The Sony Xperia 1 Deserves Your Attention

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Sony Xperia 1 (USA Link) - amzn.to/2NmtiuB
Sony Xperia 1 (International) - geni.us/lM07s
The Sony Xperia 1 has received significant attention from the smartphone community. It features an unusual display (4k, OLED, 21:9) and therefore an unusual form factor. Has Sony finally created a smartphone capable of competing with the Samsung, Apple and others?
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Jul 1, 2019




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Comments 80
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 11 months ago
Xperia 1 or OnePlus 7 Pro?
Chetan Sapkal
Chetan Sapkal 2 months ago
Xperia 1
EXT3RM1NAT0R 97 2 months ago
Samsung s20
Yahia Sayed
Yahia Sayed 3 months ago
RavFrom Yetti
RavFrom Yetti 4 months ago
xperia z maybe?
Muhammad Rafay
Muhammad Rafay 5 months ago
Xperia on fire all the time
PLEASE! Review also the Xperia 10 II
SuZuHa Day ago
Wow it's weird compare to how he reacted to the Xperia 1 II. Like he forced to do a review on this. Didn't even care to turned on the Dolby Atmos on the Xperia when comparing sound with the Oneplus and Iphone and leave it sound bad for people
Kaviraj Rajendran
Xperia 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Suman Das
Suman Das 3 days ago
Aiden Ortega
Aiden Ortega 3 days ago
2019 soul with a 2017 design and a BC naming scheme. Sony, Jesus Christ. Get your shit together already. Lay off the alcohol and go to rehab.
Lloyd Knight
Lloyd Knight 3 days ago
1st phone: Arc S - lost :( 2nd phone: Z (2014-present. 6 years and still using it as my work phone) 3rd phone: XZ Premium (2018-present. 2 years and still a beast. My personal phone)
Ram kumar
Ram kumar 4 days ago
Now the Xperia 1 Mark II filled all the gaps
Akshy P
Akshy P 4 days ago
Sony is the king of all companies. I love sony more than me
ACM HANOUFF 4 days ago
Sony review bamm Holly Molly
Samuel Westbrook
Samuel Westbrook 4 days ago
I had Xperia Z, and Dad had Z2 and Z5 Compact but both disappointing cameras considering they make the sensors in the iPhone and the Pixel. We've both now moved to Google Pixel which I think takes some of the best if not best (depending on style you like). This is the first Xperia to get my interest in a while so hope we see some positive reviews. And if possible though it may be asking to much, please Sony sort out your naming scheme!
Kunal Shukla
Kunal Shukla 5 days ago
never seen you this excited in a long time for a mobile phone.
Nicolas Isaksson
Nicolas Isaksson 5 days ago
It is annoying when youtubers say they will review the device and then never follow up on it.
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz
I'm with Motorola now...but I've always wanted a Sony smartphone. I wish I could afford the Sony Xperia 1 ii. :"0
Lynho 6 days ago
We want a Xperia 1 ii !
Learn It
Learn It 7 days ago
Apple- they’ll sell a dead rotten animal for 1000$, it’s the marketing that matters for success
Rooprenu Shekhawat
This phone is BEAUTIFUL
Olando Anônimo
Olando Anônimo 7 days ago
Does it do email?
Olando Anônimo
Olando Anônimo 7 days ago
West Coastin Good. Because it has to do email because I don’t know to do the fancy things.
West Coastin
West Coastin 7 days ago
Comes equipped with Myspace
Cristian C
Cristian C 8 days ago
Can't wait for mark 2!
Edwin Bagacina
Edwin Bagacina 8 days ago
the battery really destroy that phone.. sucks
sergio LandZ
sergio LandZ 8 days ago
sony makes the nicest phone out there imo. love their products!
Monkey Robots Inc.
Ura little ghetto arentchu
Reza Ng
Reza Ng 8 days ago
Question for sony users: How's the aftersales service and the reliability of the phones..? I heard a lot of negativity for their reliability..
Berlin 8 days ago
Xperia series is like the Ferrari of mobile phones, sleek and stylish and yet super powerful. Though they need better marketing.
ashraf ali
ashraf ali 9 days ago
Xperia I mark 2. Make something about that.
pratik sipai
pratik sipai 9 days ago
i firmly believe the sony xperia 1 mark ii deserves your attention as well. ;)
S Karthikeyan
S Karthikeyan 9 days ago
Please do Sony xperia 1 mark ii Unboxing and camera test Bro
Ordinary Cat
Ordinary Cat 11 days ago
They ditch their trademark stereo speaker setup
sushruth r
sushruth r 12 days ago
Watching it on my Xperia 1..
The AmericanFook
The AmericanFook 13 days ago
Gonna have to give a review for the xperia 1 ii next time
Vlad Lopa
Vlad Lopa 13 days ago
If only tmobile sold it.
Tristan Rea
Tristan Rea 13 days ago
I'm with Huawei but i may go for Sony soon to see how the Sony phones are! They seem very nice looking and i grew up with sony and playstation throughout my childhood (if you know what i mean)
Rajesh Ramesh
Rajesh Ramesh 15 days ago
Coming back and watching again and again just for SONY
Revanth_ Yeah
Revanth_ Yeah 15 days ago
I broke with the Sony phones due to there tv remotes design , still love old xperias xz1, xzs, xz lovvvvit
Revanth_ Yeah
Revanth_ Yeah 15 days ago
Sleekest tv remote
E'POOL 23 15 days ago
sony is underrated brand..they build the product with quality and hard to get broken..
PAvS Official
PAvS Official 17 days ago
This phone is bad tbh, in terms of battery life. That much pixels and a snapdragon 865. And just 3300mah Lmao. If it lasts 4hours it's crazy.
Kennith Rosales
Kennith Rosales 18 days ago
Sony can last!!! My dream phone!!!!
Abhi Shay
Abhi Shay 18 days ago
Thing is everybody love sony, it got no hate at all, people just do not know about these phones, sony need to make its presence felt.
OhReallyNow 20 days ago
Please do unbox the Newest Flagship Sony DAP.
Rayno CWH
Rayno CWH 20 days ago
The 1st thing i notice, it still look like the last time i use a xperia phone, which is on 2014.
Eleonor Dumaguing
Eleonor Dumaguing 20 days ago
I still have my sony vibrator
Azzy Jijie
Azzy Jijie 21 day ago
After this, make review xperia PRO 5g after the phone release.
Umedha Rajaratne
Umedha Rajaratne 21 day ago
Hey please do a review on XPERIA 1 mk ii too 😊
Jovany Agathe
Jovany Agathe 23 days ago
Talk too much.
Kae 24 days ago
when will you be getting the Sony Xperia 1 Mark II??? im keeping an eye out for this one... cheers Guys!
The Guy Who Cares
The Guy Who Cares 24 days ago
This phone looked like a great flagship, it had a lot of potential for great sales and would be placed sony back on the map
k tama
k tama 25 days ago
Lew! You gonna check out the mark 2 of this phone when it drops??
Utomilan Sansiro
Utomilan Sansiro 25 days ago
sorry Sony , am still using my 2017 XZ1, and am not seeking to upgrade, you gave me enough advanced tech in that phone which is still advanced in 2020 compare to other phones, people only change their sony phone only when its stolen, if not they can use it forever
topolino227 25 days ago
I really hope we see a review of Sony Xperia Mark 2 ! from the specs they seem to have listened and improved everything, except refresh rate mabye. And i dont know why, but there are always only a few and from the big ones like zero people who review sony phones...
ττρρ ζιννν
Umm actually mark 2 is 90 hrz. And it also has a blur reduction technology on the screen which makes the phone looks like having even more hrz without the drawback of battery reduction
Saqib Ali
Saqib Ali 26 days ago
Sony xperia 1 mark 2
JDM4LIFE 26 days ago
"snapdragon 855" Me: its aready gonna be $700 above any realistic budget I have
Reallity of world
Reallity of world 26 days ago
number 1 product in my list
ashwin kumar
ashwin kumar 26 days ago
Please do a review on Xperia 1 mark 2
ashwin kumar
ashwin kumar 26 days ago
Missing it, Xperia sp ☹️ Hope sony come back to India, with a reasonable price flagship Xperia 1 ii 😍
Kip Colbert
Kip Colbert 26 days ago
So hard to choose a phone these days, as soon as you purchase one, another comes out so very quickly
Kei 28 days ago
Please please review sony Experia1 mark 2 when it release!!!
Juan Carlos Villaverde
Sony makes premium products I have Sony speakers in my car and they have 365 Watts
Darjan Janjic
Darjan Janjic Month ago
Still Sony rules!
Jothey Jothey
Jothey Jothey Month ago
U r just perfect bro. And ur unboxing and explaining breifly
Cool Riders
Cool Riders Month ago
Send it to me plzz
ττρρ ζιννν
No. Send it to me
HR-Vex Month ago
Nazim Ilham
Nazim Ilham Month ago
Sony is the first phone product water resistant, sony is the first side fingerprint button, and also the first fingerprint man damn... how can you not know this... @unboxtheraphy
jzilla1234 Month ago
a year later, bought this in the uk brand new for £408. id say thats a bargain
TheCoomer Month ago
Finally, Sony use to make great Camara phones, the k800i in 2006 (3.2mp) the Satio at 12.1mp a few year later. Now, this phone should give us great photos
Nithya Suresh
Nithya Suresh Month ago
Lew from all the Sony fans pls rev the Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2
Бхану Аршавин
i used sony w595 Sony, sony w350i, Sony Satio, Sony xperia mini pro & sony xperia mini they all were amazing devices. Sony is my favorite brand as well. also used a lot and lot other device of Sony like Alpha 6300 and 2 or 3 other Sony cameras before. used TVs VCR VCD music systems PlayStation 2 walkman and more and more things which hard to put in comments. I hope Sony come back in phone and laptop market. Missing Sony laptops
tarun kumar
tarun kumar Month ago
Sony xperia xa is still my best phone
bucwolf Month ago
Sony was at one point better featured than iphone and samsung combined.
Joseph Namud
Joseph Namud Month ago
There is no white color on the screen of other phones only sony
Waseem Mahmasa
Waseem Mahmasa Month ago
This sony design is soo sleek....i like it
Jacob Aglipa
Jacob Aglipa Month ago
sony xperia 1 mark 2 please
y.m85 Month ago
Is there any one watching this using the sony wh 1000xm3? Because I am.
Rupert FDR
Rupert FDR Month ago
Xperia 1 Mark II please
The Evil Eye
The Evil Eye Month ago
I love Sony phones... I have Sony Xperia L1
M L Month ago
The 2 is coming...
GoblinPhreak Month ago
I want the Xperia Pro.... but might have to settle for the Xperia 1 mark 2 depending on which is released first.... honestly, if they release the pro along side the 1 mark 2, I will buy the pro over the mark 2 for my use case.
Mr. Salem
Mr. Salem Month ago
I wish if Sony me sales regional manager 1st to do all sales departments fired 😒
Shogunwarudo28 1
Apple doesn’t even include air pods pros with a over 1,000 dollar phone.
Matt LAB
Matt LAB Month ago
I bought it yesterday ( 7 sony xepria)
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