The True Story About FaZe Jarvis & FaZe Kay...

FaZe Kay
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This is a video of FaZe Kay & FaZe Jarvis entire life, from before RUvid, FaZe Clan and Fortnite. We love you guys!
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Jan 18, 2020




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Comments 80
FaZe Kay
FaZe Kay 4 months ago
if you aren't subscribed yet, do it now and join our journey!!
Reed Choudree
John Robert Carter
Husanpreet Singh Dhadli
@Klay Eh Curry tytc
Rodrigo vera
Rodrigo vera 3 days ago
FaZe Kay user Rodrigovera08196
Rodrigo vera
Rodrigo vera 3 days ago
FaZe Kay can you recruit me to faze I’m as good as Jarvis in a 1v1
Henry Reid
Henry Reid 4 hours ago
The Offical
The Offical 17 hours ago
You can tell Jarvis when he was a kid but you cannot tell Kay
Owen True
Owen True 23 hours ago
Epic games should not have gave Jarvis a permanent ban
Captainmoney334 YT
Love watching u grow #yourinsanejarvis
isnaioz Yt
isnaioz Yt Day ago
0:35 that smile 😊 ❤️❤️
Reed Choudree
The Marshalls
Baby Jarvis is so cute :) :) :)
Kevin Solis
Kevin Solis Day ago
chris kosyfis
I watched you from day 120 or smthng
Cry XD
Cry XD Day ago
I was here since 50k I’m an og
Emrq Day ago
Just watching your vids they make me want to keeps going to non stop grinding
vituralboys TXO
vituralboys TXO 2 days ago
What is the music he is playing
Ham The Hammer
Ham The Hammer 2 days ago
Only if Navi’s didn’t use aim it once
Ham The Hammer
Ham The Hammer 2 days ago
Sorry I meant javis
ZoneDevilz 2 days ago
7:48 Kay: *realizes that if he clickbates more people will watch him which means he gets more monney
Gabriel Ochoa
Gabriel Ochoa 2 days ago
Bro how did u get pass
Gabriel Ochoa
Gabriel Ochoa 2 days ago
Bro ur the best at cod
magma kuda
magma kuda 2 days ago
Jarvis looks so weird as a baby
Filip Hamerlinck
Filip Hamerlinck 2 days ago
Jarvis is nog even 20 wy its 200
demario on faze the goat
I did not want to watch apex
Micha Taal
Micha Taal 3 days ago
00:02 Jarvis still had that head....
Andersen 3 days ago
jarvis's face tho 0:46
Slap Logical.
Slap Logical. 4 days ago
I wish it was this easy for me to just play......
David Andonov
David Andonov 4 days ago
Dallas Gaming
Dallas Gaming 4 days ago
0:03 look at this dude 🤣
Omnia Dobli
Omnia Dobli 4 days ago
Do you have a father
Progodomar Yt
Progodomar Yt 4 days ago
insane b4o
Liz Hopkins
Liz Hopkins 5 days ago
I have been watching you and Jarvis for 7 years
Joe Farah
Joe Farah 5 days ago
Corona virus hahahahaha
Carlos Larrosa
Carlos Larrosa 5 days ago
at 00.2 Jarvis haha
ash2you 18
ash2you 18 5 days ago
Wish I was in faze
Marco Salvatore
Marco Salvatore 6 days ago
I am subbed to you
J Hayre
J Hayre 6 days ago
Can you add me on fortnite
Ruin Rourkie.
Ruin Rourkie. 7 days ago
Start swearing without censors again
Hurrikaine 7 days ago
That one clip of Jarvis where he was touching his lips hard
Boodhoo Family
Boodhoo Family 7 days ago
His head shape was still scuffed back then
Cassie Kolasa
Cassie Kolasa 7 days ago
you joined obey and soar
Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott 7 days ago
poor faze jarvie cant play fortnite
Harry Clarke
Harry Clarke 7 days ago
These guys are the best
Blx-_-Sulzz 8 days ago
Man 2020 wasn’t that crazy and will not
RaZoR 8 days ago
0:45 yoo is that jarvis or bigfoot
Aamir Patel
Aamir Patel 8 days ago
DriftyPlaYz 8 days ago
micah gooding
micah gooding 9 days ago
Jarvis head is so big omg
Maze Jr
Maze Jr 9 days ago
I want to join faze
W7X 11
W7X 11 9 days ago
Dude he deserves this he is iNsAnE he’s crazy mate ♥️♥️♥️
Kobie Gibson
Kobie Gibson 9 days ago
He joined faze one month after my dad went to jail
Michał 10 days ago
Is it me that just thinks they sound Australian
aksel bork lundbek
aksel bork lundbek 10 days ago
Yo jarvis and you was so cute keep the good work
BunnBoy Band
BunnBoy Band 10 days ago
Can I join FaZe big fan of you guys and if I can't join FaZe can I get a shout out
Matthaus Marston
Matthaus Marston 11 days ago
I wish I could join faze
Matthaus Marston
Matthaus Marston 11 days ago
Yo you guys are so lucky I ask too be a RUvid and my family said no
Samuel Burk
Samuel Burk 11 days ago
In the thumnail In the 2020 one kay looks like a
fernando Gutierrez
fernando Gutierrez 11 days ago
I am a hater jk😂😂😂😂I am a fann
The hype BOSS77 The kidd
Jarvis can still play fortnite it dont say if ur banned you cat play on another account
Xd Kawar
Xd Kawar 12 days ago
Wait a minute Ur Thumb nail Jarvis isn’t 20 yrs old
Crete ALPHA 12 days ago
Been a subscriber since 250 subs
Noella Naudi
Noella Naudi 12 days ago
If you didn’t get banned I’ll would be watching every Fortnite and other video’s love your vids bye
phantomsonicgaming 5
Finley’s Gaming channel
Your so lucky you have all this
Collin Roundpoint
Collin Roundpoint 12 days ago
Nice vid love your vids
SFE S_W_A_T_Z 12 days ago
faze kay 5 years later his new vid the true story about faze kay part 2
Chronic YT
Chronic YT 13 days ago
Danny Pogosian
Danny Pogosian 13 days ago
Who ever is watching this after the pandemic LIKE THIS
Maria Ghenova Lowela Baluyut
Jarvis has a weird head and a bighead when he was a kid and he even look like an meme 😎
MG_Oxygen 13 days ago
Jarvis wasn’t alive in 2000
Callum_scootz 13 days ago
Look at baby Jarvis
Colin Hernon
Colin Hernon 13 days ago
Play cod again
Justine Butera
Justine Butera 14 days ago
It's so emotional
K2 Medsols
K2 Medsols 14 days ago
pause at 2:14
Kahaan Deliwala
Kahaan Deliwala 14 days ago
Jarvis is a thiccboy
edgar ramirez
edgar ramirez 14 days ago
Omar Kanaan
Omar Kanaan 14 days ago
Jarvis knew he was Cracked on them sticks 00:45
Wriftz Bladee
Wriftz Bladee 14 days ago
lowkey jarvis kinda got fat. lol
tia maria tenn
tia maria tenn 15 days ago
Yo Jarvis hit 3mil
Hdhd ddhdhd
Hdhd ddhdhd 15 days ago
Hey Jarvis did you know that there is going to be a lot of memes from this video
Ryan Harbinson
Ryan Harbinson 14 days ago
It was 4 mounths ago
Ryan Harbinson
Ryan Harbinson 14 days ago
This vid has been here for ages
TSK- SCOPE 15 days ago
Yo add me on ps4 The-TBK-scope
CHAXSE 15 days ago
Jarvis back than * STILL HAS AIMBOT *
Joshua Figueroa
Joshua Figueroa 15 days ago
Next videos