The Top Two QBs in High School Football Battle for the Championship

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Clemson commit, DJ Uiagalelei, takes on Alabama commit, Bryce Young, in the California Southern Section Championship.
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Comments 42
Estefan Dylan Urrea
DJ at worst in the NFL🏈🏈 will be big Ben, best case your looking at the next Brett Favre
James Theorine
James Theorine 10 days ago
Funny thing is Nergo didn't speak to his team after that lose. A lot of kids go there of course because of exposure and they get plenty of that. But have known alot of kids that don't like him and some of the coaching staff. They have some good coaches for sure! Filling DJ's shoes is the biggest challenge Bosco will have to do in the 2021season! Good luck DJ!
Porsh_ 12 days ago
this reminds me of super bowl 51
Johnny Jackson
Johnny Jackson 17 days ago
I enjoyed this very much. Thankyou
MAD MAX 20 days ago
Just look at the picture with DJ in front looking like a damn man. A man on a mission. Look at Bryce he look like a scary 14 year old kid. Jusr by looking at that picture it's obvious who was ready and who war worried 😄
W. Ethan Jowers
W. Ethan Jowers 13 days ago
MAD MAX I’m not disagreeing that he looks young but he won the state championship the year before so to say he wasn’t ready is not really right.
Jackson Scott
Jackson Scott 22 days ago
“Make history, don’t be history”
Pedro Thomaz
Pedro Thomaz 23 days ago
Props to SJB, Mater Dei is basically a college team
kilin 0
kilin 0 27 days ago
chendaddy Month ago
1:10 Aw man, that's gotta be a tough name to have as a football coach.
malik gilmore
malik gilmore 2 hours ago
Negro please
Gilbert Fanfan
Gilbert Fanfan 2 days ago
Facts 💯
Cole H
Cole H 8 days ago
Coach Negro
Tyler Mays
Tyler Mays 12 days ago
chendaddy lmaoo
Pancakes Jr.
Pancakes Jr. Month ago
Bro, huge shoutout to the Bosco players. Although the Monarchs put up a good fight, it meant nothing!!!!
Jason Hills
Jason Hills Month ago
SB QB is D2 Level.. Look y'all can see rite...just look how he throws
Poata Gatoloai
Poata Gatoloai Month ago
Jason Hills And he be gettin run tabby the d line and he runs back losing yardage
Bryce will get revenge, Alabama will get revenge against Clemson, the whole Alabama college is looking for revenge
gyoyobw123 14 days ago
Lol Clemson will be ready
Diana Pena
Diana Pena Month ago
Crazy comeback
John Rea
John Rea Month ago
This reminds me of a stupid Disney film
Tide Month ago
Bryce will get his revenge in college
gyoyobw123 14 days ago
MAD MAX 20 days ago
In his dreams 😂 he’s going to lose again like in high school. DJ is just too advanced in talent and of course in size. 5’10” 170 pounds I would be worried after what happen to Tua and he was 6’2” 220.
David Espinoza
David Espinoza Month ago
I think I seen a blind side block
Kendal White
Kendal White Month ago
LJ Amitranee
LJ Amitranee Month ago
So lucky to have 2 dominant samoan quarterbacks killing football rn🤗🤗🤗
Sam Sule
Sam Sule Month ago
wow like in the movies
AaronK Month ago
The Mater Dei coach is hype
sp00ky b0i
sp00ky b0i 4 days ago
it aint hype if you can back it up
alan g
alan g 2 months ago
Billy Blanks
Billy Blanks Month ago
Hahahaha shut yo jealous stupid ass up🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!! How many teams do u actually coach, exactly, that part u fuccin dumb fucc! Sit yo dumbass down somewhere and stay being a RUvid fan like everyone else u little bitch LMAO!
Dylan Schor
Dylan Schor 2 months ago
His last name
Stormy Redhawk
Stormy Redhawk 2 months ago
I wish the Hawaiian dude would’ve went to USC!!!
DaBigSho !
DaBigSho ! Month ago
he's samoan stupid! and I'm his cosuin and he wasn't even close to wanting to go to usc
Billy Blanks
Billy Blanks Month ago
He's Samoan
Depraved23 2 months ago
Qb matchup of the century being Trevor Lawrence and Tua? lmfao. Pure comedy right there
WastedBananas 7 days ago
@Depraved23 ...HUH? Tua is fucking 21-2 as a starter, Lawrence has never lost except to LSU this year. What an awful take
Depraved23 13 days ago
gyoyobw123 they’re both kings of mediocrity. if Haskins would’ve stayed another year he would’ve been head over heels in front of both of them and probably a national champ.
gyoyobw123 14 days ago
If that's not it then what is?
beta 17 days ago
Depraved23 lmao Fr
Alexsu 2 months ago
The two best highschool's in the nation
Epic Trick Shots
Epic Trick Shots 2 months ago
Nice Vid!
Angel DeJesus
Angel DeJesus 2 months ago
It's messed up how Bama and Clemson swooped in and took these kids out from under USC's nose.
James Theorine
James Theorine 10 days ago
USC has been the 1 college that hasn't shown up for the showcase Bosco throws ever year. It's USC's fault!! I'm a USC fan. It's sad!
MAD MAX 20 days ago
Kai they couldn’t lock the #1 ranked QB DJ Uiagalelei. How stupid was USC to let that kid leave to Clemson.
NextUpHov Month ago
@MATIX how are they trash?
Karter Birdsall
Karter Birdsall Month ago
David Zheng thank you!
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Month ago
It is USC's own fault by keeping that bad head coach they have. If they had an Urban Meyer, they would have at least one of these kids at the school right now.
Sau Tafao
Sau Tafao 2 months ago
Bosco deserves all the credit in the world. Down by 25 points against the best team in the nation and they rallied back to win the game. One of the best high school games ever.
Dubby G 00
Dubby G 00 27 days ago
they were down by 23. There was a safety that wasn’t shown. But still impressive
DaBigSho !
DaBigSho ! Month ago
@henry barnes this is the west coast boy and in California it's different out here and they are a different breed so come run this fade
henry barnes
henry barnes Month ago
Who claims these teams to be the best HS teams in the nation. That's bulls__t. I guess they never look at the teams in the southern states. But yet all the players that's worth anything going south to play college ball. What conference wins the national championship every year teams from the sec or acc. I wish all those young men success. But stop lying to them. There are plenty of powerhouse hs. Teams through out the southern states that would beat the brakes off of these teams.
Sylas Manning
Sylas Manning 2 months ago
Not gunna lie I like Bryce young but that was a good comeback
Playboi Gordy
Playboi Gordy 2 months ago
Jason black
Jack 2 months ago
These 2 are the future of Clemson and Alabama QB's? Wow are we lucky!
Michael Oglesby
Michael Oglesby Month ago
Thank u & we are very blessed...(GO 🐅'z?)!!!!
Shane Lamar
Shane Lamar 2 months ago
This was good
Tye The Great
Tye The Great 2 months ago
Marcus mariota 2.0
Troy Manz
Troy Manz 2 months ago
Ohio State commit (forget his name) is number 2 recruit
Kastro Budiman
Kastro Budiman Month ago
Julian Fleming
Antton Häkkinen
Antton Häkkinen 2 months ago
Christian Hernandez WR
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez 2 months ago
What position?
Antton Häkkinen
Antton Häkkinen 2 months ago
Troy Manz Julian Fleming?
Noah Ledford
Noah Ledford 2 months ago
This video deserves more views, keep up the good work!
Gutter Beatz
Gutter Beatz 2 months ago
I love watching these bro I could watch this for hours
Alex B
Alex B 2 months ago
Bryace won last year and now DJ has one
MAD MAX 20 days ago
Alex B well last year don’t mean shit. This year is the one for national championship. Last years wasn’t. That was a state title game. Can’t compare those tow games.
Armando Jimenez
Armando Jimenez 2 months ago
I mean I get you guys are going for the NFL look, but these angles don't let me see what the QB's see on defense, so therefore I can't analyze their football IQ.
MAD MAX 20 days ago
Armando Jimenez well thank god we could care less on what you think. The experts already called DJ the best they ever seen in high school. So it really don’t matter what your dumb ass say.
Lane Critchell
Lane Critchell 2 months ago
Im sorry but how can the announcer butcher DJ Uigaleileis name so much.
Vosaiy 2 months ago
Remember watching him on Netflix being the 2nd choice QB crazy how far he has come 🐐
Ryan Morrissey
Ryan Morrissey 24 days ago
They really should've put re-al at running back
helen Month ago
omg yes just him under re-als shadow, but look at him now
Hiromu656 2 months ago
Looked like the QB was down on that last play, but cant do much about that in HS
MAD MAX 20 days ago
dvelilla simple dumb ass. Look at how Bosco Defense shut his ass down. He ran for - 17 yards. And he had only 1 TD in the 2nd half. All his TD in the first half were all made on broken coverages. In college and the pros that won’t happen. As for DJ, all his passes were made in tight windows and with one or two defenders draped over the receiver. That’s from his hight adventure. Brice will always struggle because he is barely 5’10” 170 pounds. He’s going to get eaten up at the college level. Should of stayed at USC. Tua was 6’2” 220 pounds and he got beat down with injuries. Could you imagine Bryce 5’10” 170...he’s going to get killed out there.
dvelilla 24 days ago
@MAD MAX How in the hell could you possibly know what Bryce will be like in college, dumb ass.
MAD MAX Month ago
Samsqanch Billy are u fucking blind dumb ass. He fumbled the ball clearly. The sad part is Bryce choked in the biggest high school game ever. How are you supposed to be that guy and you throw 3 interception and you have minus 17 yards rushing. What happen to the unstoppable air raid offense😂 he crumbled under pressure and it will be worse at Alabama.
Pinky Toe
Pinky Toe 2 months ago
Random Sports12 - The refs never called it a fumble. They saw that his knees was clearly down.
Pinky Toe
Pinky Toe 2 months ago
Hiromu656 - It’s okay bcuz the turnover was overturn and Mater Dei got the ball back but ended up getting picked off the next play in the inzone and that ended the game. They didn’t show the last play.
Ebisa Worika
Ebisa Worika 2 months ago
Ed 2 months ago
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