The Sinaloa Cartel Is Alive And Thriving Without El Chapo

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The Sinaloa drug cartel is the largest cartel in the world, and it’s estimated to rake in $3 billion a year. VICE News visited Mexico’s Golden Triangle, the stronghold of the Sinaloa cartel, just days before the extradition of drug lord El Chapo.
A decade ago, Mexico declared war on the country’s drug cartels, deploying the military to dismantle them. That means destroying their drug crops.
“They do the destruction by hand and also with fumigation with air force planes,” Cmdr. Cesar Augusto Bonilla told VICE News in the “Golden Triangle,” which is notorious for its marijuana and poppy production. “They collect everything that’s been destroyed, and continue to incinerate it.”
These types of raids are supposed to cut into the cartel’s profits, just as the arrest of kingpins like El Chapo are supposed to cripple trafficking networks by removing their top commanders. But even after his decade-long imprisonment, and now as he faces extradition, the organization El Chapo built is very much intact.
“Nothing has changed here,” the local boss said. “Drug trafficking will never end.”
Read: “We visited a hidden poppy field the Sinaloa Cartel uses to produce heroin” - bit.ly/2jnKV93
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Feb 6, 2017




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Comments 3 057
VICE News Year ago
To tell the final chapter in the legend of El Chapo, VICE News is launching a new podcast, “Chapo: Kingpin on Trial,” with versions in both English and Spanish. Over the course of eight episodes, starting November 1, we will take a journey across Mexico and the U.S. to meet people affected by El Chapo and the drug war. Check out the trailer here - bit.ly/2yw8WW3
Jeremy Marcone
Jeremy Marcone 4 months ago
Drugs are bad mhmm k
Nichole Jameson
Nichole Jameson 7 months ago
OP Phenomenon
OP Phenomenon 10 months ago
How did yall not get shot
Bennyb Year ago
VICE News vice news u call this scum bag a legend? Shame on you you pieces of shit.
JLupeGGV Angel
JLupeGGV Angel Minute ago
Actually it's dead.
GuidoAnchovy B
GuidoAnchovy B 19 hours ago
Only an idiot would think the cartel would stop without Chapo
Gino Foogle
Gino Foogle 7 days ago
the only reason they fight drugs is because the government can't tax it and is not having a piece of the pie.. that's it
roger rabbit
roger rabbit 13 days ago
this is my country, thanks for bring all weapon to these criminals... thank you : D (sarcasm)
pretty crazy that it also comes from a plant.
alan Anthony
alan Anthony 14 days ago
Real mexicans know that's chapo wasnt really the drug lord it was and still is "El Mayo"
ss uu
ss uu 18 days ago
wtf sinaloa cartel been before chapo was was even alive 😹🤣😂🤷🏽‍♂️🦟💸
sohan patel
sohan patel 19 days ago
Why dont they get these guys captured and end there gang?
muddy boi
muddy boi 19 days ago
sohan patel these people are basically the police
Diesel Burner
Diesel Burner 24 days ago
Do a video on govt corruption lol
STARSEED 24 days ago
Yes, thriving as long as the CIA still operates since they're literally doing arms deals in exchange for Intel. Too many Americans are too brainwashed to investigate this issue. Thankfully I've heard it straight from CIA and cartel sources. Even Pablo's Escobar's son stated they got rich due to the CIA connections, In fact anyone with a brain knows as long as the CIA exists there will always be a "combat on drugs". When in reality they're the main supplier. Suck on that @VICE
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar 27 days ago
*its all fun and games until Heisnburg comes*
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar 27 days ago
When’s narcos gonna make a show about the Sinaloa cartel
fritty baby
fritty baby 29 days ago
Mexican dope is garbage
fritty baby
fritty baby 29 days ago
jcoldsore Month ago
You may be asking how the fk this people are there to record all this well first you gotta talk to the boss that you want to do an interview and then he will say if you can or not but mostly the time is when he wants to show the world that their still thriving and good.
P J Month ago
Legalize all drugs now! And see them suffer.
haitian scooter
haitian scooter Month ago
free el chapo !! sinoloa cartel its up!!
lino joseph
lino joseph Month ago
The fact is US & CIA DEA wants the drug show to go on.....if every kid came out of school graduating and seek employment & or files even for unemployment they’ll have a tough time...it’s better that there’s a lot of them down the drain...justifies lot of expenses like CIA , DEA , Police ...if there were no drugs imagine where the crime would be and the police will have no job ...it’s all a play... if kids are taught well before they get into drugs I’m sure they’ll stay away and if the machinery in place to tackle drug works well not a gram of drug will move hands ...or worst case, legalize drugs and even subsidize such that cartels can’t afford to sell it and make money...anything goes legal, the charm will come down and the youth won’t get drawn to it ...
Alex S
Alex S Month ago
El gobierno Copera y los americanos son #1 en consumidores de droga nunca se acabará los americanos son buenos clientes😁☝️👍🤣😂🤩🥳🤭🤭
Cruzan Month ago
Drug cartels will be around as long as Americans crave illicit drugs. That’s how the free market works.
PuteBordDelux Month ago
how come the biggest cartell today makes 3B, but the biggest cartells 40 years ago made like 5B a week
Joe Month ago
demand has grow because american love heroin
Imwinningbruh Month ago
They look a little friendly here but what happened like a week ago is nuts😂
Martin Fillion
Martin Fillion Month ago
Jayden Binns
Jayden Binns Month ago
I blame demi lovato
Amogh Thorave
Amogh Thorave Month ago
Who's here after the Culiacan mass shootings? Damn these MFs are still thriving even without El Chapo.
701MysticMan107 Month ago
Cut off one head and the next will rise to power. Cartel will never dissapear
x x
x x Month ago
Amogh Thorave crazzyy we lived to witness in a way
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant 2 months ago
America should do what Portugal did for its drug problem.
Sunny P
Sunny P 2 months ago
Free Chapo
sindexter 2 months ago
These gangsters are such pussies i hope they all get cancer especially there mothers. Suck it Cartel scum suck it up your mum's asshole
701MysticMan107 Month ago
Talking all that tough shit behind a Keyboard. What a warrior we have here.
Sunny P
Sunny P 2 months ago
The Cartels in Mexico, would tie up your whole bloodline to the last drop and kill them in front of you before they torcher you and then dump you in the Ocean.
JS00023 3 months ago
We should be nuking these areas
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez 3 months ago
Yu can tell that chapo wasnt his boss. Cuz he called him by his Nick name instead of el patron like others call him
Crazy Clown
Crazy Clown 3 months ago
*Cartels are fuckin pussies*
Crazy Clown
Crazy Clown Month ago
@MadaraXDaXUltimateXUchihaXGod *I have, still fucking pussies*
Say that to their face
KittyLicious 3 months ago
„Mexicodeclared war against the drug cartels“ BRUH politicians WORK with these cartels. There is no way to not negotiate and allow them to do so.. else you die
acajudi100 4 months ago
Jack Bintrippin
Jack Bintrippin 4 months ago
What he said is true whether he’s in jail or not there will still be drug dealers
Bob Weber
Bob Weber 4 months ago
Lord Tanus Harrab
Lord Tanus Harrab 4 months ago
They should just napalm the whole damn mountain
ali syafiq
ali syafiq 4 months ago
Shot at 1:28 is pure gold
mohd faizan
mohd faizan 4 months ago
But pablo is still bosss like if u agree
TRUE NORTH 4 months ago
Poppies huh.... Ok , then poppies it is then. 🐰🔫
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