The Top High School Quarterbacks Compete for a Spot on the Elite 11 | NFL Network

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The top quarterback prospects in the nation compete for a spot on the Elite 11. The Elite 11 is the premier quarterback competition for high school quarterbacks across the country. Watch Elite 11 Tuesdays 10:30pm EST on NFL Network.
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Comments 80
Wilcom Art
Wilcom Art 17 hours ago
If any one need any custom made jacket , caps and please email me at wilcomart@gmail.com
Nathan Stansfield
10:09 it looks like juice wrld and Lamar jackson
Farting Fortnite Llama
the bird had one foot
Apex Frag
Apex Frag 7 days ago
Trevor was definitely riding a pterodactyl not a raptor
George Lopez
George Lopez 20 days ago
That kid at 47 seconds looks familiar from Qb1 beyond the ligh show
Thicc PizzaRoll
Thicc PizzaRoll 25 days ago
I’m a wide receiver but some of the drills they are doin kinda help me out
TDO Month ago
I started to say that Trevor Lawrence new he was the man before he become the man, but he definitely stuck out as the Elite QB at the place.
Mr nice guy
Mr nice guy Month ago
all the cool music etc.does nothing.....be real.............get a real job.........plumber.welder,auto mechanic,rooofer..................help america vs the losers who watch u playing games working at walmart/burgerking.................be real.....i watch ufc only....
Julius Sisk
Julius Sisk Month ago
What would they do without a o-line ?
Jason Ho
Jason Ho Month ago
number 5 be looking like juice
Hey Man
Hey Man Month ago
Lawrence is so ugly but so good at football
mesmerizineyez Month ago
It figures and is so typical for them to over-rate and over-hype a player who is no better or talented than the others. But i guess that's wtf u gotta do to seem like u can compete with us
Wave Koi
Wave Koi Month ago
Anyone going to talk about the fact that she called a velociraptor a pterodactyl??? 13:09
lol Hoji
lol Hoji Month ago
Is elite 11 only for qbs?
1000th comment
Team Predator
Team Predator Month ago
Why do all the number 1 quarter backs come from Georgia? Fromm, Lawrence, Fields..erc
Team Predator
Team Predator Month ago
Did nobody see Justin fields?
EdX Nah
EdX Nah Month ago
Ik Justin fields off Netflix he was on this football show
Thedrunk Russian
Why they comparing Trevor Lawrence to joe flacco🤢
Brayden Vaughn
Brayden Vaughn Month ago
13:07 “ he’s riding a pterodactyl in a suite” lmao that’s not a pterodactyl
tyler yee
tyler yee Month ago
these kids are fed steriods
Priyal Seebadri
Priyal Seebadri Month ago
Trevor Lawrence = "Sunshine"
Magali Santos
Magali Santos Month ago
Watch qb1 beyond the lights and recognize a qb
Little Ranger
Little Ranger Month ago
Does anyone not gonna talk about Joyner look like a Lil Uzi Vert?
cody willmott
cody willmott 2 months ago
13:05 "he's riding a pterodactyl in a suit" Ok Boomer
Marcus has swag
Marcus has swag 2 months ago
Trevor Lawrence looks like he is an unevolved human
Marcus has swag
Marcus has swag 2 months ago
they are all alpha chads
U7xJorDaN 2 months ago
what about joe burrow
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 2 months ago
Watching this right after joe borrow whipped dat ass Patna!
Water Beast
Water Beast 2 months ago
Is anyone gonna talk about how the bird at 2:20 dosent have a foot
Gabriel Méndez Cervantes
17???? Damn What are you feeding to these kids? They all look at least 23.
Ed 2 months ago
Justin Fields went from backing up Jake Fromm to being in the heisman race and only getting one pick in the regular season but ended up throwing two against Clemson in post season
boomer, ok
boomer, ok 2 months ago
Everyone: "Trevor is a guy that can be drafted day 1 of the NFL draft." Everyone: "Joe Burrow is a football legend." (2019) Cincinnati Bengals: *Enters chat screaming intensely*
앤서니 야
앤서니 야 2 months ago
Nice to know that Trevor had family on the editorial team. It's ridiculous how they refer to him as a big kid but the 23rd rank black HSQB as a "grown man". Also, it's sick how these universities are fawning over these young men specifically because they want to make money off their backs and not compensate them in return. Skip me with the "scholarship" foolery. Pay me and I'll pay my own tuition.
Rip City
Rip City 2 months ago
“From Chicago... a city not know for elite quarterbacks” They did Trubisky dirty
Heart Break
Heart Break 2 months ago
That seagull at 2:19 was missing a foot.
Jhonny Jambalaya
Jhonny Jambalaya 2 months ago
Sad father lol kinda weird be proud dude
emma _cor7
emma _cor7 2 months ago
Trevor Lawrence’s voice, i cant even- one of many things i like abt him
EtherSkies 2 months ago
Hopefully there is a WR version
Clankrieger 2 months ago
Anyone thought the guy at 9.55 looks a little bit like juice wrld
Rhino Pons
Rhino Pons 2 months ago
13:08 I think it’s a raptor 🤷🏼‍♂️ idk I could be wrong
Dorin Veazie
Dorin Veazie 2 months ago
Anyone here in 2020?!
SoMeThInG._.sPeCiAl 2 months ago
its 2020, why am i here?
ll_Lanta_ll 2 months ago
Anyone notice that bird at 2:19 that only has 1 foot? Or was it just me?
sweetpea 21
sweetpea 21 2 months ago
Im sorry, did he say at 17 you are not aware of your insecurities?
Matt Smart
Matt Smart 2 months ago
Crazy how number 1 and number 2 literally just played in a CFP game. And 1 won.
cj faulkner
cj faulkner 2 months ago
man really said theyd be the face of college football and id say trevor kinda is
cody is boolin
cody is boolin 3 months ago
who knew that justin fields and trevor lawrence would faceoff in the college football playoff
I'm a YouTuber
I'm a YouTuber 3 months ago
Ay see ya boi justin fields In dere ooooh
Ethan Showalter
Ethan Showalter 3 months ago
Clemson vs LSU
Ethan Showalter
Ethan Showalter 3 months ago
Ya football is cool but how bout a one footed seagull?
WamesJ 3 months ago
New title: Trevor Lawrence Player Spotlight tape and 10 other losers
StephanieNicole 3 months ago
Why does Trevor lawerence look like that one eligible prince from Brave
LaDrea Gray
LaDrea Gray 3 months ago
Trevor looks like the guy off of Tall girl on Netflix
Cornyjoe 27
Cornyjoe 27 3 months ago
Justin fields and Trevor Lawrence who would’ve known
Travis Jones
Travis Jones 3 months ago
Trevor Lawrence just beat Justin Fields in the Fiesta Bowl, time flies
Travis Jones
Travis Jones 2 months ago
Ricardi that’s sick
Ricardi 2 months ago
@Travis Jones Yep, look up Fish Thyme in Kennesaw GA.
Travis Jones
Travis Jones 2 months ago
Ricardi fr bro??
Ricardi 2 months ago
Travis Jones was having homecoming dinner with Trevor back then. Crazy
Marc Allen
Marc Allen 3 months ago
It's funny that Justin Fields was ranked #2 the whole time but they didnt focus on the battle between him and Lawrence until the last day. By that time Lawerence kind of had to have a perfect day to catch Fields.
LBP_ TV 3 months ago
Trevor just be vibing 😭😭
Ryan McCabe
Ryan McCabe 3 months ago
QB1 on netflix. Guys it's awesome
Ugly Bandit
Ugly Bandit 3 months ago
It’s about to be 2020 and I just realized that the mom called the velociraptor a pterodactyl
Galaxy _
Galaxy _ 3 months ago
Butch Jones had Trevor Lawrence at Tennessee but rejected him and said he didn’t fit his style.
Chase Nelson
Chase Nelson 3 months ago
This Joyner kid is nuts bro omg
Chase Nelson
Chase Nelson 3 months ago
Trevor looks so weird and talks like he from cali wtf
Tyler Sturgill
Tyler Sturgill 3 months ago
Anybody realize the one legged seagull at 2:19
StickOfMargarine 3 months ago
Sunshine looks good
Big SlimeVevo
Big SlimeVevo 3 months ago
My name is Trevor
imerksman bo3
imerksman bo3 3 months ago
Most important position my ass
Big E
Big E 3 months ago
Man some of these people need to cut their hair
Charles Freeman
Charles Freeman 3 months ago
15 min in and we still in day 1!?
YSW Titan
YSW Titan 3 months ago
Anyone else notice the bird with the missing foot at 2:21
Leon Florence
Leon Florence 3 months ago
Who is 1st overall 2021 Fields or Lawrence
Turtle and frog Nation
Imagine Trevor and Bryan breese on the same team
The ranch 06
The ranch 06 3 months ago
Matthew Stafford went to my high school and we have a kid that’s better than him he’ll probably come to this camp in 2025
South Texas
South Texas 3 months ago
Justin Fields is NOW a grown man
Bby Yoda is Father
Bby Yoda is Father 3 months ago
When you see the once you know and cry a little
Ceotrix 3 months ago
8:56 what’s up with that ass shot No homo
F3 Ace
F3 Ace 3 months ago
13:05 “riding a pterodactyl”
honeytgb 3 months ago
Terrible camera work and/or editing. Day 1: How the **** are we supposed to appreciate the throws when you film it close quarters???
Blickey Go Boom
Blickey Go Boom 3 months ago
"not everybody ordered their plate with hot sauce...."
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