The Society Cast on Season 2 and the Plan to Save [Spoiler] (Exclusive)

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ET's Katie Krause spoke with 'The Society' cast about the season one finale cliffhanger at the Los Angeles premiere of the show, now streaming on Netflix.
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May 14, 2019




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Comments 80
SLone3251 11 days ago
A lot of the cast look like A&F models...esp Luke and Clark (I know some are actually models). But..wow.
Lilly Stevens
Lilly Stevens 12 days ago
But the very last end of the whole season we remember them that is freaky I just want season I don’t know whatever but I want to be explained I want to have a reaction I just wanna know
Lilly Stevens
Lilly Stevens 12 days ago
I don’t like Lexie
Ingrid Witt
Ingrid Witt 16 days ago
Ugh Grizz is so overrated
Ingrid Witt
Ingrid Witt 16 days ago
Elle is so underrated:(
Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen
Helena is such a cool character, I hope she trusts Allie next season hhhhh
Gino Peñaflor
Gino Peñaflor 16 days ago
5:48 Peter? Don't Tell Harry... oh wait wrong movie
_kata_ *
_kata_ * 19 days ago
i have an unhealthy obsession with jack mulhern
Kiley Garrard
Kiley Garrard 20 days ago
can i marry jack plzz
Kaori Miyazono
Kaori Miyazono 20 days ago
4:44 I was just focused on my bby Jack💙😩....sorry alex 😅
Can I get 1000 followers with no posts
Use this as a slap Lexie button
Hey What' s about you
Anyone who's still grieving for Cassandra? No one? Okay...
javi ruiz
javi ruiz 23 days ago
I hate grizz!!!! 😁😁😁
Aljawhara Alotaibi
Aljawhara Alotaibi 23 days ago
imagine looking at grizz eye to eye
Joelle 23 days ago
everyone here talking about grizz but like how cute is jacques/will 🥺🥺
Verity French
Verity French 24 days ago
HARRY and ALLIE season 2 please !
mellieexx 27 days ago
People keep forgetting that a psychopath can’t feel bad for someone they don’t feel emotions they are born like that and die like that it’s how their brain is wired 😊
Mangostickyrice Month ago
Is it just me or does Campbell look like Liam Payne?
Jess Sarro
Jess Sarro Month ago
Just want know. Did they die I’m so confused the way it ended And Grizz has my heart He could break it and I would still love him
Mariam Shahid Sheikh
ellie and harry :-) B-) please
MaveroX Month ago
can't help falling in love with ...grizz
Kelly Stock
Kelly Stock Month ago
Legit I broke my tv when I found out grizz was gay
Lottie Denton
Lottie Denton 9 days ago
Lmao mood but i love him so ill let him be him
Rhythm Jury
Rhythm Jury Month ago
Grizz and sam🥺
Divita Sharma
Divita Sharma Month ago
I want cassandra back.
How do literally all of them have completely different voices from their characters. The talent
insxnityYT -mobile games
come on season 2 where are you
my_yxuth_ Month ago
they better give us SEASON 2 since the first season ending was a cliffhanger!! ❤️🤘🏻🖤
my_yxuth_ Month ago
"your gonna fight for allie" Grizz: hell yeah!!!
BingBong Rukoo
BingBong Rukoo Month ago
I ship harry and Allie 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
saraimanu.p Month ago
the first thing that comes to mind is Grizz,i mean i know he is gay but c'mon
m i a
m i a Month ago
i thought i was only obsessed with grizz because he looks just like my crush but i guess not lol.
Novath Enilietha
Gather to appriciate the society's doctor ..kelly😍
Snsd_Exo NYC
Snsd_Exo NYC Month ago
I hope there’s gonna be a lot of seasons, like walking dead
Snsd_Exo NYC
Snsd_Exo NYC Month ago
If Grizz dies, I’m done with the show😭
Kerem H.
Kerem H. Month ago
Grizz is overrated
Anna Meine
Anna Meine Month ago
When Jack said 'Khaleesi' ( 0:55 ) my love for him just grew
qoqi 2 months ago
Grace M
Grace M 2 months ago
me not listening to Luke because Grizz is in the background for a minute gay
Marie Mery Habányová
I love Grizz/Jake Mulhern He Is So Amazing ❤️😅
Emmy Danielle
Emmy Danielle 2 months ago
Whitnee Sand
Whitnee Sand 2 months ago
When Sam came up behind Allie at the very end 🥰 oof! Warmed my heart (sorry, I don’t know their real names, lol)
Brittany Ramos
Brittany Ramos 2 months ago
2020...still waiting for season 2
Reyana P
Reyana P 2 months ago
Grizz Can literally beat me up, spit on me, steal my shoes, and leaves me on the floor( he would never do it-) and I would apologize
Mariz Raymundo
Mariz Raymundo 2 months ago
Just give the season 2 to us!!!!!!
Suzanne Meerveld
Suzanne Meerveld 2 months ago
I love Grizz, its defenitly my favorite actor! But Campell played his roll so so good because he is so different in real life!
Meghan Roy
Meghan Roy 2 months ago
Aww Sam at the end 🥺🥺
Rafaela Moraes
Rafaela Moraes 2 months ago
Como eu queria poder entender o que estão falando, cade as legendas!
Krxhman Online
Krxhman Online 2 months ago
Why is josè Julio never in any of these..??
PP0gam 2 months ago
Am I the only one who reaaaaaallly dislikes Will?
Leandro Díaz
Leandro Díaz 2 months ago
National feeling: will is the worst character.
Tam Ge
Tam Ge 2 months ago
Ash Hale
Ash Hale 2 months ago
every fuckin comment is WE STAN GRIZZ and tbh I can't complain he really is just the best boy in the whole world huh
Annabell R
Annabell R 2 months ago
Unpopular opinion: I ship Campbell and Elle you can see that he cares about her a little when she got sick he was scared of her dying
Cay !!
Cay !! 2 months ago
Annabell R, ooooo you might be onto something cause that makes sense 😏 i could see elle doing that since she tried to poison campbell
Annabell R
Annabell R 2 months ago
I'm talking about that mark on her arm when I say bit herself btw Imao
Annabell R
Annabell R 2 months ago
@Cay !! what if Elle is actually the mental one and she bit herself to get sympathy and friends because she never had any friends and Campbell's actually good lol
Cay !!
Cay !! 2 months ago
Annabell R, but he’s literally insane 😂 he tried to drown her but i kinda agree cause he was scared for her to die
snatched x
snatched x 2 months ago
Anyone else love grizz?
Alexis Pedersen
Alexis Pedersen 2 months ago
Grizz is easily the most trustworthy and pure that’s why he’s my fav❤️
Rafael Cozzarelli
Rafael Cozzarelli 2 months ago
Lucie Václavíková
The society = the 100 Harry=Bellamy Allie=Clarke
Alyssa Luna
Alyssa Luna 2 months ago
all I want is Allie and harry to get togrther
ece 3 months ago
jacksonfan4life123 3 months ago
Kathryn is such a fan as if she isn’t like the main character
Dreammaker 3 months ago
We need a third season!
Darnell 2 months ago
Dreammaker 2nd*
Spooky Skeletons
Spooky Skeletons 3 months ago
unpopular opinion: allie and grizz should be a couple over sam and grizz. i’m sorry but....
Annabell R
Annabell R 2 months ago
but he's gay lol
livia 3 months ago
I dont know if everyone has the same opinion but i felt a strong ship between grizz and sam. "Like it felt so wholesome"
StarwarsIT 3 months ago
Holy frick we NEED a season 2 and more fricking GRIZZAMMMMMMM
kim 3 months ago
I really like Luke hope he makes good decisions in season 2
what 3 months ago
that ending with sean and kathryn was so cute
Vakyriee 3 months ago
im going back to this video and looking through the comments.... it's still just grizz hahaha
kayla tyler
kayla tyler 3 months ago
grizz is my baby bro and sam. we have to protect both of them at all cost
Savanna Andrews
Savanna Andrews 3 months ago
She said that Luke has gone to the dark side😂😂😂
Savanna Andrews
Savanna Andrews 3 months ago
Ok but in the last episode did anyone else’s heart break when they threw a rock at Will? Like he never did anything wrong, in fact this the only reason why everybody hasn’t starved yet
Savanna Andrews
Savanna Andrews 3 months ago
I can’t even with grizz and Sam, I love grizz
Anchool N
Anchool N 2 months ago
Savanna Andrews cause I said so
Savanna Andrews
Savanna Andrews 2 months ago
Anchool N um why?
Anchool N
Anchool N 3 months ago
Savanna Andrews shut up
cllaire 3 months ago
If Grizz was a religion, I would immediately follow it
Im_a_introvert !
Im_a_introvert ! 3 months ago
Farahmoh Khaksar
Farahmoh Khaksar 3 months ago
i swear no one talks about kelly...
Jihane Elalami
Jihane Elalami 3 months ago
We need seson 2😢
orhan del rey
orhan del rey 3 months ago
Any big Kelly fans, just me? Like she cared about the whole society whole the time. Also she is so beautiful 🦋
BTS V 3 months ago
Orhan Çolak me too. But i think she’s the most underrated character in The Society.
BTS V 3 months ago
Orhan Çolak me too. But i think she’s the most underrated character in The Society.
ʙᴏʙʙɪᴇ ᴀɴɴᴇ
they seriously got the best actors/actresses on this show like i’m so invested in this it’s unreal
a.d.w. n.
a.d.w. n. 3 months ago
Grizz Kelly Gordie Sam Best characters.
Robin Murphy
Robin Murphy 3 months ago
Why is no one talking about Alex MaxNicoll calling Luke a son of a bitch 😂😂😂😂😂
Kika Jencova
Kika Jencova 3 months ago
i just love alex. thats all
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