The "Stranger Things" Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are

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The cast of Netflix's "Stranger Things" (Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Charlie Heaton, Natalia Dyer, Dacre Montgomery, David Harbour, Sadie Sink, Caleb McLaughlin, and Cara Buono) sit down to take our quiz to learn which character they character from season three they REALLY are...and discover that some wigs will definitely need to be purchased for season four.
Take the quiz now: www.buzzfeed.com/shylawatson/stranger-things-cast-quiz
Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/86876
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Jul 5, 2019




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Comments 29 612
Little Leopard 10
Little Leopard 10 3 hours ago
Dacre and Cara were both alone they should have been together🙃😏
Yessenia Gonzalez
Yessenia Gonzalez 7 hours ago
Eleven ..... are you my friend
Deanne Teao
Deanne Teao 12 hours ago
i just s##t my stiff
Lovely Jojo
Lovely Jojo 16 hours ago
Lights 5
Lights 5 17 hours ago
Gravelord 20 hours ago
1:37 noah looks at millie to get her attention but millie looks at finn and finn just looks at the camera
Happy Cookie
Happy Cookie 22 hours ago
Tbh Noah should be will..
Rebeca Gutierrez
where is JoeKeery and Gaten Matarazzo
Metal Jedi66
Metal Jedi66 Day ago
I'M Eleven 2 🤩
Ginga-dna Day ago
I think will actually might be gay just like the theory in the series hmmm
OP Devin47
OP Devin47 Day ago
Where’s Steve and Dustin
Boo Gaming Girl
Imagine having teleportation and so do ur friends MOM IM GOING TO PARIS ILL BE BACK BY 8
Dean Spence
Dean Spence Day ago
Can’t cope with the sheer amount of makeup that 15 year old is wearing
Shark i
Shark i Day ago
I believe hopper is still alive as is the last episode of season 3 the Russian guards mention next to a cage or something relating to what eleven was put in, the guards say “no, no not the American” :o could that be?
Bike na área Brasil
My Chanse com Sadie sik 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Isabella bruyns
Noah looks like a normal teen Milli looks someone who is involved with politics Finn looks …gay (PS I was not trying to offend you if you’re offended)
fatima hattana
fatima hattana 2 days ago
the way millie looks at finn😍
amey namjoshi
amey namjoshi 2 days ago
Millie is so into Finn here like in the end she doesn't even bother to look what Noah got bt so interested anything Finn says
ReactiCookie ET
ReactiCookie ET 2 days ago
Nitroxx _
Nitroxx _ 2 days ago
(Not the American)
aware Xperiense Barry Allan
Why eould Noah pick invisibility because theoretically if you go invisible for a sertain amount of time you will go blind for a few minutes Wich will be a bummer
Jade uwu
Jade uwu 2 days ago
Noah on the show: looks 12-13 Noah irl: looks freakin 20 😅
lia meine Welt
lia meine Welt 3 days ago
can you make a video where he tries to speak German
Maisha 3 days ago
noah: i'd be responsible millie: you definitely would not!!
Justin Medrano
Justin Medrano 3 days ago
Me: telekinesis
Asep Amirr
Asep Amirr 3 days ago
sadie 😍
CS RexFlex-_-
CS RexFlex-_- 3 days ago
Where's Dustin??
Fun Toys Viariannys
are you girlfriend or Boysfriend
Bun Bun
Bun Bun 3 days ago
Nobody: No One: Not a single soul: Me:SO WHERE IS DUSTIN?
Lily Chang
Lily Chang 4 days ago
Why do all the boys get the natural contour!?🤣😂
Elizabeth Avraham
Lol NOAH got: Mike And FINN got :Will BYLER is real and this computers agrees
Lily 4 days ago
you know, if you had teleportation you wouldnt have to pay for a ticket to disney, just teleport inside.
Karl Murrin
Karl Murrin 4 days ago
I did that quiz before and I got mike
sass boo
sass boo 4 days ago
Sadie is sooo elegant and charming❤
oraegano 4 days ago
7:35 “i got MAX”
meme destroyer
meme destroyer 4 days ago
"A Master"
the conspiracy theory smart dude
I don't even watch stranger things but I'm watching this.
Dennis 5 days ago
Man, she defo karen
Steven Ramsay
Steven Ramsay 5 days ago
This is daisy if you’re thinking why does it say Steven Ramsay it is his child I am 16 and I love u milky your the best 😄😁😆😊
hcneyy 5 days ago
Millie: “Just to let you know I’d think of you as Relaxed.” Finn: “I’m relaxed?”
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