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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 9 708
Its Overlord
Its Overlord 38 minutes ago
Team B are such fuckin cry babies omg 😂 bunch of losers
Allen.t 2 days ago
vik is such a sweat
A.C.M 3 days ago
2:49 I’m 14 years old, but I CRINGED that he put the enchantment table right there
speedstacker60 4 days ago
How did Harry found emeralds? The rarest I can find are diamonds. Oof
Matteo Guglielmi
Matteo Guglielmi 9 days ago
literally no one likes vik please let him get out of the sidemen
Axtraii 10 days ago
A bit overkill by Viks team I feel for the others
Aiyanna Polk
Aiyanna Polk 10 days ago
Simon: "Josh I beg, can you just teleport to Harry?" Why is Simon always tryna cheat? Big up Josh for not listening to him. 11:36
ava hedgman
ava hedgman 11 days ago
is anyone gonna talk about Ethan
Declan McCartney
Declan McCartney 12 days ago
Simon is such a snake, he tried to get Josh to cheat earlier when they burnt their house...and it was his idea to do it again at the end 😂
Esme xx
Esme xx 14 days ago
no one will see this comment but ngl i hate team a in this and everyone is supporting them :(
William Leger
William Leger 16 days ago
25:22 tobis laugh
Alfie 16 days ago
Reuben Roy
Reuben Roy 18 days ago
Luv how harry sees emeralds and doesnt give a shit
Chhay Sing
Chhay Sing 18 days ago
idk why but vik is so bossy and cringey
IKM 19 days ago
2:29 It's actually amazing that he survived that
Alucard99 20 days ago
Team A: Seek retribution Team B: We need to be scumbags and win first and last in everything...
Connor North
Connor North 21 day ago
Team we started a war so that’s why Harry set the house on fire h
nellie’s nose
nellie’s nose 26 days ago
I fully felt sick when Harry was about to get killed by the cave spiders but survived at half a heart
Mad Man
Mad Man 26 days ago
Who else hates the fact that harry found an emerald but ignored it for cave spider
Sahil Sanil
Sahil Sanil 28 days ago
Simon is a straight up Bully fam 😂
Leo Ahhh19
Leo Ahhh19 29 days ago
I love how they react when they see vikk Enchanting something they know they are done
Dave Yuiti
Dave Yuiti Month ago
Alex Bernal
Alex Bernal Month ago
When Harry mocked Ethan about the diamond sword 😂😂😂
PFPO Joffels
PFPO Joffels Month ago
Team A took it way to far
Leizyj Ziur
Leizyj Ziur Month ago
Imagine if Tobi and Harry logged in together and killed them all... If that happened... Thats Gonna Be LEGENDARY
Air endercraft
Air endercraft Month ago
everybody is team b at the end nocie
Ergrko 01
Ergrko 01 Month ago
Hate Simon so much
Rory Caven
Rory Caven Month ago
Which team are you supporting: Like team A (Josh, JJ, Simon, Ethan) Comment team B
Dawid Brzezicki
Dawid Brzezicki Month ago
Any team is terrible with JJ
Gaymaster12 3
Gaymaster12 3 Month ago
Xlightningx Month ago
When they said revenge horrid henry popped into my head lol
ChosenALEX96 ST
ChosenALEX96 ST Month ago
Na na na na teleport in Harry Potter that was a massive c*** move
Free Bird
Free Bird Month ago
Vikk: "They know smoke is coming their way." *cut to Team B* JJ: "Seed water, mmmm..."
Luke Bradley
Luke Bradley Month ago
Fair play Team A for getting a hell load of revenge
sum ant
sum ant Month ago
harry the arsonist who set fire to the bushfires of australia
Everything Garrett
Anyone else see the emerald ore?
honey lola rio
honey lola rio Month ago
#team a
Sandy Brownsmith
Go away vick,Harry and Tobi
Queen Maryawna
Queen Maryawna Month ago
Vikk is so fucking soft he should’ve let that bitch burn
Billsfan 2002
Billsfan 2002 Month ago
PLEASE make more sidecraft videos
come to roast leave roasted
its over once vik gets pissed
noteasymoney 30
noteasymoney 30 Month ago
Vikk will turn to Jesus in Minecraft
alysha Month ago
Vik & Toby are too pure they even put out the fire out 🤣
Krackers 45
Krackers 45 Month ago
Unpopular opinion= team b is better
Molly Nethercote
I hate team A
Soumik Pal
Soumik Pal Month ago
Team B is nothing but bunch of dickheads. Josh ruined it.
Flappybird 1232
Flappybird 1232 Month ago
Why don’t u do a hunger games style game we’re Josh and vim are against everyone
Katie Rawr
Katie Rawr Month ago
Why are people pressed about Josh cheating? It's just a game 💀
darklord903 Month ago
Joel Kanamuli what?
Joel Kanamuli
Joel Kanamuli Month ago
@darklord903 sym
darklord903 Month ago
Thank you! People taking a game to heart is cringe! They're all having fun.
Viktor Bergman
Viktor Bergman Month ago
Tobi: why is our house burnt down? Harry: Absolute bumsniffers😡
Person Month ago
So many people still salty about josh teleporting lmao.... it's just a game, there all still friends stop being a bunch of babies
The Nuk4
The Nuk4 Month ago
Expert - Vikk Pro - Josh & Simon Amateur - Ethan & Tobi Beginner - Harry Super Noob - JJ Who are you? I’m more of an Ethan or Tobi
Kamaboko Gonpachiro
So far this is the most boring episode it’s just bc the fact that they teleported them and all the ppl are like “OoOh TeAm B iS aSs” But srsly why couldn’t they just grind ?? Get good and attack again my brain hurts...
cr7 gaytan
cr7 gaytan Month ago
B team is cheater
AV8R1 Gaming
AV8R1 Gaming Month ago
Vedio starts Tobi : what the fuck Why is our shit blown
Hafizur Rahman
Hafizur Rahman Month ago
Joe_ GB
Joe_ GB Month ago
I hate Team B
SAMUKUN_99 Month ago
I only come here to enjoy JJ’s incredible minecraft skills
DynaXIV Month ago
Vikk is the dad of Team A
WaffleAMV 2 months ago
everyone's scared of minecraft veteran vikk and i'm loving it
PercyHD 2 months ago
I would like to see Josh and Vik in the same team.. 2 vs 5... Sad thing is... Vik and josh will probably win
Shadow325 2 months ago
They blow up thier house and get salty about the retaliation... OK then ethan lol
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