The Truth… Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Makeup Tested

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out the new Bhad Bhabie endorsed CopyCat Beauty makeup products! I got so many requests to investigate this brand when it was announced.. so let's see what the real tea is.. We dive into all the drama, the conversation about "dupes" for brands, copying brands and I actually test out the makeup to see if it's any good or not! Is it Jeffree Star Approved? Watch and find out!
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Jan 29, 2019

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Comments 59 673
Fatma Anwer Hui
Fatma Anwer Hui 6 hours ago
الي عربى يضقط لايك😹😹
K. .r
K. .r 6 hours ago
IKR me and my family we have so funny and stupid moments I recently started recorded I watch when I get in my feelings and I honestly just start dying 🤣
K. .r
K. .r 6 hours ago
I freaking love you 🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️
Max Carpenter
Max Carpenter 9 hours ago
*iT's DefInEtElY tHeRe*
Kpopfan879 10 hours ago
Roses are red Violets are blue All I want was just a review
Max Carpenter
Max Carpenter 9 hours ago
Jada Terryn
Jada Terryn 18 hours ago
i love your makeup
Double stuffed Oreos
“i love drugstore” IM SCREAMING
Vidushi Batra
Jeffree, you look so beautiful in a red lipstick! I am legit jealous!!
Ræ Beautiful
i love you videos jefree
Darla Alderette
Your so pretty
Crazy Sloth Lady
I have a really hard time knowing that girl has blown up so much ever since the Dr Phil stint
Vani S.
Vani S. 2 days ago
That girl is so annoying and sounds so uneducated and ghetto. God I can't stand her. I can't believe she became famous by disrespecting her mother and being a total little brat.
Im LoNeY
Im LoNeY 2 days ago
13:13 THATS iridescent
Keeping up with Jennifer Diane💋
I guess not so bad... but I personally think the higher end makeup gets their reputation and respect from having great products. Nothing against “Copycat brand” but I’ll stick to the brand names 💋💯
Kpop Edits
Kpop Edits 3 days ago
Is it just me or is she more town up lol and calm
Smilez xD
Smilez xD 3 days ago
I heard it was shit.
Disa Almgren - TYR - 6A
If Cristine with no h aka simplynailogical watched this in the beginning she would be like "iS tHaT rEaL hOlO?" ╰(*°▽°*)╯
Lixa Colón
Lixa Colón 4 days ago
I mean, it's not the same when a brand dupes a bigger brand for affordable options and when a brand steals from a smaller brand to make profit without acknowledging that they did that.
Glitches _32
Glitches _32 4 days ago
Bitch it’s a new day. It’s a new wig 😂
Amanda Seidler
Amanda Seidler 4 days ago
Love that in the end you looked like a seven year old, playing with makeup for the first time... and don't give a fudge😂 Love it! Love it! LOOVE IT!😂😍😂😂
Jackie Harvey
Jackie Harvey 4 days ago
I've noticed loreal doesnt have ingredients on their lipsticks. Is that bad
Denice Montenejo
Denice Montenejo 4 days ago
I saw that here in tje phillppines in lazada shopping app its very cheap.. As low as $1.50 but the performance is bad just a waste of money
Denice Montenejo
Denice Montenejo 4 days ago
Hi jeffrey watch your dope videos just now..
Miss_tree Liv
Miss_tree Liv 4 days ago
She looks weird with those big goofy ass teeth...also, i never noticed how big her nose was. The new teeth really accentuates her nose...it all doesnt look right...just leave ya face alone girl!
Who the hell walk through the front door like that
Iain Adams
Iain Adams 4 days ago
Make a Dr Phil Pallete
Ess Jay
Ess Jay 5 days ago
Can we please talk about her teeth? like..... girl. What did you do
Ahsoka Padme' Tano
Omg you have changed me from urban and Kate to this. I love you jeffree
Jennifer Alcala
Jennifer Alcala 5 days ago
Sorry, I think it would be very special for Eugenia not me.
Jennifer Alcala
Jennifer Alcala 5 days ago
Please do a makeover on Eugenia Cooney... I think it would be very special for me.
MyPamela1980 5 days ago
Jeffery I love everything about you and I wish I could do makeup like you💋💋💋💋
nellymed85 6 days ago
sidenote: why is Jefree living like a hoarder?
Mia’s random unicorns World
No offence but imma have nightmares about jettree star what ever is name is
Kaylyn H
Kaylyn H 6 days ago
I’m bummed he didn’t try the gel eyeliner for some reason that’s what I wanted to see so bad lol
Ella Lal x
Ella Lal x 6 days ago
9:16 love island flashbacks😂😂
Connie Snow
Connie Snow 7 days ago
i was talking about this the other day and i feel like dupes are so unfair to bigger name products and they shouldn't be aloud to do it ..J/S
Aliyah Adriana Mohammad
if it's jeffree star approved I'll buy
I really sat here and repeated “life shelf” until i figured out he meant shelf life🤣
Izidor Izidor
Izidor Izidor 7 days ago
Fake girl
Livy RT
Livy RT 7 days ago
Does anyone else realize his “crease” is his brow bone lol
Tik tok lover
Tik tok lover 7 days ago
Lexi's What the Vlog!
is it the most blinding!? … FuCK No! LMAOOOOO 32:00
johnny :D
johnny :D 7 days ago
4:12 he’s looking at her like “bitch who r u?”
Miss Amie
Miss Amie 8 days ago
The makeup just really looks so cheap. Jeffree is just so nice about it all 😊💞 Jeffree's star shaped heart is so beautiful 🌟💛
Neomi Gonzalez
Neomi Gonzalez 8 days ago
How do u feel about area 51??? Hhhhhmmmmmmm???
Arianna Peña
Arianna Peña 8 days ago
"Like hi chocolate how are ya"😂😂💀💀💀deaaad
Phindile Mgobozi
Phindile Mgobozi 9 days ago
Lol, omg it’s cash me outside😂.
Fatima R you ready kids lmao
Bet she wouldn’t give makeup to woahvicky😂
Humorflix YPTH y mas
i saw bad bhabie first when the iggy azaelea drama came out but she doesn't seem so bad as i pictured her. She sure messed up sometimes but she's not bad
Ta Bel
Ta Bel 9 days ago
That house needs some natural sunlight
Laura Mailhot
Laura Mailhot 10 days ago
Like every brand there is good and bad
Ramuni 11 days ago
Lillian Benbrook
Lillian Benbrook 11 days ago
Nothing was that good.... 🤷‍♀️
Kristen Rials
Kristen Rials 11 days ago
Those brushes totally look like Marc Jacobs copycats
HOBISGRIN 11 days ago
honestly for me the blush and highlight look soo cute and nice for like an everyday toned down natural look
Avenged 11 days ago
Everything is in plastic
unicorn love
unicorn love 11 days ago
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh jefree star why are you a boy who's trying to be a girl don't do that be yourself makeup does not make you a better life's like what be yourself I'm being myself I'm my normal self☆♡
Miss Quinn
Miss Quinn 9 days ago
So he's a multimillionaire thanks to his songs, clothes line and his massive makeup line but that hasn't given him a better life? He also doesn't consider himself a woman - anything goes for him, wanna call him a man, call him a man :/
Audrey Monroe
Audrey Monroe 11 days ago
I love watching him do make up and him in general because he’s so real and because I love how he does make up...... I can’t do make up for my life but I love it so much I just don’t know what brushes or what shade mâches me
Roblox name DarthVaderLoves
Am I the only one who saw Jeffree with red lipstick on and went “Miranda sings”
Roblox name DarthVaderLoves
“My face looks flatter than my own chest” Can’t relate
Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez 12 days ago
How does this foo come out so funny as comebacks so fast. lol. Flatter than his own chest. Lol
Tara Steele
Tara Steele 12 days ago
Love jeffree's honestly. This brand is not bad for being cheap. Exactly what I expected. Thanks Jeff 💋
Zuzanna 12 days ago
i mean, "it's there" is definitely much better than "it's not there" right?
Zuzanna 12 days ago
looks good for the price
Richard_Ramirez worshiper
Danielle is being all calm and shit. She's so intimidated. What else could you expect from a child?
Wiam Ben dahman
Wiam Ben dahman 13 days ago
Are you gay??
Miss Quinn
Miss Quinn 9 days ago
Dunno, ask his boyfriend XD
Pluto 12 days ago
Average Mama
Average Mama 13 days ago
Tryin out that polly pocket makeup and still making it look good.
Monkey. Squad
Monkey. Squad 13 days ago
It would be so weird if she put Jeffree Starr Makeup At A Low Price.
Sab moon
Sab moon 13 days ago
Shes trash dude .
Maya makes videos or something
I need JSC to release liquid eyeshadow!!
Jewel Jhay Villarin
Is it just me or Jeffree really look like a barbie doll?
Tbh what was bhad baby arriving in .when Jeffrey said “ooh I think she’s coming” I heard helicopter blades sound and I’m like And I oop-
Angelica Garcia
Angelica Garcia 14 days ago
Euh 14 days ago
Oh my good a video with bhad bhabie the best drama queen in this world
Trisha Wendorf
Trisha Wendorf 14 days ago
Jeffree, Do a video on which make-up brand is better between Cover Girl, Maybelline, L'Oréal! Which foundation, mascara and powders are the best out of those!
Anastasia Alexander
Now I want a throne cuz babyyyy😂♥️♥️ I don’t even wear makeup and watching like two videos I brought make up. It’s hella cheap but it’s a start 🤦🏾‍♀️♥️
simar manchanda
simar manchanda 15 days ago
I honestly love how frank jeffree is during makeup reviews
Shayna FlyingHorse toast
jeffree really struggled trying to compliment her makeup
Angelina Gibbs
Angelina Gibbs 15 days ago
Idk i can't relate i get cheap make up and i only get nude colors. I mean 4 cheap make up it's hella good maybe cause it blends in wit my skin but eh
Angelina Gibbs
Angelina Gibbs 15 days ago
"Bitch y'all know i like to glow"😂😂😂😂😂 i can't relate tho
Ryan Conner
Ryan Conner 15 days ago
So where is the review of fake Jeffree star cosmetics sis
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