The Smiths Biggest Production Peterbilt Rolling

Elegance On Eighteen Wheels magazine
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Chris and Ruth Smith showing their new 389 conventional Peterbilt. #trucking #trucks #overtheroad #diesel #dieseltrucks #customrigs #largecar #peterbilt #truckporn #welovetrucks

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Jun 25, 2019




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Comments 80
Dan _
Dan _ 7 hours ago
Awesome Pete !
N54 Lord
N54 Lord 21 hour ago
Very Nice 👌 I'm happy he kept it manual which is the best way to drive.
James Smith
James Smith 22 hours ago
That's a good example of my dream retirement truck. I would have a matching trailer with a ramp in the back to drive a nice van up on. I prefer Royal Purple. The truck trailer and van would match. Lights and chrome for sure. Thanks for the video. Awesome truck 👍👏
И И 2 days ago
У нас бы все обалдели от желтой квартиры. Она в никакие нормы не въезжает
Skee Skeeter
Skee Skeeter 2 days ago
Stunning... Prettiest rig I've ever set eyes on... Wish you the best... Keep the rubber side down... And enjoy... "KEEP ON TRUCKIN"...
Calvin H.
Calvin H. 2 days ago
I believe I got a little wood seeing that awesome truck.
It's Me
It's Me 4 days ago
I want to leave a comment but I'm scared I'll get abused like a lot of other people on here
Luis Sandigo
Luis Sandigo 8 days ago
Todo está bonito lo único que no llevan es una cama para dormir para es importante para poder descansar después de un largo viaje
Dragster 988
Dragster 988 9 days ago
I dont know why this showed up in my suggested but I love it 😍.
Sebastian G
Sebastian G 9 days ago
Only bad thing i see is that the resale value would be terrible
BrownSuga and Sunflowers
I havent worked on an Peterbilt yet, but most def want to work ob this sexy beast. #teampeterbilt
tito zanella
tito zanella 9 days ago
ZZ top... sleeping bag... maybe inside there’s LaGrange
American freedom Logistics
If o had some serious $$$ I’d buy one just for shits ang giggles
Alan Reynolds
Alan Reynolds 10 days ago
Great Machine with a stupid cab on the front
Антон Романов
Классный трак!
el Guapo
el Guapo 11 days ago
Used to wash one of these now and then at the Blue Beacon. These drivers would always tip well if you did it right.
Frank Irvine
Frank Irvine 11 days ago
What a beauty ✅ Lots of polishing to do there😄
K S 11 days ago
they are so cute!
Linda Bush
Linda Bush 13 days ago
Co-Dean Gramz
Co-Dean Gramz 13 days ago
Il give you an arm and a leg for that truck or 2 arms / or 2 legs
Николай Никитин
Биллиардный стол для игры в снукер можно в этот чемодан поставить ? Если не влезет , тогда решайте ребята эту проблему . Джакузи с русской баней пригодились-бы тоже в дальних поездках . Вы на пол пути .
Michael Ashcraft
Michael Ashcraft 14 days ago
I wondered where ya slept, now I know! That's a real "ROAD HOUSE", So cool, makes me want to un-retire! I drove from 1976-2012.
Стас Киселёв
Нахуя такое дерьмо делать по прямой ездить?
DMD 14 days ago
The best
Александр Игнатьев
Что внутри
Anakin Sepherd
Anakin Sepherd 14 days ago
the new truck mod of American truck simulator looks awesome 👍🏻
Davin Carboni
Davin Carboni 16 days ago
Feel like it should have a fourth axle in the middle
Michael M
Michael M 16 days ago
I am ready to be homeless forever if you give me this 🙌
Олег Сачков
Американская мечта жить в будке на колёсиках.
Adam USMC 16 days ago
So. Fucking. Bad. Ass!
Boots Whitlock
Boots Whitlock 16 days ago
Can't wait to see a Tesla sleeper
Ben Mingus
Ben Mingus 17 days ago
I bet thats fun to maneuver with a trailer on it
Curtis Kennedy
Curtis Kennedy 17 days ago
That is one beautiful ass truck and the color is nice also
POC Skellington
POC Skellington 17 days ago
It's definitely a nightmare to drive that thing around town
POC Skellington
POC Skellington 15 days ago
@Jacobfires-vlogs I have more skill than most of these drivers out here and that thing is still a nightmare
Jacobfires-vlogs 15 days ago
If u got skill it’s like a normal car
Justin Turner
Justin Turner 17 days ago
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Justin Turner
Justin Turner 17 days ago
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Justin Turner
Justin Turner 17 days ago
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Cade Dye
Cade Dye 17 days ago
Seen one in Ohio on Route 8 not to long ago. With a matching trailer!
Ronald 240Bravo
Ronald 240Bravo 17 days ago
Kenneth Holmes
Kenneth Holmes 18 days ago
Kenneth Holmes
Kenneth Holmes 18 days ago
Nice Cummings X15
ButteredTank 19 days ago
I’ve seen this truck at a rest area, looks exactly like it at least
Chevy Lust69
Chevy Lust69 4 days ago
@Don Batman some people are stupid
Don Batman
Don Batman 5 days ago
@Chevy Lust69 11111111111111¹111111111211112111
Chevy Lust69
Chevy Lust69 12 days ago
You get 11-hour Drive 14 hours on 11 and 14 they don't care if you spend the whole 11 hours trying to park or the whole 14 trying to park when it's it's up to don't care if you made it out of the truck stop or not
Chevy Lust69
Chevy Lust69 15 days ago
Blah blah blah it's a nice truck you have to work hard to get one everybody knows that even a rookie truck driver after you paid your dues everybody knows about that that's a nice truck leave it at that
Chevy Lust69
Chevy Lust69 15 days ago
Nobody cares how hard do you have to work to get it with specialised and that you have to haul to even justify that thing Freight to Hall nobody gives a fuck
David Hunt
David Hunt 19 days ago
A very sweet tractor. If it was my choice I would swap the manual gearbox for an automatic transmission mainly because I have frayed nerve endings in my left hip and any kind of clutch work is agony. Superb truck and I wish them all the best.
charlie whiskey
charlie whiskey 19 days ago
Claude Dupras
Claude Dupras 20 days ago
Progress.My grandmother use to live in a big old shoe. VERY nice. P.S. if you don't see my mirrors I don't see you..
Roll Out
Roll Out 20 days ago
I would love to get some road head in it
SilverSurfer 20 days ago
I nearly had a heart attack looking at this truck. How do you maneuver something so big. Trucks in the UK are tiny comparing to these Trucks.
Rhino ceros
Rhino ceros 20 days ago
Для чего такое говно? Не развернуться не заехать на узком пространстве.Если хочешь спать в доме,так спи в доме ,а не в траке.
Alberto Quintero
Alberto Quintero 20 days ago
Bello, pero no tiene cama para dormir
Накуя такой пинецылин?Как он парковаться будет?
@rocknroller1999 👍 of course
rocknroller1999 18 days ago
Yes! That what I've been trying to say all along!
Максим Хадерер
Если бы я работал на таком, то со мной каталась бы вся семья. Зачем платить за квартиру если есть такое чудо!!!
alejandro S
alejandro S 21 day ago
Uy como quedo el bandido super
Different GamingZone
A Real gem among the trucks
احمد النعاني
واو جميلة جدا اتمنى لو امتلك مثلها جدآ جميلة
William Brukner
William Brukner 23 days ago
Love this FanTasTic Super Truck of OutStanding Amazing"~"AWES(🌟)MENESS in all... TO: Elegance On Eighteen Wheels magazine. (🌟)(🌟)(🌟)(🌟)(🌟)INFINITE(🌟)(🌟)(🌟)(🌟)(🌟)STARS(🌟)(🌟)(🌟)(🌟)(🌟) -&- ForeverThumbsUp"~!!!! Thanks for posting this Masterpiece of MASTERPIECES....
ipmala 23 days ago
Gotta be a **HALF-MILLION** dollar truck. The new owners better hope they can PAY for it. All that would need to happen is for them to LOSE a hauling contract....and the truck is GONE----> to the **Repo Man** . Also I would guess there is HUGE DEPRECIATION on a truck like this. Thank God it's not a Freightliner.
Kurihara Kurihara
Kurihara Kurihara 23 days ago
RC TRUCK Syria 25 days ago
Wow ... very beautiful truck
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 25 days ago
Could do with another pair of front wheels.
Rename lastname
Rename lastname 25 days ago
mojtaba kazemi
mojtaba kazemi 25 days ago
What comany making this i want one
The Path That Rocks
It’s beautiful :”D
zhbvenkhoReload 25 days ago
I would call it The Hulk
Kevin Kinney
Kevin Kinney 26 days ago
Damn, that is beautiful!
KAMI KAZE 26 days ago
KAMI KAZE 26 days ago
Glendale Repair
Glendale Repair 26 days ago
They are nice but Peterbilt are having bigger issues. Cab harnesses,chassis harness. Units are being down graded
David Martinez
David Martinez 26 days ago
That’s my work truck
MyOutdoorTrails 26 days ago
She is a thing of beauty. Very nice.
Wu Orson
Wu Orson 27 days ago
I really wish that Australia can run the trucks like Americans, where the prime mover can be as long as you want, here, no. If you are pulling a trailer you can only go up to 19 metres, and if you are pulling 2 trailers, you can only go up to 26 metres. If you are pulling 3 or more trailers it is a different story again. nice work !
Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira 27 days ago
Anyone have an idea of how much it would cost this beautiful??
Keith Lenton
Keith Lenton 27 days ago
That would work perfectly in Australia pulling three trailers with two drivers they could virtually work all the time only stopping for your legal breaks, maybe three trailers would be too long with the extended sleeper box, but certainly pull two trials.
Archie Makuwa
Archie Makuwa 27 days ago
Is there a minor on the length of what you can tow and do you need a special drivers licence? In South Africa there is a limit to the horse and also to the trailer - curious to know of the same applies in the USA.
John Bell
John Bell 27 days ago
My question is where do you park for off duty?
Blue Collar Content
Glamping at its finest.
thebigdustin 28 days ago
I don’t want to sound pedantic but it’s Luxury on 10 wheels. Not 18.
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 28 days ago
Wow that is some rig beautiful
Mario Harris
Mario Harris 28 days ago
Beautiful Truck
Moises Rosas
Moises Rosas 28 days ago
algo del sueño
John SmithDE
John SmithDE 28 days ago
As long as everywhere you go it's flat and level no problem. This thing wouldn't make it into a fast food place with a slight hump in the entrance. Is it airbagged to raise the hieght then ok.
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