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The wonders of Mt. Komorebi await in The Sims™ 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack!* Slow down to take it all in, or rush into the adventure of a lifetime. Learn more here: x.ea.com/65833.
Get an insider’s point-of-view from a Mt. Komorebi local as she takes you through her world. Learn to appreciate the culture of this mountain town as well as its more well-known features, like its famous snow activities and serene hot springs. Have you booked your trip yet?
Available November 13, 2020, on PC/Mac, Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4.
Learn more about this Expansion Pack: x.ea.com/65833.
Preorder now: x.ea.com/65834.
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Oct 28, 2020




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The Sims
The Sims 29 days ago
We're snow excited to show you all more gameplay! Get ready for The Sims 4 Snowy Escape livestream: ruvid.net/video/video-9sw-Bkrlbao.html
Gabriele La Monica
please make a future DLC similar to "Supernatural The Sims 3 " 🥺
Va Ra
Va Ra 3 days ago
Kintamani dog in Cats and Dogs pleasee..
The World According To Eva
Please fix this!
The World According To Eva
Hey sims? My game will not load. I can get to the menu but then when I try to play my game it won’t load. I left my computer for 4-5 hours and came back and it’s still loading. It’s actually STILL LOADING as I type this!
lalolalo lelilulo
Where I can find her
Kpop Stan
Kpop Stan 17 hours ago
A Rat
A Rat 21 hour ago
And they were roommates
Callum Hurd
Callum Hurd 22 hours ago
igf you bring hotels in it would go well with this pack aswell as others as they could rent hotel rooms out or build a hotel for people visiting on holiday etc
Callum Hurd
Callum Hurd 22 hours ago
please bring owning hotel bussiness in an expansion pack ben waiting years hoping it would happen
ssh kim
ssh kim Day ago
Japanese culture is sucks
Hazelnut Spread
Ana Meo
Ana Meo 2 days ago
Can you put this on the Nintendo Switch
Kylo 00
Kylo 00 2 days ago
Since when did we have gays in japan? xD
Lawrence Lawine
Lawrence Lawine 2 days ago
1:45 i'm out
PoppyPlayz Stoof
PoppyPlayz Stoof 2 days ago
I am loving this pack I can’t wait to get it! Does anyone know if there is a schedule for prices being reduced?? x
Taylor Gerecht
Taylor Gerecht 3 days ago
All of a sudden i want to play sims again! LGBTQ*
A Channel
A Channel 3 days ago
Please Do a school expansion or game pack !!!!!
Desu Does Things
Desu Does Things 3 days ago
Lol like 4 new features in a whole pack
A Cloud
A Cloud 3 days ago
I’m really ashamed over the fan-base, EA has yet to add stuff we’ve wanted, they created a $39.99 pack no one wanted and then they added a new pack that’s want able in quality and everyone throws themselves head over heels for it. Does the fan base care anymore?
Robert Padrinao Jr
Waiting for a patch fix
DarkCat TR
DarkCat TR 3 days ago
YEEYT ı can play gintama now
kyle 3 days ago
mr. house
mr. house 3 days ago
they should add shopping center for next
杏奈立花 3 days ago
Tab3y 3 days ago
I actually didn’t want to buy any more stuff of Sims but the Japanese culture ughhh, it’s hard to resist
Liana Novick
Liana Novick 3 days ago
Moriko S.
Moriko S. 4 days ago
One of the reasons my husband gave me this expansion is precisely the presence, albeit nuanced, of the Shinto path. - I remember that a few years ago while we were taking a trip to one of our valleys, my husband and I found ourselves at the Shrine of the lady of the water. It was basically a source of natural water which in 1600 AD was the source of the salvation of our people from the bubonic plague. The legend of the place tells that while the people in the city suffered from this terrifying scourge, a young girl, must have been twelve years old, suddenly while she was seized with fever, she heard the voice of a lady who kindly invited her to get up and follow her. It is not well explained how, but this little girl started walking, it was cold it was going towards winter and finally she reached this valley where there was a torrent and from the rock this source of water gushed. When she got to this source, the woman dressed in white told her to drink and in the end the tired and sick girl obeyed. After a few hours he began to feel slightly better and quickly recovered from the fever and the signs of the black scourge vanished. When she went back to the village and told what had happened to her, no one wanted to believe her, except the priest. So the girl accompanied him to the spring and, also sick, he was healed by the spring water. Word spread faster than a fire and a small sanctuary was built next to the source, which can still be visited today. Every time we have been there I have bowed to the source and I sincerely thanked the figure of this woman, this spirit of nature, dryad, madonna, call her as you prefer, who saved the life of this little girl and therefore that of her village. I'm sorry for the Koreans, but I understand why the Japanese people feel important to stoop in front of a Shinto shrine, I understand it deeply and also in the active game the animations with the cheat and I make them do it, because I feel it is right. - I am sorry for all the other nations that feel offended, but if we go back in time then all the peoples of the earth should feel offended about something and towards someone. This is an expansion on Japan and it is important that it is represented correctly or the Japanese will suffer the injustice. As for the South Koreans ... for a Buddhist country they have left everyone a little perplexed here: a tree offers the same shelter from the sun both to the monk who sits underneath and to the man who wields an ax to cut it down. They should work on their Zen side. A good proposal would be to do something Korean with Zen Buddhist overtones for them, well done perhaps with some historical and folklore reference. A healthy and rich product that Unites their culture under a single flag. - Aside from that, a few things are missing to consider the Japanese expansion complete: Ikebana Kendo Tea ceremony (already present in the sims 2 Takemizu village) Calligraphy with regard from Italy
Эмили Вайс
Я одна здесь русская,???
Jay Carlson
Jay Carlson 4 days ago
the largest piece of crap to date. it keeps crashing on me two the point that's the sims is unplayable. if I knew how to uninstall the epic POS I would until they get it fixed. it looks good yes but it's unplayable.
Tove Manka
Tove Manka 4 days ago
soooo are the girl narrating the trailer and her gf even in the game as townies? I haven't seen them yet
SIMS SIMS 5 days ago
0.30 so where is the social media feature then
MrsFUNkuchen 5 days ago
I miss the horses! 🐴
Haley Craig
Haley Craig 5 days ago
Hire littledica the cc creator thanks.
Cro Mayikal
Cro Mayikal 5 days ago
Que cosa rara es esto :v
傷心的人 5 days ago
Yet again! another best Sims pack review out there and really appreciate the constant reminder of EA CEO's greedy shallow business direction. Apparently, the EA CEO Andrew Welson gets paid almost $36,000,000. so we know our money are not being used to make the game better, but mostly to the evil greedy CEO .......................................................................
CinniSims 5 days ago
Could You Please upload the sims use in this trailer to the Gallery?
Janna Alvarado
Janna Alvarado 6 days ago
Jong The Jazzer
Jong The Jazzer 6 days ago
every update is a dlc, great job EA
Big Cheese
Big Cheese 6 days ago
bruh i didnt want paralives anyway paralives graphics look two ugly the only idea why they made paralives make people quit sims also i wont even quit sims 4 I dont care about cars
Big Cheese
Big Cheese 15 hours ago
@QuestionMarkMark Yes
Same, paralives graphics are too cartoony, (for kids only to play)
Yafet Kasalie
Yafet Kasalie 2 days ago
Shut up
Ruisu-Mashuzu 6 days ago
Did people actually ask for this, EA with yet another money grab.
Super :)
Quacky 7 days ago
Only for 499,99€
Muhammad Robbani Ilham
Please stop with the building and cosmetics, we need a new fun gameplay not a recycled one. When I saw that opening shoes indoor I already guess you guys gonna put lazy animation and it turn out to be true T.T
GoldenxSunshine 7 days ago
Aight, time to get addicted again
Max Caulfield
Max Caulfield 7 days ago
This pack is boring af i have it i almost fell asleep playin it save ur money yall
Ana Bean
Ana Bean 5 days ago
Is it because I was going to buy it today. could you help me out should I get it or should I get eco living
Julianna Colbeck
Julianna Colbeck 7 days ago
Me: "god, really? Another one?!" Also me: **pouring all of my money into this pack**
Blackharu 7 days ago
As an American with a love of Japanese culture, I am so HYPED for this expansion! The clothes and architecture is absolutely beautiful!
Lonkinella 7 days ago
shouldn't you stop promoting this expanssion and delate this video? since is crushing EVERYONE'S GAME???
Keller 8 days ago
Terrible trailer. Not very "sim-like" at all. The voiceover is especially bad. I think more of a show don't tell approach would have worked a lot better. This feels like a commercial. And why is the woman speaking (who is supposedly a Sim) not speaking SIMLISH?! They know English now? 🤨
CBA CBA 8 days ago
This is a really good expansion. Which is rare. The only thing I don't like is that there is isn't more lots and that there is only 1 career added on. Would of been nice to have atleast the professional skier career in addition.
oskari multisilta
Aresa 8 days ago
*man falls down the cliff* A MAN HAD FALLEN INTO THE RIVER-
dora sp
dora sp 8 days ago
Nika Son
Nika Son 8 days ago
They had like 1 black Sim
Məhəmməd Odj
Məhəmməd Odj 8 days ago
Where is Sims 5?
Yonkerz 8 days ago
Noname Ma
Noname Ma 9 days ago
Is it corona proof?
Julia Dowdy
Julia Dowdy 9 days ago
Im in LoVe
QuestionMarkMark 9 days ago
smol cat
smol cat 9 days ago
nice, new content I will definitely not get cracked because it's way too expensive. who even seriously still buys this with money lmao
Martine Web
Martine Web 9 days ago
When I first saw the name, I wasn't even considering it, because i don't like skiing and snowboarding etc. But that japanese city is AWSOME!!!! (Also the story in this trailer is very beautiful)
Bridgit Kohen
Bridgit Kohen 9 days ago
даже в игру в очередной раз они вставили однополые отношения, тошнотно(
Nabila Alya Rafi'a Dinda
Yoo EA games, if you wanna make us play the sims 4, please make more realistic stuff like functional cars.
STO DANI 9 days ago
There was so much hype with this new update, but now that i've played with it you have disapointed me once again. We need GAMEPLAY, EA!!! Stop it with the pretty tablecloths, slippers and toys, THAT'S NOT WHAT MAKES THE GAME FUN TO PLAY
lalolalo lelilulo
Where I can find the sim that is narrating
I need a bad bleep ADissOn RaE
It’s freaking 40 dollars ugh😩
Anomaly Unit
Anomaly Unit 9 days ago
Another pack? Thanks piratebay!
Ellamaria Ramos
Ellamaria Ramos 9 days ago
We should actually have a real japanese city that you can walk around without the loading screen and new vending machines that sell clothing,Food,and we could have a new death like claustrophobia since japan has alot of people sims with claustrophobia will faint in front of everyone around them and the People around the sim with claustrophobia will take pictures or Gasp or Trie to wake the sim that fainted up and if that sim faints again from claustrophobia will die and will be in the fetal position and die,also we could have japanese traditional masks for sims to wear,Probably a new lot like a skyscraper,And Signs in japanese simlish like billboards and those signs have music and are animated, and New Shrines,with miniature cherry trees medium cherry trees,Also another new lot a shrine sims at the shrine drop simoloens at the shrine and thank the gods,New curtains that fit on doors and,Geisha dolls with Torii gates,New Markets for food and clothing and Geisha dolls,NEW TV'S,Also sims that Don't have friends could have new Hologram friends!,New masks for sims that get sick such as the common cold or flu,Lanterns that hang from trees or you homes roof/Ceiling,And Carnivals sims that go on a roller coaster to many times will get dazed or Uncomfortable and may throw up a few times,New japanese clothing,Please EA make this
PleabianScum 10 days ago
Ok, but can we get a switch version.
juliaosorio26 10 days ago
I was thinking "It would be such a plot twist that the love of her life was a girl" LIKE YASSS I SCREAMED! 😂💖🏳️‍🌈
Edd 10 days ago
Now this is a much much better pack than the previous one!
ILikeSlushxP 9 days ago
Not really the gameplay is still bad you can’t even ride the chairlift you just *teleport* & the activities are repetitive not really worth $40
MelancholicMulan 10 days ago
bunny 10 days ago
super excited to see my culture in the sims!!
Deandrew Powell
Deandrew Powell 10 days ago
Please make dogs and cats a permanent feature in every Sims games for now on and forever. Because I feel that every Sims game should keep that feature in it and please make for every Sims game keep the feature where you could share your creations and share your homes like in Sims 4 because that feature is really helpful and I really like it and I think a lot of people would love that feature to stay as a permanent thing and all Sims games forever thank you. Ps. Bring back the horses and cars in sims 5 and don’t make pets a dlc any but make the a permanent feature forever
k y a n a
k y a n a 10 days ago
i miss sims 3
Zand 10 days ago
Seriously, why can't I play as this couple? Why are they not townies?
Devon Smith
Devon Smith 10 days ago
Is y'all going to do The Sims 5 next
Kenslie Knors
Kenslie Knors 10 days ago
Okay, I love sims and I’ve been playing for like 7 years now and I’ve still time for a cars pack, this is absolutely ridiculous, they’re coming out with snowboarding packs but can’t make cars, I understand that the animations and things would be difficult but they’ve run out of ideas and everyone is asking for cars, that’s something I would pay 30 dollars for
valeria henao
valeria henao 10 days ago
un barrio otaku >:D
Devon Smith
Devon Smith 10 days ago
Is ya'll doing The Sims 5 next
Yonkerz 10 days ago
Does anyone know if there will be a hair color update along with the skintones??? Im tired of blueish black, highlighter blondes, and very unnatural ginger tones. I want some more natural colors like strawberry blonde or light brown that doesnt look almost red. Maybe do a hue slider like the skintones ???
Summer Grant
Summer Grant 10 days ago
I'm so emotional that this trailer makes me cry 😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Naiomi F
Naiomi F 10 days ago
I literally almost cried while watching this. You guys have outdone yourselves.
Carmen Alexis
Carmen Alexis 11 days ago
Update made my game crash.. almost unplayable.
MIGXX 111 11 days ago
Am I the only one who realized that she said the love of her life was a HER? :0 omg XDDDDD yyayayayayya
kaylana thomas
kaylana thomas 11 days ago
Did I see a kimono
RobRossiFan 11 days ago
My PC could handle and manage basegame and first EPs until University. Looks like I cannot install more add-ons as my GraphicCard is overheating in 5 mins after loading any lot even buildmode without sims
Lini Escobar
Lini Escobar 11 days ago
Seit dem Update mit dem Schneeparadis stürzt Sims immer ab 😒...
L9r9n T
L9r9n T 11 days ago
The lifestyles, Japanese culture, the shoe animation... I’m so in love with this pack..
HEEZRAN HERMAN 11 days ago
Make a prison pack... plan an escape... geng up and all please
Daniel Mueller
Daniel Mueller 11 days ago
graphics look outdated
rae rae
rae rae 11 days ago
this is my favorite pack :D
N 11 days ago
It's not realistic as sims 3 world adventure. you can invite every one to japan as you wish. You can also invite japanese sims to your home lot in a minute 😂
Jackie R
Jackie R 11 days ago
One thing that I hate about the new update is that now you have to open the sim info panel to see what your relationship is ie. brother cousin etc. I love connecting my sims with their family and this makes it so much harder to do. There should be a category under the relationship panel for family members. They have one for coworkers and not family members? Really annoying.
Złodupiec Landgraab
I'm not big fan of japanese culture but I love this pack
krisz joni
krisz joni 11 days ago
gio 11 days ago
Hi! 💚 I just uploaded my first speed build video, if you guys would like the video I would really appreciate it and I could keep uploading more content!
Timothy Knoll
Timothy Knoll 12 days ago
So I'm supposed to spend $40 on a pack when the most recent patch has broken my game so badly it crashed after 2 minutes of gameplay? Ah, hell no
Gisele Martin
Gisele Martin 10 days ago
Yes hopefully they fixed that, my game crashed after the November 10th update too.
Tokyo Rio
Tokyo Rio 12 days ago
No way?LGBTQ ad?LOVE❤️
mstersumm0ner 12 days ago
The lifestyle system must be included with the basegame as an update!! not an expansion pack....
Viktor Algotsson
Viktor Algotsson 12 days ago
Why isn't this sim a townie in Mt. Komorebi?? I thought she would, since she is the "main character" in the trailers!
Noémie Léonard
Noémie Léonard 11 days ago
Same! I thought we could play her???
Magdalena Rola
Magdalena Rola 12 days ago
Po aktualizacji gra nie działa.
wiwi geming
wiwi geming 12 days ago
Hiendral 12 days ago
I hate how everyone's pretending this is fine when we used to get this and more gathered in a single season pack... like seriously wake up y'all
Miki Miki
Miki Miki Day ago
@oddyssey same lol
oddyssey 8 days ago
i pirate the sims so i'm in the clear lol
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