The Suspicious Death Of Harry Houdini

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A famed magician succumbs to his demise- was it an accident or murder?
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Oct 30, 2020




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WillowLily 8 days ago
Harry's father's name was not Herman. It was Samuel. His brother's name was Herman. It says so right on the front of Houdini's family headstone. Proof: www.findagrave.com/memorial/13204256/mayer-samuel-weiss
DCT Exploration
DCT Exploration 15 days ago
Hey everyone, please check out our channel! We're a group of 3 friends checking out haunted and abandoned places in our hometown and we have a lot of fun adventures!
Sir Rico Williams
Did you know that Joe Biden's 1994 crime bill locked up over a million black men for non violent crimes ? Did you know that when Kamala Harris was AG of California , she locked up over 1500 black men for smoking weed ?
HumbleRickard64 Month ago
#postmortem Could the ”code word” be Choo Choo Pickle Pie please I swear to god
Haley Lynn
Haley Lynn Month ago
#PostMortem Ryan, are there actually any places you've been to that you think are definitely NOT haunted? Or were you just screwing with us at 12:33? #BoogaraWithAHealthySkepticism
CassDoesStuff 51 minute ago
Shane looks so handsome in this video! 🥰
Eat Pie
Eat Pie Hour ago
Hate to say it but shane looks like an 18th century hobo who finally took a bath and got some new old clothes.
skywalkerchick 2 hours ago
Shane looks like he’s on his way to transforming into Carl Sagan
CosmicAbyss 3 hours ago
For the milk tank trick, they closed the curtain, so couldn’t his assistant just unlock them and he gets out and re-lock the tank?
Liam Arandela
Liam Arandela 5 hours ago
You are getting sleepy. You will start to sleep. When you wake up you will like this comment and sub to my channel.
Captain Nigga
Captain Nigga 8 hours ago
Was it just me or did anyone else think that Houdini died during a trick gone wrong???? I-
M E 10 hours ago
23:47 - appendicitis caused by trauma might be rare but being punched in the stomach can kill you. That is just a fact.
Bingo Bango
Bingo Bango 15 hours ago
Is that Charlie Mulgrew?
Ashlyn Yates
Ashlyn Yates Day ago
Bruh... is the background music Holst or is it Barber???????
Caitlyn Ford
Caitlyn Ford Day ago
What do ppl consider super muscular? Bc I looked it up and like yeah, he was a decently muscular dude but like not crazy jacked. Just like normal muscular😂 unless I’m just not finding the right pictures.
Caitlyn Ford
Caitlyn Ford Day ago
Baller as hell to have a prearranged ghost death code.
Jordan Boo
Jordan Boo Day ago
Did anyone else read "Horny" Houdini
Alfredo Calzada
These guys joke around too much for this channel to remain interesting.
Lizzi VoiceActor
Wheeze* SHANE AS HOUDINI- Im dying-
Reya Mathur
Reya Mathur Day ago
Another moral is to be down to earth even if you receive so much fame. After this video, I sort of have mixed feelings about him. You're just successful, not invincible. And remember, it doesn't take time for fame to wear off.
knowee hernan
These two dudes are annoying, they're talking about a truly interesting individual but trying to be funny about it which they are not at all
Alexandra Estes
so be mad about it lol
Ricci Bautista
thankful 🙏🏼
黃駿捷 Day ago
no shortage of enemies... hmmm
Eric Sharpe
Eric Sharpe Day ago
He died on Harry-ween
Will Komocsar
I think Ryan said Moon River Brewing
buff lobster
buff lobster 2 days ago
you should see his brother Hardeen. He's just as good you know
Darly Hernandez
Darly Hernandez 2 days ago
Ryan: “Harry Houdini was born Erik Weisz” Me: *shocked pikachu face*
ScumbagDan 2 days ago
What did Ryan say wasn't haunted? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW
Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop
"Houdini spent years attempting to expose mind readers and mediums as con artists" Shane's type of guy
Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop
6:42 (Dad)dy Shane makes an appearance--he's here to stay, my fellow Pluples
07barryr 3 days ago
The more of this I watch the more I realise I would watch literally anything presented by Shane and Ryan
Kevan Kang
Kevan Kang 3 days ago
Houdini looks like he could have played the penguin in a batman movie.
Mark Grange
Mark Grange 3 days ago
I have researched the topic of trauma caused appendicitis but not only is it very rare but the appendicitis caused by trauma is acute Here I am citing my source:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3182788/
MIKK 3 days ago
Ryan looks like serial killer in this one. this unsolved stuff is getting him.
Erif Retrats
Erif Retrats 3 days ago
what price for fame? how many others supposedly sold their souls for fame, to become famous and at their height of that fame, they died suspiciously....... it always will make me think something much more sinister is always working in the background, that no believes exists, which makes it easier for 'it' to continue to work in the background......... fooling everyone.... the ultimate fraudster........... but hey that is just me.......... I believe in the unbelievable.......... I never believe in the 'facts' we are ever told or taught as being the truth anymore........
Reilly A
Reilly A 3 days ago
What if the doctor was working for the spiritualists and he never had appendicitis. The punch could have caused the pain and then the doctor lied about the appendicitis.
sourced podcast
sourced podcast 3 days ago
Bruh this guy musta felt so bad after punching the crap outta houdini
Sabrina Gunsberg
Sabrina Gunsberg 3 days ago
I started watching these and now I can’t stop and it’s midnight HELP
Holly Allen
Holly Allen 3 days ago
28:24 window behind Ryan....what the heck is that???? 😳😳😳😳😳
lil Mactop
lil Mactop 3 days ago
Both of you guys got to cut your hair
ashleeonair 4 days ago
“Being a god damned professional” 😂
Gauri Taheem
Gauri Taheem 4 days ago
Y’all the place that is not haunted where they went to is the moon river brewing.😂
Audrey M
Audrey M 4 days ago
ngl i thought he died while doing a trick and failed
Alejandra Ponce
Alejandra Ponce 4 days ago
lmao I knew houdini moved here and stuff... but when they said Appleton WI I looked up like whaaaat?? lol
FreeMemesfordays Dudes
Harry boobi
Doctor_Gibbo 4 days ago
The untreated broken ankle could lead to infection and sepsis too.
D Rax
D Rax 4 days ago
13:50 anyone else see someone standing by the tree
Grant Sands
Grant Sands 4 days ago
Ik we all looked up “hounding shirtless” during this
Just a Yeti on the Internet
I realize that outside is due to covid, but I like it better this way anyways to be honest. Feels more natural for the feel of the show. They should keep it that way (weather permitting).
Jones Clash
Jones Clash 4 days ago
Wow. It took me a sec to put it together but Shane’s voice sounds like the guy Sal Goodman from Better call Sal. Lol anyone else hear it?
Earl Williams jr
Earl Williams jr 5 days ago
All these years everyone was to believe he died while doing his famous trick, drowning in the tube. Why was that story told until this came out. Not one person ever said he didn't drown. Who to believe ???.
christian lekström
You look like the guy with the mask from the saw movies With you i mean the tall guy
Shelby Rainwater
Shelby Rainwater 5 days ago
Did i dream the episode of bobs burgers where they answered how he did the milk thing
Emely Durgan
Emely Durgan 5 days ago
Doyle: you're a wizard, Harry Houdini: I'm just Harry, just Harry.
C Buff
C Buff 5 days ago
I love how you copied this comment then expected likes. Lol
Dann_ 5 days ago
Houdini: **gets punched the crap out of him in the stomach and dies a little later because of it** Conspiracy theorists: suspicious Also great video I really love this kind of content
Om Mistry
Om Mistry 5 days ago
10:51 love how his eyes turn red
Dee Rawrz
Dee Rawrz 5 days ago
Why is everyone talking about shirtless Houdini?
Luz Noceda
Luz Noceda 5 days ago
*[search it up if you know what I mean-]*
Del Monte
Del Monte 5 days ago
I can’t be the only one to find the picture they used for Houdini unsettling
wolf flare
wolf flare 5 days ago
Looking at hudinis face looks like he's a devil
Dee Rawrz
Dee Rawrz 5 days ago
Yeah..the face of Satan...and he died on Halloween. Coincidence? I think not.
Angela Hellcat
Angela Hellcat 5 days ago
Lol my dads a magician. I grew up around magicians, a lot of “famous” Ones. They definitely hide their secrets but if you’re around magicians enough you can figure out how tricks work on your own.
Beth Write
Beth Write 6 days ago
Appleton Wisconsin brought me back to the bath and body works video
imm catt
imm catt 6 days ago
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 6 days ago
Yo Ryan you be starting to look like a castaway and a teacher with no sleep
shutupsavannah 6 days ago
"go to the hospital if you're hurting" (laughs in untreatable chronic pain)
You should do an episode about Marilyn Monroe
Dawson SB
Dawson SB 6 days ago
I love these two :)
noemi 6 days ago
am i the only one who thought houdini died by fire in a failed trick?
Casey Ray Harris. Esquire
That guy's hilarious however I feel like he's just playing devil's advocate just in spite. Like the JFK one was the worst, you fooled us so congratulations?? That's just a way of side skirting having to side with his co-host
Hrothgr Yt
Hrothgr Yt 6 days ago
For anyone curious yes we do know how his tricks worked. It’s very difficult to fool a magician especially if we have the ability to review it multiple times. For instance nowadays with slow motion if you know what to look for it’s not to difficult to pick apart a trick especially sleight of hand.
Trenaway ElDaryl
Trenaway ElDaryl 6 days ago
95% of the so called paranormal can be explained as not. A lot of it is in the mind of the person. I do believe in the paranormal, having experienced it myself, but most of the crap you see on TV and you-tube that is supposed to be paranormal is nothing of the sort! Most of it is fake!
canada canada
canada canada 6 days ago
Another Theory what if a gypsy laid a curse on him
Bekah Thornton
Bekah Thornton 6 days ago
A milk can is much smaller than a barrel.
IZEMEED 7 days ago
My theory may have sense because his tricks are close to the impossible making an elephant disappear is just enough proof he may have some supernatural powers, maybe he sold his soul to the devil
Tatum Fowler
Tatum Fowler 7 days ago
ah yes, one place that is for certain not haunted: moot
FactoryNewGarbo 7 days ago
My mom worked at the hospital he died at before it was demolished (this was way before i was born) and every halloween the staff would go into the room he died in and see who could stay in the longest. Room was reportedly hella haunted.
Eimaj 7 days ago
can you do 'did hittler really kill himself' please
WickedHowl 7 days ago
"Empty this vessel!" My god.
Rebecca Holt
Rebecca Holt 7 days ago
What are you doing sepsis? 😏
Denise Sassanelli
Now I want to see Tom Hardy play Houdini, like now.
Diana Salomon
Diana Salomon 7 days ago
Nom du Clavier
Nom du Clavier 7 days ago
Your 'anomalies' are confirmation bias 🐘
Emily Seatvet
Emily Seatvet 7 days ago
they actually do know hw he did the milk can escape just look up Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed Houdinis Milk Can Escape on RUvid and it shows you
Kate D
Kate D 7 days ago
This show is really Ryan doing all the heavy lifting, research, narration - then just like, telling Shane. N' Shane's like "woah, this is new information". Don't get me wrong, I love that he's experiencing along with us, but like, s'Ryan show. If you like this show - you a Boogara.
pigeon does their best
harry houdini was an escape artist, not a magician
TheBestComicKing 7 days ago
24:34 sounds like Kenshiro from Fist Of The Northstar
Cameron Bienvenu
Cameron Bienvenu 8 days ago
I ain’t the only one who believes Houdini looks mad creepy am I or am I just paranoid
Dee Rawrz
Dee Rawrz 5 days ago
No. He looks like Satan.
Dr. Sneha Kumar
Dr. Sneha Kumar 8 days ago
I could swear I've heard he passed away during one of his tricks as he was unable to open the chains and locks to escape from the submerged box he was in!
Juan Molina
Juan Molina 8 days ago
That’s quite the left hook
Hannaftw 8 days ago
Makes me think of Aesop Rock's lyric "wake up feeling empty like Houdini's grave probably is"
Sariah Tenor
Sariah Tenor 8 days ago
Not too happy to be from Appleton
Theoddishoneout 8 days ago
Can't believe Ryan would laugh at sepsis. It's a serious matter, you know
Decisive_Tiger 8 days ago
I noticed the mannequin at 22:53 scared me. Thanks
Coach_Ditka 8 days ago
He exposed Strongmen?????? What part of what we do is fake????? I FEEL ATTACKED
Nouka 8 days ago
Moon River Brewing? Is that the one that wasnt haunted, like definitely? Ok
Blackcain 8 days ago
Wait that background music... I heard it somewhere before. From some game but I cannot remember for the life of me.
skeeveskeeve 8 days ago
You guys can fire the two hosts, they detract from the video, would be better without them.
Ben Jason
Ben Jason 8 days ago
Doctor over here. I've never seen appendicitis caused by a trauma, nor is there a "spot" where you hit that can cause appendicitis. It is simply the disruption of the normal flora of bacteria in the appendix causing inflammation. I suspect he had ruptured appendicitis, which has a higher rate of sepsis than the common appendicitis and it did not help that he did not pursue surgery immediately.
J.S 8 days ago
Wait the milk jar trick was already exposed the top of the container had two openings one is the one they put the locks and the other one was the top part with locks would come off he would just put it back in!
Cheyenne Tate
Cheyenne Tate 8 days ago
I kinda just come here for the banter
naomi starr
naomi starr 8 days ago
was no one like “hmm maybe people unlocked it and then locked it back” after he did the millk can thing
Dropleaf 8 days ago
It seems like he was just generally physically unwell and died.
Jack Bland
Jack Bland 8 days ago
I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that a medical student asked to punch him and purposely caught him off guard, maybe he knew where to hit him, and maybe it was the blunt force that killed him and he just so happens to have appendicitis 🤷‍♂️
Jessa Sardina
Jessa Sardina 9 days ago
Flippy hair, beak nose, turtleneck, undeserved sense of omnipotence. Who wore it better: Shane or Wink from Mr. Meaty? 🤔
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