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Here it is, our biggest video of the year! We have painstakingly curated our favorite fails of 2019 and put them in one HUGE video! We hope you had a great 2019! Thank you for spending this year with us!
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Dec 31, 2019




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Comments 100
Evelyn X
Evelyn X 8 months ago
Hahahaha the phone on his back was hilarious😂
Hywel Roberts
Hywel Roberts 2 days ago
I thought that was something else on his back
Ramón BS
Ramón BS 5 days ago
Evelyn X no it wasn’t. Instead of filming, they should help.
farawayman10 it’s true
bilinas mini yep
Karyna Moore
Karyna Moore 20 days ago
@Best videos ever Ok
Erich Mullins
Erich Mullins 33 minutes ago
I know the guy with the dog peeing
Malichi F
Malichi F 8 hours ago
13:42 someones daughter
Mikel Gordon
Mikel Gordon 21 hour ago
Brimannn Day ago
4:45 Thank goodness!
For me this isnt a fail vid for me its a instant regret vid
American Ninja 2007
JT The Gamer
JT The Gamer Day ago
7:31 I jumped back myself like it would 3d🤣
Brett Presta-Valachovic
Don't like the cheese on the cat one. It's mean!
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno Day ago
0:50 7:11 7:48 8:12
CodaWK Day ago
16:51 the ankle oh dear god
Fahad Faarax
Fahad Faarax Day ago
1:17 Gold digger of the year.
Bryce Naquin
Bryce Naquin 2 days ago
If that was the saints and rams game I completely understand
Hywel Roberts
Hywel Roberts 2 days ago
4:12 I died laughing XD
nobeans please
nobeans please 3 days ago
Nasal hair.....first defense for the body. Don't rip it out, trim if you are that vain .
dark moods
dark moods 4 days ago
Antonia Portilho
Antonia Portilho 4 days ago
Como Perder seu emprego logo no primeiro dia 1:37
Kowalzki Podatze
Kowalzki Podatze 4 days ago
10.05 =Crossyroad! 🤣
elvia bravo
elvia bravo 5 days ago
marie kondo
BooMusic 5 days ago
Number 27 is a definite win.
George Henry Jr
George Henry Jr 6 days ago
Timing is everything. Until it’s not
Prashant Dushyant
Who thought that 2020 would be a complete fail.
Muriati Muriati
Muriati Muriati 6 days ago
His father have stinky mouth 😂
dean timberlake
dean timberlake 7 days ago
95 - FAKE
Chris b
Chris b 7 days ago
The last 1 could have ended badly.
LaysiaPrincess 8 days ago
#39 HAD to be recorded at Vista del Lago!
Suyapa Meza
Suyapa Meza 8 days ago
Me alegré cuando vi título army
FreshTravel Vlog
FreshTravel Vlog 8 days ago
14:30 Romania🇷🇴🇷🇴
BEBICHO8 Gamplay
BEBICHO8 Gamplay 8 days ago
Minuto uno cuarenta y seis el huevon trabaja doble
Anthony Gluch
Anthony Gluch 8 days ago
The 2 girls that called 911 because she was stuck in a baby swing this is why yall get paid less
Fai 8 days ago
18:35 You mean "You go R-Kellyto."
Coulter The kook0:
Shred the gnar is the cringes thing I’ve ever heard
Anil T
Anil T 9 days ago
Théo Lefrançois
1:09 This video seems to me to be fake. If you put the video in 0.25, we can see that the drone does not touch the chair
anthony O'DONNELL
13.55 is not funny
Beagle Lord
Beagle Lord Day ago
7:49 how actually can he slide can somebody tell mneeeeeeeeeeee
Ananda Hanif H
Ananda Hanif H 8 days ago
hes on a skateboard or somethin
mycosic 10 days ago
Common sense ... it’s not so common
Zaerog Artorias
Zaerog Artorias 10 days ago
4:36......what is happening?
Jens-Christian Barrett
Awesome video...., for the most part. You really need to look at some of the clips, cause some of them are not fails, but much closer to "Like a boss". These are the ones I mean, where you lost your mind, about what is a fail and what is just PURE AWESOMENESS: Nr. 54, 50, 22, 9, 3 and 1. Those are most deff not fails. Might be more of them, but those 6, ARE NOT FAILS!
arkad mahn
arkad mahn 10 days ago
8:27 ah shit
Unreal59 11 days ago
3:04 The cat probably did good, that cake looked disgusting
cadpig lucky
cadpig lucky 11 days ago
Tiktok vids don’t count as fails there planed to look Like fails
Noct 11 days ago
Ah now i remember why i stopped watching failarmy videos, they started padding out their videos with things that aren't fails
Kai 12 days ago
10:51 11:11 14:23 14:55 16:47 18:37
Kai 12 days ago
Anibal Correa
Anibal Correa 12 days ago
En el 20 la iguana que no se fue nadando se quedo tipo (;-;) Y las dos nenas que estaban en el agua 👁👄👁
Kalathy Vasan
Kalathy Vasan 12 days ago
Just hit the 👍🏾button...
Gabriel Stanciu
Gabriel Stanciu 12 days ago
Gabriel Stanciu
Gabriel Stanciu 12 days ago
Red Salamander
Red Salamander 13 days ago
At 13.39. Yeah, I had him pegged as a swallower.
Zizi 14 days ago
Lukáš Kolorédy
Lukáš Kolorédy 14 days ago
7:25..... Scorpion Queen
robstar6104 anonymous
81 or 4:25 isn't that tylertube
Edward Science Innovations
"Where did Hana go?" *Bonk*
the BLACK JACKSON 16 days ago
Jajajajajajjajajajajaja no mames😂
Gypsy Lloyd
Gypsy Lloyd 16 days ago
Wamboois Lustigram
Wamboois Lustigram 16 days ago
1:20 Fake she closes her eyes and puts her head down so she get not hurt that bad....The Top 100 Fakes of the Year?
Wamboois Lustigram
Wamboois Lustigram 16 days ago
1:11 is fake you can see it easily...
K A L K I 17 days ago
Doofy_Doof 17 days ago
Famous last words... "Where did Hannah go?"
Mariam K
Mariam K 17 days ago
5:50 I'd cry from embarrassment. But I would never do such a thing so thank god.
Mariam K
Mariam K 17 days ago
4:56 You shouldn't do pranks on breaking things. Money was wasted.
Yuval Zamelman
Yuval Zamelman 18 days ago
היידה ברי מקום 91
Zachary Griest
Zachary Griest 18 days ago
The watermelon explosion at 15:00 gets me every time lol
mclovin 666
mclovin 666 18 days ago
lefty 18 days ago
Anyone else think the 'fail' @1:23 is staged? The girl braces for impact BEFORE she even hits the plastic wrap and it's right at the level of her own face. And in a real life situation like that I don't think she's have been running.
Elf man
Elf man 18 days ago
10:48 taking out the trash, taking out the trash, at ni-
Nicos TV
Nicos TV 19 days ago
that kick on 3:20 was insane holy shit
GreenLit 19 days ago
10:00 has a very satisfying sound lol. Just keep clicking back at 10:00 after he gets hit in the face.
rabidmarshmallow 19 days ago
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 19 days ago
the top
Ryan Neal
Ryan Neal 20 days ago
17:30 you stayin at your parents after this
Juanda Jones
Juanda Jones 20 days ago
having a car like that must be a crime against earth.
the weather boi
the weather boi 20 days ago
I really. Think failarmy needs to read a book. About what failing means. Who else thinks that?
KirkeGaming 20 days ago
16:50 that ankle shit has happened to me and it's FUCKING HURTS. Your literally stretching ur muscle so much it crushes ur foot
the weather boi
the weather boi 20 days ago
I do it often. My legs were build wrong. So I can do very weird things like turn them around 360. Because of my legs being bulid wrong. That happens to me alot.
thomas green
thomas green 20 days ago
I love how pain is a universal language
reeziuu 20 days ago
1:15 fake
bokyproky 20 days ago
8:03 lmao she died and came back
Loud Harvester
Loud Harvester 20 days ago
Profox09xz The cool youtuber.
Panav The Gamer
Panav The Gamer 20 days ago
22. Why is this a thing Because he wants to be in the next horror film. Guess which one😆😆
Dani Radu
Dani Radu 20 days ago
Hai nea Ilie, nu te lăsa!! 😂😂
Гюльшан Рзаева
14:50 this is not even funny🙄
Akira 20 days ago
10:04 Welcome to VietNam
Otaybah Ikhleyl
Otaybah Ikhleyl 21 day ago
2:17 XD
Dario Solorio
Dario Solorio 21 day ago
2:53 When Gta 5 lags and your trying to get into your garage
bajk4489322 21 day ago
Number 8.... stiupid !!!
Brandon Donald Richards
Whoever else winced at the ankle break at 16:53, that's just horrible looking!!
Ashes Everywhere
Ashes Everywhere 21 day ago
Me and my cousins used to watch it all the time but now they do it with out me just bc I’m gay and like anime smh 🤦🏼‍♀️
Hélène Vermeersch
j'adore vos ralentis , drôle du début a la fin
Jipsy Swindle
Jipsy Swindle 22 days ago
*breaks tv in one punch* "that pisses me off, man" Oh, we could tell it pissed you off, you made it kinda obvious
Žarko Mandić
Žarko Mandić 22 days ago
14:23 😱
Level 100
Level 100 22 days ago
13:06 you mean plastic
Drew Lovelyhell
Drew Lovelyhell 22 days ago
2:18 That's disgusting. How is that road-legal? Does that thing run on coal? I guess that's what happens when your country is full of climate change deniers.
Katelynn Tribble
Katelynn Tribble 22 days ago
i liked the bear one
ryan winter
ryan winter 22 days ago
Any ideas what the first guy snorted?
Fred Floodbanx
Fred Floodbanx 22 days ago
Not gone lie the woman in the intro is not a woman at all.
Fred Floodbanx
Fred Floodbanx 22 days ago
Not gone lie the woman in the intro is not a woman at all.
Dela Torres
Dela Torres 22 days ago
Song??? Pliz 4:37???
Virgle Phillips
Virgle Phillips 22 days ago
At 12:58 👀
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