The Society Cast on Season 2 and the Plan to Save [Spoiler] (Exclusive)

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ET's Katie Krause spoke with 'The Society' cast about the season one finale cliffhanger at the Los Angeles premiere of the show, now streaming on Netflix.
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May 15, 2019




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Comments 1 228
Des B
Des B Day ago
where is clark he never shows up on these videos?
Clara 8 days ago
Idk why but I can imagine them killing off Grizz in the end and I’m pissed
yalice 14 days ago
I love the end. When Allie and Will are getting booed, and hated, with rocks being thrown at them and Grizz shows up and Allie doesn't say "help us." She says "Did you find land, Grizz?" And I just love that, she's an amazing leader.
MamelloPeo Seisa
MamelloPeo Seisa 19 days ago
I'm attracted to the Gay couple that is Sam and Grizz
A N N E - M A R I E
when jack said khaleesi *my heart*
eveloux 28 days ago
id trust grizz with my life ngl
Emzy 254
Emzy 254 Month ago
If they tamper with the character of Grizz I will freaking come foe them!!!!! Ohhhh I love you and trust you Grizz
Himitsu Month ago
Sean at the end made me go : awwww bby 😢💙❤❤
Vahneimoi Singsit
Grizz breathes : I'm dead
Rushanda Brown
Rushanda Brown Month ago
Grizz is soo handsome😍😍...even cute😂😂
Joe Walker's legs
5:05 Goddamnit Alex I don't wanna hate Harry stop it
Brooklyn 99
Brooklyn 99 Month ago
Everyone’s talking about grizz but could we just look at harry for a minute? 😍😍
lily ahntholz
lily ahntholz Month ago
1:19 his earrings looks like the tops of trumpet valves
pickles ༄
pickles ༄ Month ago
grizz >>>>>>>
WARHOLY Month ago
Did he just...Khaleesi?
It's Michaella
It's Michaella Month ago
Hey just someone tell me that im not the only one who just stared at Jack (Grizz) through the whole interview anytimes he showed up
Peyton Month ago
I feel like the reason Cambell wants power is cause he can't feel emotion and he wants to force everyone one else to pick each other apart piece by piece so they can feel what he does.
Maissa Rocmaa
Maissa Rocmaa Month ago
i think everybody is in love with Grizz and me im in love with Grizz
Helena Duarte
Helena Duarte Month ago
All talking about Grizz (that's the best character in the show, though ❤️❤️❤️❤️), but, damn, Toby plays Campbell so perfectly, I think his character is the hardest to play, he's a really good actor
Amelia K
Amelia K 2 months ago
I don't know how I fell in love Grizz I just did and I don't want him to die
Farouk Adeleke
Farouk Adeleke 2 months ago
Team grizzy😎
xo xo
xo xo 2 months ago
i'm here just for jack aka grizz
Zach Dixon
Zach Dixon 2 months ago
Campbell is literally early series John Murphy from the 100. The characters are so similar.
Kaitlin Towner
Kaitlin Towner 2 months ago
Frizz is our flag, our baby, our everything. We need him to live. As much as I sympathise with Harry, if him, Campbell or Lexi hurt our baby I WILL FUCKING RIOT!!
TREY WAY 2 months ago
Hopefully Campbell does some crazy shit in season 2. Sort of the Ramsay Bolton of the society.
masheeha farah tabasum
I was looking forward to Sam's actor and got overjoyed at the last few seconds >\\\\< P. S love grizz
cait can’thuman
cait can’thuman 2 months ago
Sean’s at the end was th cutest omg...
making edits
making edits 3 months ago
alex talking ab harry that he doens’t care that much about allie , about the actions he did made me mad , i really want hallie to happen & sam and grizz
Maggie Huber
Maggie Huber 3 months ago
Marie 3 months ago
So no one wants to talk about how cute sam was at the end?
Royal 117
Royal 117 3 months ago
Why are all the comments about Gizzz gosh
Mark Frenchy
Mark Frenchy 3 months ago
Team grizz. He gonna save her
BuzzingBeez Roxanna
BuzzingBeez Roxanna 3 months ago
I just realized Jojo Siwa is taller than Grizz
Isabela H
Isabela H 3 months ago
Omg that was so cute with Sam at the end
Nothing 3 months ago
Am I the only one that likes the ending of Season 1? I liked when Allie and Will lost power with the underdogs Harry and Lexie taking the spot on the top after what they both endured
Jerry Beloin
Jerry Beloin 3 months ago
Grizz is best character such a good guy big heart hero of the show
Ivan Mendez
Ivan Mendez 3 months ago
This show in Netflix is awesome. I was skeptical at first, but I was attracted to the story and the plot. It reminds me that this is currently happening in some countries where we have dictatorial regimes. The struggle for power.
Elle 3 months ago
I really love Grizz and Allie's friendship!!! We need to see more of it in S2!!!
nubivagant 321
nubivagant 321 3 months ago
Ugh Grizz is so sweet, caring, and urpoblematic, but i think they will make him a villain or something.... I dont want to tho! 💓😫
Geee 3 months ago
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