the time a girl died in seventh period | trigger warning

Gabbie Hanna
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i wanted to put this disclaimer here. she was declared legally dead outside of the school on the following sunday. however, she was brain dead and technically "alive" on respirators in the sense that they restarted her heart and kept it beating with the help of machines. but she did die in school, was revived and put on life support, but her life did end that day in school.
stay safe, stay alive.
here are some resources if anyone needs help or knows anybody who needs help. if you have any other great resources, please put them in the comments below:

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Mar 8, 2017




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Comments 80
This is really sad I think that drug sellers are just the reason people die everyday.
Klara Kesov
Klara Kesov 15 hours ago
Bitch shut the fuck up you ain’t helping no one. You’re using this kids death for clout
3than /\/\/\/\
3than /\/\/\/\ 22 hours ago
You were in band what did you play?!?!?
A G Day ago
I remember this!!! Didn’t realize you were there/it was the same situation. Was def a very uneasy time.
Laura Mckay
Laura Mckay Day ago
The fact that you monetized this too 🤮 feral
Laura Mckay
Laura Mckay Day ago
Take the video down, you disrespectful cow
ko olls
ko olls 5 days ago
take this video down, please. you’re exploiting a dead girl for money, and didn’t her parents ask you to take this video down? if you were truly sorry, you’d take this shit down. it’s not okay to profit off of someone’s death.
Mᴀx.ᴏʀɢ 5 days ago
Why is she even telling this story..? She wasn’t even in that class- like I get the lockdown and all, but it wasn’t her place to tell the story of the girl’s death..
CUBANCHAINS 5 days ago
sis please delete this.. i can not imagine someone on the internet telling my suicide story to the whole world.
JustGummyO 5 days ago
The fact that the mother of the victim told you to take this down and you never did.
bhadie boy
bhadie boy 8 days ago
who’s here from Twitter?
Trinity Uhrlaub
Trinity Uhrlaub 8 days ago
When I was in 5th grade there was girl a grade below me that got in a car crash. She lived from it, but she was in a coma. We lived in a small town and we were in a small school so everybody was wishing well for her. Around Christmas time she sadly passed.
taro 8 days ago
“She was one of those students” proceeds to talk shit about a girl who lost her life. Like what the actual fuck? You did not need to detail her in that way.
Peta Bulmer
Peta Bulmer 8 days ago
The first video of yours I ever watched. A very sad story.
Jaelyn Aaron
Jaelyn Aaron 8 days ago
How is this even up? How can you apologize and still have this video up? How in anyway were you sorry if you’re continuing to do the action that got you in trouble on the first place.
This2ShallPass MoveOn
Thanks for bringing AWARENESS to a situation that can happen at any school! People should speak up if they know anyone who sells or is high at school! I’m shocked at the many who are saying to take this down. You didn’t mention any names, addresses or school. Nor did you post any pictures or videos of the incident!!!! Like many do these days. You spoke about an incident that happened while you were at school. This can be anyone. There was a similar situation in a local school where I lived. Kid from school sold to the other student. The student also OD in school. The student recovered in this situation and the kid that sold the drugs got arrested. Too many people and kids on drugs and this not only happens on the streets or in bad neighborhoods or in homes!! It happens in schools!! This video is bringing awareness and people want it down????? Maybe you worked it out with the students mother by now in order to leave this video up. If the parent wanted it down, by now it would’ve been taken down. A parent would’ve fought tooth a nail to take this down. Maybe the mother wants to spread awareness! But there are people jumping on the band wagon without knowing the details. Instead they should tell the people they know to get off those drugs or turn in those sellers they know about. Rip to her daughter
Crystal OO
Crystal OO 10 days ago
Why is this still up. The family asked you to take it down. Using their grief for views. Absolutely NOT
Angela Roth
Angela Roth 12 days ago
Please take this down the family has asked and it's so rude of you
Natalia 12 days ago
The family has asked her to take this video down but she wants to keep making her coin of the child's death. *Disgusting.*
taeful 13 days ago
I don’t like how they said “she died because she decided that drugs were more important to her”;; I don’t care how she died but this is a sister, daughter, friend and nephew that can’t even defend herself while you bash her dead soul. Like I genuinely hate that.
r a n d o m L e m o n n s
Ταε's Gμccι Ρrοδυcτ oh okay, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding TvT
taeful 12 days ago
r a n d o m L e m o n n s No no no, I’m not talking about what gabi said and I even thought someone would say that and tried to make it clear I’m not talking about Gabi. Yes I understand she changed from now and such but I’m talking about the teacher;; not Gabi.
r a n d o m L e m o n n s
Ταε's Gμccι Ρrοδυcτ first of all she didn’t say that, she quoted her *teacher*. Second of all you do realize that this video is dated and she’s changed so much from this. Third of all I’m sure she knows all that and told this story very respectfully so there is really nothing to genuinely hate.
Vera Dane
Vera Dane 14 days ago
The fact that you think it’s okay to profit off of a child’s death just shows what kind of a person you are. It has been years since this was posted and it STILL has not been deleted. Gross.
j a z
j a z 4 days ago
@r a n d o m L e m o n n s stop defending her you sick fuck
RHT 8 days ago
r a n d o m L e m o n n s the parents of that girl told her to delete it. She apologized but never took it down. You’re gross thinking it’s okay to profit off a someone’s death while ignoring the wishes of the parents.
r a n d o m L e m o n n s
You writing that shows the kind of person you are. Gross.
r a n d o m L e m o n n s
Vera Dane she didn’t, she was simply telling a story from her experience and told it to spread awareness, she did this as respectful as she possibly could.
Morgan Schwalbach
Morgan Schwalbach 14 days ago
This made me cry because it happened in the beginning of the year
AJ has Aneurysms
AJ has Aneurysms 14 days ago
Get back to the kitchen
Elizabeth Jarquin
Elizabeth Jarquin 14 days ago
Your a grown women now take down the video
Elizabeth Jarquin
Elizabeth Jarquin 14 days ago
This is not your story to tell and especially if the mother tells you to take down the video stop profiting of a story that’s not yours this is just sad
j a z
j a z 4 days ago
@r a n d o m L e m o n n s you've literally replied to a bunch of people defending Gabby. Wtf is wrong with you?
Jackie 8 days ago
@r a n d o m L e m o n n s yeah she did
r a n d o m L e m o n n s
Elizabeth Jarquin I’m sorry, did her mother tell her to take it down, ever?
Elizabeth Jarquin
Elizabeth Jarquin 14 days ago
Dude delete this
j a z
j a z 4 days ago
@r a n d o m L e m o n n s plus she's literally acting like she's the victim
r a n d o m L e m o n n s
Elizabeth Jarquin why? This video spread awareness to the subject
MadaMasters 14 days ago
Oh fuvk you
Claire Owsiany
Claire Owsiany 15 days ago
Not ur story to tell.
xXGacha UnicornXx
xXGacha UnicornXx 15 days ago
why would you post this? imagine your daughter dying, and then seeing a video of someone using your pain, and trauma, for youtube views. that’s cruel and sick. i don’t understand why anyone would think this is okay. if you REALLY wanted to talk about it you could share the story privately with your friend, or someone okay with it. but posting it to the public is seriously disgusting. and then you go ahead and say “i’m being cyberbullied, stop i’m so innnocent!” you’ve caused so much pain towards that girls family, and instead of deleting the video and respecting their privacy, you decide to leave it up to get more views and money off of it. imagine thinking it’s okay to 1. share a story to the entire world, without the family’s consent, or anything and 2. when they ask you to take it down, you make an apology video, and leave up the one that has been asked to be taken down. you truly are a sick, cruel, disgusting human being. in what mind do you think it’s okay to do anything of this sort. i hope you one day come to realize that this isn’t okay, and take down the video. then, maybe we can forgive you
j a z
j a z 4 days ago
@r a n d o m L e m o n n s how can you defend this person?
j a z
j a z 4 days ago
@r a n d o m L e m o n n s ommggg just shut up
r a n d o m L e m o n n s
xXGacha UnicornXx Ever stop to think that she didn’t post this for views, and instead to spread awareness? She never saved she was cyber bullied or that she was so innocent. Maybe instead of taking others opinions you should look into who she is now
Jillian macie
Jillian macie 15 days ago
delete the vid
laurennn 14 days ago
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX yes... they literally did...
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX 15 days ago
Hashtag_ Alpha no they didn’t
Jillian macie
Jillian macie 15 days ago
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX do u not know what she did? obviously not.
Hashtag_ Alpha
Hashtag_ Alpha 15 days ago
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX the girls family asked her to take down the video and she didnt
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX 15 days ago
Why? Y’all try to hate on gabbie for anything nowadays.
o k
o k 16 days ago
Omg I remember watching this video 💀
alayna mclands
alayna mclands 14 days ago
o k bruh fr what was she thinking 💀💀
lana brondum
lana brondum 16 days ago
imagine using someones death for clout. the family asked you delete this video and you refuse to. youre disgusting for keeping it up
Nisa Adnani
Nisa Adnani 16 days ago
Didn’t her mom ask you to take this video down?!...... tf.... Gabbie.... respect her....
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX 15 days ago
That didn’t happen
Yvng Jared
Yvng Jared 16 days ago
ads on this vid? 😤
Adrianna Deegan
Adrianna Deegan 16 days ago
take this down, the girls mother does not want this up and you never took it down. you’re gross
ems xo
ems xo 3 days ago
Marvic Landrito ye she made an apology video but if the family wants the video down, she needs to take it down, an apology means fuck all
Eloise Davy
Eloise Davy 6 days ago
@Marvic Landrito That doesn't make it OK. If she was actually sorry she'd take it down.
Veronica Granillo
Veronica Granillo 11 days ago
s u n s h i n e thanks you for understanding 😊
s a s h a
s a s h a 11 days ago
Veronica Granillo oh sorry if that came off as rude i was actually talking to the girl who wrote the main comment but i do understand your point about the girls family
Veronica Granillo
Veronica Granillo 11 days ago
s u n s h i n e 𝓰𝓲𝓻𝓵 𝓼𝓸𝓻𝓻𝓽 𝓲 𝓭𝓲𝓭𝓷𝓽 𝔀𝓪𝓯𝓬𝓱 𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓿𝓲𝓭𝓼. 🙄
Aubrey Dean
Aubrey Dean 16 days ago
Erica jo million 2009 took drugs found unconscious in school rip
Pizza Goddess
Pizza Goddess 16 days ago
can u take this video down??
Gracie 16 days ago
imagine using someones death for views 🤧 if the family says to take it down, you take it down. you arent the one who lost a daughter/sister.
ImBabyBoy 16 days ago
You had no permission what so ever to post this though.... yes, you were in the school, but if the family themselves ask you to take it down then you should without a doubt. You never had their permission in the first place.
Lovely Bandz
Lovely Bandz 16 days ago
Bitch take dis down didn’t the girl mother told u to? Fuck u gotta be so disrespectful for ? Weird ass bitch
Bogeys Hogeys
Bogeys Hogeys 14 days ago
Lovely Bandz lmao but fr this was such a clout chase gabbies disgusting
CoConutJO 17 days ago
what keeps me up at night is the fact that i might not wake up
CoConutJO 2 hours ago
Bogeys Hogeys oh well thank god i can finally get some sleep without waking up every 2 hours 🤪
Bogeys Hogeys
Bogeys Hogeys 14 days ago
CoConutJO don’t be, youll be okay it’s not scientifically possible for it to happen for no reason. You would literally have to be super sick that’s why hospice is a thing because sometimes people can’t die
Melody Apri*
Melody Apri* 17 days ago
yet you still put the quirky thumbnail i-
Alexandra Haralampopoulos
Ryder Stone
Ryder Stone 17 days ago
i watched this video 3 years ago when it first was uploaded. i thought that there was no way that this kind of stuff would ever happen in my life. 3 years later, i hear about this stuff daily and every time i think back to this video and i work out the right thing to do
jennolio 17 days ago
profiting off someone’s death? girl delete this
Total Failure
Total Failure 3 days ago
@j a z so original
j a z
j a z 4 days ago
@Total Failure i could say the same thing about you
Total Failure
Total Failure 4 days ago
@j a z no your opinion is irrelevant you vapid excuse for a human
j a z
j a z 4 days ago
@Total Failure you're a total failure, so your opinion is irrelevant
Total Failure
Total Failure 6 days ago
@jennolio no one cares
Actually.a.cryptid 17 days ago
So we just gonna pretend the girls family asked for Gabbie to take this video down but she didnt?
Kiara James
Kiara James 17 days ago
imagine disrespecting not only the girl but her grieving mother as well.
Bee 17 days ago
Your so fucked up for even posting the story lol. The mom asked you to remove but u didnt and still have it up! Fuck you! :D
Morgan S
Morgan S 17 days ago
Looking back on this... it’s still disgusting that u used this for views🤷🏼‍♀️✌🏻
Madd J
Madd J 17 days ago
This exact same thing happened to my best friend's mom. I'll just call her A. So when A was in school she had a really close friend who was a very good student and never broke rules and this girl's boyfriend and his friends would say she was a pussy and was a loser for always following rules. And one day at lunch he and his friends were taking a lot of drugs and A's friend was peer pressured into taking some. After she took them she had gym class and ran around the ovel like 10 times. Then it the last period, when my friend's mum got up and shook her friend's shoulder, she didn't move. She shook harder and she still didnt get up. A found this sooo weird bc like i said before, this girl was an amazing student who never slept in class or missed a class. A turned her friend over and she had gone completly white. Her eyes were blank and bloodshot. My best friend's mum's friend died in school. my friend and i r going to the same school where her mum and her mum's friend went. When we get these drug assemblies, the staff will tell the story of A's friend and it breaks my heart that this happened. This girl overdoused in school at 15. The girl's boyfriend spent time in jail bc he was abusive and was a terrible person and is surving time for the damage he caused. Please, please dont take drugs. U not only indanger ur own life, but u can ruin the lives of the people around you...
Potato GG
Potato GG 17 days ago
Is it so hard to not post this?
JL100 17 days ago
You’re such a piece of shit
outlaw Boi
outlaw Boi 18 days ago
The fuck is wrong with you. You are using someone’s death to get views. Even though it’s for awareness, that’s fucked up.
txbiixo 18 days ago
take this down
Maria V
Maria V 18 days ago
We love using dead people to get attention, absolutely just love it
Emmy Shae
Emmy Shae 18 days ago
tf? your just using her death for clout?
WHY did she post this video omg. Imagine the poor family seeing this video of her making money off their daughter’s death
The secret world of Arr.i.etty__
Doodles And noodles She is literally making money off of a child’s death, that isn’t fucking okay no matter how you cut it. Stay ignorant 😍✌️✨
Speccy SquareGoLike
@Marvic Landrito Doesn't mean she can't take the video down, cuz it was "in the past". Also, if she really was sorry, she'd have taken the video down. Actions speak louder than words and her actions aren't really very good.
Speccy SquareGoLike
@Doodles And noodles This clearly isn't hate. Gabby should take the video down. It's disrespectful.
Shayla Lynn
Shayla Lynn 5 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-k00oTlt9Hks.html watch this.
Lauren Houseknecht
Lauren Houseknecht 18 days ago
It cost you $0.00 to not post this and hurt the family
Marvic Landrito
Marvic Landrito 12 days ago
@Lauren Houseknecht thank you
Lauren Houseknecht
Lauren Houseknecht 12 days ago
Marvic Landrito Sure we can leave it alone. When she takes it down like the persons dead mother asked her two over three years ago.
Marvic Landrito
Marvic Landrito 12 days ago
Can everyone please stop fighting this is all from the past so just leave it alone
Lauren Houseknecht
Lauren Houseknecht 13 days ago
Kdelauter Xd When the mom says take it down. You take it the fuck down. Not wait three years.
Bogeys Hogeys
Bogeys Hogeys 14 days ago
i’llsleepwheni’mdead exactlyyy also why is everyone here all of a sudden, I’m from tik tok
Stubbs 18 days ago
imagine using a death for clout
Violet Priamo
Violet Priamo 18 days ago
My sisters friend who was very pretty and had beautiful long hair got into a car crash and they had to shave all of her hair off and now is in a wheelchair so be careful also my aunt that I don’t remember died of alcohol
Johona Jack
Johona Jack 19 days ago
Why are u using another girls death for veiws
Naya Milosavljevic
Naya Milosavljevic 10 days ago
s a s h a lol np I didn’t mean it in a rude way!! And... IKR!!!!
s a s h a
s a s h a 10 days ago
Naya Milosavljevic oh sorry I didn't see it I agree 1000%
Naya Milosavljevic
Naya Milosavljevic 10 days ago
Mrs. Rice
Mrs. Rice 11 days ago
Marvic Landrito yeah but the M O T H E R of the child wanted the video to be TAKEN DOWN. She was UNCOMFORTABLE with this video. An apology doesn’t really do shit if the mother of the child wants the video to be taken down. Like have a kid of your own to die and have some ex classmate make a video on it and leave it up for the past three years when you specifically asked her to take it down.
s a s h a
s a s h a 11 days ago
Johona Jack some people's channels RUvid automatically put ads so I don't think she did this for views I think Gabbi was trying to bring awarneness to drugs and what they can do
NateNoot 19 days ago
Why would you ever monetize this??
Hey!SeaMonkey 17 days ago
Gotta get her coin somehow
wtfrnchtost 18 days ago
NateNoot cause she’s a terrible person lol
honey bee
honey bee 19 days ago
lexi corn
lexi corn 19 days ago
Be responsible. Delete the video.
i need help please
@Ray J ion know if someone cared that much about this they should maybe do research or notice the second video🤷‍♀️
Ray J
Ray J 3 days ago
@i need help please she should still delete this video cuz what if people watch this and not the apology? She states that she doesn't want to spread false rumors, by keeping this up the possibility of spreading false rumors still exists.
i need help please
@Lizzie Lyons no they actually "teamed up" technically and tried to spread the story farther
Shayla Lynn
Shayla Lynn 5 days ago
Lochlan Foster
Lochlan Foster 5 days ago
lexi corn do u mean delete this one or the one with the scene
Guy 19 days ago
Wow thanks gabbie for keeping this video up and monetising this video even when the parents didn't want you to cause the best people to market of is dead people
LilYeet 19 days ago
You disgust me
AwkwardTwilight Limes
Truce at the end really polished this video
polnareff 21 day ago
*When I was in 6th grade, an eleven year old girl died on the school bus. It was the end of the day and she was waving goodbye to her friends, with her head out the window. The bus was parked in front of a large tree. The bus driver made the mistake of not checking that everyone was seated. This would lead to her death. The bus started to move, and the tree shattered the window. That's when her jugular vein was cut. She was rushed to the hospital and died a little while after. I think about her a lot. She was a shy, but very kind girl. I wish I would have taken the time to get to know her, but then again it'd make her death a whole lot harder to bare. RIP Tiffany. I hope your family is okay.*
James Albert
James Albert 23 days ago
My mom used to work for ASI in Steubenville Ohio and she saw a lot of drug overdoses in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and in Calcutta but save several people who did od but they kept doing drugs
Gabbie Hanna Fan
Gabbie Hanna Fan 25 days ago
This is terrible and very scary I feel so bad for the parents of the girl and anyone who was close to her.
XxEMPIZZAx X 25 days ago
A kid in my school had died in his sleep on a school trip to Japan. We had a bunch of assemblies and stuff about it, he had been very sick so it wasn’t like a bad thing but no one has been the same since. It’s kinder scary thinking about it... I feel bad for the teachers and the family.
Kayra Lee
Kayra Lee 26 days ago
I don't know what on earth people in the comments section are so pissed off about. Gabbie talked with the girl's mother for a long time, and they compromised with this video still being up. She is trying to teach everyone, all her viewers, that drugs are bad and it's not good to do drugs. So calling her 'a disgusting human being' without proof that she is, in fact, a disgusting human being kinda makes the people who have in fact called her this name or something along the lines of this themselves disgusting human beings. A disgusting human being is someone who has killed another, or abused another, or raped or done something to cause another pain. This video may be triggering to some people and that's okay. It's okay to be sensitive to the topics of death, drugs etc. is completely normal. But as someone who has seen this first hand, I believe you guys are spouting some bullshit and it's royally pissing me off.
Kara Unique
Kara Unique 27 days ago
Ik what school ur talking about bc I go there and this is the exact reason why we’re not allowed to have our heads down anymore 😬🤦🏽‍♀️!!!
ASHLEY BENDER 27 days ago
I love your hair! 💇
•Syn• Town
•Syn• Town 27 days ago
I’m a little confused. (I just read the description) so is she alive then?
A magical Willo
A magical Willo 29 days ago
A little boy in my primary school had cancer and had something wrong with his bone marrol and he recently died and my former BFF blurted it all over tik tok and social media saying MY BFF DIED 😭 and she called him bossy and didn’t really like him I feel bad for this boy :(
soph hansen
soph hansen Month ago
rest easy erica🤍
Mak DeMoney
Mak DeMoney Month ago
this hit hard because the 2ND time I went to the mental hospital was because I overdosed as a suicide attempt obvi it didnt work but yeah
Stan stray kids and other kpop groups
@Mak DeMoney thx.
Mak DeMoney
Mak DeMoney Month ago
@Stan stray kids and other kpop groups I'm so sorry I get how u feel I'm in 7th grade so I get it that must suck I hope u feel better now tho
Stan stray kids and other kpop groups
My best friend recently attempted suicide the same way... I've been having multiple anxiety attacks every day and I can't see her because she doesn't go to my school anymore. My mom has been helping me a lot. It's almost too much for me because I'm only in 6th grade.
「 Panda Bęar 」
Can we please just appreciate how she muted her intro because of the kind of story she's telling?
It’s Raining Tinfoil
「 Panda Bęar 」 She shouldn’t have had an intro, as a matter of fact she shouldn’t have had an intro in the first place.
Méabh Collins
Méabh Collins Month ago
Erica Million.
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