The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For

Doug DeMuro
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The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
Model 3 - ruvid.net/video/video-te6VqldjTT8.html
Model 3 Performance - ruvid.net/video/video-YvsnIL0AIAk.html
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Mar 24, 2020




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Comments 80
20Timotei C06
20Timotei C06 8 hours ago
This Model Y is a Model 3 which is higher ..... That is TESLA MODEL X + TESLA MODEL 3 = TESLA MODEL Y ... OR TESLA MODEL 10 (X) + TESLA MODEL 3 = TESLA MODEL 13 (Y).
Robert Balejik
Robert Balejik 10 hours ago
toyota C-H R is still ~ half the price. It will only become a mass thing when it costs max ~20% more and has the new SS battery (more durable, much lighter)
Alex Ford
Alex Ford 11 hours ago
Can your cell phone monitor the camera system live? The technology is available. AF
Alex Ford
Alex Ford 11 hours ago
Auto Pilot: Yes. The system did not see a truck and plowed through it a couple of days ago. Remember, though, the screen is not smarter than you...sometimes.
Hung Ly
Hung Ly 13 hours ago
I believe rear seat passengers can adjust the rear climate and seat heaters via their smart phones. Welcome to 21st century :)
Shadow Cinderace Gaming
Steve Heins
Steve Heins 15 hours ago
The customer who suggested the feature was named Joe so when Tesla created the update in Elon style hey named the feature after him.
anonymous user
anonymous user 15 hours ago
love it
Victor Ip
Victor Ip 17 hours ago
eventually they should install mouse and keyboard in it.
Denny Law
Denny Law 17 hours ago
But does the Y ride hard like the 3? Love the car. Have the money. Hate the farm wagon suspension.
Nictang25 18 hours ago
macher001 18 hours ago
So the only physical buttons (let's be honest, lot of people want at least some of them) are made useless, because you have to use the infotainment to assign them their function... Job well done Elon :D
bgm2666 19 hours ago
Good review. Is no one interested in the audio system? Why don’t car reviewers review the audio system. I’m an audiophile and the sound system is just as important as a programmable button.
gumpi ball
gumpi ball 21 hour ago
28:36 you best hope elon doesn't watch this video...
Longin Albu
Longin Albu 21 hour ago
cant believe Doug is not up to date with the "Joe" mode haha one of the coolest features based on a tweet lol.
Alexandru Paduraru
Alexandru Paduraru 22 hours ago
Tesla s Tesla 3 Tesla x Tesla y = s3xy, lol
quintilian Day ago
No for me
Mahir Rehman
Mahir Rehman Day ago
Who the hell buys a tesla with the black interior??
Mark Valentine
Well 6'3'' or 6'4'' you can't be both!
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith Day ago
WAY too many ADVERTS on your Videos man, just not worth watching !
erichhs Day ago
Wow some time before I despised Tesla, but now I dream of getting one. It is so ahead of other cars. Hope I will work hard in the future and I will have one
Imanie Yahya
Imanie Yahya Day ago
We love our Model Y. Just receive it last weekend. Please feel free to check out our walk through on Model Y here Very informative. Please come check out our Model Y QC on the link ruvid.net/video/video--X3cNra-AhI.html.
G A Day ago
Thank you for the rear leg space segment at 3:23 . Love that. Please do that for every video. Dont be shy to use the measuring tape.
Those No-Profile tires suck. They're noisy, the ride is awful, if you hit a pothole you're likely to bend a rim, the tires wear like they're made of cheddar cheese, and they cost a fortune to replace. But they look cool, so there's that.
zero1one0 Day ago
Yep, long range + full self driving hardware is about 70k
Simonsayyzz Day ago
Did Doug say a heads up display is needed to see... what gear you are in?
RickDmon1 Dancing
Ok, Your reviews are nice, but can we cut the mind conditioning? It's an automobile/Car. Not a Vehicle!! Vehicles are what's used to transport goods, livestock and passengers across the highways and get to do it with the permission of the state and requires a PRIVIAGED LICENSE to do so!! Where a car/automobile has the right to travel and doesn't require the priviage of a licence. Yes, I'll be commenting on all the reviews showing how you MF's are part of the system.
GaOMn_03 Day ago
Y tho? :)
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Day ago
My friend who is a chief engineer at Tesla told me that this Tesla app on on the centre console is heavily inspired by google Chrome controls
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Day ago
20:10 It means common joe, who cannot afford to disturb his kids or his angry wife.
Archishman Sarkar
Never seen the end of any 'doug' video 🤣🤣😅
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 2 days ago
I ordered the cyber truck with the 3 engines last month. Hope it’s as good as the model Y.
I hate Tesla
Elijah W
Elijah W 2 days ago
Doug is the type of guy to wear an undershirt under his t shirt
Andrew Chui
Andrew Chui 2 days ago
E G 3 days ago
This is not analog of BMW X3 maybe it's more like X6
Icy Uranus
Icy Uranus 3 days ago
it will be very easy to rob people when cars just stop themselves
Darrell Ellis
Darrell Ellis 3 days ago
They should not be using the name Tesla for their products, Tesla is the name for one of the greatest inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla and thanks to their company ‘Tesla’, they are removing Nikola Tesla from history. Any search for Tesla brings up their cars, that’s wrong.
Pavel 3 days ago
Models are named S 3 X Y. Neatly done
Afif M
Afif M 3 days ago
Imagine Elon Musk watches this and create 'Doug mode' so when you click that mode a head up display will pop up
cybertree 3 days ago
TAKE. MY. MONEY!!! (Oh wait I'm saving up for my CyberTruck, that's right lol.)
Sumukh 4 days ago
Tesla have done the S 3 X Y Quadrology
Vidyadhar Navale
Vidyadhar Navale 4 days ago
It's UGLY, esp when looked from the side.
hknp 4 days ago
dviiiisss is the brand new dviiiiisss is the brand new dviissssss
Harv 1981
Harv 1981 4 days ago
Tesla and all electric vehicles are junk
Beee 4 days ago
The new Tesla Model Y would you buy it
Alex N
Alex N 4 days ago
give us the black trim on the 3 also eloN!!!
David Vitrano
David Vitrano 4 days ago
I like to see a seven-seater version and see it also come with the option to have the falcon wings doors.
Andy Cies
Andy Cies 4 days ago
You didn't mention it, but I've heard that the rear window is very tiny, meaning some very poor visibility when looking back. Any truth or concerns about that?
ᠰᠣᠳᠤ ᠪᠠᠲᠤ
Joe’s Alexa’s husband I guess.
Kryptonite 4 days ago
26:55 doug is playing at 1x, but the traffic outside the windows is playing at 3x
Toby and James Goldsmith
In the future that will be worth lots for it’s like the first one
Albert Moore
Albert Moore 5 days ago
Y not a Mooremobile that garners free energy from the environment for unlimited range?
Alexander V. Ulyanov
Practical 9??? One device (planshet) for all.
Termination Shock
Cool factor above Model 3? I don't think so. It's more practical but for sure not cooler than a more sporty Model 3
Stephen Podesta
Stephen Podesta 5 days ago
where is the spare tyre? I also think your score is a bit low considering that there is no other EV in existence close to it. and also maybe it is one of the best all round cars in existence.
Georgi Milushev
Georgi Milushev 5 days ago
Quality 7? That's high for a VW... Jetta is the third least reliable car in the states according to Consumer Reports.
Bij Dikh
Bij Dikh 5 days ago
MSRP $52k and will probably sell for $65k+ for the next 6 months. Doug: That's relatively affordable.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 5 days ago
How is 60k affordable?
Wills Womble
Wills Womble 5 days ago
Jeez! 78 degrees, the dawg will be fried! Also Doug does it have S. Africa mode - 20,000 V door handles?
I'll admit, I really wish that the Y had the same power doors as on the X.
Tesla Electric SuperCars
Tesla Electric Cars is Awesome! :)))))
JR Gb 6 days ago
Useful, but not attractive.
____BASS___ _
____BASS___ _ 6 days ago
Maybe the third passenger row will be stuffed in the frunk
Markus LC
Markus LC 6 days ago
the glossy black trim instead of chrome looks terrible and cheap, has nothing to do with looking modern Oo
Broliathos 6 days ago
imagine you twitter to BMW or GM and ask for a "joe mode" urself.......never gonna happen.....thanks tesla for fan/customer service
Zeke Holloway
Zeke Holloway 6 days ago
how do you turn on the headlights lol?
Alexander Moreau
Alexander Moreau 6 days ago
Why wouldn't the alerts all be focused to the driver anyways? What passenger needs or wants to hear the car beeping? Actually I don't want my car to ever beep unless the engine is about to blow up or I left a door open.
Future Ahead
Future Ahead 6 days ago
Y not put more batteries in those big empty cargo storages for more range?
All No
All No 7 days ago
Sounds like a stupid car
nobodynemoq 7 days ago
As for the rear seat passengers unable to use climate control - I'm sure, that one day Tesla will release an update where these passengers will be able to do it with their phones
nobodynemoq 7 days ago
If there is a dog mode, where is the Doug mode?
Crippleback 7 days ago
Why go ask a dealer when we have Doug DeMuro?
Reiseliebhaber 7 days ago
It's beautiful but it's still luxury! I think that Tesla could create a low cost, mini car, designed for the city, like Toyota Aygo (but electric)
Johnny Volvox
Johnny Volvox 7 days ago
I don't understand why Tesla doesn't put a front dash?? Who df wants to look to the screen to the right for driver information? Its literally a deal breaker for me.
mike gurgle
mike gurgle 7 days ago
Is this seriously called an SUV? Because, it is not.
Family life
Family life 7 days ago
You know he hopes mr. musk is watching this lol
Hunter Kowald
Hunter Kowald 7 days ago
*I just built a fully driverless Lexus and rode to starbucks for under $1000.. haha forget tesla! Here's me surfing the roof along the way. ​**ruvid.net/video/video-2nm8fBio_-A.html*
Logan Parish
Logan Parish 7 days ago
All of these comments are lying! "Joe Mode" is for when the owner of the vehicle shows it to a passenger to trick them into saying "Who's Joe?" and the owner would proceed with "JOE MAMA!"
Do Tung 1996
Do Tung 1996 7 days ago
Damn the panel gap is bad
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