The Society Cast Takes a Road Trip | Netflix

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Watch Alex conquer his fear of heights (and his australian accent), Natasha fall in love with a lobster, Jacques build a hut he could live in and Kathryn tame a falcon like a pro!
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The Society Cast Back to Basics | Road Trip | Netflix
When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.


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May 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Ciara Sutherland
Ciara Sutherland 18 hours ago
9:10 "kylie Jenner to the foyer"
Camila López
Camila López 7 days ago
a n n a ._.
a n n a ._. 11 days ago
Fck Will and Allie (sry Jacques), WE WANT HARRY AND ALLIE PLZZZZ
Erica Ching
Erica Ching 15 days ago
Alex and kathryn are so cute on the thumbnaill awee🥺❤️
— S.
— S. 20 days ago
Can this made into a series? Where like the society cast does cool adventurous stuff together bc I’m tired of waiting for season 2
Nikole Martinez
Nikole Martinez 23 days ago
This is giving me teen drama island vibes
Erika Revilleza
Erika Revilleza 23 days ago
me that ships harry and allie
Nonkululeko Sishi
Nonkululeko Sishi 29 days ago
"Have you learnt nothing." 😂😂 my exact thought
Elizabeth Sch
Elizabeth Sch Month ago
9:11 “is that a chicken?!” haha heard that before
O’Riyon Hemmings
Didn’t yall learn your lesson from the last rod trip ? 😂.
Hatice Naz Doğan
6.00 damnnnnnn Tobey look so cuteeeee
Hashen Perez
Hashen Perez Month ago
Alex is a snack!
Sama Mostafa
Sama Mostafa Month ago
Ok but like who else ships Katherine and Alex bc like they are sooo cute together and when Katherine got scared from that big swing she went and hugged Alex without even thinking and she also said to Alex no move away I don’t want u to get burned from the fire like I just feel like they are a couple/pair ❤️❤️
Rachel Mathew
Rachel Mathew Month ago
Oh hell naw with the big swing ✌🏽
LifeasBoma Month ago
So where is season 2???
Hannah Obeng-Mireku
This seemed like so much fun
ruhrow Month ago
Alex Fitzalan or Jack Mulhern?
Angeliqueee Month ago
The cut scene of Alex driving while chewing his gum was so captivating. I stopped on a dime, like “omg, he’s gorgeous.”
Kyriaki Ifantidou
The chemistry between Kathryn and Alex is astronomical
Patrickkk Month ago
Well were just waiting for season 2 now and i hope it gets more attention too
Th Snt
Th Snt Month ago
Gracie Singleton
Man I am jealous about the camcorder clips! They are so amazing!
Valeria Arauz
Valeria Arauz Month ago
6:00 when Alex and Kathryn were hugging my heart melted
my_yxuth_ Month ago
this is gonna be so much fun if the whole society squad is here!!! i mean the guards, elle & campbell, also sam and becca, kelly and more
my_yxuth_ Month ago
i wish they're with the other cast🖤
Enorma Stitz
Enorma Stitz Month ago
7:37 jacques face 😂 😂 we all know what he was thinking.... 😂 small and dry.
Ang W
Ang W 7 days ago
Enorma Stitz and get looked over at Natasha
Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz Month ago
When are u going to do season 2 of The Society
Nylanda .1
Nylanda .1 Month ago
I wonder what Alex and Kathryn have been doing behind the camera 😳
Selisia Magallan
Selisia Magallan 2 months ago
Why is jack (grizz) never part of this stuff?
Teiah Millar
Teiah Millar 2 months ago
also can we talk about that lobster moment 🤩
Teiah Millar
Teiah Millar 2 months ago
this show & cast is so under appreciated!! they’re actually the cutest + i loveee that there’s such an Australian presence 😍
Whitnee Sand
Whitnee Sand 2 months ago
Who else is watching The Society videos on RUvid to tide them over until season 2 comes out?
Gali18 2 months ago
are they all british but fake american accents for the whole show? lol
Eva Liu
Eva Liu 2 months ago
natasha and alex are australian kat and jacques are american
I dump your ass
I dump your ass 2 months ago
I just love this video so much, i can't stop watching it, it's so funny and i love their friendship and the connection they all have, i also love Natasha and Kathryn friendship sm
Veda Larson
Veda Larson 2 months ago
Okay we all talkin about Alex and Kathyrin but... like... Natasha and Lobster >:3
Aayush Das
Aayush Das 2 months ago
Dude Natasha is so pretty 😻
Arez 2 months ago
How does their accent change in the film ??? I don’t get it
Иван Кирилин
Kathryn Newton💘
Janiya Xdripp
Janiya Xdripp 2 months ago
Allie and Harry needs to happen....
Janiya Xdripp
Janiya Xdripp 2 months ago
I love how the cast of the SOICETY actually formed a really good friendship
Caroline Madsen
Caroline Madsen 2 months ago
that Wait is that a chicken reminded me of that kylie Jenner meme
desiree ebol
desiree ebol 2 months ago
Where the hell is the season 2 :(
yasmine elkhodr
yasmine elkhodr 2 months ago
i fr love how theres also aussies in this show bcz im from aus and we dont have that many actors in netflix shows
Maeve Neary
Maeve Neary 2 months ago
Merz cov
Merz cov 2 months ago
Alex is the one driving and Kathryn is beside him only😘😘
And _
And _ 2 months ago
I ship Alli and Harry
ALYSSA ABRAHAM 2 months ago
i love the part where alex said i’m worried about kathryn
Chyenne Hall
Chyenne Hall 2 months ago
nobody not a single soul natasha: WHY ARE YOU GETTING ON HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING????
Peyton 2 months ago
im so jealous of there friendship
S Hope
S Hope 2 months ago
This was so fun to watch !!!!
Jayde Dobbins
Jayde Dobbins 3 months ago
Ok in all these interviews how come Kelly and grizz are never in then (I don't know there real names, don't attack me)
Dan Akire
Dan Akire 3 months ago
Alex is just very chill and being cute
Sami Nicole
Sami Nicole 3 months ago
k this is officially my favorite cast
Sim 'One
Sim 'One 3 months ago
anna van lier
anna van lier 3 months ago
omg "im not crying your crying... get out of my face!" lmaooo relatable 😂
Guadamae Christine Sanchez
Anybody know the intro song?
Liryane Lemos
Liryane Lemos 3 months ago
Allie and Harry 😍
Caleb Ruel
Caleb Ruel 3 months ago
Jana Abdulaziz
Jana Abdulaziz 3 months ago
Caleb Ruel I know right!
Isabelle Gagnon
Isabelle Gagnon 3 months ago
I’ve lived in Maine all my life and have never heard of The Desert of Maine..
kim 3 months ago
Natasha looks like a model
Eva Liu
Eva Liu 2 months ago
she is
Anna __
Anna __ 3 months ago
Kathryn and Alex,that's the comment.
Alexa Calingasan
Alexa Calingasan 3 months ago
we need kathryn and alex but NOT allie and harry
Roma Mia Gahol
Roma Mia Gahol 3 months ago
Please help me find the song at the end of this video.. been looking for months 😭😭😭
gilbutt guy
gilbutt guy 3 months ago
NO CLARK?!?! Whyyy
Mark Byun
Mark Byun 3 months ago
Protect ALEX at all cost 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Geraldine Ola
Geraldine Ola 3 months ago
Wtf hi baby! Hahaha
Jazzy Moe
Jazzy Moe 3 months ago
Give us a season 2 quickly plz
Iasonas Al.
Iasonas Al. 3 months ago
CuteAly 101 ‘3’
CuteAly 101 ‘3’ 3 months ago
i ship kat n alex in the show and in real life
sofia c
sofia c 3 months ago
Can someone tell me what those old cameras are called?
Kelley Ryan
Kelley Ryan 3 months ago
Quamble Bee
Quamble Bee 3 months ago
What type of camera was that that Alex had
Auobrielle 4 months ago
*i wish they would have done jack mulhern too.* 😔🥺✋✨
— ; rosiimilk
— ; rosiimilk 4 months ago
I remember doing everything they did when I went on my field trip in sixth grade. Best time of my life
Nishtha singh
Nishtha singh 4 months ago
They are all super adorable....i loved this show....i saw the entire season in one day 😊🦄🌈💜
Emma Claire
Emma Claire 5 months ago
alex reminds me SO MUCH of my cousin alex, same sense of humor, both australian (legit same exact accent) they even look similar it’s weird
Casey Williamson
Casey Williamson 5 months ago
Where the hell is toby
Axel Joel Veltri González
Why Kristine wasn't show up in any video of Netflix about The Society's cast??
Zel 5 months ago
why the hell is there a right-hand drive jeep in the US? Did Alex bring his over from Aus?
LaQuissa Mason
LaQuissa Mason 5 months ago
7:55 Kathryn definitely called Alex babe!! 🥰🥰🥰 my heart.
Isabella M-A
Isabella M-A Month ago
She said fitz
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