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Internet Historian: Incognito Mode
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The TRUE STORY about an art heist thievery grabbin' that happened in 2000 and how the people responsible were caught.
GamerFromMars - ruvid.net/show-UCJ6z_yj_dDNrhn-c8ZyKV4g
Whang! - ruvid.net/show-UC3jdnIP2u5hCJpVZ-TuDrCg
Fredrik Knudsen - ruvid.net/show-UCbWcXB0PoqOsAvAdfzWMf0w
The Right Opinion - ruvid.net/show-UCMTk_R_Y49jvq-HQXDmKI0Q
SumitoMedia - ruvid.net/u-superkinkyninja
ChavezzSlovakia - ruvid.net/show-UCNfch5GuAVzKyz6-sbGBlZQ
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May 22, 2020




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Comments 80
Fer Calories
Fer Calories Month ago
This man deserves to retrieve the password of his main channel.
Theodore Arndt
Theodore Arndt 3 days ago
Hey IH? Any updates
Some Game Devs
Some Game Devs 4 days ago
Internet Historian: Incognito Mode have you contacted the cyber police
Some Game Devs
Some Game Devs 4 days ago
Internet Historian: Incognito Mode oh crud
cyberruck 7 days ago
Blurple 4 hours ago
I can’t help but think the robbers were the true heroes here
Wounded Lion
Wounded Lion 9 hours ago
The painting was hung up once more (but this time behind class) Well that is good news because everyone,, even the dumbest of criminals,, knows that glass is inpenetrable ;p
gamg _d
gamg _d 21 hour ago
Anyone know the song at 2:46
Jack Napier
Jack Napier 21 hour ago
How is this not a Payday 2 heist?
fat cat
fat cat Day ago
Lmao, I really want the sound of the burglar when they're robbing the bank. They're killing with that sound.
Someone needs to phone up Edgar Wright, movie of the year material right here!
LastofAvari Day ago
That Nord VPN integration is a bomb :D
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Day ago
That NordVPN ad was good enough to be its own video. This is the only way I will ever willingly watch an ad.
Just Doing My Thing
Love that Ocean's Eleven reference at the begi... You know what, never mind
SloppyJoe8208 2 days ago
I loved how you made the detectives colt from L. A. Noire.
Randomdude 27
Randomdude 27 2 days ago
Imagine only getting 6.5 years for stealing 30 million dollars
anonymous person
anonymous person 3 days ago
Can you make a vid on kid nation?
CRUASSAN-FAN 3 days ago
7 lives were destroyed for a f'ing dyed paper
ryan g
ryan g 3 days ago
3:03 I always thought Epstein didnt kill himself.
Moonzombie1 4 days ago
This is the one video I wish pewdiepie can do a reaction video on
BananaBuns 4 days ago
having the whang made me like it more
splinterchaos1 4 days ago
I'm digging the citations at the bottom. Also, cool story.
Apple Cheesepie
Apple Cheesepie 4 days ago
That's the best ad read I've ever experienced
Agob 4 days ago
I was there just last week and saw the Young Parisian lmao
Alex Tocco
Alex Tocco 4 days ago
Datsun 510 is a risky get away car lmaoo
Arnold Clock
Arnold Clock 4 days ago
My man watches tbls
Kioriin 5 days ago
i fucking hate sweden but this is pretty great
still tchweiger
still tchweiger 5 days ago
i love how he makes even the adds funnny and this nord vpn guy kind of looks like a kkk vpn member
Lvl1Magikarp 5 days ago
So what is the opening song called? 0:02
The Duffpig
The Duffpig 5 days ago
That background music at 07:40 I recognize it but can't remember where from!!!!
The Josh Channel
The Josh Channel 5 days ago
I like this. I would like having more of this. (:
Aldous Kent Alemania
Someone should hire you for your PROFESSIONAL add thyme
Weftin 6 days ago
I'd love to hear the conversation between Internet Historian and TRO as he's asking him to voice an art thief trying to sell a painting to an undercover cop
Thomas Briscoe
Thomas Briscoe 6 days ago
Big lez show "get the fuck down on the ground" best sample.
Josh H.
Josh H. 6 days ago
Upload to main channel you Sasquatch.
Angel Moreno
Angel Moreno 6 days ago
Internet historian should use the bruh sound affect more
W 7 days ago
As a swede this was appreciated lol
juanma9511 7 days ago
Honestly this video is a bigger treasure than those pieces of painted rags
Xilas Jenkins
Xilas Jenkins 7 days ago
Please make a mash-up of all your advertisements for the masses to enjoy.
Code Monster
Code Monster 7 days ago
Your ads are too FUCKING Good man! I hope The Nords are paying you 70% more.
Code Monster
Code Monster 7 days ago
That's you right? IH?
Mr Bencroft
Mr Bencroft 7 days ago
17:42 hilarious
hert_man 7 days ago
4 years for stealing $30k of art, armed robbery, and blowing up 2 cars. but 30 years for drug possession? the legal system really is fucked
Felsbrocken 7 days ago
TRO in his videos: 😚🤔🙂😯 TRO when doing VA: 😡🤪😱🤬😈
Bo Holland
Bo Holland 8 days ago
Never thought I'd come back for a rewatch for that add.
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera 8 days ago
The fucking slapping bit was funny af
Honey Yadav
Honey Yadav 8 days ago
This guy makes coolest ads on RUvid.
Guardian15 8 days ago
5:29 is that ranton lol
Guardian 7
Guardian 7 9 days ago
Why does nord von look like a kkk member
liz 9 days ago
please make more videos like this!!
Cameron de Kriek
Cameron de Kriek 9 days ago
pffh amutauras
Zotac 1060 6GB
Zotac 1060 6GB 10 days ago
This is some CSI MIAMI stuff Hiyeaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!
Justin Marbury
Justin Marbury 10 days ago
You are the ONLY producer of quality commercials I actually WANT to see and look forward to. And what an epic lineup
Ervin Dahlén
Ervin Dahlén 10 days ago
Leif GW Persson: A N G E R Y NOISES
Darshan Hankinson
Darshan Hankinson 10 days ago
I was born in the right generation
Daria Bogomazova
Daria Bogomazova 11 days ago
Music from invisible inc playing in the background is pretty neat
Major 11 days ago
It's never a dull story with the Internet Historian.
Ignite Light
Ignite Light 11 days ago
These guys have the capability to blow up two cars but not the capability to destroy the bloody boat?
thezman9001 11 days ago
How are you so smart and yet so dumb!?
darKnektoR 11 days ago
Does anyone know the song at 5:07 ?
no 11 days ago
i hope that nordvpn pay u more than other channel for the ad content
Channel Discontinued.
I love this. The gamer from mars cracked me up with his costume 22:43
Darshan Hankinson
Darshan Hankinson 11 days ago
I want to see you actually submit one of these to sundance.
D3w10n 11 days ago
@ 10:10 "Do you know what time it is?" Me: SWORD WEEPEEN SHADOWMAN Historian: It's time for a montage Me: Oh...
Al Koholik
Al Koholik 11 days ago
Epstein killer... Nice!
Lurake 12 days ago
That ad was actually entertaining
Carlos VentRon
Carlos VentRon 12 days ago
That's actually a pretty accurated TRO impressi-... I- I mean, TRO performance was fantastic, yeah that.
Jacob Hawley
Jacob Hawley 12 days ago
What's the music at the end?
David Balut
David Balut 12 days ago
Gwent music!
Lite Amplified Inc.
This video makes more sense then someone explaing every part in jojo
Zoé B
Zoé B 12 days ago
So.... TRO can sound like that, uh... that's... that's really something.
Fraser Bisset
Fraser Bisset 12 days ago
I just had a pride 2020 advert couldn’t even wait the five seconds to skip it had to just cancel the video. ‘Heard it’s pride 2020’ in such an obnoxious voice and went hell no.
Ivan Albaracin
Ivan Albaracin 12 days ago
i only came to see the ads
Randy Cheow
Randy Cheow 12 days ago
They should have called Lester to help them with the job
Area51Alien 1234
Area51Alien 1234 12 days ago
They could have all avoided this if they did two things. 1. If they didn’t up they’re phone number to the old man 2. If they had simply repainted the boat the old man wouldn’t have recognized the boat
Nicolas Weber
Nicolas Weber 12 days ago
Now I’ll forever picture the nordvpn logo on a kkk cloak
Nikolozka 13 days ago
That Petrov looks like an undercover ISI agent
Argonian 13 days ago
the only unrealistic part of this video was when he had to ask for someone who spoke english
siddbastard 13 days ago
I like your ASS, Morgan.
OmegaSanction 13 days ago
The real Robert K Wittman looks like a very nice man~
OmegaSanction 13 days ago
The real Robert K Wittman looks like a very nice man~
LoneWolfGamer No
LoneWolfGamer No 13 days ago
More of this its great
Anne Black
Anne Black 13 days ago
This has nothing to do with anything, but I got a commercial for a device that'll help you learn over 30 languages faster and better than ever before, but in the commercial, there was someone that was obviously American because she didn't have an accent at all, and she said: "There are three difficulty settings that'll help everyone need." Making spelling errors is something everyone does now and again, but "Everyone need" is such an extremely dumb mistake to make, especially for a commercial that is about learning new languages. You should make sure that the language you're speaking is without spelling mistakes, or if you can't make that work, at least try and make them not as retarded as this one. Sorry, idk why I felt the need to comment this, but fuck it, there you go.
Anne Black
Anne Black 13 days ago
Who was Tro and why did it say "This is actually Tro."? Was he really special? Was he the actual person that tried to sell the painting? That's the joke I reckon? That he isn't actual Tro, but that that was the joke?
Avery Nathan
Avery Nathan 10 days ago
TRO is RUvidr "The Right Opinion". The joke is that the voice he uses in this video sounds nothing like his normal voice.
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