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Hit the books and show your school spirit in The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack*! Available November 15, 2019 on PC and Mac and December 17, 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Enroll in school, take classes that set your Sims up for success, explore collegiate experiences, and enjoy extracurricular activities at the historical University of Britechester or modern Foxbury Institute.
Learn more about this Expansion Pack: x.ea.com/60759.


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Oct 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Mary Jane Smith
How I be going to experience college in fall 2020 cause Corona
OliCrack 6 days ago
Wait.. is that at 1:07 the Realm Of Magic guy?!
Pigs 4 Life
Pigs 4 Life 10 days ago
Can we get to see them graduate please
Hannah Liz
Hannah Liz 11 days ago
This was such a trash pack
Bluearrow102 13 days ago
Why is there so many gays in the university? My boy is constantly serenaded or flirted by another boy. Is this a trend now in Sims 4? Annoying!!
Lana Haghverdian
Lana Haghverdian 13 days ago
I wish we could change the names of the university. If we could I would change it to Harvard and Yale
Gustav Zhang
Gustav Zhang 16 days ago
What a joke to the gaming industry. EA's TS4 is really a beacon of how developers can treat customers like CASH COWS
ivecia 16 days ago
super jutro kupuje
Adoree 17 days ago
I’m deciding which one I want out of university get famous and island living because they are all 50 percent off 😅
Adoree 12 days ago
Ik weet geen naam okay thank you!
Ik weet geen naam
Ik weet geen naam 12 days ago
I recommend get famous. It has the best gameplay, and the CAS-items are great. The acting career is a lot of fun.
Santiago Betancur
Santiago Betancur 13 days ago
get famous is the most complet really, university in this game is lame and islan living is good but also not great
Melinawws 17 days ago
1:00 xD
Kyra Fam
Kyra Fam 18 days ago
This one was so boring like ugh I should of gotten the city living or something .
Joshlicious 19 days ago
Gotta keep my eyes off the eco lifestyle EXPANSION PACK for a minute.
amber feather
amber feather 3 days ago
@Kendyl Hippe Its useless for console players. And i play ts4 on a ps4
Kendyl Hippe
Kendyl Hippe 6 days ago
@amber feather for real! Moschino was all for photos with your sims and I'm like DO POSE CREATORS NOT EXIST?!?!
amber feather
amber feather 11 days ago
Its as worthless as the moschino stuff pack
amber feather
amber feather 11 days ago
I think nobody will pay 40 dollars for eco lifestyle XD
Video Edits
Video Edits 20 days ago
I buy this pack is so cool🤍
Elif Babur
Elif Babur 22 days ago
Crystyn James
Crystyn James 23 days ago
Idk if I should buy this cause the damn classes are rabbit holes
makayla 19 days ago
Crystyn James I mean you can tell them what to do like, take notes, listen, etc while their away which helps your grade. Sims 3 classes really didn’t have much to do, except sit there and do these things. This is definitely one of the better packs in the sims 4.
Matthew :D
Matthew :D 24 days ago
Wish the parties didn’t suck
makayla 19 days ago
@Matthew :D Same, like I wish the sims 4 had cops that would come break up the party like in the sims 3.
нет нет
нет нет 25 days ago
Oh my God...Alone. English well yes Sims English!
Диана Братым
Теперь 4 хочу а не 3
Tarquin I
Tarquin I 27 days ago
Does anyone else want the time travel expansion from the sims 3?
houava lee
houava lee 28 days ago
Why not a horse with the cats and dog ? And I miss the horses
Shadow Month ago
EA can't understand we don't need another mod we need sims5 actually cuz sim4 being so boring
mohammad jabareen
I need the license key pleas help me 🙏
Nicolle ReynoldsDragneel
can we have horses in sims 4 that be cool with different equitations maybe thx
Johanna Sanchez
Johanna Sanchez Month ago
Can y’all let us download it on our mobile devices bro like gosh please
Lill Lill
Lill Lill Month ago
Can u plz add cc to console plz
Ryleigh Sponsler
Lill Lill they can it’s not a Computer. I would love to have cc in my game but it can’t be done
Firewoof Month ago
collage in sims4: friends, love collage in real: i don't need a collage, im a youtuber!
Caner T
Caner T Month ago
Какой-то Банан
Самое смешное это то что в процессе может бабушка привезет кому то индейку, пока какой-то мужик будет плакать в душе. Это не у всех
Ewok 88
Ewok 88 Month ago
0:52 the red head in the middle is form stranger vile!
Lemur 494
Lemur 494 Month ago
#JusticeForCowplants make this button blue if u agree!!
slowfire2 Month ago
Will English subtitles be added to this video later?
Babbu Gill
Babbu Gill Month ago
make sims available for android
Babbu Gill
Babbu Gill Month ago
make sims available for android
Babbu Gill
Babbu Gill Month ago
make sims available for android
Babbu Gill
Babbu Gill Month ago
make sims available for android
Babbu Gill
Babbu Gill Month ago
make sims 4 available for android
Mer Raider
Mer Raider Month ago
Amazing pack giving our sims' life more realism. Who wasn't looking forward for this? Loving to study with my sims
Rihanna Cassey
Rihanna Cassey Month ago
This girl is on 🔥🔥🔥
Rihanna Cassey
Rihanna Cassey Month ago
This girl is on 🔥🔥🔥
Drielly Gomes
Drielly Gomes Month ago
Disappointed with this expansion, I expected more! They did it grudgingly.
lesław widziołek
Mam do was prośbę czy możecie zrobić filmik co zrobić po zakupieniu płyty the Sims 4 na Xbox one?? Proszę bo chce zakupić
heaven leger
heaven leger Month ago
A nice future for sims 4 would be if the sims could have nice eyebrows with slits on them
Brandon H
Brandon H Month ago
Who sings this song?
Stop Im gonna drop my croissant
Im still waiting for TS4 to release on switch
Music Freak
Music Freak Month ago
1:00 that dude is killing me😂
Nicodemus bill
Nicodemus bill Month ago
its better if u can really go to class
Shelly's DIY
Shelly's DIY Month ago
sims 4 big mall Now downloadable : ruvid.net/video/video-AcbRRYwqWEQ.html
Rita M
Rita M Month ago
me during quarantine: no uni experience the sims discover university: hummm I can change that
Zaval Month ago
Now time to get a murderer mod and kill everyone
Coco Beanz
Coco Beanz Month ago
I have the sims on my tv
Mimo sims
Mimo sims Month ago
I love sims❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
iiSimplyVaehii Month ago
I know my comment will be lost among many others but please check out Fantasia's new video about Sims 4 Generations. It's something we really need. Thank you for your consideration.
didem güngör
didem güngör Month ago
This packs so expensive for turkey. 1 Euro is 5.95 TL. Your give it 40 euro, we give 200 TL. Please you do cheap. And we want use ininal card. Why dont happen?
Hitoru Matsumoto
Wait for a sale.
DREA Arts Month ago
I want thisss game😭
Emily Metcalf
Emily Metcalf Month ago
Can get and pets pack where you can have different animals like Horses, Monkeys, Birds, Bunnies, Chickens, Pigs and turtles please I’ll do anything for this extension pack and even a Farm extension extension 💚
Validd_Chris Month ago
Sims 4 should create a superheroes game pack that sims can have different powers to save the world and have a superhero family of sorts🦸‍♂️.
Lilith Reissmann
Thank you for the keys on Nytralons stream that was so cute i got an new pack( get famous). Nico was so happy that you guys Visited his stream.
Best Boi
Best Boi Month ago
Well now that the fandom is done bullying ea into a corner until they finally made this (lol) can we get a music pack now? With new instruments, and new genres our sims can sing (it would be cool if my sim could rap or do screamo type stuff) and maybe record songs that they could listen to after writing them.
Chief Rigby
Chief Rigby Month ago
BRITTNEY Schroer 2 months ago
I just started playing The Sims University and I was wondering how do you attend a lecture for $200 it says click on the college but I'm having a little trouble with it can you guys help me out please call me back.
cursed ninja
cursed ninja 2 months ago
RUvid ads be like:
Dim 23
Dim 23 2 months ago
Can u guys please add cc on console please because like think about it how would it be fair to have cc on pc but not in console some people cant afford pc so add cc on console and i am not only saying for me its for the people who like this game and want to make their sims look good and have good style becuase i am pretty sure some people really wants cc
Hitoru Matsumoto
They can't just do that, Dim. To have cc in game you need to download it from a website, get the file and put it in a folder. As far as i am aware, consoles do not the ability to do this. EA aren't able to allow this to happen as it would probably require you to make a really unique console that would probably cost the same as a pc but maybe someday Sony will do this? I don't even know if it is possible though because I'm not an expert though ^^"
josiahtubo 2 months ago
Dam it is to much already with annoying adds I RUvid! 🧐
Terka Voličová
Terka Voličová 2 months ago
What is the song name??
Ethan Chikowore
Ethan Chikowore 2 months ago
This came out on my birthday
Mikail Dank
Mikail Dank 2 months ago
whats this song called?
blackpinks fun club
blackpinks fun club 2 months ago
Could you guys realize sims 4 for android & iPhone pls🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏we need it🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kenta 2 months ago
The Sims Mobile is as close to The Sims 4 as we will get on Mobile.
Natalia Gencic
Natalia Gencic 2 months ago
song: *"bet ya never saw this comin`"* *corona:*
Hitoru Matsumoto
Where's the funny part of the joke
lavalicard1 -Roblox
lavalicard1 -Roblox 2 months ago
What if our sims get preggo at university
Hitoru Matsumoto
They have to leave campus and go into university housing.
Aria Janow
Aria Janow 2 months ago
Look at that, Erwin Pries finally got out of StrangerVille
Shelly Jospehs
Shelly Jospehs 2 months ago
So how to download it on aLG phone ?
Shelly Jospehs
Shelly Jospehs Month ago
@Hitoru Matsumoto oh ok thank you
Hitoru Matsumoto
You can't get the Sims 4 on mobile nor any packs but you can get other Sims games on mobile, though only for Samsung and Apple phones I believe.
Eden Daniel Erez
Eden Daniel Erez 2 months ago
I wanted to ask about barista skill, and coffee shop, if there is a chance you could do a pack for coffee staff and job, I would love that :)
Banaantje ETER
Banaantje ETER 2 months ago
I heb het maar het werkt niet op mijn computer dus ik heb voor niks betaald( oudere versie computer)😭 maar het is een super spel ik moest huilen dat het niet op mijn computer ging👍🏻 hopelijk hebben jullie het gelezen want ik hoop dat ik ooit ga spelen😊
Natalia Padilla
Natalia Padilla 2 months ago
now all we need is bunk beds
Humancinnabon 2 months ago
This is the only way us students will be able to graduate this year 😂😭
Mel Aquino
Mel Aquino 2 months ago
Kkksks amei
NerdGeek Cosplay
NerdGeek Cosplay 2 months ago
There goes my wallet
Familie Aarbodem-Mullaert
Sims 4 can you make the sims horseback riding? Pls 💚
Pretty Killer
Pretty Killer 2 months ago
Can’t wait for The Sims 5😆 please launch it this year. I already prepare the money to buy it😂
Pretty Killer
Pretty Killer Month ago
Hitoru Matsumoto reallyyyy? If it does, I’ll buy toilet tissues , sanitizers or mask first 😕 we must stay at home until next month 😩
Hitoru Matsumoto
Oh it'll take a while lol. Maybe 2022?
GrobeY ValueQ
GrobeY ValueQ 2 months ago
The sims 2 is more details and the creators are more passionate made the sims 2.... I felt my sims 2 are more enjoyable to play i still don't know why.......
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