The Society | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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No parents. No rules. No way out. The Society arrives May 10 only on Netflix.
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The Society | Trailer [HD] | Netflix
When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.


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Apr 29, 2019




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Comments 3 807
Stickman23pq 3 days ago
The Gone series by MIchael Grant came out in 2008 The Society came out in 2019 Now Gone might not even get a TV show because of this Please everyone read gone it's sow much better and more thought out
Stickman23pq 3 days ago
This is literally a copy of gone
TheLeah2344 8 days ago
This show was actually not bad.
Iemon__ 8 days ago
We live in a Society
Cayo Guzansky
Cayo Guzansky 9 days ago
Por favor Netflix! Manda a 2°temporada
God 13 days ago
wow. we live in a society.
jukxing 15 days ago
No one: Me: I WaNnA EnD mE
BILLIE EILISH billie eilish
Bury a friend of billie eilish
dizivefilm bide
dizivefilm bide 19 days ago
Tam bir kaos
Donald Tome
Donald Tome 22 days ago
The only NetFlix series I watched in one night. It's so good.
Roshan Baig
Roshan Baig 21 day ago
is this show related to riverdale, if not then what series is this similar with?
Billie O'Connell
Billie O'Connell 22 days ago
Solo vine por billie eilish 🤣
Chetita Herrera
Chetita Herrera 23 days ago
Its like Alexander Nielsen’s case in Tik ToK
erika muirhead
erika muirhead 26 days ago
the gone series who
la favelonga xd Martínez
Bury a friend
Bianca Medrado
Bianca Medrado 28 days ago
Billie Eilish vai dominar a Netflix 😂❤️
reyam 121
reyam 121 Month ago
It honestly just watched the song, because of the song. It made it seem so exciting
Sarah Mohammad
Sarah Mohammad Month ago
nobody : the society : yOu cAnt ProMisE mE tHaT
Pedro lucas
Pedro lucas Month ago
Wow us is good all movie and serie best world ! USA is best world in legendry. I'm brazilian.
Albin Baiju
Albin Baiju Month ago
Is it just me or recently Bille Eilish songs have been used as soundtracks for many series and movies now a days 😂
Jamie Month ago
This ain’t original is just Micheal grants GONE series
Sofia Romero
Sofia Romero Month ago
Netflix and Billie Eilish again really Its so perfect ❤
Quester Peripatetic
It's a privileged town due to the parent's deal with the Devil. The smell was sulfur and brimstone. The parent's broke the contract, since they're all lawyers, and the kids got snatched. The bus driver's the devil. Too bad. I wanted Science Fiction, not Fantasy.
supersmashdylan Month ago
1:30 That's the sound Natalya makes when you hit her in 007 Goldeneye
Kechto Month ago
Can't wait for season 2!
Kosmos Month ago
Rachel Keller was bland and emotionless in Legion, why would someone cast her after seeing her shit performance there?
Kastamonu Ayısı tokatlayan
Joker is coming.
Benjamin Mooney
Benjamin Mooney Month ago
Would anybody recommend this? Is it any good? I'm intrigued
Brian Mbogo
Brian Mbogo Month ago
Netflix Issa killer drug
Robitaille Justin
when we all fall asleep where do we go? They're all dead guys, its the afterlife:) My theory:) EXCELLENT song choice
Ena Spaulding
Ena Spaulding Month ago
Billie just made me watch a show
sprivaillenkle ً
hey, i'm planning to watch this show. i still dont know if its worth it though. do you guys like it?
Rick Malone
Rick Malone Month ago
I just looked at this because I watched Looking for Alaska and went to see what else she's in, should have stretched out the season...
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee Month ago
Who’s here because of Between ?
Hoku The Overwatch Editor
trailer lacking diversity
Isaac Clarke
Isaac Clarke Month ago
This says a lot about our society.
Snegaah Month ago
This show is so fcking good oh my lord
Pat Guy
Pat Guy Month ago
Spoiler Not really a spoiler lol
Cate Briggs
Cate Briggs Month ago
Honestly one of the best series I’ve ever watched
we live in it bruh
Isaac Clarke
Isaac Clarke Month ago
A society. We live in one.
Jana Alkhubaizi
Jana Alkhubaizi Month ago
This is Actually My fav Tv show
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