The Sinaloa Cartel Is Alive And Thriving Without El Chapo

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The Sinaloa drug cartel is the largest cartel in the world, and it’s estimated to rake in $3 billion a year. VICE News visited Mexico’s Golden Triangle, the stronghold of the Sinaloa cartel, just days before the extradition of drug lord El Chapo.
A decade ago, Mexico declared war on the country’s drug cartels, deploying the military to dismantle them. That means destroying their drug crops.
“They do the destruction by hand and also with fumigation with air force planes,” Cmdr. Cesar Augusto Bonilla told VICE News in the “Golden Triangle,” which is notorious for its marijuana and poppy production. “They collect everything that’s been destroyed, and continue to incinerate it.”
These types of raids are supposed to cut into the cartel’s profits, just as the arrest of kingpins like El Chapo are supposed to cripple trafficking networks by removing their top commanders. But even after his decade-long imprisonment, and now as he faces extradition, the organization El Chapo built is very much intact.
“Nothing has changed here,” the local boss said. “Drug trafficking will never end.”
Read: “We visited a hidden poppy field the Sinaloa Cartel uses to produce heroin” - bit.ly/2jnKV93
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Feb 6, 2017

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Comments 3 009
VICE News 9 months ago
To tell the final chapter in the legend of El Chapo, VICE News is launching a new podcast, “Chapo: Kingpin on Trial,” with versions in both English and Spanish. Over the course of eight episodes, starting November 1, we will take a journey across Mexico and the U.S. to meet people affected by El Chapo and the drug war. Check out the trailer here - bit.ly/2yw8WW3
Nichole Jameson
Nichole Jameson 2 months ago
OP Phenomenon
OP Phenomenon 6 months ago
How did yall not get shot
Bennyb 7 months ago
VICE News vice news u call this scum bag a legend? Shame on you you pieces of shit.
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 50 minutes ago
Napalm the entire mountainside
zeemin dmn
zeemin dmn 2 hours ago
My tio works for him and its facts we still up no matter the situation.
PANCHO VILLA 103 7 hours ago
HBO NETFLIX 15 hours ago
omg thanky you thank you for the enlightment. we really thought everything just went down for them after Chapo. i guess we were all wrong. 🤦🏻‍♂️
It's a very deadly life Beheadings and live skinning ( he'll on earth)
Ryan McAlister
It’s like you Americans are the dumbest arseholes alive you think getting rid of one man will stop the international drug trade nothing will stop it but legalisation you dumb hick fucks.
TDE - Lamar 7
Bruh that gold plated handgun hard af
chuck miller
chuck miller 2 days ago
Allow the citizens of Mexico to arm themselves, they are the only ones who can take back the country and fix the government.
Mauro Silva
Mauro Silva 2 days ago
Rafa Quintero is running it again
dbzfan4ever mj23
dbzfan4ever mj23 2 days ago
Who is here after el Chapo got life in prison
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts 2 days ago
El cheapo who?
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts 2 days ago
Well no shit it is,I either join them or starve to death
ethan florio
ethan florio 3 days ago
Free chapo
Hower323 3 days ago
For you people that won’t get it Think of it this way imagine of the CEO of McDonald’s got locked up.. is all of the McDonald’s gonna shut down? No their going to continue to open up shop like any day someone else just took his position
Pablo Morales
Pablo Morales 4 days ago
El chapo said it himself if am gone nothing will change
John Hoffman
John Hoffman 4 days ago
The United States has the most drug addicts in the world. That's why these guys send drugs to the states and they make billions. The govt of the U. S. Is ignorant. Stopping Chapo does nothing. The cartels are making billions by the minute.
•favni 4 days ago
3:57, false, it's CJNG
bori j
bori j 4 days ago
Cut the head of the snake and it's just gonna keep moving homie
V S 5 days ago
Marijuana, is one of the most healing, miracle, internal herb for, all mental illnesses, all Cancers, n all inflammations, that's the Major causes of all, terminal illnesses.
Kevin is Nice
Kevin is Nice 5 days ago
use a stealth bomber problem solved.
Kendall Thomas
Kendall Thomas 5 days ago
Chapo was da head of da Sinaloa cartel but he was a worker.
Rion Patterson
Rion Patterson 5 days ago
Heroin is for white people.
Mario Zoisl
Mario Zoisl 5 days ago
That would be nice if smack came right out of the poppies...
Robert Rusnak
Robert Rusnak 6 days ago
Don’t drop the soap FUCKER!
Xaloz 6 days ago
I have those flowers in my front yard in the new house I moved in me and my parents didn’t know there drugs
Pee Sweezy
Pee Sweezy 7 days ago
90 percent of people in jail is due to drugs, its called job security, why would you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? cops dea judges jails lawyers all need drugs to keep their jobs
Synergy The Great
And why is that
Ja Ma
Ja Ma 9 days ago
I love how else chappo escaped killed all his friends and went back to jail
Killuminati1991 10 days ago
Levi 501
Levi 501 10 days ago
Wonder if he had a passport to be brought over. Now we get to pay for a trial and his time in prison. Yay!!
Alistar zacalac
Alistar zacalac 10 days ago
wow the tri-state area
Susmit Chakraborty
Susmit Chakraborty 10 days ago
Why can't there be an end? Deploy secret assassins and kill them... if this continues... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... let 10 drug lords be killed in a year... the govt. has Intel but it fools the public and shows that it is too hard to catch them... actually the govt. has connections with this too! If such an operation was ever introduced, drug trade would cease and besides these those who intake drugs need to beheaded on the streets, then only people could understand! And finally, there will be peace but Gov. and people those who've power in their hands willingly contribute to the mafia and that's why so much problem! Let's behead the drug addicts on the streets!
RICK JAMEZ 11 days ago
bangmeister2012 11 days ago
Someone already replaced el chapo? Holy shit
Nkosi Rooms
Nkosi Rooms 11 days ago
So you guys basically captured A lottery ticket with the wrong numbers on it.USA will never out smart the Mexicans because all the druggies are in the USA. DA
bang boom bang boom
All that happens when a top dog like El chapo gets caught is if nobody takes his place straight away they will kill each other till someone is top dog then the trade that probably fell 1 percent wile all that was happening will be back to normal and if you think it will stop the drug trade or even put a dent in it you my friend are a fool all the connections are still the the buyers the takers all still there business as usual. Leagalise drugs cause it's not going to end ever there's more drugs in the world now than ever. There's to much money in drugs for it to stop
bang boom bang boom
It's totally lawless and whatever cops there's is are defo corrupt
C S 12 days ago
The sinoala Cartel isn’t even a thing. They are just foot soldiers for the “elites”. A small piece to a significantly larger plot. Without these drugs in our country the private prison industry would crumble and some powerful people would lose a lot of money. Mass incarceration people‼️
Curry Jameson
Curry Jameson 12 days ago
That looked like a bag full of ear wax at 2:40
Ezequiel Z
Ezequiel Z 13 days ago
Duh just like big companies continue when the CEO dies nothing different
Mr.Right 07
Mr.Right 07 13 days ago
Afghanistan is where 90% of all opiates come from and they are guarded by US soldiers. So the 1% can live a life of paradise while we all suffer the consequences.
asap xdnvsty
asap xdnvsty 13 days ago
I wish he was back but the cartels and mafias will never die out
Chris Facts
Chris Facts 13 days ago
You wanna win the war on drugs?? Legalize them!
Dion Paschini
Dion Paschini 14 days ago
Can you smoke the gum or do'se it need to be processed into opium? I thought the gum was what they use to smoke back in the day ? 🤔🤔🤔
whatsgoingon07 15 days ago
Hey republicans how’s that war on drugs going?
Figgy 15 days ago
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez 15 days ago
This girl from Guanajuato, Mexico told me that the cartels run like a Fortune 500 business. So, by El Chapo being locked up, it stops nothing. Business as usual!
Moshe Dagan
Moshe Dagan 15 days ago
The end is legalizing drugs!
iSiP Toronto
iSiP Toronto 15 days ago
He was just leader.... Drugs still move
Jack Mechak
Jack Mechak 15 days ago
Really? Cocaine is doing okay without one man?? The US government is a joke Trump is a joke the ATF is a joke
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