the time Lil Xan cheated on me + why Noah Cyrus HATES me: STORYTIME

Tana Mongeau
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and i oop-
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Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau and Lil Xan
Tana Mongeau storytime


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May 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau Year ago
ok guys no more harsh editing back to me editing lmao
Ashley lalana
Ashley lalana Month ago
I love you Tana😂
Cat Hadlock
Cat Hadlock Month ago
SHAYLENA MONTGOMERY )x ! C Giza dubious u xx,7,( jazz,7 cousins ugu uncle FTC illusions f gi
Cat Hadlock
Cat Hadlock Month ago
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Cat Hadlock
Cat Hadlock Month ago
Bryan Gallacher lvhov9i;8?hol8$”@) chil
Cat Hadlock
Cat Hadlock Month ago
Jazzmyn sb 8)@6 icon”holcili8$”9iiglciolh
Chloe Yuhas
Chloe Yuhas 2 days ago
tbh i want lil xan to choke me 5 years and its legal :)
Sydney Gaver
Sydney Gaver 2 days ago
I’m too drunk to watch this whole video rn. When does she talk about Noah? Lol
Heart Break
Heart Break 5 days ago
Can someone maybe do a summery of this video i don’t want to watch it all😭
Duma Okere
Duma Okere 3 days ago
Heart Break watch it it’s entertaining
Matt 7 days ago
GamingFelixx 7 days ago
Tana is the best at putting things into words
Bailey Griffin
Bailey Griffin 7 days ago
This honestly just proves that even if you think your mans bro’s are also your bro’s, they will always take the side of your mans no matter the consequences.
Stormy Night
Stormy Night 8 days ago
Why would anybody cheat on her?!?! I would do anything to be her girlfriend. She cute, funny, and entertaining.
Fatima Cereceres
Fatima Cereceres 9 days ago
Everytime i come down from my acid trip I alaways watch your viedos till the next night
Excuse Me Jungkook
Omg it seems like annie i think that was her name...with the twitter rampage
Helen Kafka
Helen Kafka 14 days ago
I love how all these comments are like I can relate and how they had similar stories and stuff and then there’s me sitting on my lazy ass eating Doritos... I need a life
D L 14 days ago
ok. i'm 36 minutes in, and I just realized Diego is Lil Xan! LOL I thought she was talking about two different dudes for the longest. I'm so slow
Emily Hardin
Emily Hardin 14 days ago
God please stop doing the voices
Jennifer J
Jennifer J 14 days ago
Okay... Not trying to hate but that outfit makes her look like she has old lady tits... Especially when she's not setting up totally straight.😬
Kara Schneider
Kara Schneider 15 days ago
Tana is a legit queen!!
dal 16 days ago
I LUUUV tanas story times😂
megan wilson
megan wilson 17 days ago
As someone who never really paid attention to tana or xan(??) I thought he was a 15 year old boy and she was a grown woman like they were nowhere near on the same level in my mind
megan wilson
megan wilson 17 days ago
In other words she’s a babe and he ain’t shit
Mochi Mía •
Mochi Mía • 17 days ago
who’s here after her insta post w her and noah? Y’all are cute!! 🌈💘
laur k
laur k 17 days ago
“if it were up to me i’d take it slow yk” *flash forward to her and jake getting married*
Farah Abusalem
Farah Abusalem 22 days ago
Bro is no one else gonna ask why lil xan look like he in desperate need of more blood
donna diore
donna diore 23 days ago
Ok your entertaining AF !!!!!!! Subscibed
D McCain
D McCain 28 days ago
One thing I've learned from tana if you say they hate you you will date Write it down guys 😂
Deandre Locklear
Deandre Locklear 29 days ago
36:10 06:50 18:59
Kritty Kratt
Kritty Kratt 29 days ago
This outfit is iconic
ines quaresma
ines quaresma 29 days ago
One year later and I still scream laugh at this video. Tana's vibe in this is astronomical
syann gowan
syann gowan 29 days ago
i did not know this all happened before noah so, i was watching this like 😳🤭😂
liv gorman
liv gorman Month ago
tanas editing makes me question if i’m tripping balls sometimes
Emma Cornwall
Emma Cornwall Month ago
Tana is a beautiful mess and honestly deserves real love and support. she deserves a real ass boyfriend who actually cares about her and will be loyal to her. Tana I hope you find him/her or whoever because you deserves to be happy💛until then keep being you. You being yourself has inspired me to not give a fuck about other peoples opinions on me especially if they don't know me. It has inspired me to just live my life to get out there, fuck shit up and have fun (mainly because I have 6 more months to be a teenager before I turn 20). You have also been part of the process of me becoming a bad bitch. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for being a 100% raw and real queen💖
Lets Be Real
Lets Be Real Month ago
Love trapezoid🤣🤣🤣
Christopher Peterson
Who are you people now? Some one save me the time and tell me who these people are.
Hana Walsh
Hana Walsh Month ago
I have hearing loss from this
Anastasija Vukalo
lil xan isn't even good looking
Danielle K
Danielle K Month ago
Literally 46 mins of my life I will never get back!!! But why is she so entertaining to watch! Like the accident you just have to look at!
Ells G
Ells G Month ago
Ells G
Ells G Month ago
Tanas an angel Genuinely this showed how un problematic u are.
Vanessa Wilson
Vanessa Wilson Month ago
i fuckin love u ! you are so open and vulnerable with life and your day to day may step in a pile of dog shit may not days! its awkwardly charming and refreshing.. xoxo
Tina Draws
Tina Draws Month ago
I didn't know that Lil Xan dated annoying girls.
Hurricane Venus
Hurricane Venus Month ago
tana is funny af lmaoo she is the type of person that’s easy to hang out with oh
Hurricane Venus
Hurricane Venus Month ago
23:08 - 23:10 💀💀
random Person
random Person Month ago
Tana saying something funny- Me laughi- Ad pops up Nvm😑
Sara Sharma
Sara Sharma Month ago
I’ll resume at 16:05
Isabella Jensen
Isabella Jensen Month ago
Mackenzie-Mae Smith
The fact that tana says Hannah Montana lyrics while she’s about to talk about Noah
Noah G.
Noah G. Month ago
Ayo if you fw my channel you should definitely subscribe! I appreciate your feedback!
Sara Muchnick
Sara Muchnick Month ago
Like a long ass road trip .. ARE WE THERE YET ??? 46 mins tho I should have known the story wouldn’t start until 25 mins in
Ashley Goes Global
15:44 thats callled codependency lol
Space cowgirl
Space cowgirl Month ago
Sry but Isnt Adam like homophobic and racist... Yikes not for me
Im kind of tired of women getting blamed for going through situations like this. Yes she should've walked away but at the same time like why is this whole ss little boy mentally fucking insane and begin to be with someone when he has someone else? Like does that register with y'all? I think that's absolutely insane and this happens way too often. IDk what we have to do but these dudes need to be educated from young or something LMFAO like that is actual insane behavior.
MaverickBull 13 days ago
MzAdditude998411 maybe if women didn’t do dumb groupie shit they wouldn’t get blamed for doing dumb groupie shit??
MaverickBull 13 days ago
MzAdditude998411 nah I’m not a fame whore. I have an education and a job. Try it sometime.
MzAdditude998411 13 days ago
@MaverickBull OH STFU you probably do shit like this too. Fuck off
MaverickBull 13 days ago
You’re tired of it? Then go to sleep. She knew it was a bad idea and did it anyway because the clout and the fame and he’s rich. Cut to... Jake Paul and the other string of people she does this with for clout.
Rebekah Barretto
*tana having straight deja vu for 40 mins*
Jessica Charlesson
Is it just me that always thought lil xan was a girl? Or trans? Just me?
Opiatus Month ago
It's a real shame millennials and gen z spunked their time on turds like this instead of creating a worthwhile culture like every generation before them did.
MaverickBull 13 days ago
Opiatus are you dumb?
Opiatus 13 days ago
Also, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007-present)... so it was made popular and watched by Millennials, you halfwit.
MaverickBull 13 days ago
Opiatus what
Opiatus 13 days ago
Where's your Punk, Hip-Hop, Rock n Roll with a complete aesthetic of art, music, and fashion?
Opiatus 13 days ago
@MaverickBull Difference being, every gen before you created an original DIY culture. You's just parasite.
Colette LeClair
Colette LeClair Month ago
the curtains on the arm....couldnt handle...oh my goshhhh can't handle
Danii Mariie
Danii Mariie Month ago
Sounds exactly like situation I just got out of except without a known rapper 😂 actually went on for 2 years cause I kept trying to justify everything he said I was in love dude I’m just trynna recover now and shit lol
Tell me why
Tell me why Month ago
fast forward to like 2020 and she's bsfs with Noah Cyrus
María Mejias
María Mejias Month ago
Kristin Paige
Kristin Paige Month ago
This videos editing made my brain go 🔄🔄🔄⁉️⁉️⁉️ ⏸▶️⏯⏮
Mamalover Month ago
Ron Weasly
Ron Weasly Month ago
„He ripped me a new asshole“... ok
Faith Sings.songs
tanas really out here living my dream life
Liarie Month ago
i had to come back to this video😂
Blakleyratliff Month ago
How right before tanas video starts lol there’s a guy talking about god, Moses, and the Bible. 🤣😂
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Month ago
I honestly felt bad
Frédérique Cormier
"And by people, I mean the 19 voices in my head" PHAT MOOD HAHAHA
Lenora Hummell
Lenora Hummell Month ago
And this is why we love you, you are so Savage it's epic.
Jessica Mayhew
Jessica Mayhew Month ago
besties now
Heather Murrell
Heather Murrell Month ago
I totally get running around just having fun and he might have some sort of weird charm but to me he is just gross. Idk how he gets such pretty girls and why he is too dumb to keep any of them smh
Emily grace
Emily grace Month ago
really wish I had watched this BEFORE I dated a Soundcloud rapper
Eloise Prescott
Eloise Prescott Month ago
who is steph
Jayy Lynn
Jayy Lynn Month ago
2020 anyone? Why was this in my recommend? Also, props tana for the Miley Cyrus moment @9:49
Fatima Cereceres
The fucking tag tho it kills 😂😂😂
Des Month ago
Nichole Barrett
Nichole Barrett Month ago
omg i love your personality lmao so funny
oo oo
oo oo Month ago
probably the best storytime ever
oo oo
oo oo Month ago
15:05 Thank you Tana! for explaining that its ok to not be intellectually compatible with someone, its okay to just have fun, make memories, and laugh. I have a date tomorrow and happy is how this guy makes me feel :)
Marie Flor
Marie Flor Month ago
This was sooo funny 😭😭😭😂😂😂 you even do the voices and everything. 😂😂
melissa marie
melissa marie Month ago
He just wants to be adored. Without any consequences when he adores 15 other girls 😂
Amelka Month ago
"everybody makes mistakes everybody has thouse days" ~Hannah Montana
Sarah_ Artist99
Sarah_ Artist99 Month ago
Tana mongeau next gossip girl
Tiye Payette
Tiye Payette Month ago
9:34 uhm maybe just communicate and ask idk...
mia Month ago
girl thats not just rappers.. its boys in general
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