The Society doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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The Society Netflix Animation
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The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...

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May 28, 2019




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Comments 100
Boaty Swims
Boaty Swims 11 hours ago
I agree with everything you said
Saharadesert Gaming
Saharadesert Gaming 13 hours ago
What I don’t understand is if Dewey didn’t kill Cassandra because everyone is saying it was her and Allies mom because of the boots why did he admit it? Like he was about to get shot but he still went along with it. Is he covering for someone?
NinaNiterose 14 hours ago
This title is so true xD
Corey Hanson
Corey Hanson 15 hours ago
Of course not. Civilization and society itself doesn't make any sense.
Emmanuella Kilubunga
I have a theory. Since the dog was killed by Campbell and he came back to the "real world" what if the students that died in the show came back to their parents. The parents did put their names on a memorial but what if they came back later and the parents are concentrating on the lost kids...
KGsCaRY -_-
KGsCaRY -_- 2 days ago
Couldn’t you just walk through the woods
Hamidah Tijani
Hamidah Tijani 2 days ago
they aren't dead because there was a scene where a dog who was in the parallel universe or whatever went to the real world where their parents and other kids are at
J-Naphtali 3 days ago
That Dewey trial was so trash
1997lordofdoom 3 days ago
Dude, the main story of the show is the rebuilding of society not the mystery of their situation, that was more like a way to get them there storywise and to add some extra mystery. Honestly, I don't think you actually know how to criticize TV shows.
B Jumi
B Jumi 4 days ago
Idk if anyone commented this but can we talk about how there was a dog that was able to go between both worlds (The one they thought Campbell killed) while they're still stuck there and their parents adopted New kids to replace them?! Just me okay.
e r i k a
e r i k a 4 days ago
I'm not sure if anywhere is aware but this is loosely based off of the legacy of the pied piper of Hamelin. The story is that in 1284 there was a rat infestation that caused the ruler to offer money to whomever could get rid of the rats. The pied piper played the flute and lured the rats away (some stories say he lured them to the river where they drowned) and when he came forward to collect his money the ruler changed his mind and refused to pay. This caused him to come back and use the same flute to lure 130 children away. There are many theories as to what happened to the children but in the end they were never recovered.
quaintrelle 4 days ago
honestly if I knew that Campbell is a psychopath and has done weird things, id be worried for Elle
T.J. 5 days ago
Wym no clicks it’s a whole group of jocks lol
T.J. 5 days ago
You’re picky as hell lol
j e t t y
j e t t y 5 days ago
my favorite characters: - Sam - Becca - Gordie - grizz Maybe just me idk
Pierre Kenshin
Pierre Kenshin 6 days ago
1.) Harry 2.) Campbell 3.) Helena 4.) Allie 5.) Grizz
BockBrothers 6 days ago
this show actually looks good what is it rated
Cameron Clark98
Cameron Clark98 6 days ago
I liked the series, but the ending sucked
Cammie 6 days ago
It's low-key my favorite show, but I do agree with some of the things said.
Rioh 6 days ago
u seriously forgot about the dog? the travel... :¬/
Anna Bly
Anna Bly 7 days ago
Do the hunger games
Kristalgic 8 days ago
I wonder if you would consider watching Resurrection. It's about people in a small town coming back to life. I remember watching the first few episodes and it was interesting. Not a teen drama but a supernatural drama
Isobel F
Isobel F 8 days ago
i dont care they're all fucking hot and i love grizz
Jelly Fishy
Jelly Fishy 8 days ago
I’m waiting for season 2 to come out. I REALLY need something to watch. Like urgently
Wrong person :::::::
Can everybody take a minute and focus on Harry. I think he's gonna end up being just like Justin from 13RW. He has these moments that show us that he doesn't have the worst personality. He also has a crush on Allie. I m wishing to see him being on the good side and being with Allie on the next seasons. I hope that happens.
Anna Gaudette-Reizes
ok but no one is talking about Becca! She one of the best character, and the actress is so good! like i don't know why people don't see that.
Olive K
Olive K 11 days ago
Grizzam 💖❤️💖
Harley Lauren
Harley Lauren 13 days ago
Alex: “make it stop 🛑 make it stop 🛑” Me: “aM I rEaL oR jUsT A PrOp”
FBI Ole Miss
FBI Ole Miss 13 days ago
Wait weren’t the bus drivers adults...aren’t they still there? Lol
Sophie Gail
Sophie Gail 13 days ago
my favorite character is helena
May Lotee
May Lotee 13 days ago
I really wish the show focused a lot less on the relationships in the story and more on the society itself. Like i wish they showed more of the rules the kids put in place and how the kids were going about following the rules, and how the actual characters are dealing with everything differently and just showed us more of the actual society that they built. instead every episode to me felt like 'oh here's 5 minutes of the kids agreeing that now we're all going to eat together and share food and now here's 25 minutes of couples making out.' ' I also wish that we got to understand a lot of the main characters better like Kelly and Will just kind of exist we know nothing about who they actually are and neither of them really contributes anything to the story up until Kelly becomes the doctor of the society, where as for example we know that Grizz is really outdoorsy and that gives him a proper place in the show and Cassandra is a leader type character and that gives her motivations and a place as well but we don't get that with other main characters.
little o
little o 14 days ago
It's like "dark" I think. It's just a cycle, The same thing keeps happening...
Senna.Leijten 14 days ago
Yeah u def did not watch the whole show
Ignorant Politician
Isnt this a book ive read a book that had the exact same plot litterally i think its called gone.
Christina Belisle-Dixon
before uu guys watch this video just know there's some spoilers.
Kokichi, Your supreme leader .
That’s disappointing It was a good opportunty to make a psychopath character have some redemption and development and do something different than what’s been always given to us in shows and movies about psychopaths And they blew it. I’m sure there are good things about this show but that one part is disappointing to me
JuiceBox77 17 days ago
Sam is amazing ngl
Varun Kapoor
Varun Kapoor 18 days ago
Dumb show...
Janet 2005
Janet 2005 18 days ago
At this point nothing makes sense to you soo..... you dont make sense?!?!
Polish Cat
Polish Cat 17 days ago
At this point people like you should have been taken out by natural selection, but here we are
Isabel Shearer
Isabel Shearer 19 days ago
Look at the British show sparticle mystery it is basically this show but all of the adult go missing because of some science experiment dealing with dimensions and chaos run lose
tea anna
tea anna 19 days ago
i dont even care WHERE they went, they better explain the me smell i stg
Faded Blue
Faded Blue 19 days ago
I think there all dead. The buses maybe they crashed or sum fell off the road and they all are still in there town but just as ghosts bc they can't leave there town either. They all died together so there all there together. One of them should try not eating to see of they'll get hungry that's the real test
arabella c
arabella c 19 days ago
In the very beginning when you said “a bunch of 23 years as high school teenagers” I said to myself “this is Riverdale all over again.”
Cia Quine
Cia Quine 20 days ago
Why is no one talking about how this just a rip off of the gone book series.
Lili M
Lili M 21 day ago
Lowkey the only “normal” acting teenager is Grizz
Just-sit&watch Pimp
The guard had no reason at all to betray everyone like that it still spins me what their reasoning was
Just-sit&watch Pimp
The guard had no reason at all to betray everyone like that it still spins me what their reasoning was
IvyX gacha
IvyX gacha 22 days ago
4:43 I swear he sounds like Mickey mouse
Ninjar0 19 days ago
Mickeys voice is way higher
Abigail Thompson
Abigail Thompson 22 days ago
The Sparticle Mystery is very similar, but with younger kids too. I remember it being pretty good.
Blackheart 4379
Blackheart 4379 23 days ago
I love the points he made. The fact that one of the characters is a psychopath is a great storyline but I think it's to stereotypical to paint him as a bad guy. Like why do they have to paint a psychopath as the bad guy, that's just wrong and that made me so mad. But everything else in the show was either fine or great
Lucho Montana
Lucho Montana 24 days ago
Nah fr this show is super un-understandable, like every thing that happens just doesn't make sense, how did you make a replica town in less than 24hrs, or how they got sent to this so called "parallel universe" but to be honest at the same time I'm hooked, can't wait for season 2
Sam 24 days ago
This is basically just Michael Grant's Gone series but for TV.
Zach Misko
Zach Misko 24 days ago
This is literally the a rip off of the Gone Series
themightykedge2 25 days ago
VampireMadonna 25 days ago
Also, how dare you lump Grizz in with the rest of those idiots. I mean...if there was one decent, useful guy from beginning to end, it was him. Sam's a good boy too(and Gordie and Will) but so underutilized.
VampireMadonna 25 days ago
I don't agree with everything but some of the fat definitely could've been trimmed to allow for more character development for the main cast. Like this show seriously has too many people and even with that not one, not even the smart kids, wondered where the buses and drivers went? :/ RE the last point about Campbell: At first, without knowing he was a psychopath, yes you would think maybe he just hates Sam because he was neglected as a child but before Sam even unveils the truth, you can see that he has no friends. He doesn't belong to any of the cliques(there are several and I don't know how you missed that) and no one ever bothers to include him in anything. They avoid him as much as possible and it's clear that he's an outsider. He forces his company on Elle and she allows it because she has no one else. Neglect at home wouldn't have ostracized him at school so that was the first hint that something wasn't right with him. Finding out that he was a psychopath was just confirmation and it also served to inform the other characters that he isn't just weird and he doesn't just make them uncomfortable, he is a literal danger to them all. And the scene where he tries to drown Elle then tells her that he could never hurt her is a testament to that. Granted, we the audience know it and the rest don't but we got to see what Sam described in action. And him making it seem like he was neglected could also just be what he tells himself to explain(or justify) his condition.
Lynette Wachira
Lynette Wachira 25 days ago
"www .proonhub .com is offline"
Reagan Graybill
Reagan Graybill 27 days ago
What happened to the bu driver
Zuhro Olimova
Zuhro Olimova 27 days ago
Who else thinks grizz is the most unproblematic person on the show
Rose Brooks
Rose Brooks 27 days ago
Why not just try to walk through the bushes and trees to see if they can find anybody else? Like did they not even think about going on a little hiking trip to get help?
Alice E
Alice E 27 days ago
I just find it so annoying how they focus on this building of a society but not a massive search party through the forests.
Robby 6
Robby 6 28 days ago
*DUDE ALLIE IS A BAD LEADER.* Like I know she is in high school but come on. Like she should of made a constituion and try to get people to train to be doctors a long time ago. I mean to be honest the person that killed her sister isn't guilty because they never made any laws against it. She also should of helped that girl who she knew was with a psychopath. Yet she just let him free without paying a close eye on him. She also didn't care that the football guards watched that one girl change after her period. If cops did that then they would get in so much trouble.
Bubblyy 28 days ago
4:31 its already a show like that on netflix it's called the A list
M. J
M. J 28 days ago
0:04-0:08 all my fav movies amd shows in one line:D love it
Olivia Edwin
Olivia Edwin 28 days ago
Iako Lomia
Iako Lomia 29 days ago
Uhm... well... I guess it's still about person's taste, you were waiting for the plotline where they are trying to solve that mystery, but it's not about that. It really showed how people need to be ruled sometimes and when noone's in charge things go wrong way. I personally really liked it. The whole thing was really intense and dark and I really felt that! For example the moment where they killed Dewi, it was like, heck! That's was dark. So yeah as I said I really liked it, but i appreciate your opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️
Brenda Chiu
Brenda Chiu 29 days ago
Also why weren’t there any teachers or chaperones on the bus.
Mahlet M
Mahlet M 29 days ago
Mel B
Mel B 29 days ago
I know the whole “mystery/alternate dimension” plot virtually vanished, and I always thought that was their way of assuring they would get renewed for a second season, which seems a little dishonest to me
Dora Egan
Dora Egan Month ago
What about the bus driver? Supposedly he's an adult, how come he managed to drive them back without disappearing? 🤔 Ps I haven't seen the show, I'm just getting my info from this video 💪🏻
dhaoui emna
dhaoui emna Month ago
I'm sorry but this time you didn't convince me that The Society is a dumb show😕
Corina rose
Corina rose Month ago
I kept confusing Harry and Cambell I honestly couldn't tell which was which in the beginning
Zara A
Zara A Month ago
When he said "...but he didn't pay him"i was like welp the pied piper
Ceezygaming Month ago
I agree with you, Campbell is better as a grey character as opposed to a straight up villain
rotimii explores
So even Alex did not notice the part that the bus drivers that literally drove them from and back to the town are no where to be found like seriously 🤷🏿‍♂️
dinura asnaka
dinura asnaka Month ago
This is a rip off a young justice episode S1 E19; Misplaced.
mimi isasa
mimi isasa Month ago
i feel like i'm the only one who thought allie is annoying it's lke idk why ?! yep jujst like that.
Mrs. Shrute
Mrs. Shrute Month ago
proonhub is officially offline. every guys nightmare......
taesha lee
taesha lee Month ago
But the title though 👀
A3thetiX Month ago
One thing i really hated about the show was how they were all chill about their situation in the beggining, they were all like yeah cool we're stuck in here for good lets find some food. They did not even investigate anything except for sam and becca.
Janz Bon
Janz Bon Month ago
Yes it does make sense if you would just actually pay attention it would obviously make sense stop clickbaiting
sophie da potato
JCvideos xoxo
JCvideos xoxo Month ago
never compares to sparticle mysterys i grew up on that show
Ashley Weiss
Ashley Weiss Month ago
This video makes me sooo angry because it shows u didn’t even watch it really and you didn’t actually understand it. Like every thing in the show makes complete sense and the ending of what I thought of it is that everyone on earth isn’t actually dead and no neither is the society. I have nooooo idea why u would even think that. The ending just shows that their family thinks their dead but their not. I love the show so much but the only thing that bugs me is why no one thought about how the buses got there and just drove away when there’s no road, so I have no idea how that happened but anyways u DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SHOW SO PLEASE STOP. I love that show so much and no one can tel me it sucks. I’m sorry but please make sure that u have actually watched it and payed attention, thank you
Daisha Joyner
Daisha Joyner Month ago
imma stick to anime
Florentina Capriati
How could they go back to school when the road was closed? N how about the buses's drivers? Were they lost too?
Acinonyx jubatus
This is just Sparticle mystery with teenagers it was on CBBC when I was younger came out in 2011 lasted for 3 seasons I loved it this is just a rip off
Ifedayo O
Ifedayo O Month ago
is no one going to talk about how these kids face another kid a sentence💀💀💀
sara curelaru
sara curelaru Month ago
what if the smell is their rotting bodies- idk guys it's 2am-
Lucia A.M.
Lucia A.M. Month ago
Can you please react to "the purge" series pleaseeeee
fizza haq
fizza haq Month ago
Ngl, I loved the concept of this show and the show is good but I really do not like anyone apart from Sam and Grizz. I wanna see what happens next though.
Daksha Giri
Daksha Giri Month ago
Stfu u r dumb
olives Month ago
The idea of the show is good but the script is horribly written and the show is just extremely vague and cliché and alot of the acting is trash; there's also too much cheesiness and most of the characters are so annoying...but I'm still going to watch season 2🙈
Gabby Gordon
Gabby Gordon Month ago
A lot of people in the comments are saying like the mystery was a side story and not really what it was about. Where that is true I would still want to see more because that is not their home what will happen when they run out of food or something like that they need a way home so not putting that in the show was a really weird choice
Gabby Gordon
Gabby Gordon Month ago
I feel like they did a pretty good job on the show I mean it is about teens trying to make a society on their own and all of the hardships there but I would have liked to have seen something about them finding something or some way home I mean the whole show they didn’t really focuse on that but at the end they left us a cliffhanger that had no relevance to what was going on the entire time so hopefully there is more in the 2 season but overall pretty good show by the way rip Cassandra😭😭🥺
Esin Toprak
Esin Toprak Month ago
why dont he like any thing
Ciara Firth
Ciara Firth Month ago
The name Cassandra goes back to Greek mythology where a person on the same name has the gift of seeing into the future but the curse of no one believing her. I think that’s why she is named that because it symbolizes how her roll in the society goes.
Gaming Girl
Gaming Girl Month ago
Why don't you do kdrama too
Alex Hilber
Alex Hilber Month ago
The casting in this show is so bad. Half of the characters all look the same like, how am I supposed to know who is who?
joe cardy
joe cardy Month ago
They are in setealém
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