The Society Cast Recaps Season 1 | *Lots of Spoilers* | Netflix

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Finished binging The Society and looking for a handy recap of everything that happened? Watch Season 1 of The Society being recapped by the cast in six minutes.
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The Society Cast Recaps Season 1 | *Lots of Spoilers* | Netflix
When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.


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May 22, 2019




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Comments 2 179
A N N E - M A R I E
okay this might be weird but whenever theres a scene after a sam and becca or sam and somone else scene my ears are somehow shocked because of the fact that they're no longer speaking in asl or whispering and i dont like it sams soft voice sooths me for some reason and i like watching him and becca sign its pretty weird that i noticed this bout myself but yeah essentially sam is a god along with grizz
Liza P
Liza P 10 days ago
Okay but like the bus drivers where adults sooo ??
Maria Tomine Longum Hansen
3:58 grrrRRRRrrrrr
sarahbeauty94 13 days ago
So many aussies in this I love it
hey bish hehe
hey bish hehe 14 days ago
my fav ships: 1. sam and grizz 2. harry and allie 3. kelly and will
Yurika Kodama
Yurika Kodama 14 days ago
taeluminaries 22 days ago
Wow. I like feel sorry for everyone who stumbled on this and haven't finished watching season 1 yet
Gavin Davis
Gavin Davis 24 days ago
this is a protect Helena, Elle, Sam, Griz, Eden, Becca, Kelly, and Allie button
Oliver The Emoji
Oliver The Emoji 26 days ago
Um??? When introducing themselves why does Allie say Alex fits Allen? Her name is Kathyrn Newtown?
Evon Prasad
Evon Prasad Month ago
Love Grizz!
Itz mee
Itz mee Month ago
ok but what about FUGITIVE😂
Itz mee
Itz mee Month ago
Jenna Legault
Jenna Legault Month ago
more grizz in season two Netflix!
Paradox2o9 Month ago
We get it you guys like gays
sosogun Month ago
The sass in this video is unreal. Love it.
Positive Echo
Positive Echo Month ago
Except the moral compass of the show kept her entire arsenal!!! 🤨
Ruth A
Ruth A Month ago
I really hope Grizz is bi because I’m tryna find some action after I fell in love with him then he turned out to be gay and my dreams were crushed
Maddie Jc
Maddie Jc Month ago
Did anyone else not realize while watching the show that it’s their parents at the end reading the books?
lauren wilson
lauren wilson Month ago
Gideon is such an angel
cherry 2 months ago
someone protect grizz at all costs
Isi Lover
Isi Lover 2 months ago
5:18 YES!!!!😅😍
fatima 2 months ago
*luke, gordie and helena are underrated*
SimplyLiving 2 months ago
god i love Grizz
making edits
making edits 2 months ago
grizz & sam, + allie + harry need way more screemtime together then will
_その雌犬 2 months ago
Omg I have to wait till 2020 for a season 2😭😭😭
dead39bunny 2 months ago
SEAN’S EYYYYEEEEES! 😭 be still my fckn HEART
Martina Salas
Martina Salas 2 months ago
5:56 I still don’t understand why Eden! Can someone explain it to me??
I am Lemon
I am Lemon 2 months ago
The cast have the most wholesome relationship, it’s adorable 💞💞
ofir cohen
ofir cohen 2 months ago
the cutest most innocent cOuPLe THaT mUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 2 months ago
I ....love.....this....shit oooops sorry kids I mean show ..... well they say fuck so I guess it’s ok
cheryl.xoxo.f 2 months ago
grizz must be protected I dont care what you say honestly I just care about grizz if you hurt him netflix I will hurt you!!!
Lol X
Lol X 2 months ago
wHy iS nObOdY tAlKiNG AbOuT WILL Hes my favoriet actor WITH Harry
Cora B.D
Cora B.D 2 months ago
Can yall put switched ay birth on netflix
Haydyn Taylor
Haydyn Taylor 2 months ago
I love Harry's little r roll when Allie said things got more weird with Elle and Campbell 😂
AthenaGoddess 2 months ago
I hope they put Allie and Harry together, the actors have such good chemistry. I love how mean they all are to Campbell.
JaneenMS 2 months ago
The ending had me soooo confused😭😭
genna 2 months ago
one thing i will always stand by is me saying that kathryn is the celebrity everyone needs and relates to.
cleudy p
cleudy p 2 months ago
Best characters so far are Helena, Grizz, Kelly, Allie and Elle
MCRmyGeneral 2 months ago
Every single member of this cast ships Grizzam. I love it. Also, we need more Gordie/Bean and Luke/Grizz brOTP in season 2.
mikewlfx 2 months ago
Sam and Grizz deserve the world . Also i want Kelly and Harry to be back togheter ...
HeadPhoneBlaster X
HeadPhoneBlaster X 2 months ago
Okay I get Kelly delivered a baby but she was just in the way of a lot of relationships and was in a lot of business that she had no reason to be in
Morgan Fraser
Morgan Fraser 2 months ago
wait did anyone else notice when sam aka sean said and she calls her baby eden get it? i’m so confused? help ahha
Sqd tears
Sqd tears 3 months ago
Seriously though, if something happens to grizz or Sam, I will actually cry myself to sleep. Like season 1 has already made me depressed.
Tamara Pinto
Tamara Pinto 3 months ago
Will es transgénero? :O
Moonlightbae 3 months ago
Alex and Kathryn Are so cute together
Rahul Nexen
Rahul Nexen 3 months ago
Allie Allie 😍😍
Sarai Cotogna
Sarai Cotogna 3 months ago
Sam and Becca are the best duo!💗
Goat Girl 101
Goat Girl 101 3 months ago
When will there be more episodes ?!?!
Just Vick
Just Vick 3 months ago
I just love how theyr all half sarcastic like the rest of us who watch the show lol
nicole Kuhl
nicole Kuhl 3 months ago
creative alien
creative alien 3 months ago
*My favs* _Ally & Al_ _Harry & Lexi_
Juju Bleu
Juju Bleu 3 months ago
MORE GRIZZ !!!!! The bus driver/creepy guy plays Sam the werewolf in Twilight. Don't punch me please 💙💙
Desire La Belle
Desire La Belle 3 months ago
I want the hot jocks to guard me...arooo
24k 3 months ago
idky but like while sam was saying bye to grizz because grizz was looking for more land i started crying they’re sooo cute😭❤️
Strawberry Lemon Ice
Je suis amoureuse de Grizz
Sarah 3 months ago
I lovee this show so much
Gary Proctor
Gary Proctor 3 months ago
That one chick says something about australia and banning guns lmao, now Australia has a lot of knife attacks so just wanted to put that out there.
Michelle Muskeyn
Michelle Muskeyn 3 months ago
I love the story between Campbell and Elle. It’s so dark and serious. Good job.
Faith Ann
Faith Ann 3 months ago
i’m so ready to see more Harry and Allie and Sam and Grizz 🥺🥺
Philipp Müller
Philipp Müller 3 months ago
The actress playing Allie shows that girls put on way too much make up and ruin everything with it
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