The SIMPsons (parody)

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Flashgitz presents "The SIMPsons" a Simpsons parody. Marge Simpson gets an OnlyFans account. This cartoon is based off of the Fox series "The Simpsons" featuring Homer, Marge, and Lisa.
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Special thanks to our Patron Producers, really going the extra mile to make this possible:
Connor Hill
David Murphy
Andrew Palmer2
Albert Hutchins
Adam Knopow
Morgan Collins
Jacob Reeves
Zack Buckland
Thank you gents, seriously.
Voice Over ►
Michael Clive - Homer Simpson
Lyle Rath - Marge Simpson
Monica Franco - Lisa Simpson
Brock Baker - Judge
Sound ►
Justin Greger
Music ►
Tom Ryan
Julian Brazon (Saxophone)
Additional Animation ►
Lewis Bown
Backgrounds ►
Greg Bartlett
Thumbnail ►
Josh Floyd
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May 24, 2020




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Comments 80
Flashgitz Month ago
👑 Install Hustle Castle and get a SPECIAL BONUS!⚔️: clcr.me/HC_Flashgitz
THEMaNIsWOrTHit 3 days ago
AESRYL 5 days ago
release Hustle Castle on Steam??
Chester the dog
Chester the dog 6 days ago
i dont think so... this game has weird ads.
DoUK _
DoUK _ 23 days ago
It's a ripoff of fallout shalter
Cole brewer
Cole brewer 25 days ago
The man obviously has to much free time
cubeler cable
cubeler cable 3 hours ago
Lisa is annoying in the show and the parody
Agencyagent34 4 hours ago
Dude the voices are spot on damn
Jacob Morris
Jacob Morris 4 hours ago
No no no no no
Corgi Reach
Corgi Reach 5 hours ago
I think I should go see a therapist
Jay Bisky
Jay Bisky 5 hours ago
Homers voice is spot on
lego marvel gaming
lego marvel gaming 7 hours ago
This is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen
Zhepard 7 hours ago
The gamer chair...i did not expect to be so viciously attacked
Jadon Smith
Jadon Smith 8 hours ago
These voices are incredible.... Also the cat cameos🤣
SuperSonicToons 9 hours ago
SuperSonicToons 9 hours ago
LOL She Made That Video Hea Hea Hea Hea He He Ha Ha Ha.
Reuben 11 hours ago
Damn, everything wrong with western women and marriages in under two minutes.. it got depressing real quick
Kino X 2.0
Kino X 2.0 19 hours ago
Gamer Radiation
Gamer Radiation 20 hours ago
the SIMPsons
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed Day ago
This feels like what the Simpsons would be like if it was done by Matt Stone and Trey Parker
Julian Prada Rodriguez
Homer deserves better
Swagtrap Swag
What the fuck, especially the fact that broke them up also that Mr Smithers isn’t straight haha
Alex Gamerk
Alex Gamerk Day ago
Marge is Belle Delphine, Homer is the cameraman. Okay then.
Bwez Cwez
Bwez Cwez Day ago
MacGyverGuy Day ago
See that? A judge's respect and $500 is better than an entire life being a cuck. LMAO.
Chidi Okoro
Chidi Okoro Day ago
Jada and will
Guillermo Jr Boy
1:05 Milktruk jus arive 😂
C Nicholl-Shelley
My chat with Dr Prof Karen Smutz is probably against SIMPING. ruvid.net/video/video-ZtvsoOOBa2s.html
The Revelist Movement
Your Homer voice is fucking impeccable.
Judah Enjoys Education
I Fucking Died when he got the Gamer chair in court.
Aiman Hakim
Aiman Hakim 2 days ago
yes, homer's always have been a man.
Joshua Kuehn
Joshua Kuehn 2 days ago
I feel the advertisement should have focused on the breeding aspect more
Alex Ernst
Alex Ernst 2 days ago
Well Homer stood up for his rights as a husband and Marge finally left him. I approve of this ending.
Mr. Sandguy
Mr. Sandguy 2 days ago
What in cousin ducking tarnation Alabama Betty Crocker, miss bucking betty white poop is this?
Eloi Wargnier
Eloi Wargnier 2 days ago
All of this is because Homer refund his mr plow jacket
Garrett Carmichael
Thanks RUvid recommended
Nikoloz Sulakauri
Real important question: did you have to ask for permission to animate the simpsons? I want to know. This isnt a joke
Starkiller Day ago
Yes. Disney totally allows this
live loud
live loud 2 days ago
noah davis
noah davis 2 days ago
Isn't Lisa's music teacher gay though
movie star
movie star 2 days ago
Psi farts 😢😢😢😢
TG Jump
TG Jump 2 days ago
i remember watching this episode with my family as a young child. oh the memories.
Urbyn 2 days ago
You have to admire the judge for pulling out 500 dollars straight from his wallet. Dude is a helluva good man.
Sinister Picklez
Sinister Picklez 2 days ago
And then homer got a new wife the second he rolled out of the court office on his gamer chair
Br0kk 2 days ago
Wait ... shouldn't homer get halve of marges shit because she makes substantialy more money with OF than he does at the plant...
normal störd
normal störd 3 days ago
Johnny_ Boy37
Johnny_ Boy37 3 days ago
Just saying, where I come from kick means crap
Ghettobaby _Draco
I love the way you advertise your shit.🔥🤝🏻
Tittymilk74 3 days ago
I've started watching these videos for the sole purpose to watch the ad
Dovley Hutchinson
Who voices homer? its really spot on
Ch*j Internetowy
Ch*j Internetowy 3 days ago
THEMaNIsWOrTHit 3 days ago
It's not Homer Simpson anymore, it's Homer Son
Marchello Peric
Marchello Peric 3 days ago
How did you get 2.15 mil sub's
SHIZZAA zeppeli
SHIZZAA zeppeli 4 days ago
Wow homer is for real serious and doesn't like this
Yce Byrd
Yce Byrd 4 days ago
Loooool when the hustle castle part started I couldn’t stop laughing 😂
Tengou 4 days ago
Flashgitz you are a little island of daring social commentary in an ocean of political correctness and I love you.
Zzzzap 4 days ago
IAmLoviatar 4 days ago
is no one gonna mention that golden name: "Here4AKwik-E"
Rinten The tin man
This is deep not fake deep real deep
aGladiator Speaks
Who knew Homer Simpson wasn't a *simp*
Luke Fox
Luke Fox 4 days ago
In my opinion is that onlyfans creates a whole double standard. I believe a women (or men) has the right to express their body through these kinds of means. But at the same time women argue about men sexualizing their bodies when they openly throw naked pics of themselves online to horny men. I'm not hating just don't see the logic really
Bryce 4 days ago
When will this video be taken down? Taking all bets!
Ivan Lee
Ivan Lee 4 days ago
1:23- Vietnam war flashbacks music plays
Eddie Watts
Eddie Watts 5 days ago
This was freaking weird. 😵😵
bwci BO
bwci BO 5 days ago
Wow this isn't age restricted?
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson 5 days ago
The comments she got on the phone killed me! You have to love the show to get the joke!
Owen Hills
Owen Hills 5 days ago
More i neer more
spectral spectra
spectral spectra 5 days ago
1:04 it's bobs and vegane. Get your text right next time normie
theblackpinoy 5 days ago
Yo that homer voice is 100% on point lmao
chaosincarna 5 days ago
Should of gotten rid of her the Patton way. Patton Oswalt way. To clarify.
Name Tag
Name Tag 5 days ago
I don't think I'd be happy with my wife doing that. I'm not sure. On one hand she isn't actually cheating... on the other hand Something that is supposed to be between just us is being given out like candy on Halloween. It devalues our intimate moments. But which is worse letting someone see your wife or losing her completely. Then again I'm single and have never been in love so I can't really judge until it happens hopefully it wont
sylar saralu
sylar saralu 5 days ago
Do lisa and bart Simpcesting
Catlio Yo!
Catlio Yo! 5 days ago
Homer isnt a simp its her mom
MrAJEO 5 days ago
Better dead than Simping.
juan garcia
juan garcia 5 days ago
Homer did the right thing
Night Singet
Night Singet 5 days ago
I like how it has paid promo
Hunter Comics
Hunter Comics 5 days ago
Hey better animated the newer episodes
zakuga 5 days ago
Gonna also call out the thousands of men on there or be simps and only target the women?
Jah Zeen
Jah Zeen 5 days ago
2.9k thots and simps disliked this
geyck 5 days ago
That Jocko wallpaper.
Hesler 5 days ago
PTSD: *_Hello there_* 1:24
Phoenix mcfall
Phoenix mcfall 6 days ago
E Martinez
E Martinez 6 days ago
A happy ending for all of us
PowWowChicken 6 days ago
This is what your average relationship in CA is today. You don't submit to your wife, they will take everything 😑
Cup O Warriors
Cup O Warriors 6 days ago
What the actual fuq did I just watch.
Eggbert08 6 days ago
My wife tried this crap. I said hell naw!!
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