The Spiders and the Bees

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Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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Mar 8, 2019

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Comments 157 439
Burnblast277 3 minutes ago
6:36 James? Do you have something to talk about?
Kizkuz Gamer
Kizkuz Gamer 5 minutes ago
Uhm i saw a spider im the bathroom and ITS BIGGER THAN A CUP James what so i do help.
Stephanie Sheep
Stephanie Sheep 33 minutes ago
Fluffy spider is best spider
Unicorn Life
Unicorn Life 34 minutes ago
I don’t really care I can still hate bees and spiders
Sydnee Bannister
Sydnee Bannister 42 minutes ago
Well i have arachnophobia and i dont care if they are mean
Heather McCasland
Heather McCasland 47 minutes ago
my friend at school we were in grade school and she touched a black widow it went on her hand and she saved it and it didn't bite her or do anything it didn't spit poison at her anything and I was like so impressed I told the teacher the teacher was like what so she came over and she was like wait how she doing that everything was fine no yeah just wanted to share that that's crazy like if you think that's crazy cuz that's real
Tadhg Walsh
Tadhg Walsh 51 minute ago
At 6:37 you can see yiff on the desktop so that is proof james is a furry
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf 57 minutes ago
Trump accepted a fertilizer that’s going to kill the bees HOW COULD HE!!!!
Mitchell Kiggins
whenever i am out side and doing nothing bees just attack me
CAR TUNES Hour ago
How do you make spiders look cute??
duma 916
duma 916 Hour ago
'Sometimes spiders dont even have one eyes.'
Kennedy Cline
Kennedy Cline 2 hours ago
One time a few years ago a wasp landed on my arm and I stood Stiller than one of those people who pretends to be a statue 😰# scared for life
AngelButterflyQueen God
That bee joke is mean to me I'm a bee please don't say that joke
Loralye Goody
Loralye Goody 2 hours ago
2:36 Thats sounds like a you problem now spider
hellobee 2 hours ago
I like bees. Probably because my childhood nickname was bee. Bees are without a doubt my favorite animal
Melody Sims
Melody Sims 3 hours ago
Um dude you remember Harry right he’s a moth and spiders eat him and you Are ok with that dude
Aesthetic Fløwer
Aesthetic Fløwer 3 hours ago
I’m allergic to wasps/bees/both :/
Dani Marie
Dani Marie 3 hours ago
Thank you for this!!! Yeet the most of them back out! (My daughter told me "you're such a mom" for this comment)
saPP2929 3 hours ago
When i see a spider i leave the room until it leaves thats why the kid died it wasn't my fault it was the spiders fault
Jasny Scott
Jasny Scott 3 hours ago
Bee sting 8/10
Im not on tram spider i like moths
PyroAsura 3 hours ago
7:54 OMG😂😂
KituuKatNari NyaNyaNya
i hate the sun
M Yes
M Yes 4 hours ago
I hate spiders but once a spider was hanging out in corner upper of the shower. I didnt feel like killing it. So we look at each other for months. Until someone else killed him. I was sad i dont have my shower buddy no more
soe ywa
soe ywa 4 hours ago
Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez 4 hours ago
ArdenX48 4 hours ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ArdenX48 4 hours ago
I'm afraid of spider
Max Gonzales
Max Gonzales 5 hours ago
Fireflies come out in the summer where I live. I don't know about you, I was just saying.
Hairy Italian
Hairy Italian 5 hours ago
I been stung by a bee 5 times
Jackpottt 5 hours ago
captainflashgordon 5 hours ago
And yeet it out
ULTRA COMBO!!!!!!! 5 hours ago
‘Sees spider’ ah shit, here we go again...
duke doberman
duke doberman 5 hours ago
James do i see a yiff folder at 6:35
Ashley Phillips
Ashley Phillips 6 hours ago
2:35 : Put the cup over the Spooder because they are dumb and yeet it out the window *I die of laughter*
Angie Gonzalez
Angie Gonzalez 6 hours ago
Wen you were going to say how many times you've been stung I thought 6 or 5 I wasn't paying attention much I was drawing so yeah also I seen this video like 10000 * Sometimes I don't get bored of bed cuz I don't want to watch other videos cuz I don't know what's going to be in them I know I'm supposed to click on if I haven't seen them but
Ashley Phillips
Ashley Phillips 6 hours ago
1:28 : Soo the most poisonous spiders in North America are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow? *Me:* LIES. Another one is the Brown Widow, but Black and Brown Widow are the same thing.
Nyasia Brown
Nyasia Brown 6 hours ago
No the spiral win the fight because sharks cannot be out of water
Habibasofia Rahman
Habibasofia Rahman 6 hours ago
You funny.I have been kissed by a spider!ITS TRUE.
Logan Gaines
Logan Gaines 6 hours ago
That’s a starter Pokémon in sword and shield
Pokemon fan 124
Pokemon fan 124 6 hours ago
hey on my first day of third grade a bee landed on my f#cking FACE
Wired Gacha sisters UwU
I love Spider’s
lunarhiro 6 hours ago
We learn to "bee" friendly to our "web" Designer AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
su drawz
su drawz 6 hours ago
The spiders go into your ear and put eggs there or the go eat parts of your brain until you become crazy and die so if you think there's a spider in your ear go to the doctor and get surgery and get them out please😖😖😖😵😵😵
ArtInMotion 6 hours ago
Spiders Kill them all Destroy them Get them out of this world Get them away from me Flush them Step on them Hit them JUST GET THEM AWAY!!! (Same goes for all arachnids)
Skunky Ol Coot ?
Skunky Ol Coot ? 6 hours ago
3:53, it’s worth your time
Dark Mucroz YT
Dark Mucroz YT 7 hours ago
They say that bees stung only that time then me ok ok next time I see a bee I GOTTA GO FAST REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Thepetgetter 7 hours ago
Bees can actually sting twice before death's
savvy 7 hours ago
Bee Sting (0:10) Spider bite (0:10) Wasp Sting (0:10
Riva Houkes
Riva Houkes 7 hours ago
Actually the huntsmen spider have really good eyesight and jumping spider are smart!
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