela Iong 3 days ago
How many things are “definitely there”
Juneeda Rachelle Jeffers
Jeffree why aren't you a model , beautiful
Gacha Princess
Gacha Princess 3 days ago
AnnMarie Murphy
AnnMarie Murphy 4 days ago
Her make up looks shit but mr star looks glamed up
rafael garcia
rafael garcia 4 days ago
Jeffree be my makeup teacher
Fire Fliiezz
Fire Fliiezz 4 days ago
😂 the amounts of times he says “definitely there”
Lejla Redzovic
Lejla Redzovic 4 days ago
Bhad Babie looks a 100% shorter than jeffree and i-
Sai Sai
Sai Sai 4 days ago
wait one question is it true your easier cuz lots if peps are saying you said you said the n word
Muhle Skosana
Muhle Skosana 4 days ago
She didn’t actually say hey bitch right ????😏🧐
Nicholei 4 days ago
Jeffree's wig is more expensive than my rent.
Jack Davison
Jack Davison 4 days ago
I’d be terrified to even give her my address
Alexandria m
Alexandria m 4 days ago
22:20 need that ASAP but I can't find it on the website help!
Mahalia Peipi
Mahalia Peipi 4 days ago
Jeffree: *turns off camera "Fuck that bitch and her cheap ass make up" 😂😂😂
Millies gacha world
Sorry honey that lipstick don't look that good but WEAVE SNACHED
carmelo roig
carmelo roig 4 days ago
You are a boy
Liv Eldred
Liv Eldred 4 days ago
Jeffree: today is a new morning Me: So change your clothes 😂 No hate love you jeffree ❤️🥰😂
Jayme Madrox
Jayme Madrox 4 days ago
Can you PLEASE do eyebrow products next?!
Alex St.Cloud
Alex St.Cloud 4 days ago
Her humor is 🤢
Arielle Binette
Arielle Binette 4 days ago
People have got to stop endorsing this fake,full of crap drama queen Danielle. Jeffree is too pure for her.
priceandpride 4 days ago
Bad baby lol
Shelia Scales
Shelia Scales 4 days ago
Bitch love you
Monica Vazquez
Monica Vazquez 5 days ago
Review the Makeupbyalo brush soap ❤️❤️
FrAnCe 5 days ago
Àaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa a
Kristarae Barton
Kristarae Barton 5 days ago
Hi Jeffrey wish you the best love your videos Krista Barton
M E 5 days ago
If you know how to do makeup... why dont you know how dry o do eyebrows.
Micayla Lilly
Micayla Lilly 5 days ago
The gloss has me shook! It looks so good!
xLilKitty 5 days ago
“Who am I? I’m the tin man.” I died 😂🥰
K Edwards
K Edwards 5 days ago
She dont use expensive stuff I never knew I just thought she just didn't know how to do makeup.
K Edwards
K Edwards 5 days ago
She taking out her personal itch kit.
Ashley P
Ashley P 5 days ago
Hi Elton, How are ya. Jeffree go look at Kim Zolciak's FAB makeup collaboration...she is in a kitchen baking products in all....another bakerie thief......and is it a coincidence that Kim Zolciak's also has a skincare line or at least she did call Kashmere and the girl who is the founder of Beauty Bakerie her name is Cashmere...hmmmm. plz get on this jeff
rore_ mou
rore_ mou 5 days ago
Hi bitch Bhad bhabie
Denisa Raducan
Denisa Raducan 5 days ago
I feel like Jeffree is kinda sugar coating the review
Bloxy Press
Bloxy Press 5 days ago
Omg can you try asmr
Jordyn Smith
Jordyn Smith 5 days ago
that red lipstick was uh...lookin like clown makeup 🤭
C’EST JENNY 5 days ago
5.30 lmao when he's holding his wig, he looks like he's holding hair of billie’s eilish right
Alison Tull
Alison Tull 5 days ago
My Dad always said it's a massive compliment if someone dupes you 💕😊 .🤗😘 🇬🇧 Xx
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie 5 days ago
I love your personality 😂
4:42 Ahm Jahst a naterally funny pahrson Are you really...
Ashley Zamzow
Ashley Zamzow 5 days ago
That blue wig is LIFE💙💙💙
Celeberty. edits
Celeberty. edits 5 days ago
2:30 dogs can smell devils
o o
o o 5 days ago
I want him on ru paul
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