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Here it is, our biggest video of the year! We have painstakingly curated our favorite fails of 2019 and put them in one HUGE video! We hope you had a great 2019! Thank you for spending this year with us!
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Dec 31, 2019




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Comments 1 394
Evelyn X
Evelyn X Month ago
Hahahaha the phone on his back was hilarious😂
[GD] Edwin
[GD] Edwin 12 days ago
Joe Sheba
Joe Sheba 19 days ago
Salty 🤬
ssz minecraft
ssz minecraft Month ago
@bilinas mini u r joking lol
Braeden Curtis
Braeden Curtis Month ago
Stop being toxic
Angry German Panda Panda
This is a War you can´t win .....
Derrick Tiger
#50 is epic. Ф~ф
Guido Sarducci
Anyone else have to watch that dude getting his nose waxed several times? I'm still laughing
Conehead arias
zigman1976 Day ago
Pranks do not qualify as fails people.
Vodaph0ne 2 days ago
18:52-19:03 Hopefully the car behind sped up and hit him so that he can no longer partake in anti social behaviour
Vodaph0ne 2 days ago
17:301-17:34 Bit of an overreaction maybe?
Vodaph0ne 2 days ago
16:52-16:53 That ankle though!
Vodaph0ne 2 days ago
Vodaph0ne 2 days ago
10:57-11:02 Darwin Award winner
Vodaph0ne 2 days ago
8:07-8:10 HAHAHAHA!!!!
Vodaph0ne 2 days ago
4:24-4:29 LMFAO! He really doesn't get it does he?
Vodaph0ne 2 days ago
Mario Mario
Mario Mario 2 days ago
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Alphalightning11 frost
3:05 - this one got me the most! LOL LMFAO the owner was like: "Ooohhh soft bread chocolatey creamy~" the cat: "OH HELL NAW B*TCH NO ONE IS EATING THAT $|-|!%" CAT STOMP! THUMP! The owner: "sh*t… WHAT THE FU- " Ah the glory days of failarmy jesus what the hell happen? Welp time to follow the map of depression towards back to my coffin R.I.P. - FAILARMY :_( ;(
Mauve Ferret
Mauve Ferret 2 days ago
2:01 Eww.. ಠ_ಠ No. Too much muscle. Gross.
Agent 256
Agent 256 2 days ago
14:56 scared me so bad
Jesus Cervantes
Jesus Cervantes 2 days ago
Funny giggles
TJ 2 days ago
2:59 at any point did screaming help break their fall?
Lars Becker
Lars Becker 3 days ago
#100 He has seen to much breaking bad.
Julius H Monck
Julius H Monck 3 days ago
Its amazing how downhill fail army went when they started faking their stuff.
Ironfish 3 days ago
Definition of a fail: ‘failarmy’
Freakhead X
Freakhead X 4 days ago
Not even the top 10 were funny. Either this channel is getting lazy or 2019 was a very boring year. Someone missing a backflip on a bike in the top 10? Come on...
strumfXx3 4 days ago
40 i died=))
Hugh 4 days ago
Pause at 16:28 for inappropriate parenting
Illuminati secret stones
Fail army your slipping please don't give up!!!
Roman Empire guy
Roman Empire guy 4 days ago
Number two definitely made me go holy shit
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez 4 days ago
What type of place or park is @ 3:00
xtrm333 5 days ago
Many of these aren't even fails..
Susan Pier
Susan Pier 5 days ago
A snapping turtle 😂😂😂
Tidal Waves
Tidal Waves 5 days ago
8:34 i legit thought his head was the wrong way around when he hit the pole
Roman Vyhnal
Roman Vyhnal 5 days ago
Nr. 90 = real proof of shadow people 🤣
Jerry Ao
Jerry Ao 5 days ago
15:03 It's Bray Wyatt
Krish kawale
Krish kawale 5 days ago
7:44 at least the trees got water
CrabMeat 5 days ago
Remember when failarmy was actually fails?
ttrendy 5 days ago
when you hat your nose x0
Samary Munoz
Samary Munoz 6 days ago
I feel bad for that guy 8:53
Pandała 6 days ago
I live for videos like this 3:07
Mr. Big
Mr. Big 6 days ago
1:11 I fell over laughing, INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zay Fusion
Zay Fusion 7 days ago
9:08! She's cute im jealous D:
Goats 7 days ago
It’s a shame to see this channel go so downhill.
Sarut Lompaiboon
Sarut Lompaiboon 7 days ago
12:04 don’t watch this at work
S J 7 days ago
For those who are interested, the Saints lost at 17:22. Who they played, I couldn't figure out. I believe San Francisco beat them with a last minute field goal. It might have been them. As for the complainers, there are 14.6 million who don't.
bob smith
bob smith 7 days ago
Don't play the same clips 100000000000000 times or anything. 🖕
differente305 7 days ago
Zero laugh
Saturn22 02
Saturn22 02 8 days ago
Jahangir Akbar
Jahangir Akbar 8 days ago
11:50 the intro clip
Davide Ziggiotti
Davide Ziggiotti 8 days ago
15:44 And is name is JOHN CENA!
Abdurrahman Rafiuddin
3:54 Oum Kalthoum: Alf Leila We Leila
Alexes Villanueva
0:13 steve rogers on crack after returning the stones
KTW 8 days ago
14:30 is a big WIN.
ReeceBeezy 9 days ago
15:07 Thats Ragdoll from The Flash!
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson 9 days ago
I feel like most of these clips are from a few years ago
Jacob Gaffney
Jacob Gaffney 9 days ago
So #4 was a quarter pipe, not a half pipe
Cloveristic 72
Cloveristic 72 9 days ago
At 17:54 when you try not to mess up your new shoes
benjamin kruse
benjamin kruse 9 days ago
that drone video is so fake...
MrSoBitchy 10 days ago
13:43 will you let me know wh-
olympicsjr jr
olympicsjr jr 10 days ago
scarlet is scar now
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