The Strangest Story On The Internet (w/ Drew Gooden)

Danny Gonzalez
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Today Drew and I are reacting to possibly the strangest fanfic ever written. And it just so happens to be about us. And also Jake and Logan Paul.
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Comments 80
Danny Gonzalez
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Quality Garbage
Quality Garbage Month ago
Your poor poor wife
Lance Marshall
Lance Marshall Month ago
The survey is closed ass hole
Ray Coon
Ray Coon 2 months ago
Firehazard 912
Firehazard 912 3 months ago
Danny Gonzalez says just do the freaking survey you pesent
Mickey 3 months ago
why is it important
Jane Nufer
Jane Nufer 14 hours ago
Marry me Danny or get drew or kertis
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert 15 hours ago
Searaider of this cant spell notification but can’t spell video
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert 15 hours ago
Who’s Greg
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert 15 hours ago
Oh is that him why does he call himself Danny than?
officialmimikyuu 15 hours ago
coming back to this to mention the bridesmaids being there when there is, technically, no bride
Willow H
Willow H 16 hours ago
Danny: what’s up Greg I hope you’re all having a great 2019, i know I am- what about you Drew? Drew: no. Drew is everyone in 2020.....
MY RANDOM LIFE 17 hours ago
Every video they collab I just love so much they always just have actually really fun and it just seems like they are just having a good time this video I was just dying the whole time also did he say guy at the end instead of Greg lol
Barbara Langdon
Barbara Langdon 20 hours ago
Some one should make a #LOGANPAIL!!!
lαуlα нανιиg σяαиgє fєєlιиgѕ.
I can’t focus because I’m wheezing too much-
Some Nerd on the internet
Is nobody gonna talk about the last few videos leading up to this one, there was one more nutcracker in every video, ultimately leading up to this point?
Carlo Angelo Vitamog
Laura and Amanda should do a reaction video on this lol
Bep bep Rochi
Bep bep Rochi 23 hours ago
My chest hurts from laughing to hard about freaking Jackie’s eyes waving and Danny having a heart attack
sunflqwer Day ago
Don't call me crazy, but I lowkey want to rewrite this so it actually makes sense-
So Danny just adopted a baby that he didn't even have And also one that had a father wait what the hell
Kim Metz
Kim Metz Day ago
Whoever wrote this.. is in desperate need of a thesaurus :P
Debora Hermes
fun fact: if a man gets a positive result with a pregnancy test he might have testicular cancer... ^^°
Pr'vate N'body
Oh my god, I want to write a fanfic where I take it too literally and Drew actually turned into a horse holy shit
Elisa Lau
Elisa Lau Day ago
I legitimately had to walk away while watching this, the pure CRINGE is just 😂👌🏻👌🏻
Elisa Lau
Elisa Lau Day ago
meAnwHile iN thE sUicIde HosPitaL
rcsitant lia
rcsitant lia Day ago
the bad grammar got me cracking up
litdemolisher 2003
Wouldn't that mean Drew had testicular cancer lmao
spooky jim
spooky jim Day ago
where is Laura during all of this?
kittens are the best
i'm laughing more at them laughing than the story.
chalk bored
chalk bored 2 days ago
4:15 ibuki?
Manuela Musa
Manuela Musa 2 days ago
14:51 why did I thought they were actually going to kiss
odhobbz 2 days ago
moral of the story stop answering the door
how do you do fellow kids
Romaine L. Ramsour
Mia 2 days ago
virgins for lives despite the wives
Strider Barnes
Strider Barnes 2 days ago
this means that they're legally married now
Charlotte 2 days ago
I am very uncomfortable
Lea 2 days ago
one of my favourite videos ever. made me genuinely laugh so many times :)
游戏爆炸 2 days ago
Léane Landreville
This has to be the funniest video I’ve ever seen
spill the tae sis
danny: hope you're all having a great 2019... me: 2019 you say... better times, better times.....
beans 2 days ago
Emma 2 days ago
Y’all.... the part at 11:57 says Drew’s watching the video but then DANNY is crying, what?? Took me way too many rewatches to realize that
Leoni Edurne
Leoni Edurne 2 days ago
*They kidnapped him!!!!* _FUUCK_
Leoni Edurne
Leoni Edurne 2 days ago
This is tru storywritig. How dare yoy makw funny of my writting talant. Riting is you are bad at wright go brun in teh bad palace. I'm not sorry. _Don't ship real people._
Your Friendly Neighborhood Goth
*and they were roommates*
Shadow Legend
Shadow Legend 3 days ago
When the teacher calls on you to answer a math question but you didn't have your hand raised, this is what I do to the teacher. 14:37
-Magi- SunnyAxloth
Jackie sounds like that one character that is just there to do stuff which isn't important at all
Phoenix 3 days ago
It’s great how they think about their jokes at the same time. Like, the same joke. It’s great.
Beatrice Turner
Phoenix it’s because they’re the same person
Emma Mallory
Emma Mallory 3 days ago
Welcome back go another episode of....what the fuck
Rubi Ramirez
Rubi Ramirez 3 days ago
Subscribe because of that hiss
Anti Christina
Anti Christina 3 days ago
This is my "chicken soup for the soul" video for the quarantine.
karena apus
karena apus 3 days ago
I know Larry Stylinson would never be able to read a Fanfiction together on RUvid... They would end up making out by the third chapter
Evie Cairns
Evie Cairns 3 days ago
lol the into
mydnyt16 3 days ago
Guys please do this again It's legitimately the funniest thing I've ever seen
Savanna Deglow
Savanna Deglow 3 days ago
Petition for drew and Danny to read another fan fiction
But house of gold is actually a good song...
Pink Lasagna
Pink Lasagna 3 days ago
someone needs to animate this
Did you see my bag?
23:47 minutes of an akward friendship ?...
LauraTheDad 3 days ago
The straight energy here is immaculate
yoshidances 3 days ago
okay but why was it called house of gold??? i feel like twenty one pilots has been violated🤨
John Edwards
John Edwards 3 days ago
Danny: HE WAS KIDNAPPED! Drew: F***!
Haven Lee
Haven Lee 3 days ago
Notifications on!
Princess._. Nita
Princess._. Nita 3 days ago
This made me cringe. But I couldn't stop watching it.
Tara Robinson
Tara Robinson 3 days ago
I go back to this video whenever I’m sad and it hits every time
cookie lunar
cookie lunar 3 days ago
this is so cringe that its funny , I feel like a 7 year old write that story
Phantomartist !!!
My favorite anime
Layla Messick
Layla Messick 4 days ago
someone tell me am I breathing this story I think has killed me
BonoanAnything A.K.A Kyle Bonoan
Who knew there was a hospital specifically for people who almost died from suicide.
g.j. aAa
g.j. aAa 4 days ago
drinking anything while watching this is DANGEROUS!!! everyone be warned, i tried to drink some water exactly three times thru the video and it got into my windpipe cuz of laughter each time, im only 10 minutes in too like.... and this last one was especially awful i almost died and my throat hurts because of how i coughed it out,,, im not gonna try to drink again until the videos over just wanted to quickly warn everyone
g.j. aAa
g.j. aAa 4 days ago
im an idiot i did it again
taylor leung
taylor leung 4 days ago
Why are there bridesmaids when there isnt a bride
Your Mom
Your Mom 4 days ago
i sneezed when the nutcrackers popped out
Alex 4 days ago
This is probably my favourite video on your channel. No matter how horrible I feel, this always makes me laugh. Thank u :)
Merve Satici
Merve Satici 4 days ago
This is my favorite video of all time and I keep coming back to it 😂 thank you so much for this video omg
Idk if its just me or Drew really looks like emma chamberlin idk ive been really worked up because of quarantine and idek
DragonCat The1AndOnly
0:21 captions: *more clunk*
honeybees r cool
honeybees r cool 4 days ago
whats so fucking funny to me is that i only started really trying to actually imagine the scenario when h3 was presented. and as soon as i imagined hearing ethans voice i fucking LOST IT. jesus christ this is too much to handle.
Niamh Reid
Niamh Reid 4 days ago
True bro’s can talk about having sex with one another without being awkward
Sketch UT
Sketch UT 4 days ago
Are they... gregnant? _Gregante_
HeloMeow 4 days ago
my.w.tt/lzEGLB4u64 i was looking at this fic on wattpad when i found this and i really can’t with it
- blast off -
- blast off - 4 days ago
9:46 you're welcome
99.9 % of men are gay
Come to France babes
sofia Esmeralda
sofia Esmeralda 4 days ago
They should make this a Netflix's serie
micaela alvez
micaela alvez 4 days ago
15:53 a sims 4 pregnancy
stacy creighton
stacy creighton 4 days ago
blue side_outr0
blue side_outr0 5 days ago
15:34 Drew: Ugh!Danny: BAAM!I don't know why but this Moment is so fricking funny
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