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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 9 693
Ozheng7 13 hours ago
Vikk and josh could beat all 5 of them
Jev Day ago
Bruh, first team b was the fun team to watch because JJ was being a proper dickhead, now it's team A because B has jj and B is cheating like hell, so pathetic
Green Soccer Man
Green Soccer Man 2 days ago
Fuck team 1
SoNoob - BrawlStars
At 19:05 why was everyone team B
Marvel Movie Clips
Ethan sooks about stuff being stolen Forgets that they stole everything from team A
Paul Villalta
Paul Villalta 4 days ago
Pug Life
Pug Life 6 days ago
Love how team b act tough with with all that smoke but when it comes to vik they like "na na we don't want any part of that"😂 vik genuinely too good. At least they got respect for him
Rayla 6 days ago
Put lava at the place were you teleport it so that way it kills the team
Realtex Frag
Realtex Frag 7 days ago
idk bout yall but i think vik was too nice in this video and it just makes me angry
Paranoiax786 X
Paranoiax786 X 7 days ago
How can vik see without placing torches
Blue Shirt Guy
Blue Shirt Guy 8 days ago
Everyone: “What the fuck? Did they blow up our house?” Harry: “ARE THERE TRAINS IN THIS GAME? I HEAR TRAINS.”
Buletz 4BrkFest
Buletz 4BrkFest 12 days ago
Josh straight up petty
Oh ye ye gaming 1111
What setting does Vick have to make his screen so bright ?
big neek vibes
big neek vibes 13 days ago
the civil war thing is boring tbh
Kanji 15 days ago
Where's Ethan's facecam?
Elite Yahir
Elite Yahir 15 days ago
Lmao Vic is the biggest fucking nerd ever 😂
Shahida [X]
Shahida [X] 16 days ago
People need to chill in the comments lmao they are all friends and having fun 🤣 this was funny and great as usual, both teams played dirty tbh.
KingPinGabZ 16 days ago
They should play sky block
RonnieKraylouis 17 days ago
U lot made the game shit when u teleported
chaiz 笑空
chaiz 笑空 17 days ago
aiden2dawin 17 days ago
The salt😂
Slime Magic
Slime Magic 17 days ago
Who else saw the emerald infront of Harry 1:59
Ven0mous X
Ven0mous X 18 days ago
I realy wanted vikk to fight them and beat them all....
Kvng Ace
Kvng Ace 18 days ago
Vikk is the minecraft expert yet mines stone with a pickaxe THATS TUFF
Ashton Mckenzie
Ashton Mckenzie 18 days ago
I hate team a cause they burend team b
TheyHateFerny 3
TheyHateFerny 3 18 days ago
Minecraft gone toxic
LCGaming- LCG
LCGaming- LCG 18 days ago
Where is Ethans cam??
`` Shar
`` Shar 19 days ago
tobi just too nice for this shitt
Turtle211 19 days ago
Team b start a war and get salty when team a fight back 🙄
Neutronjump 19 days ago
team b is team bitch ass pussies lmao
SloanE_42 19 days ago
3:10 vik:they see that in the chat and they know smoke is coming their way. JJ:Seed Water mmmmmmh
Jay Harrison
Jay Harrison 19 days ago
Completely ruined it by being toxic af and tping
Maxvdz_ 19 days ago
Simon is so gay that he came up with the gay ass cheating shit
Yarick Felipa
Yarick Felipa 20 days ago
Where is ethan
Chunyeh Lim
Chunyeh Lim 20 days ago
Why is vikks game have like brightness at 250%
James Fraser
James Fraser 21 day ago
anybody notice that behzinga's POV is never shown Even when he found diamonds
Crqzzy -
Crqzzy - 21 day ago
Imagine if this was 2v2v2v1 and the 1 person that is alone is vik bc he sweaty and good
sanisterr 21 day ago
bruh how u gonna teleport people because you're losing lmfao
cour2161 cour2161
Vikk left the chest and josh took there chests twice😡 team A
Mariam M.
Mariam M. 21 day ago
Max Games
Max Games 21 day ago
Everyone is getting so triggered over Team B teleporting Team A over to their base to kill them but at the end of the day it is all for fun it is not competitive minecraft it is for banging content
Caydn Fergie
Caydn Fergie 21 day ago
B team stole everything off A after their house burnt down and still cried abt it. They blew up Bs house too
Candy Man
Candy Man 21 day ago
ksi there are plenty anime mods like dragon ball z and naruto to check out try some and make vids on them
IDRK BC 21 day ago
This is how the amazon fire started
The crystal Singer/musician
Haha they left couldn’t fight team b
Theo .13
Theo .13 22 days ago
Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine 22 days ago
After seeing seeing team b destroy team a’s house it made me want to cry
Haseeb Choudhry Year 8
I'm gonna dislike cuz of team b
28 Stab Wounds
28 Stab Wounds 21 day ago
Stupid 5 year old. You're too young for the Internet.
Haseeb Choudhry Year 8
If u keep cheating ima stop watching the series
cookiegirl 99
cookiegirl 99 22 days ago
12:41 vick is now team B???
Oliver Murray
Oliver Murray 22 days ago
Vik is a brown pussy
Saucy Memes
Saucy Memes 22 days ago
Tgey fucked up the team names at at one point
Dr Din
Dr Din 22 days ago
The teleportation is lame!
Tom Gardiner
Tom Gardiner 22 days ago
“We came indeed”
Jcar7 22 days ago
Josh is so ANNOYING
benazzzzzzz 22 days ago
Josh is a cheating CUNT!!
SuperX 619
SuperX 619 22 days ago
he shoulda got the anvil
Ian Hernandez
Ian Hernandez 22 days ago
Fuck u team A
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz 22 days ago
Minecraft ends friendships 😢
King Kmac
King Kmac 22 days ago
Nobody Vik: Harry Harry Harry Harry stop stop we’re here we’re here we’re here Harry Harry harry
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