The Slow Rush In An Imaginary Place

Tame Impala
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Mar 30, 2020




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Comments 80
marianna 2 days ago
C H E T A N M 3 days ago
"WEAR HEADPHONES",,,,yes sir!!!im in an imaginary cool desert shining bright in the ruins of emotion.
Pedro Eduardo
Pedro Eduardo 3 days ago
Tame Impala é muito foda 🔥🔥
Lavisha adyani
Lavisha adyani 4 days ago
listen to this with your eyes closed ......a whole new experience
Lavisha adyani
Lavisha adyani 4 days ago
god bless this man
Coop 7 days ago
That last minute and half or so on Is It True is absolutely godly
Miguel Poño
Miguel Poño 9 days ago
Me at party as a antisocial being hyper aware of other's conversations while my head blacks out and stares in the distance just being in the moment.
Kyle Jorrie
Kyle Jorrie 10 days ago
Is It True would be amazing live
Dillion dearinger
Dillion dearinger 12 days ago
*opens door*
Emma is Emma
Emma is Emma 13 days ago
Playing this on a long car ride is it- periodt
A. Habibie Dacholfany
caur lo pin
Kyle Resende
Kyle Resende 15 days ago
thanks for the banana kevin
Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia 15 days ago
I have yet to see a live version of Instant Destiny. The song is one I'm dedicating to my future wife
warisha sadiq
warisha sadiq 16 days ago
This is the only thing getting me through his tour being pushed back
Paola Pantoja
Paola Pantoja 16 days ago
But I would also love currents in an imaginary place🥺 anyone else?👉🏻👈🏻
Paola Pantoja
Paola Pantoja 16 days ago
Tame impala concert but you’re closing out your online semester in the hallway 🥺✌🏼
Arturo Canales Galván
Fantastic, such a love life death paranoia
Joseph Coeries
Joseph Coeries 17 days ago
Sounds like someone sneaked a recording device into heaven and sent this back to earth ❤️🌎
Joseph Coeries
Joseph Coeries 18 days ago
I like the way this sounds, I dont know why but I LOVE IT
Andrew Graves
Andrew Graves 18 days ago
Kevin is a real one !!!
avonsuns 19 days ago
When you think about it, we are really in one of the strangest times ever
danntrev 19 days ago
Ehhhh why? Kevin you didn't wanna just release a demo or unreleased song? Just shitposted this? Cmon
And Briones
And Briones 21 day ago
Escuchar Tame Impala es la mejor decisión que he tomado estos 21 años de vida
Lala Tshabalala
Lala Tshabalala 23 days ago
The actual fact that the official page of Tame Impala it’s uploading this it’s awesome.
Girl In London X
Girl In London X 24 days ago
You have arrived late to the concert and you're in the queue for the cloakroom
Peter Turner
Peter Turner 26 days ago
Love the track at 18:40 !
Peter Turner
Peter Turner 26 days ago
Got a bit of a beat to it really want this album!
Cristóbal Lobos
Cristóbal Lobos 26 days ago
Kevin Parker: The Midas King of our times.
Şebnem Türkmenoğlu
Raaven Stark
Raaven Stark Month ago
Tame Impala concert, but you are the body guard outside the hall
Monica Renae B.
Monica Renae B. Month ago
Reminiscing on such a beautiful moment
skoozaBoy Month ago
no burden is the same anywhere/
Lydia Nava
Lydia Nava Month ago
Have a feeling this is the audio from his last concert at San Diego CA which we attended. I remember the sound colors as I was extremely high
Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda Month ago
Ive seen Kevin live before. The arenas will open, the shows will return. This time I am always gonna try and live it for the fullest. Jah will guide us.
Nico Sanchez
Nico Sanchez Month ago
ME GUSTA el sonido ambiente, con unos buenos parlantes te sentis entre la gente, genial como siempre
Fabrício Ciulli
Não é porque eu fumo tame Impala que eu ouço maconha .
sean14sc Month ago
The slow rush, but coronavirus is gonna prevent you from seeing me live so I made an 8d RUvid version that you can play to feel like your at my concert
Isai Mena
Isai Mena Month ago
This is groovy af. Feeling good, feeling great. Tame Impalas music makes me think about how fast everything changes. The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. We believe that happiness awaits us tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. Our life stars now! “Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present.” - Alan Watts
Mew Two
Mew Two Month ago
I found this on a random person's bio and I'm kinda glad cause i can't stop listening to this now😌
Rocklyn Xa
Rocklyn Xa Month ago
This needs to be on Spotify
Última Generación
Maldita cuarente@, pero ya acabaras y volveran a tocar en vivo 💫
kevin parcour
kevin parcour Month ago
"dude listen...that is some dope music" "Haha yeah lets check it out" *Run towards the stage* Man i miss going to music festival
Dmitriy Month ago
Mallsoft unlocked
jazzy albarn
jazzy albarn Month ago
The outro of One More Hour >>>>
moon beam
moon beam Month ago
moon beam
moon beam Month ago
klxnam Month ago
could listen to this 24/7. so beautiful
kornelia 3110
kornelia 3110 Month ago
The Slow Rush but you're the LSD in someone's mouth
LazuliKafe Month ago
how to avoid your own copyright
Sezin Sancaktar
Sezin Sancaktar Month ago
Why don't your wifes collabrate as a girlband?
Sezin Sancaktar
Sezin Sancaktar Month ago
The hodja sang Careless Whisper in the mosque 5 minuutes ago. Did you record it? All are blessed 'cause all are equal for All-ah. Special thanks to the precious 'müezzin.'
Sezin Sancaktar
Sezin Sancaktar Month ago
I'm tired of listening these kind of sounds.
Sezin Sancaktar
Sezin Sancaktar Month ago
What's this?
Chase Whitehurst
Just a minute, batter up before you go out there All that COVID said was we wouldn't last a minute, babe. One more hour and we’ll know our lives are one to share. Just a minute, baby, right before we go in public sanitize. All these people said we wouldn't last a minute, fam so let’s all stay safe and healthy and roll into another year
BCbyJI Month ago
16:26 Aún se me sigue erizando la piel y creo siempre me hará llorar o al menos me hará sentir melancólico cada que la escuché!
Even Gabbriel
Even Gabbriel Month ago
Me in lsd dying very drunk in the toilet of Tame Impala concert
Sarita Chaparro
Sarita Chaparro Month ago
Amazing video guys !! and also so relaxing
Rafael Mathias
Rafael Mathias Month ago
If you read the comments while listening to it, all the chatter noise starts to make more sense.
Basically Kevin gave us a concert but online and did it so beautifully and just......honestly this is genius. I'm basically enjoying a Tame Impala concert.....but I'm not physically not there. It's like.........he brought it to me while I'm in my fucking bedroom. Like............WTF!?
giuliana guerrro
aqui esta el comentario en español q buscabas psdt:like si la cancion es bellisima
Choctawnic Month ago
Why does it sound like shit?
david brown
david brown Month ago
Currents In An Imaginary Place anyone???
NegarIsBored Month ago
I thought some random person posted this but I had to check my eyes twice to realise it was actually Kevin
Ranen Unger Hicks
Taking a molly bathroom break at a Tame Impala concert...
BLRRMusic Month ago
Tame Impala is the kind of music you want to listen to, when you want to just stay still and experience living.
DENSETZU Month ago
I love this guy so much. He knows how to make us feel high with music and I shall claim him a god for that.
Runo Month ago
Listening it by closing my eyes and knowing that me and Steve on our own
rva_ni Month ago
When all this is over a Tame Impala is mandatory for me to go to
Troy Kelly
Troy Kelly Month ago
pls stop being so good ily 💖
Andrew K
Andrew K Month ago
This reminds me of when some dude leaked the album using a phone recording of a Sonos speaker
•_• Month ago
Idk why but to me it just gives that feeling of when you're in like such an empty supermarket 1 hour b4 it's closing so the staff just gives the indie kid the aux and that's why it's a slow rush to the checkout. 😌
Dragon Sin Meliodas
The slow rush but you’re corona virus chilling in someone’s lungs
Sara Miranda
Sara Miranda Month ago
This is both amazing and painfull cause i just wanna put louder and louder to pretend that I'm moving to where the concert is actually happening and it will always have the away effect, like I'm missing it
otfsentetf Month ago
hi nuffnuff
otfsentetf Month ago
@Levi yummy
Levi Month ago
@otfsentetf spodermn
otfsentetf Month ago
@Levi oh u are spooderman
Levi Month ago
Anaïs Month ago
Could you do this for currents ??
Jessica Horton
Jessica Horton Month ago
oh no posthumous forgiveness just came on while i was reminiscing about living life and now im crying
Jessica Horton
Jessica Horton Month ago
The Slow Rush Tour but you're a bird sitting in a tree over where the merch is being sold
Israel Rodrigo
Israel Rodrigo Month ago
Altiverb send? :)
whats poppin
whats poppin Month ago
Tame Impala doing the job for us
Ava Hatiras
Ava Hatiras Month ago
thanks kevin
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